elf nails

They adjusted rather well i guess.

I recently “initiated” a few friends into the world of rpgs and pen and paper. After settling the character creation (they went with an elf fighter, a tiefling rouge and a gnome mage)  the party ran into a small goblin ambush in some woods wich they easily defeated.

Tiefling: “I search the bodies for valubles.”

DM(Me): *describes findings briefly*

Elf : “I search the bodies.”

DM: “But…the rouge did it already…”

Elf: “No…as in cut them open and look inside.”

DM: …

Tiefling: …

Gnome: …

DM: “Ok…well…you find entrails and blood…lots of them. The goblins now resemble a jigsaw puzzle more than anything else.“ 

Elf:” I now nail the body parts to the trees surrounbding the area.“



Gnome(OOC under his breath) :” what the fuck…“

Long story short after the gnome threw up several times because of his alcohol problem combined with the over the top violence and the tiefling kept passing out, the group was murdered by abomination sewn together from the body parts of yet another bunch of goblins (the elf was bored) and then came to life after the gnome tried dabbling with necromancy.

Hello Lovelies!

These are the nails I wore on a week long trip to Arizona a while back, I started out wanting to go for a desert-y look, but somehow ended up with duo-chrome feathers? Doesn’t really invoke desert thoughts, but I liked how they turned out!
These started with two coats of China Glaze Rare & Radiant and I stamped the feathers with e.l.f Smoky Brown and MM14. I finished it off with INM Out The Door Top Coat.

How to make pointy (elf) ears!!!

What you need:

Nail glue (about $3-$4); DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE!! Super glue will rip your skin.

Apply nail glue in a diagonal, like the picture. Make sure hair doesn’t get in the way, or it could hurt.

Fold ear over the glue quickly before it dries and hold for about 30 seconds.

There you go!

NOTE: To remove, simply flip the ear back up. It’s seriously great.