elf invasion

King of Jotunheim || OPEN

Jotunheim, the one place Loki hated more than Asgard. And yet, there he was on its icy throne ruling over the Frost Giants. He was supposed to be dead after the Dark Elf invasion and all that had happened, but Asgard wouldn’t be looking for him and certainly not in the land of his birth. They wouldn’t know about him until his army broke down the golden gates of the palace.

His Jotun form had taken some time to get used to, but now he reveled in it. His body decked out in gold chains and jewels, chest bare, and nothing but a fur kilt wrapped around his hips- it was freeing.

Darcy forgot how troubling it was to be home in London. Between the elf invasion and S.H.I.E.L.D’s fall back in the states, Darcy knew it was only a matter of time before her eldest brother meddled in her life…again.

There was a reason she ran away in the first place. She just hoped Mycroft didn’t kidnap Jane or involve Sherlock.