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I didn’t even notice the black haired person (I think chick?) sitting there at first lol, I wonder who they are?

It’s kinda sad I missed them, it’s not like they’re at the front of the tea party picture or anything, hahaha


Faoladh/Conroicht 🐺🍂🌲❄🐾 “Protector” or “guardian”. Irish werewolves were just as benign as they were ferocious. Even though werewolves and lycans tend to get a bad rep in modern culture, These wolves were protectors of villages, children and those who wondered or were wounded.
They are in fact one of my favorite creatures from Irish mythology. They embrace their wild nature yet are not controlled by it. 😌 the last of the wolves of Ireland were gone by the 18th century, but let’s not forget their lasting imprint on the land and folklore. 🌕✨
Werewolf ears by @woodlandcreature_ears and elflocks by @mooredgeinthemist 🖤

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LITERALLY OMG Allura is suffering like dying your hair can really hurt and the fact that she has to dye hER ENTIRE HEAD makes it 1000x worse because she spent at least 4 hours every two weeks redoing her dye 

And the fact that she also gotta colour in her brows and wear contacts and do her elf ears - she takes like the most make up preparation in the Team Voltron crew (but lbr hers is nothing compared to the other aliens’ make up lmao)


My newest creation! This baby is handmade from antique copper wire and polished amethyst. It’s an entirely new style and I LOVE it. Hopefully you all do too (: I haven’t added it to my shop yet, but if you’re interested in a similar elf ear cuff just request a custom order on my site!

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