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Hey Hilary, Mac Fix Plus has been on my wist list for awhile now. I've seen it on youtube make the crappiest eyeshawdows look amazing! Any dupes for that?

Hi there!  MAC Fix Plus is a great makeup product and serves many purposes, but it is somewhat of an *indulgence*.  For the purpose you have in mind, you don’t need anything that fancy!  Any setting spray will work, because the only thing you need is something to dampen the brush and eyeshadow slightly to make it pack onto your lid more intense.  I’d recommend the ELF Makeup Mist & Set Spray, which you can get at Target or Kmart for just $3!

The ELF spray and Fix Plus have very similar ingredients, and this spray will do the job just as well!  And if ever you were to decide to treat yourself to the MAC spray, I’d recommend getting the travel size!  It’s the same price per ounce as the full size, and isn’t as tough on your wallet.

Hope this works for you!


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