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Sorry for re-posting but I finally could scan both piece up which makes them look a LOT better then the previous photographed versions which butchered the colours and the sharpness of certain parts. 

Both are the same theme but a lot different approach and by it different emotions to portray. Sadly the gold paint still butchered and not gives justice. :<

I personally quite happy how they turned out even if I can see flaws in them, but was a nice warm up with traditional media and to measure my rusty skills with it. I now know what I must focus more when I decide to paint again!


Draco Malfoy x Plus size!reader

This idea came from Olivia, thx! @secretlittledelights

Word Count: 1, 051 (Got a little carried away)

Warnings: Lucius and Narcissa are rude in this, baby Draco loves you

     Summary: Reader is Draco’s girlfriend and when he introduces her to his parents, they don’t exactly get a positive response.

———————————————————————————————————In truth, it was possible that Draco was more nervous that you for his parents to meet you, his girlfriend who he loved dearly. He assumed Lucius would be hard to convince but never had he thought that his mother would react the way she did. “What do I wear Draco, oh Merlin, I’m so nervous” You ramble, which you tended to do when you were nervous anyway, making the blonde boy chuckle at the sight of you rummaging through your closet.

“Can you please calm down” He pleads, laying back on your bed, his legs crossed at the ankle with his arms above his head- a more comfortable position to watch your panic, you assume. “I told you they would love you didn’t I?” He asks making you sigh, letting go of the crumpled (House color) fabric of your nicest blouse. “Yes you did” You allow, not sure if you believe it. “So, we’re gonna go to the dinner, have a grand old time and then we’re gonna come right back here-So I can snog you to my hearts content, yeah?” He asks making you smile at his little quips “Yah okay” You smile, rushing over to where he was sitting to lay down, right across your boyfriends chest. He made a noise of protest that made you move off of him only for him to pull you back down.

“Where’d you think you’re going?” he asks snuggling into your neck “I thought I was to heavy” You justify and he laughs at that “You’re not, besides I’m strong yeah?” He chuckles, making a muscle with his arm which was pretty muscular, no matter how much you hated to admit it.  “See?” He says a cheesy grin gracing his handsome face and as if to prove it, he flipped you over so he was now holding himself off of you, with your back against the plush bed. “Get off my you git, you’ll make us late” You say, shoving at his chest lightly. “They’ll understand as soon as they see you” He teases, hitting your arse lightly as you got up from the bed.

(Ye old Time skip ;)

By the time you finally got to the Malfoy family home, you were busting with nerves. “Take a breath and take my hand” he orders, offering his hand to you which you took, following his command. “Ready?” He asks as you neared the door but it opened before you could answer. “Master” The small house elf greets, opening the door and scurrying off before he could be addressed. “Draco” Narcissa smiles, pulling her son into her arms kindly, letting her eyes fall on you the second he was out of her arms. “And you are?” she asks, you bite your lip, tighten your grip on your boyfriends hand and smile “Y/N” You say faking confidence.

“Well, Lucius is in the study, come along” She commands and you nod, letting Draco lead you down the hall slowly. “Ah, Draco” He greets the second you two entered his study “This is the girl?” he asks his eyes not hiding his disapproval “Yes father” Draco says, his voice much smaller than usual “Well, shall we head to the dining hall then?” Lucius asks but it sounds much more like an order. The dinner ahead was almost completely silent, your boyfriends parents both staring at you with either contempt or confusion and you felt very out of place in the brilliantly extravagant home of the Malfoy’s.

When you were all finished eating, both of Draco’s parents asked for a moment alone with their son, leaving you at the large table all alone. “I’ll be right back” Draco promises, placing a gentle kiss on your temple as he passed. Unfortunately for you, along with the space of the home, it also carried sound and the Malfoy’s weren’t known for being soft spoken. “We don’t like her” You hear Narcissa say and as if that wasn’t enough to break your heart, they continued “She isn’t nearly pristine enough and a girl that big isn’t good for our image” Lucius allows, the words dripping hatred as they left his lips. This was it, Draco was going to break up with you over this, you would be alone.

But then you hear the blonde’s response, his voice high and full of rage as he addressed his parents “You’re right, she isn’t pristine, she likes odd muggle conveniences and she likes pizza and ice cream and she isn’t big, she’s gorgeous” Draco says, his voice full of respect but very out there especially directed at his parents. “And I’m sorry if you can’t see it but I love her and she isn’t going away any time soon” he yells followed by the sound of a door slamming.

The second he saw the look on your face, he knew that you had heard “Y/N” he says but you stop him before he can continue “Draco, those are your parents, I think we should stop seeing each other” You say, a tear falling down your cheek at the very thought but you quickly wiped it away “No” He utters just above a whisper “I need you and they see that” He says trying his best to keep it together. “It’s okay Draco, really” You lie knowing it wasn’t “We can do this Y/N, we can” He reassures but you shake your head again but a voice stops you.

“Wait” A deep voice calls shocking both you and the blonde. “If she means that much to you Draco, I’m sure we can learn to accept her into our lives” Narcissa starts her lips taut as she waited for Lucius’ reply “That’s right, perhaps in time she will prove to be a positive attribute” he agrees “Y/N, not she” Draco corrects earning a smile from you, prompting you to cross the floor to take his hand in yours. “Of course, Y/N” Lucius says and you could tell it was a good start.

Caught in the crossfire|Part I

✖ Characters/relationships: Percival Graves x Reader, Reader’s parents, other nameless characters

✖ Genres: Anger, arrogance, pride, screw slow burn a.k.a fast burn

✖ Summary: You are a future Head of your family which is very influential in the Magical World. A day arrives when your mother decides that it’s time for you to meet people with whom you will have to work in the future. One of those people is Percival Graves.

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 4590

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Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: And the first chapter is already up!! I hope that you will enjoy reading this story! 

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Ship: Thorin x OC 


Chapter 1: Bag End

Originally posted by captainoftheblackwind

It was a beautiful day in the Shire, the sun was shining, the birds singing and the hobbits attending to their houses and fields peacefully. Hobbits were small merry creatures that had no idea of the kind of evil that lived outside their borders. They loved the comfort of home and most of all, they loved food. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, every occasion to eat and gather the family around the table was taken. Hobbits also loved to savor a pint after a hard day of labor. That is why hobbits loved the atmosphere of The Green Dragon Inn (the only Inn in Hobbiton), the place was always filled with happiness and warmth. Moreover, the quality of the ale and food was renowned throughout the entire Shire, making Hobbits proud of their food heritage. Bilbo Baggins was one of them.

Bilbo was proud of being a hobbit, and precisely, Bilbo was proud to be a Baggins of Bag End. Baggins were well respected among hobbits, they were always on time and nothing unexpected ever happened to them. That is why Bilbo couldn’t help but frown as a hooded figure approached him while he was sitting on the bench before his house. Bilbo looked up from his pipe in surprise.

“Good morning.” Bilbo tentatively said, clearly uncomfortable to be brought out of his reveries by something snapping on his nose.

“What do you mean? Do you mean to wish me a good morning, or do you mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not? Or, perhaps you mean to say that you feel good on this particular morning. Or are you simply stating that this is a morning to be good on?” The hooded figure answered with a huff. Bilbo looked perplexed as he tried to find a good answer.

“All of them at once, I suppose.” Bilbo finally answered, looking completely lost. Gandalf looked suddenly slightly disappointed of this answer and Bilbo’s confusion increased.

“Can I help you?” The young hobbit asked, only wanting to go back to his reveries and his pipe. Gandalf looked at Bilbo, observing his reaction to his next answer.

“That remains to be seen. I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.”

“An adventure? Now, I don’t imagine anyone west of Bree would have much interest in adventures. Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner, hm, mm” Bilbo answered in a rush.

The hobbit got up from his bench and advanced toward the short fence before his house to check his mailbox. He grabbed some mail and started to sort through it, clucking to himself. It was obvious that he looked quite uncomfortable because Gandalf was still standing at the same spot before his bench, observing him. Puffing his pipe in vexation, Bilbo began to head back toward his house and sent a quick “Good morning” Gandalf’s way in hope to end the odd conversation. However, Gandalf’s voice stopped him once again.

“To think that I should have lived to be good­morninged by Belladonna Took’s son, as if were selling buttons at the door.”

“Beg your pardon?” Bilbo said, almost shocked as he turned around.

“You’ve changed, and not entirely for the better, Bilbo Baggins.” The wizard’s voice was laced with disappointment. After all he had placed his only hope into this hobbit.  

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Bilbo asked, now really curious to know what this meeting was about.

“Well, you know my name, although you don’t remember I belong to it. I’m Gandalf! And Gandalf means … me.” The wizard answered, hoping that Bilbo would at least remember who he was.

“Gandalf… not Gandalf, the wandering Wizard, who made such excellent fireworks! Old Took used to have them on Midsummer’s Eve.” Bilbo laughed more at ease suddenly and Gandalf nodded his head. “Well. Hmm, I had no idea you were still in business.” Bilbo finished.

“And where else should I be?” Gandalf asked slightly offended.

“Ha, ha! Hm, hmm…” Bilbo tried to find an answer as he puffed confusedly on his pipe.

“Well, I’m pleased to find you remember something about me, even if it’s only my fireworks.” Gandalf suddenly said, cutting though the tensed silence that had settled between the two old friends. “Well that’s decided. It will be very good for you, and most amusing for me. I shall inform the others.” The wizard nodded and gathered his cloak, ready to leave with a smirk on his lips.

“Inform the who? What? No. No. No! Wait. We do not want any adventures here, thank you. Not today, not­mm. I suggest you try over the Hill or across the Water. Good morning.” Bilbo said in frustration as he retreated into Bag End, gesturing at Gandalf with his pipe. Gandalf watched in amusement as the hobbit closed his door.

Once inside, Bilbo leant against his door confused and a little relieved to be in the safety of his house. Suddenly, the hobbit heard a curious noise at his door. He put his ear close to the door and noticed that the noise was coming from Gandalf drawing a glowing symbol on Bilbo’s door with his staff. Alarmed, Bilbo looked out his side window but the hobbit jumped back in fright as Gandalf’s eyes appeared at the window. Bilbo hid behind a wall and looked out another window of his living-room to see Gandalf hurrying away from the luxurious hobbit hall, singing an unknow tune to himself.

It was nighttime when Elen arrived in the Shire. After her meeting with Gandalf in the Lothlorien she decided to join the company of Thorin Oakenshield to help them reclaim their homeland. However, they did not know about it yet. The Shire was a beautiful place, the landscape was breathtaking in Elen’s eyes. Even if she was living in the beautiful kingdom of Lothlorien, the young woman could still appreciate other lands beauty. Gandalf had told her to seek for a marked door above the hills, a hobbit hole with a green round door and slightly isolated to other houses or to the center of the hobbit village. Elen smiled as she reached the highest part of the village and saw the mark Gandalf had made on the bottom of the round door. The half-elf looked up one last time, glancing at the stars before climbing the small set of stairs that lead to the entrance of the hobbit hole. The woman was about to ring the bell when her hand stopped at mid-distance, hearing the commotion that came from inside the house.

Inside the house Gandalf was counting the dwarves, while the merry company tried to transport all of Bilbo’s food into the dining-room.

“Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori…Ori.” Gandalf counted as Bilbo wrestled a bowl of tomatoes away from Ori. Bifur approached Gandalf and talked to him in Khuzdul, the wizard telling him that he was quite right. “We appear to be one dwarf short.” Gandalf noted, looking around.

“He is late, is all. He travelled North to a meeting of our kin. He will come.” Dwalin said, having heard Gandalf’s comment on their leader being late. Dwalin was Thorin’s right hand man and best friend, if someone knew where the leader was, it was him. Gandalf was about to answer when the bell rang once again. Bilbo looked up at Gandalf and whined, already fed up with the dwarves.

“It cannot be Thorin…” Dwalin said, a frown evident on his features. “Are we expecting someone else?” Dwalin’s gruff voice asked Gandalf.

“Yes, it must be the last member of this company that finally found her way!” Gandalf said, before asking Bilbo to go open the door.

“Her?” Bofur noted as he carried a chair into Bilbo’s dining-room, the other dwarves looking slightly confused at the wizard’s choice of words. Dwalin and Balin followed Gandalf and Bilbo at the door, the two brothers’ curiosity winning over their hunger.

Bilbo looked at Gandalf before opening the door to revealed a small hooded figure. However, the hobbit directly knew that the figure wasn’t a dwarf. The silhouette was too thin and too elegant to be a dwarf.

“Good evening. You must be mister Baggins.” A gentle voice said as the figure removed her hood to reveal the beautiful pale face of Elen. Bilbo’s cheeks blushed slightly but he nodded his head and stepped aside to let her step into the house. The half-elf thanked the hobbit and stepped into the hallway, nodding at Gandalf as Bilbo closed his door.

“My dear Elen!” Gandafl greeted the woman with a kind smile.

“Gandalf, sorry for being late.” Elen said, returning Gandalf smile then turned back toward Bilbo. “It’s a pleasure to meet you mister Baggins. I’m Elentari of the Lothlorien.” The woman said before extending her hand for the hobbit to shake. It was not common for elves to shake hands but Elen was also of the race of men after all.

Bilbo took her hand and shook it, he jumped in surprise when their hands touched as her skin was as cold as ice. Elen noticed and whispered a quick apology. Bilbo smiled and took her cloak of her hands to hang it close to the door.

“An elf maiden?!” A rough accented voice suddenly shouted into the hallway. Gandalf looked around to see Dwalin with his hands on the handle of his sword, ready to fight.

“Lay down your weapon, Dwalin Son of Fundin, Elen is not a threat.” Gandalf said, already getting annoyed by the dwarves’ reaction to Elen’s presence.

“How can you say that?! She’s an elf!” Dwalin kept shouting, getting the others attention. Fili and Kili almost bolted into the hallway to see the elf maiden. Balin laid a hand on his brother’s shoulder in hope to calm him down. The other dwarves were watching the scene before them. “And she’s a woman! Do you really think that Thorin will allow a woman to accompany us?!” Dwalin growled at the wizard.

“I am indeed an elf, master dwarf.” Elen answered, circling around Gandalf to step before Dwalin. No trace of fear on her face. “However, I am only half-elf.”

“Half-elf?” Kili asked, Elen looked at the young brunette dwarf and smiled kindly at him, nodding her head.

“And I won’t let you judge me over my gender. I might be a woman but you’ll be surprised of what I’m capable of. I suggest you keep your sexist comments for yourself, master dwarf.” Elen said as she glared at Dwalin.

“Even if you’re only half-elf you cannot be trusted. No one can trust an elf!” Dwalin hissed but removed his hand from his sword as his eyes studied Elen’s gentle and innocent face. Her eyes were particularly beautiful, they glowed with kindness even if the silver and light blue of her iris made them look cold. Her face was harmonious as if she had been painted by Eru himself. No trace of facial hair could be seen on the soft features of her chin and jaw. Her long silver-blond hair framed her face perfectly, falling in soft waves down her back. She was a beautiful woman but yet, the company could see that she wasn’t just a pretty face. She held herself as if nothing could harm her and her swords and multiples daggers were a proof of her skills. However, Balin and Dwalin noticed how small she was. She was barely Dwalin’s height and for an elf that was extremely short.

“I don’t know if I can trust you either, master dwarf. After all, we do not know each other.” Elen answered, crossing her arms before her chest and raising an eyebrow sassily at the bald dwarf. Dwalin grunted and turned away, muttering something about how Thorin won’t like it.

Weirdly, after Dwalin’s departure the other dwarves went back to their food leaving Balin, Fili and Kili behind as they approached Elen.

“Miss, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Balin, at your service.” A kind old dwarf said and bowed before the woman. Elen smiled and bowed back before the dwarf.

“Elentári, at yours.” She answered before Fili and Kili introduced themselves as well. Elen find them funny and weirdly nice toward her but she wasn’t going to complain. The dwarves followed their friends in the dining-room and Elen removed her daggers, leaving her sword still tied around her back. She turned around to look at Gandalf and Bilbo. The hobbit was looking even more flustered than before as the dwarves started to piled up food on his table.

“Well… that wasn’t that bad, was it!” Elen stated, making Bilbo smile and Gandalf sigh.

“Wait for Thorin and we will see…” Gandalf muttered.

After that, the three of them followed the dwarves into the dining-room and each one of them introduced themselves as they got the chance to meet Elen properly. They weren’t that bad in Elen’s opinion, even if a bunch of them were casting her warry looks because of her origins. After all, she couldn’t blame them. The woman knew what her race had done to them, leaving them to roam the wild lands homeless and in grief. Elen knew what it felt like to be rejected by the elves… They weren’t really found of her either. Elen sighed as she thought about what Gandalf told her the night before leaving the Lothlorien. She couldn’t simply enter the company and force them to like her and most of all, she couldn’t tell them that she was the only one that helped them that day when Smaug attacked their homeland.  

“Mr. Gandalf?” Dori called as he approached Gandalf with a small glass of wine. “A little glass of red wine, as requested. It’s, eh, got a fruity bouquet.” Dori said with a bright smile and the wizard took the glass.

“Ah, Cheers.” Gandalf said and raised his glass. Gandalf drank the tiny glass of wine then looked sadly at its emptiness, probably wanting a little more. Elen chuckled as she watched her friend’s sad face over a glass of wine.

Dori then quickly made his way toward Elen and offered her a cup of tea, which she gladly accepted and thanked him for his kindness. The dwarf smiled then joined his friends around Bilbo’s table. The dwarves started to have a grand feast with all Bilbo’s food. They were throwing food around and were quite rude and messy about it if you asked Elen. The half-elf leaned over the doorframe, looking at the mess the dwarves were doing then turned to look at Bilbo who was about to tear his hair off his head. Bofur throwed some food to his brother, Bombur, the movement catching Elen’s attention.

“Bombur, catch!” Bofur shouted, throwing an egg at his brother who caught it directly in his mouth and raised his arms in glee.

Everyone cheered and began to throw food around. Bilbo walked away in disgust and Elen sent a kind understanding smile his way. He looked at his pantry in shock; it has been entirely cleared of food. Elen sighed as Fili walked on top of the table, carrying several cups of ale and knocking aside the food in his way.

“Who wants an ale? There you go.” Fili shouted over the racket.

“Let him have another drink!” Dwalin called to Fili.

“Here you go.” Fili answered then Dwalin poured his ale into Oin’s hearing trumpet, and as Oin spluttered in anger, everyone else laughed. Oin put his hearing trumpet to his mouth and blew the ale out of it, making it squeal weirdly. One of the dwarves yelled, “On the count of three!” and the dwarves pounded their tankards together. Someone counts, “One! …Two!” as Elen watched almost feeling dizzy and looked at Gandalf who was laughing at the dwarves’ behavior over food.

Then all the dwarves went quiet and began drinking their ale together. They were incredibly messy, as ale fell all over their faces and ran down their beards. Elen rolled her eyes and crossed her arms before her chest. When finished drinking, the dwarf began burping making the poor lady crinkle. The youngest dwarf, Ori, lets out the biggest burp and all the dwarves laughed. Bilbo looked away in disgust and Elen let out a sigh.

“By Eru…” She muttered and turned away to join Bilbo into his pillaged pantry. “Mister Baggins?” Elen called, making Bilbo turn around. The woman smiled at the hobbit who seemed to relax at her presence and Elen asked the poor hobbit if he was alright.

“I will be when all these dwarves will be out of my house.” Bilbo answered grumpily. Elen laughed at his words and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“They are indeed… quite loud.” Elen said not finding another word to define the merry troupe. Bilbo chuckled at her choice of words then suddenly start stuttering.

“Oh… I’m very sorry! I didn’t ask you if you wanted something to eat, my lady! Where are my manners!” Bilbo said as he looked around the pantry.

“Do not fret, mister Baggins. I am not in need of eating as much as the dwarves.” Elen answered with a kind giggle. Bilbo looked at her and smiled, looking exhausted. “and Elentári or just Elen is fine.” She added. Bilbo nodded his head.

“Then call me Bilbo, my lady… I mean… Elen.” Bilbo stuttered, making the woman smile and chuckle once again. “I made some soup earlier, I think this is the only thing they did not find interest in.” Bilbo added and gestured for Elen to follow him into his kitchen.

When the meal finished, the dwarves left the table and began to walk about Bilbo’s house. Elen was sitting at the kitchen table, eating her soup quietly as Bofur and Nori entered the room. Bofur smiled at her and Elen couldn’t help but stare at his funny hat.

“I love your hat.” She spoke up, grinning at Bofur.

“Why thank you, lass.” Bofur answered with a bright grin as Bilbo grabbed a doily back from Nori.

“Excuse me, that is a doily, not a dishcloth!” Bilbo said in exasperation, trying to see if the doily was damaged.

“But it’s full of holes!” Bofur exclaimed, eyeing Bilbo skeptically. Elen could tell that this dwarf was a cheeky one as she saw the mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“It’s supposed to look like that, it’s crochet.” Bilbo answered as a matter of fact.

“Oh, and a wonderful game it is too, if you got the balls for it.” Bofur said cheekily and grinned at his other fellows as they laughed, even Elen chuckled as she got up to clean her now empty plate.

“Bebother and confusticate these dwarves!” Bilbo exclaimed, on the verge of breaking down and maybe commit mass murder.

“My dear Bilbo, what on earth is the matter?” Gandalf asked as he entered the kitchen, the wizard had to bend in order to stand in the house as he was way too tall for the hobbit hole. Bilbo looked at Gandalf in disbelief.

“What’s the matter? I’m surrounded by dwarves. What are they doing here?” Bilbo shrieked and that is when Elen understood. Gandalf didn’t tell him about the quest.  

“Gandalf! You didn’t tell our host about what you were planning?” Elen asked in an accusing tone as she walked to follow the hobbit and the wizard.  

“Oh, they’re quite a merry gathering, once you get used to them.” Gandalf answered Bilbo, ignoring Elen’s comment. The woman huffed at the wizard’s antics as Bofur grabbed the chain of sausages that was holding Nori and they started to play tug­of­war with the sausages. Bilbo turned around and left the kitchen to reach the hallway, Gandalf and Elen following behind.

“I don’t want to get used to them.” Bilbo said angrily. “The state of my kitchen! There’s mud trod into the carpet, they’ve pi­pillaged the pantry.” The hobbit stuttered out of anger. “I’m not even going to tell you what they’ve done in the bathroom; they’ve all but destroyed the plumbing. I don’t understand what they’re doing in my house!”

Elen was about to answer him when Ori appeared before Bilbo, holding his plate in confusion.

“Excuse me. I’m sorry to interrupt, but what should I do with my plate?” Ori asked Bilbo who didn’t have the time to answer as Fili appeared next to them.

“Here you go, Ori, give it to me.” Fili said as he took the plate from Ori and threw it behind his back to his brother who threw it Bifur’s way. The dwarf caught it behind his back, without even looking at it. Kili, Fili, and other dwarves began throwing the plates, bowls, and utensils to each other, eventually throwing them to the sink to be washed. As dishware flew around, Gandalf and Elen ducked to avoid getting hit. Elen smiled at the dwarves’ skills and chuckled to herself next to Gandalf.

“Excuse me, that’s my mother’s West Farthing crockery, it’s over a hundred years old!” Bilbo shouted in fear. Elen knew that for the hobbit this was too much.

The dwarves who remained at the tablet began rhythmically drumming on the tablet with utensils and their fists. They used the knives and forks, hitting them together.

“And can­can you not do that? You’ll blunt them!” Bilbo quickly asked out to the dwarves.

“Ooh, you hear that, lads? He says we’ll blunt the knives.” Bofur said sarcastically, making Elen roll her eyes for the hundredth times this evening. This is when the dwarves started to sing to Elen’s amusement.

“Blunt the knives, bend the forks

Smash the bottles and burn the corks

Chip the glasses and crack the plates

That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!

Cut the cloth and tread on the fat

Leave the bones on the bedroom mat

Pour the milk on the pantry floor

Splash the wine on every door

Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl

Pound them up with a thumping pole

When you’ve finished, if any are whole

Send them down the hall to roll

That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!”

Elen laughed as she followed the dwarves around during the song, ducking here and there in order to avoid the flying dishes. She found herself back in the kitchen, the dwarves laughing as the song ended and Gandalf sitting at the table with them. Bilbo huffed up in anger, only to find all the dishes stacked neatly and cleanly on the kitchen table. The dwarves and Gandalf kept laughing happily when suddenly, there were three loud knocks on the door, and everyone fell silent. Elen looked around and her eyes met Gandalf’s. He looked at her with a mix of anticipation and amusement.

“He is here.” The wizard said and Elen couldn’t help but swallow hard as she looked at the door from her spot in the kitchen.


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Watch Out Below (14)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13

-trigger warning: some depictions of violence-

You sat in your cell, running your fingers across the rough scab which was forming across the deep gash along your cheekbone. The skin was tender around the wound and you were sure it would do little to add to your physical allure. It had been two days since your interview with Thranduil and since you had heard nothing from Thorin, not even a grunt. Fili whispered to you at night, trying to extract the story of what had happened in the throne room, but you knew his uncle would hear everything you said. So, you kept silent and hoped for some miraculous savior to free you from your cell.

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“Death’s A Revolving Door” - A Frozen/Superhero Song Parody

(Because I am a MASSIVE NERD who couldn’t wait to post this before I did a proper comic of it. XD; Yes, this would be sung as a duet. For musical assistance, please refer to this instrumental.)

“Okay, can I just, say something crazy?”

“I love crazy!”

“All our lives we’ve watched these superheroes fighting crime
And it seems we’ve only lost a few.”

“I was thinking the same thing! ‘Cause like
between fatal falls, Apocalypse, and shattering time,
You would think the super roster would be a little shorter, too.”

“But the truth…”
“But the truth…”

“Is they’re not”
“Not really gone”

‘Cause dying can’t keep them down anymore!

Originally posted by undercoverfandoms

Death’s a revolving doooooooor!
Death’s a revolving doooooooor!
Death’s a revolving door!

“With you!”

“With you!”

“With you!”

“With you!”

Originally posted by mephistoisback

Death’s a revolving door…

“I mean it’s crazy…”


“Both Cap and Bucky are back-”

“It’s been 70 years!”

“Well the Arrow’s returned

Three times this week.”

Psych! Psych again!

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

Their sudden reincarnation

Can have but one explanation:





Won’t let them be!

Originally posted by boobchanan-barnes

“Don’t say bye…”
“Don’t say bye…”

Don’t you mourn for them now
‘Cause they’ll be back by season four!

Originally posted by 1d2day

Death’s a revolving doooooooooor!
Death’s a revolving doooooooooor!
We’ll see you live once more!

“Yes, you!”

Originally posted by thefamemonxter

“And you!”

“And you!”

Originally posted by marvelecstasy

“And you!”

Death’s a revolving dooooooor…

“Can I say something crazy? Do you think Superman will come back in the next movie?”

“Can I say what everyone knows already? Yes!”


(Sooooo YEAH THAT HAPPENED. Basically I was thinking of the famous line “death is a revolving door in comics” and realized it sounded like… well, you know. So here we are. Please be aware that the gifs/pics I picked for the heroes don’t necessarily correlate with a timeline where the hero has died (yet). The very fact that I have to say that proves the whole ridiculous point of this parody, I think. XD; 

Also I couldn’t find the owner of the Batfam pic even with Google image search, so if you know who drew it, give me a holler!

If someone actually sings this I may die of happiness, my voice isn’t good enough to hit the high notes.



Imagine Legolas and Bard competing for your love

For middleearth2asgard :)


There was a knock at the door of your new house in Dale. You sighed and got up from your place next to the fire to cross the floor. You expected it to be your best friend Bard stopping by for a chat, as he often did, but you got rather a surprise when you opened the door to see Legolas, the Prince of Mirkwood, there.

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An Arrangement

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the lovely @memories-of-happy-times

Notes: This is longer than intended and will likely have a sequel to wrap things up.

Also, I made it NSFW because I didn’t look at the request thoroughly so…if you don’t like smut, I will rewrite your request. My apologies if I screwed up.

Prompts: “Shooting are bound to fall. You’re a shooting star.” and “You remined me of the starlight. You’re lonely.”


Imagine catching Thranduil’s eye when the Company is captured. He offers to release everyone if you’ll spend one night with him, infuriating Thorin who had fallen for you.

NSFW WARNING + Consensual Sex with slight reluctance. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone and hope this is warning enough.

You sat in your cell, back against the stone wall as you stared into the darkness outside the rusted bars. How many days had it been? Three, four? Perhaps even a whole week. You had not thought to keep count, but it would have been rather difficult in such a grim place. Even with your companions sending up the occasional shout of rebellion, there was little hope to be found in the dank prison.

Thorin, however, would not stop growling. Curses droned from his lips and you wondered how he could do so endlessly. He was even more stubborn than usual when he was angry. You did not know the exact reason, but he had been irate since he had been dragged back to his cell that first night in Mirkwood. You had asked and so had the others and all he responded with were khuzdul swears about elvish swine.

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Prejudiced, pt.4

PT.1 | PT.2 | PT.3

Summary: You’d forgotten about making the howler with Sirius and Remus, but you were reminded as the sound of your voice, slightly altered for anonymity, roared through the Great Hall at breakfast. Later on, you meet Sirius again for snacks near the kitchen, and then again later, which eventually gets you in trouble.

Word count: 1518

Warning: Drinking?

Forever tag: @21brownies

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Your name: submit What is this?

Friday mornings in the Great Hall were the liveliest mornings of the week. Everyone seemed more awake, as if brought back from slumber by the mere thought of the weekend. You were chatting with friends about what snacks you should get for the night’s party in the Dungeon, when commotion around the Gryffindor table distracted you. Before you could see what was happening, you heard your voice roaring through the room, although you’d made sure to change it up just enough so people wouldn’t recognize it.


Almost instantly, everyone in the hall stopped talking, snickering and openly laughing instead. James was facing you, and though there was distance, you saw his eyes grow wide, which made you bite your cheek in an attempt to stifle your laughter.

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Frat DnD 5: Dwarves On Horses
  • Cleric: So. Skip. Outta curiosity just how much would it take to destroy the Mage's Tower?
  • Me: Uh. Like completely disintegrate or-?
  • Cleric: I was thinking more like summoning an avatar of my God.
  • Me: ...
  • Cleric: ...
  • Me: ...Roll for Piety and Devotion, apply Willpower bonus. If you're faithful enough we can talk.
  • ----------
  • Elf: Hey guys I wont be able to join tonight, sorry!
  • Me: Not a problem. I'll handle your rolls.
  • Dwarves: Surely the DM can roll better than he does.
  • Me: *rolls worse than the Elf normally does*
  • Me: Well. Can't blame me for being true to the character.
  • ---------
  • Paladin: I CALL MY MOUNT.
  • Me: You're in the middle of a tower.
  • Paladin: I WANT MY MOUNT.
  • Me: Dwayne "THE ROC" Johnson cannot claw through layers of stone.
  • Me: ...yeah ok but is your character loud enough to be heard through all that stone?
  • Paladin: Oh right. Yeah that is kind of silly isn't it?
  • --------
  • Me: The giant cauldron bubbles and spews noxious fumes. You have mere moments before the entire alchemical workshop is filled.
  • Cleric: *Beseeches his God for an air pocket*
  • Rogue: *desperately tries to open door*
  • Elf: *unconscious*
  • Paladin: Are there gasmasks?
  • Cleric: ...
  • Rogue: ...
  • Paladin: It's alchemists. They probably deal with stupid shit like this all the time so why wouldn't they have gasmasks in case like an apprentice wants to make a Viagra potion and makes mustard gas instead?
  • Me: Roll me a spot check.
  • All: *pass*
  • Me: You do indeed find gasmasks.
  • Party: *rejoices*
  • Paladin: Thank you basic lab safety posters!
  • --------
  • Me: You ride, charging toward the Black Knight. He raises his greatsword to the side, much like a batter would. He waits till you get close and with a MIGHTY CLEAVE-
  • Cleric: How tall are Dwarves?
  • Me: Wh....let's say like 4 feet tops.
  • Cleric: Stumpy legs right?
  • Me: ...Yeah?
  • Cleric: So like even if the horse was bisected horizontally he'd be fine.
  • Me: ...........*rolls to confirm*
  • Me: .....
  • Me: ...WITH A MIGHTY CLEAVE tears through muscle and sinew. The lower half of the horse stops. You remain in your saddle flying forward a ways and skidding to a stop, your feet having been just above the Knight's sword.
  • Cleric: Yeaaah...Dwarves on horses.
  • ----------
  • Elf: Hey guys so what happened?
  • Rogue: Well. All mages in the city went crazy. We lost where you were. There was a giant poison bomb. Oh and your character went crazy and rampaged around wearing nothing but alchemical bottles and so we locked you in with The Roc.
  • Elf: *stares at me in horror*
  • Me: Dude the dice reallllly hate your character.
  • -----------
  • Fighter: hey so are they at the dragon cults yet?
  • Me: Not even close.
  • Fighter: ....Can I beat them to them?
  • Me: That where you want to turn your dread focus?
  • Fighter Currently Acting As The Avatar Of The Void: Yeaaaaaaaaah.
  • Me: Take a minus seven and roll for it.
  • Fighter Who Somehow Appeased the Dice Gods In A Previous Life: *nat 20*
  • Me: ...Welp you manage to in your vague view of the mortal plane trace the ebb and flow of magical energies flowing from the infernal planes to find the headquarters of the Dragon Cult.
  • Fighter: I want to eat them. *rolls another 20 without waiting*
  • Me: .................Welp their entire power structure is promptly engulfed in shadow and consumed and the ramifications are-
  • Fighter: I wanna take all that power and create a giant fucking black tower in the dead center of the game world and just lurk at the top like a final boss and throw things at people no matter how far away they are.
  • Me: Sure. Fine. Why not.
  • ----------
  • Cleric: *is hit with a tomato in the middle of Plains* What

littleredsiren3101  asked:

Ash!!!!! Like what if instead of Tom being left at the orphanage he was left at the front door of the Black family?! Just like think about it....... cause wow

- Arcturus heard the cry first
- It was late on New Years Eve, or maybe even the first of the year already. He didn’t really know. But he did know it was past any decent hour.
- And Lucretia was sleeping. Even is she did cry, the elf would take care of her.
- So.
- He was surprised to hear the wailing.
- It was either and infant, or the neighbors cat fighting again.
- And if it was that damn cat….
- His elf stood near the door, twisting its ears, unsure what to do.
- Arcturus snarled at the creature and yanked the door open himself.
- “Salazar”
- it was an infant.
- A fucking baby.
- Newly born from the looks. Wrapped in barely a blanket. It’s little fingers were bright red from the cold and its face red from screaming.
- Now.
- Arcturus hadn’t been much for charity.
- Unless it served him.
- But…..
- But….
- The Healer had been unsure if Melanie would be able to have more children.
- And she’s given him a daughter. A lovely one to be certain, but a daughter.
- He lifted the child who instantly stopped wailing to snuggle closer to his heat.
- Arcturus felt his heart soften. Then check beneath the blankets.
- A boy.
- And a note.
- Tom….
- What a common name.
- Certainly not a name befitting a Black heir.
- “Come Kritter.” He called to his elf as he shut the door, the boy cradled in his arms. “Let’s get little Caelum some warm milk.”

Silver (BTS Members x Reader

Originally posted by jiminarmy

General genre : Fluff, some angst, fantasy AU, smut, action.

Author’s Note : Please give me some feedback of what you think of the serie so far, either send me an ask or private message, it doesn’t matter. I have a few ideas for Chapter 5 but your feedback could potentially have a bit of influence on how the serie will go. 

Summary : Flashbacks of the time Jimin was away, everything is explained as to why he stopped talking to them. Jimin’s POV in present time. 

Word count : 5.5k

Prologue, Chapter 4, Chapter 4 part 2, Chapter 4 part 3, Chapter 4 part 4.

Chapter 4 part 5 (Final).

“Hey.. What’s going on?” A familiar voice asked, a voice that sent chills down Y/n spine, a voice that she used to long for but that now she couldn’t bear to hear. Jimin was standing at the entrance of the living room from the foyer, he looked physically different, he lost weight, his jaw was more defined, he had gained muscle definition as well as muscle mass. He looked at y/n with the same eyes he always looked at her, then his eyes switched to Yoongi who was holding her.

“Yoongi.. let me go..” She whimpered.

“What are you doing here?!” Jin hissed at Jimin.

“I live here.” Jimin said calmly.

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Draco Malfoy.

This is a requested imagine, thanks for requesting and I hope you’ll like it <3 xx.

Summary : you’re meeting Draco’s parents, and you’re very nervous, but everything’s okay in the end.

(Sorry if you spot any spelling mistakes)


Today was the day. Draco and I were heading towards Malfoy manor so I could meet his parents for the first time. I’m not gonna lie, I’m really nervous. Especially for his father, Lucius Malfoy, he wants the absolute best for his son and won’t accept anything else. But what if I’m not the best?

I nervously paced around the room as I waited for Draco to get ready. After a minute or two he finally walked down the stairs, fixing his tie while trying not to trip on the steps.

“Do you really think this is a good idea?” I questioned as I glanced at myself in the mirror, second guessing my outfit for the day. I looked back at Draco and he glanced at me with his head slightly tilted sideways. “Why–Are you nervous?” Draco asked with a hint of hesitation in his voice. I looked up and nodded, biting down on my bottom lip.

“You’re not the only one…” He mumbled as he reached his hand out for me to take it. I walked towards him and intertwined our fingers together while I leaned my head against his chest.

He kissed the top of my head and tilted my chin up. “It’s going to be okay Y/N, I’m sure they’ll love you,” Draco said as he gave me a reassuring smile. I smiled back at him, with the nervous feeling still running through my body. We grabbed our coats and walked out of the door, hand in hand, and before I even realized it, we stood right infront of the huge manor. Malfoy manor.

Draco took a step forward and let go of my hand to knock on the door. He stepped back again and held my hand tightly. He rubbed small circles on the back of my hand with his thumb as we both waited patiently for the house elf to open the door. The house elf let us in after a short minute and greeted us as he led us towards the room where Draco’s parents were sitting.

“Mom, dad?” Draco called out before his mom and dad both turned their heads in surprise. Draco’s mom quickly put her mug down and stood up to give Draco a hug. Draco’s father stood up too and gave me a questioning look before he also greeted Draco.

“Well, mom and dad– I would like you to meet my girlfriend..” Draco said nervously. I took a step forward and reached my hand out towards Lucius to introduce myself, “hello sir, it’s nice to meet you. My name is-”

“Y/N Y/L/N, yes I know. My name is Lucius Malfoy,” Draco’s father cut me off before I could even finish my sentence, surprising me by the fact that he already knew my name, “yeah, Draco’s told me all about you.”

“He did?” I questioned confused and somewhat amused. Draco awkwardly cleared his throat and focused his eyes on the ceiling.

“I was already starting to wonder when he’d finally bring the girl home he’s been talking about for years,” Draco’s mother said while smiling at me kindly.

“Mom!” Draco cried out, trying to shut his mom up while a reddish color appeared on his cheeks.

I chuckled softly and reached my hand out to his mom, but she pulled me in for a hug instead. “My name is Narcissa, it’s very nice to meet you Y/N..” She said once she pulled away from the hug again. “It’s nice to meet you two too,” I replied earning a nod and what seemed like a smile from Lucius.

The way his parents acted towards me made me feel somewhat relieved, they seem to be really kind, especially his mom, I really hope they think the same way about me.

“Would you two like a cup of tea?” Narcissa asked Draco and I. We both nodded eagerly, “yes please.”

The four of us sat down infront of the fireplace and drank our cups of tea, enjoying the moment, while they tried to get to know me better.

“I’m really glad that you two are together,” Narcissa said as her eyes wandered off to the dancing flames infront of us, “Draco has been through a rough time, barely eating or sleeping. The spark he always had inside of him just died down,” she sighed sadly, “But once in a while, over the summer, he’d always tell me about this one girl he had met at school. Her name was Y/N and she was kind to him and seemed to understand him like no one else did… And in those very moments, that spark seemed to be coming back. I never really understood why, but now that I’ve met you…” Narcissa trailed off while she glanced at me, “it’s getting clearer and clearer.”

A warm feeling spread through my body as I listened to her words, almost all of my nerves washed away in that very moment. “Thank you,” I smiled at her before I pulled her in a hug. She hugged me back and smiled at me, standing up after we pulled away from each other again. Lucius stood up too while he gave his wife a small smile.

“I suppose you two are staying over for dinner?” Lucius asked Draco and I. “We’d love to,” Draco replied while kissing my cheek.

“Great. Excuse us while we’re going to arrange something with the house elf,” Narcissa replied with a smile on her face.

I waited a second after Draco’s parents left the room and looked at him with a smirk on my face, “So Malfoy, you’ve been talking about me behind my back I hear?” I stated as the same reddish color from earlier returned on his cheeks, “did your mom never tell you that that isn’t very kind?” I added while raising my eyebrows amused.

“Oh shut up,” Draco muttered as he hid his face in the crook of my neck, placing small kisses on my shoulder and in my neck.

I laughed and turned my head slightly so I could kiss him.

“I love you Y/N,” he mumbled against my lips, “and it seems like I’m not the only one,” he said, talking about his parents.

“I love you too,” I whispered back while pressing my lips against his.

Good Girls - Draco x Reader

Hi, I’m back. Sorry this took literally forever. I don’t know how I feel about this, but let me know what you all think! :)

Request - @dibs-on-mikey : Can I have a Draco imagine please where you meet his parents for the first time and they don’t like you because they think your good until they see he dark mark in your arm and find out it was just an act please? Xxx

Warnings - None that I know of. Let me know if there are. 

Draco ran his hands down the front of his black dress pants. He was nervous - more nervous than the girl standing next to him. He could feel the sweat starting to make it’s way down his eyebrow. He took a deep breath and turned to face the girl at his side.

“We can just go back, you know. We’ll tell them you were sick or that you had too much homework or -“

“Draco, stop. I’m ready to meet your parents. I’m not nervous at all and I’m not sure why you are. I’m your girlfriend and if they don’t like that, they can get over it. Now, we’re going to knock on this door and we’re going to have a great time tonight, got it?” Y/N said and raised her hand to knock on the door. Draco gave her a sidelong glance. He nodded and took aa deep breath.

A tiny house elf opened the door. He stepped out of the way and let the two teenagers in. He shut the door and muttered a “follow me.” Draco and Y/N followed the elf through the twists and turns of the long hallway. Y/N took in the many portraits on the long wall. Many of them looked the same - white blond hair and icy blue eyes.

They were led into a spacious room. There was large table in the center of it. Mr and Mrs. Malfoy sat at the end of it, too engaged in a conversation to realize that they were not alone anymore. As they edged closer, Y/N caught bits of the conversation which seemed to be about her. Draco’s parents already had an opinion about her and they didn’t even know her yet. Draco cleared his throat.

“Mother, Father, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Y/N.” Draco introduced the girl standing behind him now. She had become nervous when she’d heard her name in their earlier conversation.

Everyone at school had been right. Draco’s parents were intimidating - especially when they both stood. His mother was beautiful. She looked a bit young. Her dress looked expensive and Y/N suddenly felt under dressed in her own dress - though they were probably both equally expensive. Draco’s father had a strong jawline and his face was like stone. His attire looked as expensive as his wife’s. He was also taller than Draco’s mother.

“Hi.” Y/N managed and held out her hand. After a few seconds of his parents staring at her, she dropped it.

“Hello. I’m Narcissa and this is Lucius. It’s nice to finally meet you. Draco talks so much about you.” his mother said. Y/N smiled. At least his mother was trying to be nice.

“Shall we eat?” Lucius asked and sat back down at the table. Narcissa took her seat next to him. Draco took Y/N’s hand and led her to the other side of the table. There was an awkward silence that seemed to stretch on for far too long. Y/N’s knee started to bounce up and down. Her newly manicured nails found their way to her mouth. She looked around the room, trying to think of something interesting to say. Draco’s hand rested on her knee - stopping her bouncing. She looked over to him and slowly put her hand back down on her lap.

“So, Mother, how have things been here?” Draco asked.

“Fine. How’s school going, Draco? Are you learning anything new?”

“Sure, if you think Professor Slughorn is actually teaching us something. I’m not learning anything new. He’s a rotten professor, if you ask me. Y/N doesn’t think very highly of him either, do you, babe?” Y/N shook her head.

“Yeah, he’s started this club thing. It doesn’t seem very interesting to me, but Draco wasn’t even considered to be a part of it. Professor Slughorn didn’t even ask.” she spoke slowly.

Narcissa nodded thoughtfully at this newly acquired information while a muscle in Lucius’ jaw twitched. Their food came and Y/N quickly dug in, hoping to avoid wherever that conversation was about to go.

“Y/N, how is school going for you? Draco told me that you’re very intelligent - top of your class even.” Narcissa pressed on. Y/N dropped her fork and blushed. She turned her attention to Draco’s mother.

“School is alright. I spend a lot of time studying - that’s the only reason I’m top of the class. If I didn’t study, Granger would definitely take over that spot and I don’t think many people want to see that happen.” Y/N explained.

“You’re better than Granger even when you don’t study. You’re better than her in every way. At least you’re not a filthy mudblood like her. You’re better looking than her as well.” Draco winked and Y/N turned her attention back to the pasta in front of her.

“You’re not a mudblood then?” Lucius spoke for the first time. Y/N’s head snapped up and she shook it back and forth. Was that what her boyfriend’s parents had been talking about earlier? Did they really think her and Draco would even be friends if she didn’t share the same blood status?

“No sir, I’m a pureblood.”

“I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t catch your last name.”

“Y/LN, sir.”

“So you know all about the Malfoy name then, yes?” Lucius was smiling now and Y/N felt a bit uncomfortable. Where was he going with this? She shook her head up and down.

“And you know what the Malfoys are currently involved in then? Your family is going through the same thing.” he continued.

“Yes, sir. Draco and I have mentioned it to each other a few times. Nothing serious, just small details - and we always talk about it when we’re absolutely positive we’re alone.”  

Y/N could see Draco staring at her out of the corner of her eye. Her hand slipped to his beneath the table. The conversation had turned in a direction that Y/N would rather leave alone. She watched as Lucius leaned over to Narcissa. Narcissa nodded and looked at the girl across the table.

“Do you have the - uh -“ she asked. Y/N knew what she meant and rolled up the left arm sleeve of her dress. Draco’s father nodded and Y/N saw Narcissa’s eyes dart to Draco. Draco’s mouth was open in shock. He took her arm in his hands. His fingers lightly traced over the black mark on her skin. His eyebrows had come together in confusion.

“I had no idea you had this - that you were involved in this. When did this happen? How did this happen?” he asked.

“My father owed the Dark Lord a favor. So, this is what came of whatever deal they had. I don’t know the full details. I’m loyal to my family and they told me I had to do it, so I did. It happened over the summer. I guess I’m just really good at hiding stuff like this. I never go to the meetings because I’m supposed to be - how can I word this - undercover, I guess you could say.”

Draco nodded.

The rest of the night went smoothly. Draco’s parents switched the conversation to a different topic. There seemed to be too much to talk about now. It was like no one could say every single thing they wanted to say. Narcissa and Lucius seemed to be much more open and accepting of Y/N. Once dinner had ended, Draco and Y/N excused themselves. Draco led Y/N up several flights of stairs and into his room.

He sat on his bed and watched Y/N as she closed the door behind them. She made no move to sit next to him. She walked around his room, touching small objects as she passed them. Her fingers grazed across a picture of them. She picked his broom up, spun it around, and put it back down. She walked past clothes that had been thrown around. She looked out at the night sky.

“I’ve never been in here before. You’re an interesting person, Mr. Malfoy. It’s like you’re undecided on who you’d like to be.” she spoke no louder than a whisper. Draco scoffed.

“Mr. Malfoy? Don’t ever call me that again.” he laughed, but only for a second. “Come over here, love.”

She made her way over to Draco slowly - she was still taking in the things strewn about the room. She stopped in front of him. His arms slowly came around her waist and she leaned forward. His chin rested on her stomach as he looked up at her. She smiled as she looked down.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“You.” he laughed, then continued. “I just want to say I’m proud of you for tonight. It takes a lot of nerve to meet my parents - I know they’re intimidating. You handled it like a champ, though. But why didn’t you tell me about the mark? You know I have one… I wouldn’t have judged you or anything.” he confessed. Her arms wrapped his neck and her fingers played with the back of his hair.

“I know. I just- I couldn’t tell anyone unless they asked and I trusted them. You never asked. Everyone sees me as a good girl and I need to uphold that while making important moves behind the scenes.” she explained.

“I guess it’s true what they say then - good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

anonymous asked:

Da2 companion(romanced) meeting leandra?(male and female Hawke)

Okay, so I love this prompt but it does seem a little bit complicated to me. You mentioned only the romances but Leandra would most likely have met them already by the time them and the eldest Hawke started a relationship. Let’s be honest here, Hawke has probably brought all of the companions home with him at least once. Anyway this is Leandra’s first meeting of the romances but before the relationship. Sorry if this isn’t want you had meant by this. Sorry I still haven’t played Sebastian’s DLC so I don’t know his character.

Anders: Leandra hadn’t expected her eldest child to come tumbling into the house slung over the shoulders of a young man she didn’t know. She had panicked a little when she saw Hawke holding a bleeding wound. The man helped her child sit down and told her that they would be fine. He must have seen her expression before he got to work with the wound. It wasn’t until that he started to use healing magic on the wound that Leandra realized that this man was Anders, whom her child has told her about. She knew that he lived in Darktown where he helped Ferelden refugees and she was glad that someone was helping them. As a thank you for bringing Hawke home and healing them, she asks Anders to stay for dinner with the rest of the Hawkes. She did give an off hand thought that Anders kind of reminds her of her late husband. That was of course after she had noticed the secret little looks that Anders gave Hawke, like he might be falling for them.

Merrill: Leandra was surprised when she opened the door to find an elf, possibly a Dalish elf, at the door. The female elf asked for Hawke, which kind of was confusing since she and all of her children are technically Hawke. Before she can reply, her eldest child comes up behind her and address the elf by name. “Hey Merrill, are you lost?” They said to the elf and she nods. Leandra recalls the name now, she was the Dalish that came back to Kirkwall with them after they had taken that amulet to the Dalish clan as Flemeth had asked. Leandra noticed how cheery this elf seemed for having left her family. When they go to leave, assumedly for her child to help Merrill back to the Alienage, Merrill apologizes for randomly showing up. Leandra could tell she’s a sweet girl and she smiles and tells Merrill she’s welcome back anytime. As they walk away, Leandra hears Hawke suggests Merrill talk to Varric about getting some string so she doesn’t get lost. Leandra could see some joy on Merrill’s face as she laughed at Hawke and perhaps Merrill cared for them more than just a friend.

Isabela: It was the middle of the night when she heard the front door go tumbling open. Checking on the noise, she saw her eldest child slung over the shoulders of a Rivaini women. Hawke was clearly drunk as the woman helped them into the house and towards their bedroom. When she comes back, she introduces herself as Isabela and Leandra remembers the things her eldest child has said about the pirate. Isabela explained that they had been drink at the Hanged Man when Hawke had probably drank too much and started to talk about how sorry he was for the death of his younger sibling. She thought that Hawke would rather be taken home than stay in Varric’s room while they talk about that guilt. Leandra thanked her and even offered Isabela some tea for her trouble. While they talked she could tell that Isabela could be a good friend for her child and maybe more if the way she spoke if Hawke said anything.

Fenris: Leandra was actually told by her eldest child that he would be inviting Fenris to dinner that night, in fact it was her idea. They had mentioned that Fenris was living alone in that mansion in Hightown and she suggested inviting him. What she first noticed when she actually met him was how white his hair was even though the rest of him looked so young. She doesn’t say anything about it or the marks on his skin, but instead she greets him warmly. As they all had dinner, she learned about his kind of snarky humor and she knew that she liked him. Of course she also knew that her child really liked him too from the way they mooned over him and how they looked him.

(I’m sorry if I did this wrong really, I tried to do this a couple different ways and this was the best I could think of)

-Direct from Orzammar