Sterek Week 2016 || Day 4 || Magic!Stiles ||

    “Stiles, I’ve told you, magic can’t spontaneously appear in a person. There has to be a history there; an ancestor who had the spark.”

    “Well then, maybe I don’t know everything about my family tree, Derek.”

    “What are you saying?”

    “I’m saying I’m magic. Look.”

Sterek day 5: Canon divergent from any of the 5 seasons
Alive Claudia Stilinski!

“Stiles honey! come help me with this” Claudia called from downstairs as soon as Stiles sat in his chair.

Stiles sighed and started to turn around “alright mo-,” his eyes landed on Derek by the door, frowning and lurking like usually “DEREK?!“

“Stiles?” his mother called again as Derek signed him to stop her from coming upstairs and finding a murder suspect in his room.

“Shit!,” Stiles ran towards the door, stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him just in time to see his mother stand before him with a tray of cake and tea “Hey mom! how’s it going?!”.

“im great, just like i was 5 minutes ago when u asked me in the kitchen” Claudia gave Stiles a familiar stilinski grin “are you hiding him from me?” She asked and Stiles’s heart skyrocket.

“what? who? me?! no! where?!” Claudia sighed at her son.

“Derek, honey come out, you think i wouldn’t recognize the boy i used to change diapers to? especially when he climbs my son’s window?“ Claudia giggled in delight.

“you used to do what to who?!” Stiles squawked.

It’s Dex’s hands that are the problem. Nursey sits in the Haus kitchen, watching as Dex chops onions, and can’t help but admire the surety of his capable fingers, the deftness in the turn of his wrist. He’s graceful, standing there, in a way that’s completely different to the grace he carries in his shoulders when he’s on the ice. He chops, and he turns to talk to Bitty over his shoulder, and Nursey watches his hands and wonders, not for the first time, how they’d feel pressed against his skin. Would they take him apart as easily as they put things together?

He thinks they would. He thinks the results would be devastating.

He wants to be devastated.

“Sorry,” he says, pushing his chair back from the table with a clatter. “Forgot some homework in my room. I’ll be back–” He waves a hand, ink-stained, behind him. “Later.”

miserywriter925  asked:

I love your page! It helps me find a lot of new sterek! Is there any chance the doctor!derek or doctor!stile tags has been updated or even the sick!stiles. I've been in the mood for a good medical drama fic. Thanks a bunch!!

sure thing. here’s some doctor derek for you

Accidents by countrygirlsfun (1/1 | 1,780 | PG13)

Derek is standing at the nurses station down in the ER. It’s his turn to be on call in the clinic and he’s been grateful for such a quiet night so far. Quiet in the sense that they haven’t had many patients, but that’s the only way it’s been quiet because Suzanne has been harping on him from behind the desk for the last ten minutes without letting him leave.

Well, it’s more he shouldn’t leave, he needs to stay ready in case something happens and he’s needed. Oh boy, does he wish someone would come through those doors and need a doctor.

Mend My Heart by lucianowriter (1/1 | 12,352 | G)

Stiles is a single father to a toddler. Life is complicated and messy as it is. When his father has a heart attack, Stiles watches as Derek Hale enters his life and complicates it even more. However, this grumpy doctor may just surprise Stiles in the end.

The light that filters through the lenses by itsdeianeira ( 1/1 | 4,942 | G)

The debilitated kid is hunched on the bathroom floor, his face hovering over the toilet, waiting for the next imminent, violent retching. Derek hasn’t left his side for a minute, crouched by his tiny powerless body. A hand kept on his baby’s forehead to hold his head and stop his brown hair from falling in the way.

And Stiles, well… Stiles is on the verge of a panic attack.

Houston, We Have a Problem by ImpassionedWriter (1/1 | 3,828 | NC17)

Stiles has trouble getting off. Derek… fixes it. [Doctor/Patient AU and Softcore Porn]
(Did you really expect anything else from me?)

Stiles @ Sephora by brokenpromisesandhope (1/1 | 2,973 | NR)

Stiles works at Sephora and Derek’s daughter needs makeup help.


inktober/char design day 27

I’ll be real, this is very rushed and I do not enjoy the design right now. Feels more like the very first step in the design process rather than an end result; there are some good ideas, but it’s way too rough. Even the mouth designs (usually my fave!) are pretty phoned in, sorry! Today was a lil weird cause I spent a lot of time babying my sick doggy so I’m not really feeling the art process right now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

The finished version of these guys will be designed for the Glutton Knight universe.

Earwen: the Swan Maiden of Alqualonde 

Wife of Finarfin, Mother of Finrod Felagund, Angrod, Aegnor, Orodreth, and Galadriel. Total bros with Anaire. 

I think Earwen adopts certain Noldorin fashion choices when living in Tirion (which means i can stick to my black and gold palette lol!) 

Please don’t repost or edit in any way. Thank you :) reblogs are always appreciated.