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Derek smells the anxiety and fear that permeates the air around Stiles before he actually hears him set foot in the loft; he hears the shallow inhale and soft swallow Stiles gulps down before stalking through the door like a challenge, steeling his gaze onto Derek’s until he averts his eyes at the very last second.

Stiles’ scent has been untraceable since his disappearance three days ago, but now, here he is, cloying up the shitty ducted system that runs throughout the entire building. He’d look a picture of health if Derek couldn’t see the tremor in his hands or the jitter of his legs, hear the frantic pumping of his heart. Still, Derek can’t help but ask. 


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160214 Super Camp in Taiwan Day 2 - FanProjects:

♡ 5882 또 535 - 오빠 빨리 또 오세요 - Oppa please come again soon.  

♡ We will not change (our heart) we will wait.

♡ Covers of all SJ albums from 1jib to 7jib.

Leeteuk: We often question whether our current path is the right one,when we are very tired, but seeing fans while on stage, you all give us strength. These 11 years you’ve given us many presents, thank you.