You’re not a true TAZ fanartist if you don’t draw all of Taako’s outfits through the whole Balance arc (????) 

JK, but here’s a bunch of Taakos plus some quotes.

-,’ types of people ,’-

dragons: tanned skin, sunsets, loud music, old cars, summer nights, wants to travel the world, bruised knees, untied shoelaces, denim jackets

faeries: soft features, the smell of lavender, daydreaming, poetry, gardening, mom jeans, freckles, daydreaming in class, photography

mermaids: wavy hair, bright eyes, graceful movements, deep thinker, dimples, good singer, vintage outfits, notebooks, ocean waves, small handwriting

elves: pale skin, autumn leaves, getting lost in the woods, indie music, sweaters, sarcasm, too many emotions, old libraries, moonlight

humans: having crushes, laughter, messy hair, vans, writing stories, procrastinator, long-lasting friendships, quotes, old musicals


Be Still - This is the creation of a new Era. Hush now - what may be prison for some, can be freedom for many other.

This was a larger work I started ages ago and managed to finally finish it some time ago. I held back from uploading as a dear friend of mine promised a little story coming with it - but unfortunately their job really taking up their time - so a story might follow it some day!

I still very happy the way it turned out even if it took me forever to complete, the background was rather heavy and massive. I learnt a lot and well - dragon age was always among my favourite games!

NCTZENs Please Listen

A group that debuted a few months before NCT are really struggling and need all the help they can get. They’re on the verge of disbandment due to their entertainment company being almost entirely shut down.

The group name is Astro and the fandom is Aroha - they’re a beautiful and talented group and need all the help they can get. They released their MV Always You 3 days ago and only have 1M views. Let’s hope to make a difference and support Arohas!!

One of the members (Moonbin) was an MC with Johnny. Plus Ten and Astro’s main dancer (Rocky) participated on Hit The Stage. Both groups are fairly close and as fandoms we should help each other out 💚💚

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Please Reblog and Watch the MV - Thank you 💚

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