elezen men

i really do not like the term ‘trap’ and i don’t like the implication that every femme male & masc female is assumed to be trying to trick people about their gender when that just might be .. how they are. and how they choose to be.

for some it might just be a quick and concise description of their own character, and while i still dislike its use, well, anywhere, that’s their choice. but please don’t call my characters traps – namely astolfort.

i personally chose a female avatar for him because i wanted a petite build and a softer face, which elezen men absolutely don’t get. i hate the body/face restrictions in ff when it comes to some races, and it has nothing to do with me fetishizing this gross idea that males can’t be petite/females can’t be masc without all intent to spring their “true gender” on the unsuspecting.

just.. let people be. use the label for yourself if you absolutely must, but please don’t go slapping it on other peoples’ ocs. :S

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hi! not sure if you're alright with this, but i'm a new ff14 writing blog that focuses mainly on writing elezen men + yshtola and would really appreciate it if you could give my blog a shout out? it's @elezenthirst! thank you so much and i hope you have a nice day!!! ;;;

Certainly. For the name alone I would follow you. ❤ (And did! @amarioko is my main blog)

All the the lovers of the lovely Y'shtola and of course the elf husbands unite, show a fellow FFXIV writer some love, and give @elezenthirst a follow for that elezenthirst content. 💞

Heaven's Ward choir boys

I was listening to Thordan’s theme music the other day and it occurred to me to wonder about Ishgardian choir boys.

It’s rather obvious that Ishgard’s whole thing is set up to resemble the Catholic Church, pope, whathaveyou; and for a very long time (I think today even to some degree) the prestigious choirs of the Church were composed of boys (I’ll be honest, it’s really late; my facts are a bit…scattered) and men.

What if when they were growing up the members of the Heaven’s Ward did compulsory time in the choir?

What if they still had to occassionally fill in when, say, a cold has been hitting a lot of the usual choir members that month.

What part would they each sing? (Bass, tenor, etc.)

How does each of them feel about their choir history?

How do they feel about filling in when it becomes necessary?

Beautiful Elezen men singing.

(It would be cute if Ser Grinnaux actually really enjoyed it)