about isolde grey - lfrp


NAME: Isolde Juliette Antoinette Josephine de Haillenarte-Grey… or just Isolde. 

AGE: Twenty two.

NATIONALITY: Ishgardian.

CITIZENSHIP: Ishgardian. 

GENDER: Female.


RACE & CLAN: Wildwood Elezen. 

NAMEDAY:  13th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon. (October 13th.) 

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual.


RESIDENCE: Residing in her family’s manor in Ishgard primarily, with various small apartments or homes belonging to the Grey family scattered throughout Eorzea and the Far East. 

OCCUPATION: Prima ballerina, soprano opera singer.


ALIGNMENT: Neutral/chaotic good.


HAIR: Isolde’s hair is of a deep auburn hue, reaching the center of her back in thick, shining waves and loose curls. It’s clearly well-cared for, though it has the tendency to grow a bit wild if windswept or if she locks herself away to composing. When performing, it is either braided like a crown atop her head, or pulled into a tidy bun. 

EYES: A pale but vibrant blue, framed by long, thick lashes, and generally sparkling with intelligence and mischief. 

HEIGHT: Five fulms and eight ilms - a short Elezen! 

BUILD: A shapely and classically feminine hourglass figure, though toned due to her extensive ballet training. 

COMMON ACCESSORIES: Isolde is rarely seen without a pale blue wristlet that contains lipstick, a handkerchief, a comb, and a small knife, along with a small notebook and pencil. She also commonly wears a simple and delicate black velvet choker with a small sapphire pendant hanging from it. 




PARENTS: Matthieu Grey (a very wealthy mortician, father, alive) and Josephine de Haillenarte-Grey (a former opera singer, distant heir to the Haillenarte line, alive) 

SIBLINGS: Tristan (27), Lisette (24), Tempeste (20) , Felicity (16), and Simone (16), all alive. Isolde is the second eldest daughter. 

OTHER RELATIVES: Two sets of grandparents, a dozen or so aunts and uncles by blood and marriage, and more cousins than one could hope to count in a day.

PETS: A small, scruffy mutt that she has affectionately named Mon Chou that she found, shivering and starving, in a box in the Brume. 



  • extroverted / introverted / in between
  • disorganized / organized / in between
  • close minded / open-minded / in between
  • calm / anxious / in between / good at pretending to be calm
  • disagreeable / agreeable / in between
  • cautious / reckless / in between
  • patient / impatient / in between / situational
  • outspoken / reserved / in between
  • leader / follower / in between
  • empathetic / unemphatic / in between
  • optimistic / pessimistic / in between / realistic
  • traditional / modern / in between
  • hard-working / lazy / in between
  • cultured / un-cultured / in between
  • loyal / disloyal / in between
  • faithful / unfaithful / in between
  • SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess


  • Patron of the theater - This is one of the easiest hooks with Isolde! Since a very tender age, she has been performing in plays, musicals, operas, and ballets, and hit the fast track to stardom for her beautiful, crystalline vocals and ethereal movements. Should your character be a patron of the arts, then it’s a near guarantee that they know of the young star.
  • Fellow Ishgardians - Isolde’s family is known for being eccentric and extremely wealthy, her mother an heiress to a large fortune while her father runs a family funeral business that has been booming for generations. Rich or poor Ishgardians alike may well know of the Haillenarte-Grey family, whether through social occasions or through the many acts of charity they do for the less fortunate. 
  • Runaway noble… - Isolde, in particular, likes to escape her elevated status as much as possible. Perhaps you’ve been one of the ones to spot the young woman dressed down and consorting with folk in the poorer areas of Ishgard, full of empathy and a listening ear to their plights. 
  • …in need of a bodyguard - In that same vein, Matthieu and Jospehine - both doting parents - have some concern over their second eldest’s penchant towards running off, especially considering her personal fame. Though they have several bodyguards to keep track of her, she’s very slippery. Think you can keep up? 
  • Any other thoughts you may have! - Despite being a character heavily focused in Ishgard, Isolde is wont to travel for either business or pleasure. She is not locked in the Holy See! If you have any hooks you have in mind, please don’t be shy to throw them my way. I’m sure that we can figure something out! 


  • Open to most all forms of RP! Slice of life, adventure, romance, mature themes such as violence, gore, horror, stalking, torture, obsession, etc. are all fine with me. Just please ask before we get into any plots or RP that are darker themed!
  • Not willing to do permanent injury, disfigurement, or death for my characters, as well as romance plots that result in cheating unless previously agreed upon before the ship starts! 
  • Over the age of 21.
  • Pretty friendly! My preferred method of contact is here on Tumblr or in-game. I do have Discord, but it’s something where I have to be comfortable with you to give it out. :)
  • On EST and available most evenings!
  • My preferred method of RP is in-game. Google Docs are easy for me to lose track of and threads on Tumblr aren’t usually my jam. I will agree to Discord RP if neither of us are able to log in at the same time and have a plot going, or just really wanna RP together! 
  • On the Mateus server/Crystal Data Center!
  • The best way to contact me is through Tumblr DM!

~Phenalyn Talavaine by @luciasatalina~

I freaking adore this piece so much >.<! Phen is such a gentle lady and the artist really brought that through with how the colors are blended - And the mini is just as cute!

@luciasatalina is a great artist and a breeze to work with - please consider following/commissioning them!