what she says: im fine

what she means: in spirited away (2001), chihiro is told to go to the top floor to meet yubaba to get a job, but the radish spirit gets on the elevator with her, indicating with one pointed finger that he wants to go up too. when chihiro gets to the top floor, the radish spirit is still there!!!!! where is he going!!!! she got off at the top floor!!! does the elevtor go to the roof?? whats he gonna do up there??? go have a smoke break??? wheres my spinoff movie about the adventures of the radish spirit i gotta know what this guys story is. this has haunted me for over ten years

‘You Don’t Own Me’

Requested by: @kaitlynw011

What they want: Steve tries controlling the Readers dating life, only problem is they aren’t even dating.

Warning: controlling Steve, angry reader, mention


(Y/n) took a look at herself in the mirror, she had a date with Pietro today. She knew Pietro was somewhat of a lady’s man aka a player but he really showed her these past few weeks that he had really showed interest in her.

So there she was now judging herself in the mirror hoping her outfit didn’t come off as to slightly or boring. She wore a simple leather jacket and pulled it off with a white button up top and some high waisted blue jeans along with her black and white converse.

She also wore a black choker with a small diamond heart hanging in the center of it. She looked badass, almost like a wannabe bad girl but it was still a cute outfit, simple but held personality in it.

(Y/n) smiled at her appernece in the mirror her hair was in a simple (favorite hairstyle) and fixed her makeup making sure it wasn’t to flashy (or if you don’t like makeup you wore none), giving herself one last look over she grabbed her handbag and double checked to make sure she had everything she needed before heading down to the common room where she would meet Pierto.


Steve looked away from his conversion with Bucky and Sam and saw (Y/n), everyone in the tower knew about Steve’s feelings for (y/n) hell even the workers knew.

Expect for her.

She didn’t know, and if she did I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be going on this date right now. “You look beautiful doll.” Buckys voice rang out through the room snapping Steve out of his thoughts on the female avenger.

“Yeah gurl, pietro’s a lucky dude right now.” Sam added.

Steve’s face expersene suddenly went sour, yeah he almost forgot pietro asked you out on a date. “Is that what your wearing?” Steve asked with a raised eyebrow, “It looks like he’s taking you to a bar or something which by the way isn’t exactly a first date.”

(Y/n)’s (e/c) eyes were now fixed on a glare in Steve’s direction. He’s been judging her on her outfits a lot lately mainly whenever she goes on a date with a guy, or he just made snarky comments about the guys she talks too.

“Steve it really isn’t your business what I wear out or where I go out on a date too. If my outfit bothers you this much then leave the damn room.”

(Y/n) was beyond pissed off at Steve he was being an asshole and both Sam and Bucky could see it first handedly. Steve stood up from his seat and glared at (y/n), “As the Captain of this team I can tell you what you can and can not do and I’m telling you to change now!”

(Y/n) glared harder and walked towards the elevator where no one even realized pietro was standing at waiting for her.

As the two avengers got inside of the elevtor (y/n) mouthed, “You don’t own me.”