eleveth hour

Look at you, so young.  No bowtie.  Good grief, how young ARE you?  But just as mad as ever.  I’m just going to sit here like an idiot and stare at you because I can’t speak.  Too many spoilers.  I want to tell you how proud I am of you.  This is only the beginning for you but I’ve seen how mad and wonderful and epicly embarrassing you are going to be and I hope some day to be like you, Dad.  And you seem done now, so, you know, Geronimo and all that.  …Bye.

#New_Head_Canon #Jeff_The_Handsome_One_Is_The_Doctors_and_Rivers_Son #His_Nan_is_really_his_companion #Think_About_It #He_would_have_went_to_school_with_his_mother_and_grandparents #What_else_can_you_do_when_you_suddenly_regenerated_in_to_a_child