here have a minific because i’m so bored

The Doctor burst through the TARDIS doors angrily and glared at his wife. River returned to him a confused look.

“What’s wrong?” She inquired, the smile fading from her face.

“You.” he replied, his voice ice-cold.

River felt her heart quicken and her eyes widen in surprise. She didn’t recall doing anything to prompt this.

The Doctor laughed bitterly as he walked towards her. “I can’t believe you, River. I’ve put up with this for so long, never saying a word.”

River went cold, panic washing over her. She made a move to take a step back as the Doctor advanced, but she was already pressed up against the TARDIS console as it was. The Doctor was right in front of her now, staring her down.

“No more, No more will I stand by doing nothing. Having to watch as my own wife- 

Wait. What was that? Did he just grin? It was fleeting, but she was sure she saw something…

“-refuses hugs so adamantly, simply because she thinks she’s so cool and professional. No! I I won’t allow this to go on any longer!!”

He lunged forth and wrapped his arms around river, cradling her head gently between his chin and chest, a wide smile on his face. River stood there in shock for a few moments, then laughed, both at herself and at the Doctor’s joke on her. Okay, she decided, maybe, just this once, she’d allow it.

She wrapped her arms around his middle and laughed again.

“I hate you so much.”

“No, you don’t.”