I know I’ve tossed in my Homestuck cosplays, but I will never forget how much fun it was to be a part of the fandom and how many people I met along the way!

It’s not wrong to say that 90% of the friends I have now I met through Homestuck and I feel like that’s incredible.  It’s a series that didn’t just raise a massive fandom, but it also brought people together.  I know that’s not all good in some aspects, but in the end for me the good outweighs the bad.  It was worth all the painting, touch-ups and showers. Every last bit.

So thank you wonderful people around me.  Friends, followers, random people I have met and made faces at.  This has been quite a ride <3

Happy 4/13 everyone!


I just got my photos back from my shoot at Otakuthon! ^.^ This is my Amaimon cosplay, the yukata version, from Ao No Exorcist. The cosplay was entirely made by me (except the geta and parasol). Those coal tars were mostly fun to paint, but it was tedious! I used the freezer paper method, which I highly recommend.

The awesome photos are by Mike K. of Eleventh Photograph: http://eleventhphotograph.com/

Celia - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Costume made by Beverly

Costume worn by me (Straywind)

Photo by EleventhPhotograph

I bought this costume way back in 2007 for fun because it looked so nice (thanks Beverly!) and I’ve had a lot of fun wearing it to a few cons. Still hoping to do a shoot at a farm one day! This particular photo was taken at Anime North 2011.


Part one of my shoot with elevethphotograph (Mike!) for my Commander Asuka eva/mass effect mashup cosplay!

Cosplayer: me (weirdtakoyaki)

Costume: Asuka Langley Soryu

Costume constructor: me (weirdtakoyaki)

Photographer: eleventhphotograph.com

More at http://facebook.com/weirdtakoyaki

and http://weirdtakoyaki.deviantart.com

Part 2 coming soon~

Here’s my Instagram #2015bestnine! So #cosplay.

All Sera all the time. Also no pants parties. Sounds about right. (I kept forgetting to post this during the day lololol)
Sera 1: @dtjaaaam
Sera 2: @booksandcorsets
Moon top right: #eleventhphotograph

Middle Sera, SWOL Senshi: @amaleighcp
Neptune and Uranus: @wanderingdana
Biker Scouts: Ray Lum COStography.

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