Jenna Coleman’s Doctor Who audition script

[The Eleventh Doctor and “Jasmine” (i.e. Clara) investigate a haunted house.]

The Doctor: What are you doing here?
Jasmine: I love this place. It’s…beautiful.
The Doctor: It’s falling apart.
Jasmine: It’s old. I love old things…they make me feel sad.
The Doctor: What’s good about sad?
Jasmine: It’s happy for deep people. You’d know.
The Doctor: I’m not sad.
Jasmine: Oh, you are, though. Under all that talking and leaping about. Takes one to know one.
The Doctor: So you come here for…recreational sadness?
Jasmine: Yeah. In a way. Okay, why are you laughing at me like that?
The Doctor: You remind me of an old friend of mine. Someone I lost a long time ago.
Jasmine: Down boy. I’m not her.
The Doctor: Oh, I know you’re not — I don’t believe in ghosts, either.
Jasmine: Oh, my God! What’s that?
The Doctor: Okay…just stay calm.
Jasmine: But that’s the thing I saw before.
The Doctor: Yep… and it’s coming towards us. I expect you noticed that. Say it with me – I don’t believe in ghosts!
Jasmine: I don’t believe in ghosts!!
The Doctor: Louder! I don’t believe in ghosts!
Jasmine: I don’t believe in ghosts! Will this work?
The Doctor: No idea. I’ve never met a ghost before.

“This is the scene we saw Matt and Jenna perform in a dull little room in the basement of the BBC which changed the future of Doctor Who. Because, suddenly, here was someone (Jenna) going even faster than the Time Lord. Someone changing the subject, and flirting, and teasing, and spinning off on tangents just as giddily as he can.”

“…and, if we hadn’t all decided already (and we had), there was a moment at the end of the audition when the deal was sealed. As the two of them yelled that they didn’t believe in ghosts, and drew back, clutching each other, and staring in horror and excitement, my jaw just dropped… Instant poster! They belonged together! Those two faces, those two people. All those magazine covers in the future, all those book covers, and DVDs, and lunch boxes and action figures – in one mad moment I could see them all.”

            — Steven Moffat (from DWM #446 May 2012)

I can’t believe how right “the Moff “ turned out to be. Here are some examples:

They did look great together. Their warmth and love for each other was evident from their very first scenes. Here’s hoping that someday soon they’ll appear together in a new project. I still miss them.