tiniestbears asked:

Your blog is so pathetic, you should really chill out and stop being such a nazi (yes, I said that) about everything. Who are you to police the yogs? Do you think they give a rat's ass about a few arrogant teenagers on the Internet? Really, think about it, do you think they actually give a fuck? How come you're wasting your life making a blog solely dedicated do pointing out other's mistakes? In case you haven't noticed, they're only human. I follow you because you're all hilariously arrogant.

Let’s see, nazi’s wanted white supremacy, were queerphobic and ableist as heck. 

Yeah I totally fit that description!

Who am I? A 16 year old queer white passing individual who doesn’t eat problematic bullshit up for breakfast anymore.

Well clearly they do considering Martyn made such a rant about it on twitter? And it isn’t just for the Yogscast. I don’t care if they’re refusing to give a fuck, there are people who do and those people matter to me more than ignorant individuals.

Maybe because they don’t get to be called mistakes if they continue to happen, maybe because their actions have real world effects and you’re denying them because of the fact you like the Yogscast.

In-case you haven’t noticed, I am too, PoC are too, queer people are too, disabled people are too, they don’t get written off just because you don’t care.

Congratulations, keep following me.

tiniestbears asked:

A great example of this team's stupidity is "White people don't face racism", you yourself are being racist and it shows how delusional this blog is.

Congratulations, I’m racist against white people, good to know, write a poem about it and provide me instances of white people facing racism. 

You’re ableist though, that’s definitely wonderful. :’)