I am a good, kind, reliable boy.

I am a pretty, friendly, sweet boy.

You are a strong, skilled, useful boy.

At that match, looking at me with that cool eyes of yours,

That mocking and serious expression like you cared about this,

you got me while stopping all of our shots with no mercy,

I am a weak, hopeless, useless boy.


I am made of  feelings and tears like you are made of smashed guts and broken ribs.

That’s why I have been killed by your pride,

That’s why you will be killed by my love,

So do not look at me like that, sweet Eurydice,

I am dirty because of your abusive playing,

I am dirty because of your spurting neck,

I wanted to be a star but you turned me into D U S T

We wanted to win but you turned us into D E A D  H O P E

But now I am getting better, now my uniform is turning blood red like yours,

“Wee need a little rest”, I said before,

but you are going first.