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When Lucas breaks his arm in tenth grade, the result of a particularly competitive bike race with Dustin, he refuses to let anyone sign his cast because “that’s what kids do.”

Lucas does, however, make an exception for El, who he catches staring at his cast with dismay during one of their D&D campaigns. He agrees to let El make his cast “pretty” (her word) as long as she promises not to make it too “girly” (his word).

That afternoon, Lucas leaves the Wheeler’s house with a cast that’s no longer ugly off-white, but decorated in a pretty awesome camo pattern, courtesy of El and a box of Crayola markers. Just over his wrist, in tiny black letters, she also scrawled “Get well soon. El.” And Lucas doesn’t mind too much because he’s got the best friends in the world.

How to treat a woman do's and don'ts

DON’T: tell her you love her buy, hug her, show affection, buy her roses/chocolates/candy
DO: take her on a romantic date to the 7-eleven for slushies, kill her best friend and any of the male competition, then plan to bomb her to school and roast marshmallows over their classmates’ dead burning bodies

I can’t wait for Season 2 of Stranger Things when Lucas is going to give El a gigantic, tear-filled hug and tell her how much he missed her and El is going to smile and say that she missed him too and I turn into a sobbing mess when he squeezes her shoulder and tells her that they’re never going to let her get hurt again. 

The tears will continue when Dustin shouts with disbelieving glee and picks El up, spinning her around with joy because he’s just so damn happy that she’s back. And then he’s going to put her down and put his baseball cap on her head and make a joke about their hair being kind of the same. 

And at that point I’m basically a puddle of incoherent babbling and there are tissues all over the floor.

Mike Wheeler is terrible with babies. He’s great with children, he always took care of Holly and played her games with her when she was growing up, but he’s terrible with babies. He can never figure out why they’re crying and every time they see him they begin to cry even more. He doesn’t know what it is, babies just don’t like him. When he was 9 years old and Holly was born, he kept his space from her until she was old enough to walk because every time she saw her big brother, she just burst into tears. When he’s 17 years old and Nancy has her first daughter, despite all his protests he gets sucked into a Saturday night of babysitting. He knows it’s going to be a train wreck before it even begins, but Nancy won’t take no for an answer. Somehow the night ends up being even worse than Mike ever imagined. The baby is crying within minutes of Nancy leaving. He tries everything– feeding her, burping her, changing her diaper, he does everything he could possibly think of to get her to stop crying. He’s seconds away from calling Nancy and begging her to come back and help him when his savior shows up. El had never before had any experience with babies, and she was even more terrified than Mike of the little girl in front of her. But when El picked the baby up, she immediately stopped crying, and within minutes she fell back asleep. El had no idea how she did it, but Mike just stood mesmerized at the girl in front of him who’s kind and gentle presence just solved all his problems. Ten years later, when Mike and El have their own child, Mike is terrified that parenthood is going to go exactly how babysitting Nancy’s daughter went. He’s sure El will be an excellent mother (though he needs to give her a few pep talks to make her believe that) but he’s confident he’ll be no help taking care of a baby. He’s terrified his own child is going to hate him, like all other babies seem to. But when their daughter is born and Mike holds her for the first time, the little girl is so calm and gentle he can’t believe it. El just stares at her husband, who she sees as the kindest and most protecting person she knows, and can tell that their daughter can see it too.

Eleven bonding with Holly headcanons

- twirling until they’re so dizzy they collapse giggling on the floor
- tea parties with Holly’s dolls and stuffed animals
- coloring while lying on their stomachs on the floor, their feet lazily kicking the air as they hum and sing under their breath
- Holly latching onto Eleven’s leg, forcing her to take gigantic steps, and Holly’s hysterical giggles just melting Eleven’s heart
- Holly declaring that 11 is her favorite number
- El reading to Holly in the La-Z-Boy
- El and Holly sitting on the lawn blowing the fuzz off dandelions
- Holly coming all the way down to the basement to give El a goodnight kiss and hug when she’s over for a visit with the boys
- Eleven and Holly just being adorable best buddies

A Lesson In Statistics

Prompt: The creator of Hamilton was the most anticipated guest speaker at a conference you’ve been planning for months. Since you were the youngest member of the committee, you were given the task to pick up Lin-Manuel Miranda from the airport, nevermind the fact that you didn’t know a damn thing about him.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Words:  6,428 (yikes)

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A/N: Welp, I hope you guys like it. Thanks to @how-could-i-do-this for being awesome with giving me suggestions and editing this mess.

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