eleven's tardis

  • the 9th doctor: no rose, we can't save ur father we cannot change the past.
  • the 10th doctor: introduces harry potter to william shakespeare.
  • the 11th doctor: brings van gogh to the present.
  • the 12th doctor: plays an electric guitar on a tank calling people dude during the middle ages.

Eleventh Doctor ashamed of his feelings to Clara is everything

Okay, so Clara was the “Impossible Girl” right? But Doctor never found out why is she impossible. When the Doctor said to her in the episode The Rings of Akhaten (7x7) “You remind me of someone, someone who died.” she replied “Whoever she was, I am not her.” So we all though that was it. But listen to me. SHE HAS A TARDIS NOW. She is travelling through all time and space. Guys, we watched Clara died. Just like River and Captain Jack and we didn’t even know.