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Do you think you could do #98 (Read my fucking lips.)? Possibly with punk Arthur please?

well this took forever. i hope you like ukus! also it’s 3am there might be typos!

Too Loud

The music was too loud. That was all Alfred could process at the moment. His friend had invited… no, dragged him to that party because “he needed to get some fun”, which was a really stupid thing to Alfred. He’d be getting much more fun at home, playing videogames with his eleven years old brother. But okay. He had lied to his parents he’d just be sleeping over at some friend’s place, and now he had lost said friend, and he was alone in some stranger’s house, the music was too loud, and he was scared.

He knew it was pretty lame, but he was. He wanted to go home, but he didn’t want to go without telling his friend, because part of Alfred thought he might be worried. So he was looking for his friend so he could leave.

He had a headache. There were people dancing and drinking and laughing and all Alfred could think of was what were the neighbors doing that they hadn’t called the cops yet.

He bumped into someone and he immediately apologized. The person he bumped into said something, but Alfred had no idea what it was. “What?” he said, as loud as he could. The stranger mouthed something again, but Alfred couldn’t understand. The music was too loud, the electronic beats making him feel his heart pounding in his chest.

The stranger was about Alfred’s height, only slender and he had one of those scary looking black leather jackets with spikes all around it. He also had make up around his eyes, which made his green eyes look like emeralds floating in a dark canvas. It was pretty scary in the dark blue lights of the house, the music too loud, the moment too eerie.

Alfred gulped. “I-I can’t hear you.” he said, not even trying to sound loud. The stranger sighed. He pointed to his own lips. He mouthed again, very slowly, “Can… you… read… my… fucking… lips…?”

Alfred could. He nodded. “Follow… me.”

Alfred then shook his head. No way he’d follow the scary punk kid around. Alfred had no idea what he could do to him elsewhere that he couldn’t do right there, but it was still scary.

The stranger rolled his eyes and grabbed Alfred’s shirt. Alfred almost cried at that.

“Your friend… is looking… for you…” the stranger mouthed.

Oh. Alfred blinked back his tears and nodded. The stranger moved towards the backdoor and Alfred followed close, relief rushing through his body when he finally saw his friend waiting for him there.

He hugged his friend and then yelled at him for leaving without an warning.

“Sorry, I had to go to the restroom.” his friend apologized with a weak smile. Then he gestured to the stranger, “Thanks for finding him for me, Arthur.”

The stranger smirked, “It was pretty easy, he was the only kid with an anime shirt.”

Alfred hugged himself to hide his anime shirt.

“It’s a nice anime shirt, by the way, I like that character.” the scary kid said, and then he didn’t look as scary because that meant he liked anime, which meant he was a nerd was well and that was not scary.

“Thanks.” Alfred half smiled.

The music was still too loud but at least now he could hear what people were saying, and his head was still aching but his friend promised they’d be leaving.

And Arthur’s eyes didn’t look all that creepy after a while at looking at them, but rather kinda mystic. It was nice. Alfred wished he’d have more opportunities to look at them, preferably somewhere where the music wasn’t so loud. And during daylight.

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8 and 16 for Get to know your author, pls! :)

8) favourite genre to write

I am coming to terms with the fact that this is probably FANTASY ROMANCE. my current novel is secondary-world romance with no magic, and the partially-started one is a speculative…contemporary…heist? is heist a genre??

but anyway, the next four books after that–which are going to be a trilogy and a stand-alone–are all QUEER ROMANCE with LOTS OF MAGIC and honestly that’s where my heart lives.

16) are there any characters who haunt you?

eleven years ago I wrote a yuletide story about miranda & ariel from the tempest, during which I processed the frustration and confusion that I’d experienced when playing miranda in a school production at the age of fifteen. my relationship with that play and those characters is COMPLEX. and one day I am going to turn that story into a literary novel about identity and gender and language and the terrible violence of parenthood and miranda as magic-soaked sociopath princess.

alternatively: the version of arthur in this story, which was essentially me wearing the inside of my skin on the outside for the space of 23,000 words.

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Hey it's that anon again (I don't have a tumblr) and I'm feeling so misunderstood! What I meant is that Al is and innocent little firstie who's probably sharing sweets with Scorp right now or trying to figure out the Lumos charm and you idiots are ranting away about trans and bi and that crap! It's disgusting. Would you say that about an eleven-year-old you've never met and probably will never meet?!?!

hey!!! thanks for telling me to my face that being trans and bisexual is disgusting, good to know you’re upfront with your transphobia 😘😘😘
you seem to be under the delusion that trans kids can’t be sweet and cute and innocent… being trans is not a sexual thing lol
you don’t have to like my headcanon but if you’re gonna be transphobic and homophobic get tf outta my blog

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4. Teacher/Single parent for Kidge? :3c

You know me too well ♥

NB : I don’t know how parent counsellings go in the US, so I based them on the ones I went to in France.

Katie Holt stretched her arms high above her head, making her joints crack. Parent/Teacher counselling always took so much time, but she was almost done, and her favourite game was waiting for her back at home.

Taking a deep breath, she stood up and smiled when she saw who was the next student on the list. She went to open the door to call for the next parent.

“Mister Kogane?”

A black-haired man stood up and came to stand before Katie, shaking her hand firmly. Taking a good look at him, she couldn’t miss how tired he looked, and she wasn’t talking about the dark circle under his eyes. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. Behind him his son, an eleven years old boy named Akira, was looking at his feet. It seemed like the evening wasn’t going as planned for the two…

Katie closed the door while they got seated, before joining them. But Akira’s father didn’t let her start and raised his hand to stop her.

“Look, I know what you’re going to say. Akira is always daydreaming and you want him to be more invested. We had the same talk from all the teacher before you, I think he got it.”

Katie raised her eyebrow at him, put off by his dry tone. She looked at Akira, who just shrugged.

“Well, mister Kogane, if you’d let me speak,” she said, focusing on him, “you’d know that Akira is really good at science.”

The man looked taken aback, and Katie smiled at him, before looking at Akira again.

“I mean, yeah he kept daydreaming at first, but only because he always finished early. So I just give him more challenging things to do.”

He was speechless, looking between Katie and his son.

“Oh… Sorry I snapped at you then. I was just tired of hearing the same thing again and again. So there’s no problem with Akira in your class?”

“None at all!” Katie smiled again. “Akira reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age, so I know what do with him, not like my colleagues.”

Her snarky remark got a smile out of him, and Akira tried to hide his laughing.

“Thanks… He still needs to watch his attitude, but I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree… Except he’s much more clever than I am, and I don’t know how to help him most of the time.”

Katie felt her heart swell. As much as she tried to act like she didn’t care about most things, she was really sensible deep inside, and seeing the father of her favourite student (though she wasn’t supposed to have one) so tired and lost made her want to do something.

“If you want, I can give you pointers. Like I said, I understand kids like Akira, so as long as you don’t ask for too much, I don’t mind.”

The man frowned, shaking his head.

“I can’t ask that of you.”

Katie just rolled her eyes and grabbed a slip of paper.

“Look, I saw on Akira’s file that you’re a single father, and judging from your eye bags, it’s hard. So if you need to ask for help, do it.” She gave him the paper with her number on it and smiled.

He still looked conflicted when he took the paper from her, but still but it carefully away.

“You’re probably the most competent teacher I saw tonight.”

She smirked at that, putting her elbows on her desk and resting her chin on her intertwined fingers.

“That’s what I want you to think… Now I really don’t have anything much to say about Akira. Everything is going well on my side so if you don’t have any question, I still have two parents to meet before I’m finally free.”

“I’m good,” he smiled, standing up. He offered his hand for her to shake again, and she accepted it with a smile. “Thanks for everything, Miss Holt.”

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Hey!!! Are you still doing the apprentice ask thing? If not, I understand but I’d really like to know #7 for Fiore!!

7) Talk about your apprentices’ backstory. How did they end up with the shop? What’s their relationship (or lack thereof) with their parents? Traumatic childhood maybe?

Fiore isn’t a Vesuvian native, though one of his parents were. So, while he grew up quite a ways south, he did often stay with his grandmother and eventually came to live with her once tensions surrounding his home rose. It was a decision that eleven year old Fi resented, cool magic shop be damned, but did come to appreciate and understand the reasoning after he grew up.

At said cool magic shop, Fiore was mentored by his nonna. First herbalism and then, when he showed a natural talent for it, magic. The magic part came to him much easier than memorizing plants and remedies. Little by little, Fi took on his grandmother’s responsibilities and role. And, in the end, she passed the shop on to him. 


Burgos. 18 March 1497

Catherine stood on the stage in the great hall at the palace in Burgos, dressed like a little queen. She was now eleven years old and, like her mother and elder sister María, was wearing a brocaded cloth-of-gold gown and a gold-decorated crimson scarf set off by a black mantilla. Her eighteen-year-old brother Juan, heir to his parents’ crowns, was to marry Margaret of Austria. In a court as given over to ritual and formal ostentation as that of Isabel and Ferdinand, the arrival of a daughter-in-law – a future queen consort – was inevitably going to be a pomp-laden affair. The Spanish monarchs liked the natural drama of dusk. Night was falling as Margaret’s cavalcade was ushered into Burgos. Welcoming candles burned in the windows of houses. More than a thousand torches, mounted on stands, lit the streets. 

The ambassadors from the other European kingdoms and principalities had been called in. One of them, the Venetian ambassador, spotted Catherine on the tiered stage set up in the palace’s grand hall. The royal family was carefully arranged in order of importance. Catherine was one step down from her sisters María and Isabel, but one up from her illegitimate half-sister, also called Juana. The latter was daughter to one of Ferdinand’s mistresses and seems to have been born before his marriage (though more illegitimate children would be born later). 

Margaret climbed the steps to the palace to meet the waiting Isabel. She attempted to kneel but was lifted up by her mother-in-law. The choreographed pomp, with sixty of Isabel’s ladies in their full finery queuing up to kiss the new princess’s hand, certainly impressed the Venetian – who went into raptures over the queen’s maidens. Margaret had appeared in a dress of gold brocade and crimson lined in ermine, topped off by a black felt hat and accompanied by some very large pearls. 


CATHERINE OF ARAGON, Henry’s Spanish Queen by Giles Tremlett

new studyblr!

so i’ve had this blog a while, but i’ve decided to start using it to motivate me through my gcse year (i think thats sophomore year for americans) and help me stay on top of my work.

a bit about me: i am fifteen, currently in year eleven, studying for GCSEs in maths, biology, chemistry, physics, english literature and language, music, french, spanish, history, religion, IT, and ad maths. i love reading, both classical and modern literature, and poetry. my music taste includes oh wonder, dodie, billie eilish and khalid to name a few, and my favourite tv shows are criminal minds and gilmore girls.

some of my favourite studyblrs include:

@studyquill @pianoandstudy @acaedmic @studyhardsleepharder @obsidianstudy @neurorlagy @maddistudies @mattystudies and many more!

i will hopefully be posting as much original content as i can


Viktor is the best son in law

Can we just talk about how much Toshiya and Hiroko probably love Viktor aka their new son in law

Aside from Toshiya bullshitting that he doesn’t know exactly who Viktor Nikiforov in this moment (like come on, unless he hasn’t been inside Yuuri’s bedroom or spoken to his son about his interests in eleven years), and just being a wing man here, I like to think that they had a full conversation. I mean, Makkachin had obviously been given free reign of the house at this point, so they must have talked about that.

What I like to think went down is Viktor walked in with a rehearsed (and slightly mispronounced) sentence of Japanese like “Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Viktor-”

And Toshiya looks at him like “Here for Yuuri?”

“Yes! I’m looking for Yuuri!” All hearts and smiles. “I want to coach him in figure skating!” And then goes into a long explanation of how great Yuuri indeed is.

And of course he knows enough English to understand the meaning of that, so he politely directs Viktor to the onsen whilst he waits.

But aside from that.

Viktor has been there for… two hours at this point? Probably even less, but maybe not. Hiroko is already casually referring to him as Vicchan. He’s been adopted swiftly.

She sounds and looks so fond of him.


And let’s just remember that Viktor is a walking advertisement at this rate. Given how much the Katsukis talk about promoting tourism, they probably adore him for it too

Also Yuuri is just as bad as he is lmao

Also the fact that the Katsukis are trusted with Makkachin says a lot. They ARE family at this point.

I hinestly think Hiroko and Toshiya would genuinely be over the moon when the engagement is announced. It’s one thing to mentally adopt Viktor, and another to ACTUALLY have him as their son in law.

TLDR, Viktor and the Katsuki’s have an adorable relationship I wish was explored more

nineteen years later.

i’ve seen people talking about how it’s over, how everything in the series is in the past, how it’s done, at long last.

but it’s never quite over, is it?

because we’ll never forget the hopeful, specky, bold little eleven year old enduring trials far greater than anyone his age should go through, or the weathered, dutiful, and determined seventeen year old fighting battles far greater than anyone should ever go through. we’ll never forget ron, his wheezy, who remained loyal through it all; we’ll never forget hermione, the brightest witch of her age, who inspired everyone in the fight. we’ll never forget ginny, or neville, or luna, or draco, or mcgonagall, or dumbledore, or james, or lily. we will never forget those seven years, and then one more day nineteen years later.

harry potter will never be over. not while there are still people to remember it, and him. 

all is well. and hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home. 

  • Wade: Spidey? You wanna go?
  • Peter: Yeah.
  • Wade: On a date with me?
  • Wade: oH
  • Wade: YOU DO!!?!
  • Peter: Stop thinking you're so cunning of course I agreed you're my fucking boyfriend you egg