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Relationship Status: forever alone™ but mentally dating Jughead Jones
Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick
Last Movie You Watched: Neighbors 2 last week
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Top Three Shows/Dramas/Animes: Friends, Stranger Things and Riverdale
Top Three Favourite Characters: Jughead Jones, Monica Geller, Daenerys Targaryen
Top Three Ships: right now I don’t really have any other ships than Bughead, tbh. But I really like Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things, even though they’re just kids and shipping them is kind of twisted but ughhhh they’re so cute PLEASE GROW UP ALREADY SO I CAN SHIP YOU AND NOT WANT TO HIT MY HEAD AGAINST A WALL

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I swear to fucking god so many of you people freak out by the littlest things. Is it immature to go commenting around on Sydney’s posts about h2ovanoss? Yes. Don’t do it, we all know that. The only people that are actually doing it are like eleven year olds. I’ve really never cared about Evan’s relationship status. When he was with her, I felt just as content with shipping him and Del as I am now. It makes me happy and if it makes you happy too, please don’t leave over this.

And it’s fictional, we get it. Is their close friendship fictional? Absolutely not. So just be hush everyone hush and get along and love each other and don’t go upsetting people by commenting h2ovanoss on things you shouldn’t. Be respectful, be courteous, don’t forget right and wrong, and never, ever make someone feel bad for liking the stuff they like. That’s really fucked, man.

This has been the best, most welcoming fandom I’ve ever joined. Please don’t make that change

Sailor-of-a-thousand-ships wrote that they really loved “the fluff in the park! What if Eleven and Clara went for a walk with Whouffle Baby in the park?” Now, I know you probably wanted to actually *see* the baby (like, on a picnic blanket, right?)…but when I saw this scene, I could practically taste the potential overdose of saccharine and totally went for it – also got to make him wear those adorable glasses again (because they were reading in that first scene, remember?). And, yes, I promise to do another Whouffle Baby in the Park, one where you can actually see the baby…

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one thing i think about lately is like... i want people to be aware. i want people to not make excuses for people's awful behavior towards their partners and not believe it's normal. i feel like there's a real lack of discussion among people who write certain pairings. it's really important that people learn about abuse and it's so irresponsible to add to a climate where it's just an unmarked element of fandom porn

yeah, absolutely! like, abuse is so hard to recognize, and people will do everything possible to invalidate abuse survivors… people try to bring up “it’s for coping!!” as a gotcha, but like, i had a big ‘coping ship’ that i did not actually process as coping until… three years later. i was absolutely in love with a ship that i actually ardently argued was abusive while other shippers didnt believe me. i was both in love with the dynamic and terrified of people who didnt see it as abusive, because i had just escaped abuse so i wanted people to understand “when your partner makes you feel bad about yourself, and forces you to tend to their health at the expense of your own, that is abuse,” but i also still wanted them to be together so badly because i had grown up (literally starting at age 11, shortly after i entered online fandom) being shown that abusive ships were fun and interesting and romantic and most of all sexy.

i was shown this by observing which ships had lots of content! which ships older people gushed over the most! it trained me to automatically seek ships like that, to fetishize abusive actions, to enjoy scenes of onesided violence, because it was Shipping Potential, it was hero/villain ship fodder, it was sexy. i was eleven, twelve, thirteen years old, the same age as damian, and i was seeking out and enjoying these types of ships and adult content for them, because they were right there for my consumption, easy to find. i did not feel this way about relationships in media before i entered online fandom. my very early ships were all nice to each other, they unquestionably loved and supported each other. now i have regular episodes of panic and self-loathing because i don’t know how to ship things like that as strongly as i used to, as strongly as i’ve shipped more fraught or outright abusive things. 

as much as i legitimately hate and am fucking triggered by jaytim i would still rather read fic for it than timkon because after years of conditioning by fandom and being abused by partners i honestly feel anxious and bored and detached from ships that are healthy. my traumatized ass finds it more comfortable to engage deeply with ships that i know are miserable and hurtful than with ships that are healthy and kind. and i don’t want to be that way. i want to undo it. i want to feel engaged with and inspired by depictions of relationships that dont involve hurting each other, that dont involve power imbalances. i want those relationships to all gain more traction in fandom than the ones that are hurtful. i want adults to give a shit about all the people who are conditioned and traumatized and self-loathing in some way or another because of what they were exposed to in fandom, all the people who ended up in abusive relationships because they couldnt recognize that it was bad, or because their abuser specifically convinced them it wasnt bad because hey, look, we’re just like this ship everyone loves! 

it happens. it happens. it’s been happening for twenty years. it’s hurting people. why would you want to keep doing the shit that hurts kids, being a part of it at all hurts kids, i KNOW that it’s so hard to just shut off but please at least fucking acknowledge that people have a right to be hurt and that it is YOUR responsibility to not spread shit around publicly, rather than THEIR responsibility to try to avoid something that happens constantly in every single fandom and always has, it is not a child’s responsibility to somehow recognize and choose to strictly avoid a type of content that is PRESENTED TO THEM AS FINE AND DESIRABLE, BY ADULTS, they cannot know better, so many of us did not realize how damaging this was until the last three years, we are working through this every single day, right now, and everyone who treats it as “just shipping :/ dont listen to these petty antis seeking followers :/” is actively hindering other people from dealing with this and healing from it. it’s hurting people. 

you cant pretend to have any shred of sympathy for people who have been abused and then turn around and say “okay, but, my violent incestuous age difference ship has nothing to do with that, because in MY fanfiction theyre nice to each other!!” it’s still romanticizing abuse. it’s saying that it’s fine for someone who hurt you to stay in your life because they can be nice sometimes, and you should forgive them. that’s something that i clung to desperately! the idea that eventually my abuser would want me back, and if i was good they would be nice to me this time, and i could still be important to them, and that was the most important thing in the world. that’s what made me loudly adore an abusive ship. that’s what’s happening when you’re trying to go “see, look at these young people shipping this and having fun with it, being happy because of it!” either theyre experiencing a horrible messy coping process, or theyre people who have never been abused and have no sense of what it’s actually like, because of media that presents abuse as okay and still romantic. they don’t understand the seriousness because of your fic where everything is fluffy and nice

it’s manipulation and abuse apologism and abuse fetishism on a MASSIVE scale. and people want to call it drama and act like it’s some petty fucking harry potter ship war. it’s awful and unconscionable