eleven pls

  • Steve when his kids are there: hey dipshits! Let's hustle! Hurry up! We don't have all day!
  • Steve when his kids aren't there: I wrote a book on why my kids are the best here let me read it to you

two (2) queens go to the snow ball together 


After the Demodog corpse is thrown through the window, Eleven walks in still wearing her punk outfit, everyone looks at her with wide eyes

Mike: EL!?

Eleven: Tell me about it, stud

Hopper: *kill bill sirens because wtf is his daughter doing*

Lucas, Dustin and Max: *INTENSE WIDE EYES*

Mike: ……………

Joyce: I think he’s in complete-


Everyone leaves even possessed Will doesn’t want to deal with it

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a fic prompt - Steve gets introduced to El and internally he's like 'guess ive got 5 kids now' :3

frICK this is cute thank u for this prompt omg

hopefully!!! i did okay!!! ahfsdlfkja

Steve finally properly meets Eleven three days after the fact, on a bright and sunny morning. It’s a busy day in Hawkins - people seem to be getting a head-start on holiday shopping early this year - but beneath all that surface-level hustle and bustle, The Party is busy with their own excitable rush.

(Inwardly, Steve winces every time he subconsciously refers to the group of traumatized humans he’s unwittingly become a part of as The Party. He really, really needs to stop spending so much time with Dustin.)

If their fellow citizens notice the fact that Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve have been driving back and forth along the same path over and over again all day today, they don’t seem to care. Dustin doesn’t seem all that bothered by it, either; he just chatters away into his walky-talky radio…thing in Steve’s passenger’s seat, pointing out various window fronts to his friends as they drive along ahead of them or behind them, oblivious to Steve’s occasional side-long glances. Every now and then Lucas or Mike will answer, usually in the form of an exasperated groan or else yelling at him to shut up, but Dustin is completely unperturbed.

It’s hard to admit, but Steve almost envies him.

At age 13, Steve was already obsessed with the social hierarchy in place at Hawkins Middle School. He knew Jessica Lang threw all the best parties when her parents were out of town and had already developed an uncanny talent for making the bottle land on her every time he spun it, thus quickly propelling him to the very top by the time they hit high school; all it took was earning his place on the basketball team for King Steve to be born. King Steve never showed that much excitement over any single thing. King Steve was cool at every possible moment, from the way he stood to the way he dressed to the way he styled his hair. King Steve was carefully and meticulously designed and was really a bitch to maintain.

He thinks with a faint smile that he really doesn’t miss that old stodgy monarch as he listens to Dustin fawn over some Star Wars toy on display in a passing window.

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there is only one stranger things fanfiction that needs to exist in the world okay??? just one. and that’s the found family au where we f i n a l l y get jonathan and steve and nancy in a loving poly relationship where they co-parent all the fuckin kids and maybe billy gets beat up again

Stormy weather - Mileven

It had been a year. A year of Mike daydreaming about seeing Eleven again. A year of Mike staying in his room and refusing to see anyone but his three best friends. A year of fighting with his Mom over imaginary frustrations. A year of slamming doors and crying in the shower and nightmares. A year of constantly asking Will about the Upside Down so he knew just was Eleven was facing. A year before she finally returned, completely unconscious and on the brink of death. A year before Mike felt whole again.

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~College!au Pen Pal Yoongi~PART TEN

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Yoongi sighed when he read over his last text. Oh definitely. Deal.

He was so whipped and he didn’t even know you. Okay, he knew you, but not in a way he would think he knew you if he felt this way.

It was then when he realized just how much he wanted to meet you. For one, he kept asking himself if he had he even seen you before.

Were you someone he casually bumped into and didn’t bother to apologize to?

Or were you someone he stood behind in the line at the campus cafe?

Maybe you sat in front of him in one of you classes?

Questions swirled in his head and he never felt more captivated and intrigued to know who you were. He had no idea what was wrong with him but surprisingly, he didn’t want the feeling to go away. 

How had you manage to go through every steel, cold layer of his heart? He loathed your persistence at first. God, can’t she just give up, he thought during one of the first few times he texted you.

But then, he found himself no longer disliking your determination, and ended up somehow admiring it. Damn, what had he done to keep you by his side? No matter the stupid remarks and mistakes made, you never left him. 

And then that lead to the moment you texted with your bubbly messages, when he made sure his phone was always on him to respond. Occasionally, even a smile tugged at his lips when you’d say something amusing.

And the boys knew that. They saw his face light up, even the slightest bit, when his phone dinged.  Most times, they called him out on it, only to be glared at and disregarded. But sometimes, they’d smile to themselves, knowing Yoongi was becoming softer as the days passed and it was all because of you.

Hell, sometimes they wanted to know you more than Yoongi did! Hoseok especially wanted to know you and praise you for whatever the hell you’ve been saying to him; not that he knew. Yoongi always shielded his phone away from the others. He didn’t want them to know you, almost like he wanted you, a personal bubble of happiness in the form of a girl, all to himself.

Anytime he’d make a rude remark, he’d regret it instantly, wanting to take it back. But there you were, accepting an apology immediately and that didn’t make him feel any better. He knew he caused you moments of hurt by the amount of times he had rejected you and your attempts. And at first, he’d brush it off when he felt guilty.

And finally, he’s come to terms with he fact that he wasn’t the same cold Yoongi anymore. He had finally found his soft spot.

And it was you. And boy, was he terrified.


Part Eleven?