eleven kissing rory

Moffat Stans I Automatically Don't Take Seriously:
  • People who use “but RTD did [blank]” as a defense
  • People who say River and the Doctor’s relationship isn’t abusive
  • People who say River’s life didn’t revolve around the Doctor
  • People who think that Eleven kissing Jenny/Tasha/Rory, or Amy kissing Eleven wasn’t sexual assault
  • People who say Tweve doesn’t treat Clara poorly
  • People who are white/cis/het/ablebodied/mentallyhealthy/middleclass/male and tell marginalized people that Moffat’s writing isn’t racist/transphobic/homophobic/ableist/classist/sexist and that said marginalized people are wrong or ignorant when they point out bigotry.
  • People who think River/Canton/Jenny/Vastra/thethinfatgaymarriedanglicansoldiers are good representation
  • People who say “you just don’t understand it!!!!1!!!11”
  • People who deny the enormous plot holes and unresolved paradoxes
  • People who will reblog this and defend any of these views.
  • The People who will inevitably create a “Moffat Hatterz I Automatically Don’t Take Seriously”  "“"rebuttal”“”, which will inevitably be a list of strawmen.

Basically if you’re any of these chances are I don’t really care what you have to say, as I’ve seen it all countless times and have disproven your points enough to be sick of them. 

Regards to "Moffat makes everyone kiss the Doctor"

Let’s actually take a look at that shall we… Let’s consider two things:

  1. Unnecessary kissing that “furthers the plot”/“kissing just because”.
  2. Romantic kisses.

Shall we start with the accused? Moffat’s ‘unnecessary’ kisses are as such:

  1. Madame de Pompadour kissing Ten (2.4)
  2. Amy kissing Eleven (5.5)
  3. Idris kissing Eleven (6.4)
  4. Doctor/River (6.8)
  5. Doctor/River (6.13)
  6. Eleven kissing Rory (7.2)
  7. Clara kissing Eleven (7.6)
  8. Missy kissing Twelve (8.11)

And the romantics:

  1. Doctor/River (6.2)
  2. Doctor/River (7.14)

And now why don’t we look at RTD. 'Unnecessary’:

  1. Jack kissing Nine (1.13)
  2. Nine kissing Rose (1.13)
  3. Cassandra kissing Ten (2.1)
  4. Jackie kissing Ten (2.12)
  5. Ten kissing Martha (3.1)
  6. Astrid kissing Ten (4.0)
  7. Donna kissing Ten (4.7)
  8. Christina de Souza kissing Ten (4.15)

And the romantics:

  1. John Smith/Joan Redfern (3.8)
  2. Rose/Ten.2 (4.13)

So RTD had Ten kisses. Moffat had 10 kisses. Both had 8 plot pushing or unnecessary kisses, and both had 2 romantic kisses. RTD had the Doctor kiss nine different people. Moffat? 7.

Huh. That can’t be right. But… everyone kisses the Doctor? It’s almost as though you’re factually wrong.