eleven is my spirit animal

  • I have a new headcanon that involves Eleven needing these:
  • To swim properly.
  • But really, he’s terrified of the water. He’s been quoted as saying, “There’s a drain, Amy! What if the drain swallows me?!” The TARDIS has tried to tell him telepathically for ages that that can’t actually happen, but to no avail.
  • One day Rory just stuck these on him and threw him into the pool. 
  • The Doctor quite likes swimming now.

When presented with this:

The Doctor tends to act like this:

“D'you guys need one of those… What are they called? Starts with a c? They hardly talk about them in sex education classes in America? … Cond…iment? O? No, no, no! What did the Master used to say? Something about no love without a glove? … Oh, I give up! Just remember to breathe, okay? I don’t need Pond passing out!”

Day One: Favourite Incarnation of The Doctor: Eleven

So he said, “Would it be all right if we just sat and talked for a little while. If in exchange for your time I give you this smile?”

You all knew I was going to pick this or at least had a clue that I was. I’ve been asked many, many times just exactly why Eleven is my Doctor and I’ve struggled to come up with answers that don’t end up being three-thousand words in length.

I think I finally have it: Eleven is my favourite incarnation because he encompasses everything that is The Doctor to me. He’s whimsical. He looks at the Universe as a child and an old man at the same exact time. He walks to the beat of his own drummer… or whatever instruments Gallifrey had. He’s awkward and so alien and human at the same time. He’s The Doctor and I love it; I love him.

My conclusion after seeing this picture:

The Doctor is not only a Time Lord, but also secretly a wizard. He greatly helped the wizarding world and might’ve gone by the name Merlin every once in awhile. Oh, and in an unrecorded adventure in his second regeneration he helped build the Hogwarts we all know and love.

… Or you know, maybe Matt just thought the green glowly light looked cool and that it was all a bit “Harry Potter.”

It is now in my headcanon that Eleven listens to…

  • It Wasn’t Me without getting the full context of the song. Rory has caught him repeatedly dancing in his bedroom with only his boxers on, singing (read: wailing) “ITTT WASN’T ME! WASN’T MEEEEEE~”
  • The Climb. He cries while listening to it, but it’s one of his absolute favourite songs.
  • The Pokemon Theme Song. You won’t see this in any of the episodes, but whenever Eleven has to be a bamf, he puts this song on full blast and saves the universe to the beet of Pikachu’s electrical shock.
  • If You Seek Amy. He still doesn’t know why Amy snickers slightly and says, “If you want me to, Doctor” whenever he listens to this song.
  • Friday. Eleven only listened to it once. His only passing remark was, “I can’t see why American children don’t know their Mondays from their Fridays…” He then took a long nap after drinking warm milk.
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  • #But this could really have happened

neonsynth  asked:

Fave Doctor/ Companion?

Like, as a pairing or my favourite incarnation of the Doctor and my favourite companion?

Oh well, I’ll answer it both way.

My favourite incarnation of the Doctor is…

I didn’t even start with him, but I fell in love with him from The Eleventh Hour and that love grew and grew as I watched more of season five.

The way he’s a nine year old and one of the oldest people in the Universe at the same time astounds me and his eyes, his eyes are ancient. Eleven is very… energetic, very “Oh my god, this is the universe and I want to see and touch and feel and taste all of it!” He’s manic, but not in the same way Ten was and he’s sad, but he’s not angsty and he’s angry, but he’s not in a rage, which are different things to me.

He’s also really, really innocent. Or rather he fringes innocence and oblivion and awkwardness, which I love. Another thing is that he knows he’s The Doctor. He’s very aware of that and what it entails. He’s more certain of some things and not so certain of other things this time around and honestly, I just love him to pieces.

As for my favourite companion:

It’s Donna without a doubt. It also helps that she is one of my favourite characters because I love her story.

“Be noble for you are made of stars.” - I saw that the other day on a graphic and it almost made me bawl. She was going to stay with the Doctor forever as so many others were going to do and then bam! memories lost and it’s as though all of that never happened.

But I adore Donna. She didn’t think she was special. She didn’t think she was worth anything. And sure, her personality was harsh at times, but it was kind of to overshadow the above. She is beautiful and brilliant and even though she doesn’t remember it, I loved her time with the Doctor because while she needed him (though she probably would’ve have admitted it) he needed her just as much, if not more. 

And finally, Doctor/Companion pairing:

What can I say? They are stuff of legends. She’s the big Bad Wolf and he’s The Oncoming Storm.

Unfortunately, the universe split them apart.

(Sorry for spelling/grammar/whathefuckareyoutalkingabout? mistakes. I’m blaming it on the fever and you should too.)


antiheroical-blog  asked:

I was surprised not to see any comment from you about The Doctor's "oh-dear-what-do-I-do-with-my-hands-I-guess-I'll-just-swing-them-around-a-bit" hand flailing during the kiss scene. It was, in my mind, absolutely perfect.

Oh, I did, but it was in tag form, see:

# can i just take a moment to appreciate the fact that eleven had no idea what to do with his arms while he was kissing her? # at the end he just decided to keep them to himself # oh. you cosmic nine year old. even during snogging you are a toddler!

I loved it because it made Eleven-is-awkward-during-sexual-encounters completely canon and it’s totally how I saw him reacting to those kind of things. He’s strange and awkward and adorkable and lovely and the most alien in awhile and it’s a bit like how a first kiss would go for someone in a new body, I think. But really, that’s just Eleven. That’s just him and I love it.

  • So, my mom and I just had a grand discussion about Dr. Seuss.
  • I told her Eleven would love all of his books, especially “Oh, the Places you’ll Go!” and “The Cat in the Hat”
  • My mom agreed as I’ve trained her well and said, “Yes, he’s mad enough to be the cat and I bet he’d want to keep the hat!”
  • Which is very true. I mean, just imagine the possibilities…
  • And then she said, “Dr. Seuss… and Doctor Who!” and I let her know that was “kind of brilliant”
  • So, now I’m convinced the Doctor and Dr. Seuss have met and he was the real inspiration for “The Cat in the Hat”

Riley 12:08 am
and my eleven is very fond of cuddling. usually it involves his stuffed unicorn and penguin, but he especially likes cuddling with his roesss~

Katie 12:08 am
hahahahahahahahaha omg

Riley 12:08 am
his stuffed unicorn is called horney and he doesn’t get why people laugh at him when he tells them that

Katie 12:09 am

I think the above explains me a little too well, but I mean, who doesn’t like pinwheels?

I actually have a personal canon that involves Eleven being a huge lover of pinwheels, bubble baths and cotton candy. Oh, and double stuffed oreos too.

Yes, I somehow relate everything back to the Doctor.