eleven is my doctor


‘the woman he was cursed to lose – the only woman whose ever known and loved him for all he is;  looking into her eyes is like seeing a reflection of his soul and he clings to her because he thinks it’s the last time anyone will ever gaze at him the way River does; because it’s the last time anyone will ever truly understand what it means to be a creature of the light that carries a darkness in their heart that never fails to cast a shadow

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Doctor Who Fest: Day 3

↳ Favorite Scenery: Space

Space - {AO3}

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Clara and the Doctor sat near the open doors of the slowy spinning TARDIS, absorbing the view in front of them. Clara’s legs dangled over the edge; they swung back and forth, gently swishing her skirt. She propped herself up on her elbows, and stared at the stars. The Doctor sat cross-legged with his hands in his lap, not so much staring as looking forward out of obligation. Clara’s occasional glances at the him become more and more frequent, but he didn’t say a word.

“Doctor?” asked Clara.


“Thanks. For letting us just drift.”

“Welcome.” he said. There was a momentary pause, and she spoke again.

“No, really. I know you’re a restless adventure-seeker, but I can’t take quite as much excitement. I’m only, you know, human,” she said, smiling.

“You know me, I’m glad to help,” he replied, “You’ve humored me often enough.”

“I know,” she said, sitting up so she could look him in the eye, “Because you’re Mr. ‘Let’s discover a planet today and have and adventure’ but I do like just this.”


“Yeah. The view is gorgeous. And it’s just-it’s really-” she stopped, thinking. “When I was a kid, I would walk through my neighborhood and I’d look at all the houses. I used to think about the fact that every single house had its own family in it. And they’d lived in that house most of their lives, waking up every day, reading books, making tea, on the phone, watching the telly, just there. I’d stare at a house and think of all the things that were in it: favorite corners, precious heirlooms, DVD collections, kids bedrooms, a little community that existed inside that one house. Intersections of peoples lives, thousands of tiny memories. If I walked a few steps more there’d be another entirely different house.”

Her hands waved around as she spoke, but the Doctor watched her eyes.

“And sitting here is like that,” she continued, “Except instead of houses there are entire solar systems with different species and cultures and history, thousands of years old. All in that tiny speck over there,” she said, pointing at random. “I know, sitting here, that I could go if I wanted to. On a street I can only guess as to what’s going on inside, but not here. Traveling with you, I know what it’s like to go, explore each one, maybe see something wonderful, meet someone new, get in trouble. And it’s nice to just sit here surrounded by it all, and know that.“

The Doctor unfolded his hands slowly, then held hers.

“Some days you’re wiser than I could ever be,” he said.

“You’re just saying that so I’ll agree to go to Las Vegas again.”

“I’m doing nothing of the sort!” he cried. She giggled, and rested her head on his shoulder.

“I know; I’m just teasing you,” she said, “Don’t get too modest; you’ve shown me a thing or two yourself.”

“We make a good team.”


And they sat there together, resting in the comfort of the cosmos.


Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge

Day 1 (June 23, 2014): Favorite Doctor

When I started watching Doctor Who, I thought 9 was my favorite. And then I met 10 and he took 9’s place. And I said to myself, no one will ever replace him. I cried when I finished his journey. I refused to watch Doctor Who for a good week (which is an accomplishment for me) because I didn’t want to leave my Doctor. But dream-unlimited said, “Just give him a chance, I promise you’ll love him, you really will.” And since Jordan is always right, I listened. And then I met my Raggedy Man, and I know he’s my Doctor because the way I feel about him is far different than how I felt about 9 or 10. Eleven taught me how to hope. He showed me that fairytales can be real as long as I wait and never give up. He showed me that it isn’t an option to say no, to give up, to be alone because you become the person you shouldn’t be. And he showed me that it’s okay to be kooky and obsessive and childish because that’s what makes me me, just as that’s what makes him him. His eyes, his non-existant eyebrows, his bowties, and so on made me get a crush on him, but his soul, his smile, his dancing and his monologues made me fall in love. Eleven is my best friend. He’s the person who I write my diary to. He’s the reason why Christmas 2013 was the worst day of my life. He’s my Doctor and the man who saved me from so much. So yeah, how much do I love this Doctor on a scale of one to ten? Eleven It’s like 5 months later and I’m fucking emotional as all get out

Week 35 of the #YearOfStitch : Bow Tie Stitch

We all have associations with bow ties. This one is my homage to Dr Who. 11 is my Doctor. But I’m down if you want to chase the Chip ‘n Dales route too. ; )

This one is similar to the very popular Half Rhodes stitch in terms of structure. 

Here goes!


Come up through 1 and then count over 18 and up 8 to come down through 2.

Keep on like this until your top row is 9 across…

Then over 1 and down 3 from the top left to begin the middle bow tie band

Finish it up with 3 bands - using the illustration 

Bow ties are cool.

Doctor Who Fest: Day 2


Sometimes his companions save the Doctor from deadly Daleks or creepy Angels, or evil alien parasites bent on ruling the world, but first, they must save the Doctor from himself. 

Think about it; the Doctor is his own worst enemy.

His most haunting memory is the death he caused. He’s tethered 2.47 billion Gallifreyan children to his conscience. The more time goes by the sadder he becomes, racking up more and more shame every time he sees someone who could have been saved. He takes everything upon himself, tucked-away guilt tucking festering deep inside, weighing heavy on both his hearts.

He may show people the stars, but he is by no means safe, and he knows it. His own self-confidence puts innocent people in danger.

Remember the Dream Lord? The manipulative monster who mocked the Doctor and both his companions. The villain who forced Amy to choose between her two best friends. He’s the worst of the Doctor: spiteful, conceited, and cruel.

But worst of all, the Dream Lord lies. He gave the Williams’ fake lives only to take them away, giving them a “choice” without telling them the rules. The Doctor controls the people he travels with out of fear they will be hurt. He manipulates, and he’s good at it.

It’s rule number one.

Doctor Who Fest: Day 5

↳ Favorite Doctor: Eleven

Eleventh Doctor Tea Blend - [taste]

black tea // oolong tea // green tea // cinnamon bark // ginger root // orange peels // cloves // cardamom // natural almond flavor // natural vanilla flavor // natural spice flavor // sprinkles