eleven is a dweeb


Summary: You’re just expecting to watch a movie with Steve and the kids, but now you can mark something off your Christmas list.

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson! Reader

Notes: N/A



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Dustin was glaring at you again, big surprise. You’re his older sibling, he didn’t hate you he just hated Steve’s obvious fascination with you. How he’d talk about your hair or your eyes. Most of all he hated that ugly ass sweater you were wearing.

“What are you wearing?” He asked, he regretted it already, but you just smiled.

“My beautiful sweater.” You smirked, sticking your tongue out, at him. He looked at the ugly thing it had stains from baking during Christmas. A reindeer and some ugly Christmas lights.

“Dustin, Y/N! Steve’s Here!” Their mom yelled out. Her and Karen and Lucas’s mom were going out for dinner. Joyce had a date with Hopper.

“Hi Mrs. Henderson, I hope you have a good night.” Steve said at the door. Natural charmer that boy was. She smiled at Steve.

“Bye Mom,” Dustin says ushering his Mom out the door and his friends inside. You wave at your Mom as she gets in her car.

“Like your sweater.” Lucas says, he makes this joke every year. Mike rolls his eyes.

“Go pick a movie dipshits.” Steve says shoving the kids into the living room. Steve smiles at you as you grab mugs out of the cupboard. “Nice sweater.” He laughs.

“Thanks, Stevie now grab some popcorn.” You say. Steve smiles while he watches you make the hot chocolate. The microwave goes off and he pours the popcorn into a bowl.

Christmas Evil!” Dustin and Lucas are saying while Mike glares at them. Eleven is talking to Max and Will.

“Hey dweebs. Except for you three, you’re great and I love you.” You say setting down six mugs for them leaving two for you and Steve.

“Watch something sweet. Like Frosty the Snowman

"Hey!” Mike yells, “They’re gonna scare El with that dumb movie.”

“We also have To All A Good Night.” Lucas says holding up the horror themed Christmas movie.

“Watch something sweet, like Frosty The Snowman.” Steve says from the doorway. The two of you go back to finish getting snacks. “Oh mistletoe.” Steve mentions.

“We don’t have any?” You question he smiles when you look up. He’s holding a piece of mistletoe above the two of you. He leans in and you kiss. The both of you can feel the electricity.

“Ew! Not in my fucking kitchen.”