eleven hour

I still can’t believe that Dean picked up Sam’s dead body and sat in a fucking abandoned house with him, talking to his DEAD BODY for about three days straight. Three days. Talking to his dead body.
I also still can’t believe that Sam picked up Dean’s dead body and drove all the way back to the bunker that was 11 hours away from where he was killed and laid him down in bed. Eleven hours. In the Impala. With Dean’s dead body.

The codependency just fuels my fucking life, not even kidding.

Okay so a Pitch Perfect AU
- Bitty is a freshman at Samwell University and gets inducted into the Samwell Men’s A Capella group by an over exuberant Holster (and Ransom)
- their group leader, holder of the pitch pipe, is a capella legacy, Jack Zimmermann who has no time for Bitty because –
-Bitty has stage fright. Like, hella stage fright. Cannot sing in front of people. Holster only dragged him in because he thought he looked like a good tenor
-(holster is not wrong but that is besides the point)
- Jack has absolutely no time for Bitty and is just gonna make him sing the “do-wops” in the background because he can’t kick him out since they need the bodies in order to compete
-then one day Jack accidentally walks in on Bitty while he’s showering and Bitty’s singing Halo and suddenly Jack understands why Holster dragged Bitty into the club
-so then it’s stage presence clinics. Jack’s mom is noted actress Alicia Zimmermann and his dad is famous oldies singer Bob Zimmermann (think like…Harry Connick Jr or something, dude sounds like Sinatra) and they met doing acapella in college so Jack Knows His Shit
-(he knows it even though off stage he’s every bit as brooding and awkward as canon JLZ)
- but it’s during these stage fright clinics that Bitty’s all “what if we, uh, danced? And did something more than stand in classic chorus lines? And also maybe did music from this century?”
- and they fight about it because they know their main competition at finals is gonna be Jack’s ex, captain of the Las Vegas Aces Kent Parson
- But like, Kent is known for being able to belt Katy Perry so Jack is wary of being similar
- also Jack doesn’t listen to modern music. And is still a crusty old history major. And absolutely will not listen to Bitty’s ideas.
- but then like, idk, Hamilton happens? And Holster convinces Jack that maybe Bitty is not wrong.
- long story short, they perform at least one Hamilton song at finals, one of Jack’s favorite oldies, and one of Bitty’s pop songs (*cough* halo *cough cough*) and Bitty choreographs them a dance (and pulls off a solo in halo) and they win and there’s a lot of kissing in perfect harmony

You okay?

 Plot: Justin’s not feeling well.

The sound of the door being unlocked and opened, made Y/n look up from her phone. She instantly knew it was Justin, but she was surprised to see him home so early.

It was only 8:27p.m, he texted her he won’t be home till, at least eleven, few hours ago, but now he’s here, standing at the entrance of the living room.

Y/n’s face lightened up at the sight of her boyfriend, but that quickly fade away. Justin was leaning onto door, his head in his hands.

Y/n quickly stood up and approached him. “Are you okay?” she asked worriedly. But she knew the answer even before she asked the question.

Justin didn’t even move, his breathing was deep and slow. “Do you want me to bring some water? Some medicine? Or do you wanna go catch some fresh air?”

At her last question he slowly nodded into his palms, and Y/n grabbed his hand and slowly walked out of their home.

They sat down on the porch, Justin placing his head onto Y/n’s shoulder. Y/n took his hands into her lap, gently moving the tips of her hands over his.

She moved her head to touch his and whispered. “Feeling better?”

Justin took few more deep breaths, he whispered nodding. “Thank you.”

The night was beautiful, everything was so peaceful, but even the sound of night crickets didn’t ruin the night. Moon was hiding behind a cloud, stars were up high, and the air was fresh and a little bit chilly.

Y/n could feel chills all over her body, turns out it’s not a smart idea to be out in just a tiny shirt.

“You’re shaking, let’s get you inside, before you catch a cold because of me.” Justin said, removing his head from her shoulder.

“No, we should better stay out since you’re not feeling well.” Justin got up, still holding her hands, slowly pulling her up. Once she finally stood up he pulled her into a proper hug.

“I am fine.” He mumbled into her ear. He separated them, only to connect their lips for a quick kiss.

Justin placed his hand on Y/n’s lower back, and they walked into their living room, sitting down on a couch, still holding each other.

Y/n placed her head on his chest, deeply breathing his smell in. “So stressful day?” Y/n finally asked after the silence became unbearable.

“More painful, than stressful.” Justin simply said, placing his chin on her head, smelling her hear.

“Why didn’t you come home earlier, then?”

“At first, it was just a simple stomach ache, and I thought it was, maybe because I didn’t eat. But then after I ate, it was still there and I just couldn’t concentrate but I was still trying my best, but in the end Scooter almost threw me out of the studio, so I would go home.” Y/n chuckled.

Typical Justin, always pushing his boundary, no matter what kind of pain or struggle he is dealing with.

“You know I love you, but sometimes, you shouldn’t be such a stubborn. Trust me, Beliebers will understand if you don’t publish new song every three months. Goddamn, their waited three years for Purpose, they can wait few week for new song. They are loyal.”

Justin took a deep breath. “I know they are loyal, and that’s the reason I want to give them something in return. I want them to know I am thankful.”

Y/n moved her head from his chest, looking into his eyes. “They are thankful to have an idol like you are, trust me, I know. I was and still am a Belieber.”

Justin smiled and kissed her. “When I thought I couldn’t love you more.”

Y/n smiled. “Face it Bieber, you can’t live without me.”

Justin smiled and nod. But his happy expression suddenly turned into a painful one. Y/n moved herself from his, giving him space. “You okay?”

Justin closed his eyes and nod. “Yeah, yeah everything’s fine, I just felt a sharp pain, that’s all.”

“Do you wanna go to the doctors? Maybe you caught some virus or something.”

Justin opened his eyes and looked at his worried girlfriend. He smiled and pulled her closer. “I am fine, baby, just having you in my arms in enough to cure anything.”

Y/n chuckled and mumbled into his neck. “Cheesy.”

Two hours later they were still in each other arms, watching a movie. Well, Y/n was watching a movie, Justin fell asleep during the first five minute of the movie.

She couldn’t blame him, he was working so hard, always putting everyone else before than himself.

The movie ended and she slowly removed herself from his, trying not to wake him up. He shifted a little bit and mumbled something under his breath.

Y/n went into one of their guest’s room and took a blanket. She placed the blanked over him and walked over to the bathroom.

She was just washing her hands when Justin stormed into the bathroom, hovering over the toilet. He was throwing up and Y/n run over to him, placing her hand on his back, moving it up and down.

Once he stopped throwing up, he placed his head on the cold toilet and she rushed to the sink and wet one towel, placing it on his back, neck and eventually his face.

Once he took the towel into his hands and pressed it onto his face, she got up and run into kitchen, bringing him some water.

When she came back, he was once again throwing up she rushed over to him. She rubbed his back, whispering it will be okay.

Once he stopped, she gave him water. “Take a shower, you’re all sweaty, and then we are going to hospital.” She whipped the tears that were on his face.

Justin looked at her, his eyes was so tired, and he looked like he left his soul in that toilet. “I am fine, we don’t need any doctors. I threw everything out and I will be fine now.”

She didn’t agree with his decision, but she knew fighting would be pointless, he would have it his way. “Do you want me to stay here while you shower?”

Justin gave her a weak smile. “If you like watching, but you can also join me.”

Y/n sighed. “Damn right you’re fine if you can be cheesy after that.”

She brought him some fresh clothes, even though she knew he would still sleep nude. She went into their bedroom and removed her clothes and put on one of his long sleeved shirts.

She placed herself under the comfy cover and waited for Justin to come out of the shower. Few minutes later he walked into the room, and as she predicted, he was carrying the clothes she brought him in his hands.

He walked to the other side of the bed, looking way better. He moved himself over to Y/n, so he could hug her. He placed his hand around her waist pulling her closer, and then moving his hand to her ass.

She kissed his neck and said quick “Goodnight” before she fell asleep.

What felt like seconds later, was actually hour and a half later. Justin was shaking her and she immediately got up not even opening her eyes, she asked. “What? You feeling sick again?”

Justin didn’t even get to nod when he stormed out of the bed, running into bathroom to throw up once again, even though Y/n was pretty sure, he had nothing more to throw up.

She rushed after him, once again, wetting the towels and giving him water. Once he stopped throwing up, she helped him get up and brought him back to their room.

She took the clothes she gave him before and he put the on, she changed too.

Soon enough she grabbed his keys and they were on their way to the hospital.

Part Two

I got two similar request about Justin having a strong migrane and stomach ache, so i kind combined them. 

I keep seeing people talking about how hilarious the airport scene is because “they’ve only been apart for a day” and that’s totally wrong.

Considering Rostelecom starts on a Friday, the SP is Friday night. Viktor either left late Friday night or early Saturday morning. The FS event starts in the evening on Saturday night. When it’s over, it’s pretty late in the evening already. Sunday is the exhibition gala, and considering Yuuri got fourth place, he probably took place in the gala. That’s also in the afternoon/evening on Sunday.

The earliest time Yuuri would be able to leave would be Monday morning, not to mention factoring in either the eleven hour nonstop flight from Moscow to Fukuoka. It’s really late on Monday maybe even almost Tuesday by the time Yuuri gets back to Japan.

So by the time Yuuri and Victor meet up again, it’s been roughly three days. Which imo, just makes it even funnier.

Hour Eleven : Panic

Prompt : “What do you mean he’s gone?”

A/N : 11 out of 24

Pairing : Dick Grayson x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

It was a tradition between you and Dick to scare each other on Halloween.

Not like something jumping out of a bush and giving you a cardiac arrest kind of scare, but just wide-eyed, heart stopping scare that you both would (hopefully) laugh about afterwards.

Even after giving birth to your son, you both still kept the tradition going.

And what was a parent’s biggest fear? Losing a child. So Dick used this to his advantage this year.

On the morning of October 31st, you woke up to your husband frantically shaking you. At first, you pushed him away, thinking he was just wanting to annoy you.

“For fuck’s sake, Y/N wake up!” You heard him yell, panic evident in his voice. “John’s gone!”

In an instant, your eyes snapped open and you stared at Dick frantically. Your need for more sleep was the last thing on your mind now.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” You cried, shooting out of bed and hurried to John’s room. Dick following right behind you with a satisfied smirk.

Sure enough, your precious baby boy wasn’t in his crib. And you gripped your hair in worry.

You turned to Dick, “Why the hell are you standing there doing nothing? Call the police! Forget that, call your whole fucking family! My baby’s gone.” You sobbed, tears running down your cheeks as you held John’s stuffed bear close to your chest.

For a moment, Dick’s eyes softened and he was about to say something but was soon put on hold when the doorbell rung.

You, thinking he had already called them, rushed over to the entryway and swung the door open so fast that the Flash would’ve been jealous.

In front of you stood a sheepish Tim Drake holding a gurgling John-Bruce Grayson. And yes, you did give your son a double name.

You slowly turned your head to your husband and gave him the deadliest glare he’s ever seen. It was worse than seeing one of the Joker’s smiles.

“Oops,” he said, nervously, “I forgot that Tim was going to pick him up for their monthly uncle-nephew breakfast trip today. Gosh darn it, Tim. What did I tell you about going through the window?

“Ah! Yes! A fangirl! Hello there! Oh my what a beautiful creature you are! Look at that hair and those eyes! Blimey!? Is that what chins are supposed to look like?! ….Perhaps my next regeneration then…. What was I going to say..? Oh, yes! Travel? Now? With me? All of time and space? The box you say? That’s my spaceship! Trust me she’s a lot more than she seems! Now let’s go! Geronimo!”