eleven hearts

Last move b4 mate

no you cant rhyme in english, you cant wash your dishes,
and you cant be malicious, you always attract bitches,
watch me how I ditch this, fuck around for a fetish,
and no Im no British but watch me how I finish,
Im Finnish, heart colder than Norway in a blizzard,
chelsea number 10, call me eden hazard,
be careful Im no Yll Limani n'guitar,
you lame ass in an S class, thats defined as bizarre,
and I aint no fucking Patrick, ima motherfucking mastermind,
stealing hearts since eleven, material so hard to find,
so realistic yet to notice you are so blind,
pouring my heart to lyrics, 1000 metres Ive lined,
1000 souls have I touched, not even reached who I want, 
wrote 1000 letters, all with the same font,
took many shots, all came back to haunt,
me the angry blonde,
give me a wand and I’ll expecto patronum, 
kim is to slim, to me you a synonim, 
you are the light so shine me - im so dim, 
its Fit o'clock but no I wont go gym, 
she says that Im shady I say that im just slim, 
stop me, 
a dontwannabe- I dont care bout the rhyme,
I dont care who sees this, I dont wanna be sublime 
baby we got much to do- to do that far less time, 
and as I wait for her to be mine,
tell me how do I act like we’re just … fine.

“If there was anyone who cared about me, God already killed them. My mother died when I was eleven. She had heart problems because of all the drugs. These two tears are for her. I can’t even remember her face. I remember going to her funeral but I don’t remember her face. When I dream about her, all I hear is her voice. There’s no dialogue or anything. It’s just her voice, saying: ‘Come here, Jeff. Come here, Jeff.’ After she died, all that mattered was surviving. Nobody showed me love. Maybe things would have been different if I had parents. Maybe I’d have a place to live. Maybe I’d have accomplished something. So I don’t feel guilty for anything. Why should I? God doesn’t feel guilty for killing my mom.” (2/2)

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

There are lots of things in Eleven’s new life that make her happy. There’s warm, toasted Eggo waffles and mugs of hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows and homemade meals that Karen makes when she comes over. There’s new books from the library and fresh boxes of crayons and clothes of every fabric and color. There’s riding her bike with the boys to school and sitting in Hopper’s big comfy chair at work and having tea parties with Holly and learning how to do makeup with Nancy. There’s ice skating and snowflakes and colorful lights. There’s warm blankets and cuddling and gentle hugs. There’s Lucas helping her ride a bike and Dustin bringing her new snacks and Will complimenting her artwork and Jonathan showing her how to use his camera. There’s dancing and new words and tickle fights with her friends. There’s the way Mike Wheeler’s eyes light up when he looks at her and the way his voice becomes gentle and loving. There’s the comforting smell of Mike and the softness of his hair and the tenderness in the way he holds her hand. There’s the undeniable warmth and giddiness she feels inside when he smiles and laughs. 

There are lots of things in El’s life that make her happy, but Mike Wheeler makes her feel the happiest

Eleven bonding with Holly headcanons

- twirling until they’re so dizzy they collapse giggling on the floor
- tea parties with Holly’s dolls and stuffed animals
- coloring while lying on their stomachs on the floor, their feet lazily kicking the air as they hum and sing under their breath
- Holly latching onto Eleven’s leg, forcing her to take gigantic steps, and Holly’s hysterical giggles just melting Eleven’s heart
- Holly declaring that 11 is her favorite number
- El reading to Holly in the La-Z-Boy
- El and Holly sitting on the lawn blowing the fuzz off dandelions
- Holly coming all the way down to the basement to give El a goodnight kiss and hug when she’s over for a visit with the boys
- Eleven and Holly just being adorable best buddies