eleven being embarrassed is my favorite thing


my absolute most favorite thing about mike wheeler is the amount of patience he has for eleven. when she doesn’t understand a concept as simple as that of telling time, he wastes not two seconds more in finding a way to rephrase himself rather than making her feel embarrassed for being so naive. he knows he’s done it when he sees that little smile curving into existence just beneath her gentle gaze.

Caller Number 9

Summary: Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

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Chapters 1-9

Chapter 10: On Air

Sometimes Hoseok is too curious for his own good. It’s gotten him and the people around him into some awkward situations, where he’s stumbled upon things he shouldn’t have or gotten responses he was better off not knowing. Take for example when he was younger and discovered cats can’t fly, no matter how agile they are.

His mother’s cat, Toto, wouldn’t come near him for a week. When he was seven he realized why you’re not supposed to swim with clothes, specifically winter wear. His mother later told him the point of swimming was too cool off, but he insisted he’d get too cold. As a teenager his questions were too blunt and sometimes the answers made him red in the face and his friends cringe.

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