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Otomedia October 2012: Inazuma Eleven GO Halloween – Kobayashi Yuu (Kirino Ranmaru) interview

The password is Trick or Treat!!

First - Trick or Treat, Kobayashi-san!

1. Please tell us your thoughts about when it was decided that you would play Kirino.

Ranmaru-san is very beautiful, but quite masculine, very caring and is the kind of person who keeps an eye on Shindou and everyone else more so than himself. He thinks he has to improve himself for the benefit of the team - he’s quite a diligent person. I’m really happy to play that kind of person and I have to do my very best to be able to convey Ranmaru-san’s expressions.

2. Were you surprised by the gap between his outer appearance and true self?

I consulted with sound director Nakashima-san and the other staff members, and since I was told to portray Ranmaru-san as ‘masculine’ I prepared to play him that way.

3. In the Chrono Stone arc, how do you think Kirino spent his time while the team was separated?

In the story, he’s in the library and from the atmosphere at that time I think he might be studying hard? I feel like he’d have a completely different way to spend time than an outdoor activity like soccer practice.

4. After that, when he’s ‘taking back’ soccer, what was it like when he was worrying in episode 18 portraying his feelings?

That time, the feelings and emotions that he hadn’t shown until now came out, and I felt his worries together along with him… Being troubled by mixed feelings about wanting to support Shindou-san despite feeling far from him… Since it was a very delicate situation, I tried as much as possible to carefully play him this way.

5. A key person for Kirino is definitely Shindou - how are they with each other?

The Shindou-san that Ranmaru-san sees is a classmate, a best friend, and a person he really trusts. From the various situations you see them together in, you can see they practice together and share their highs while encouraging each other. I feel like he’s irreplaceable. Since Shindou-san, as former captain, is the kind of person who keeps his eye on everyone and thinks about the team, he didn’t have many opportunities in the story to talk directly to Ranmaru-san. However, there were many things he could express without words, and I think he has a deep trust in him.

6. And for Kirino, his defender kouhai, Kariya Masaki, has also become a key person.

As fans already know, Ranmaru-san and Kariya-san have had a pretty dramatic story and reconciled through the match, but from there Ranmaru-san has become just like a big brother. Shindou-san and Ranmaru-san have the same viewpoint and together raise each other up, but he worries about Kariya like a brother, which I think is pretty good. This time, when Kariya is going to time jump to Jeanne d’Arc’s time period, he gives up his position for Ranmaru-san, and I understand that this contrary guy is really looking out for Ranmaru-san, so I was really happy and I felt a new appreciation.

7. By the way, when he returns from Jeanne d’Arc’s time period, what do you think Kirino will say to Kariya?

Since it’s Ranmaru-san I think he’ll definitely say thank you. And I think Kariya-san will probably react with something Kariya-like, like: Whaaat~?

I imagine this kind of exchange would be kind of funny.

8. Please tell us about Kirino’s highlights this time.

Ranmaru-san’s evolving figure, exceeding limits, was drawn to be pretty dynamic. I think he was drawn wonderfully so I’d definitely be really happy if everyone could watch him. Please support him! I’m so sorry but I can’t say any more than this right now, but I think you’ll enjoy it and watch carefully.

9.  To change the subject, if Kirino went to a Hallowe’en party, what kind of costume would he wear?

I’d like to see him untie that fabulous hair. At first glance: “What? Doesn’t Kirino-senpai look like a girl?” How about a costume like a beautiful princess? In reality, since Ranmaru-san is quite masculine this is impossible but I wanna see it. Sorry Ranmaru-san, but a costume like a prince would suit Shindou-san better. A prince Shindou-san and Ranmaru-san would be really beautiful and I’d like to see.

10. Finally, please give us a message:

In this interview, I just covered Ranmaru-san, but (in the Jeanne d’Arc arc) a lot of things happen with everyone else too, not just Ranmaru-san, so please watch carefully!

Thank you so much!