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On This Day: May 18
  • 1781: Tupac Amaru II and Peruvian indigenous leaders who rebelled against Spanish rule are drawn and quartered in Plaza Mayor del Cuzco.
  • 1827: Josiah Warren opened his first Time Store in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • 1872: Bertrand Russell was born in Trellech, UK. He was a Nobel prize for literature, and was imprisoned during WWI and 1961 for pacifism and protesting in Whitehall.
  • 1895: Augusto Sandino born in Niquinohomo, Nicaragua. He was leader of original Sandinista movement for Nicaraguan independence.
  • 1912: Walter Sisulu born in Ngcobo, South Africa. An anti-apartheid activist and member of the ANC who was jailed at Robben Island, for 25 years.
  • 1917: In the US, the draft was reinstated, both Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman spoke at a rally opposing the draft.
  • 1917: Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen start organizing in packinghouses across US.
  • 1920: Ten die when coal company officials in Matewan, West Virginia, try evicting striking union workers from the company’s housing.
  • 1922: In India, Mohandas Gandhi is sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience. He would serve only 2 years.
  • 1928: Big Bill Haywood dies in Moscow. He was a founding member and leader of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).
  • 1950: Start of 6-month Atlanta transit strike over permit fee and fingerprinting for cab and trolley drivers.
  • 1959: The National Liberation Committee of Côte d'Ivoire is founded.
  • 1966: 10,000 anti-war protesters picket the White House.
  • 1966: 10,000 students rally against the draft at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • 1968: 10,000 march in Madrid in solidarity with the revolt in France. Barricades erected and clashes with police occurred.
  • 1972: Philip Berrigan went to jail for burning draft files.
  • 1972: Margaret (Maggie) Kuhn founds Gray Panthers to advocate for seniors’ rights.
  • 1979: Silkwood vs Kerr-McGee case settled: companies are responsible for damage to health of workers in the nuclear industry.
  • 1980: The Gwangju uprising in Kwangju, South Korea against the regime of the West-backed dictator General Chun Doo-Hwan.
  • 1991: 200,000 involved in violent anti-government protests in South Korea after the fatal beating of a student protester by police.
  • 1993: Copenhagen riots because of Danish exceptions in the Maastricht Treaty referendum. Police open fire and injure eleven demonstrators.
  • 2012: Quebec Student Strike: Bill 78 passed in the National Assembly of Quebec during the early hours of the morning and the municipality of Montreal passed a law prohibiting mask-wearing during any organization or demonstration.

Brandy: The Ultimate Unreleased & Rare Collection 

In the need to have my collection of Brandy’s unreleased and rare material organized for my iTunes, I went to work on precisely organizing and tagging it all. With the help of Brandy’s Wikipedia page, I organized each and every song by its era and year, separating the unreleased songs by era for clean organization. On top of that, I created artwork for each of the separate collections as well to help provide a somewhat official experience for the content. Also for the explicit songs I added the explicit tag in iTunes to further that official experience feel. 

This is a project I have been working on periodically over a long period of time and I’m so glad to finally share it with you all! With Brandy having such an amazing catalog of unreleased material, I feel it is only right to have it all properly organized and treated like official content. Plus with Brandy being quite a big fan of her unreleased material herself, would love to hear what she thinks of having the collection officially organized if she gets to see it! Hope you all find the collection very useful to have in your iTunes! Let’s make this a huge post to let everyone enjoy the gift of Brandy’s unreleased content! Lastly, with much time and effort being put into all of this, I simply ask if you share or post it anywhere, simply credit me and all will be well. Without further ado, let’s get into the collection! 


Brandy: Unreleased & Demos | 1994 | Size: 11.7 MB 

Never Say Never: Unreleased & Demos | 1998 | Size: 9.7 MB 

Full Moon: Unreleased & Demos | 2002 | Size: 19.5 MB 

Afrodisiac: Unreleased & Demos | 2004 | Size: 367.2 MB 

Human: Unreleased & Demos | 2008 | Size: 573.8 MB 

The Bran'Nu Sessions | 2009 | Size: 66.5 MB 

Two Eleven: Unreleased & Demos | 2012 | Size: 18.2 MB 



Along with the unreleased content that was made for Brandy’s albums, she has been featured on content that ended up unreleased for other artists’ projects as well. All of the content in this collection are songs that were never officially released for purchase, not to be confused with content that is available for purchase (for example Jessie J’s “Conquer the World”). All of the contents can be downloaded in this one .zip file here. The file size is 115.4 MB. 

Pines Portal AU

In this Gravity Falls AU. Stan, Dipper and Mabel get sucked into the portal in “Not What he Seems” After they are sucked in they find Ford right away. Ford is still mad at Stanley and punched him like in the Canon Gravity Falls. But here they make up much, much sooner then normal. Together they team up to face whatever is in the portal. Meanwhile in Gravity Falls the rest of the people knew they disappeared but they didn’t know where. Dipper and Mabel’s parents just think them and Stan died in a car crash. I’m the portal Ford, Stan, Dipper and Mabel still keep that family bond they had outside the portal. Stan teaches the kids how to fight and hunt. Ford homeschools them and teaches them what be knows about the dimension they are trapped in. They are trapped in that portal together for 11 years. ( that means Ford was there for 41 years). Eleven years after the Pines are sucked, on September 25 of 2023 in the portal, 19 year old Luna Evans. Sneaks into the portal room below the Mystery Shack, which Soos has run ever since Stan “disappeared” to try bring the Pines back. She knows all about mystery and the supernatural. Since the Pines disappeared there had been rumors that they were sucked into the portal. She is basically a female version of Dipper. After 5 hours down in the portal room, Luna finally succeeds. She is astonished. She immediately introduces herself and tells the Pines everything they need to know about the year 2023 ( gravity falls takes place in 2012 eleven years later would be 2023 ) Since he hasn’t seen a person besides Stan, Mabel, and Ford, for eleven years, Dipper is even more awkward around new people. Mabel and Luna becomes best friends quickly after even thought Mabel is 24 and Luna is still 19. Ford and Stan move to the Gravity Falls nursing home. Everyone is shocked that the Pines are alive, especially Stan and Ford because they are 85. They take some time to adjust to normal life again because in The Nightmare Realm. their reflexes had to be lighting quick In order to survive. Dipper and Mabel do find out their parents committed suicide because they got super depressed after they were trapped in the portal. Dipper is thankful for Luna saving them. He soon gets a little crush on her but is too shy too admit it. Luna is too shy to tell Dipper she has a crush on him. I’ll post more on this AU and a few drawings when I finish them feel free to make headcanons headcanons and ask me questions.