When #LaurenGraham tweets that she pre-ordered your album & then also downloaded it & you didn’t know either of these things there is cause for jumping up and down excitement. Please excuse the run-on sentence. #ELEVEN 🙈🎉😁❤️🙏🎶


             Ballad of Lambs: a whouffle au fanfiction. 
                                        CHAPTER FIVE.

                                       ❝   the lambs were screaming

                   clara oswald is an under appreciated journalist. doctor john smith is a
                   renowned  doctor,  but is currently being over shadowed by his wife’s
                   breakthrough  as a  serial killer.  as  these two people come together
                   they  find   that  covers  are  never  what  they  seem  and  that  their
                   downfalls come in the form of each other.

                                 rated m for graphic content and adult situations.

                            chapter one. | chapter two. | chapter three. | chapter four.