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I dreamt last night that a man entered an elevator with his giant pet toad. It proceeded to jump onto the elevator wall and let itself slide, slide down so that it’s belly hit all of the buttons. There were like 80 floors. The rest of the passengers had no choice but to endure the ride because the stairwell was locked/out of commission for some reason and the entire movie was just their adventures trying to stave off boredom going from floor to floor. At some point there was fake camping involved and then cliques formed as they argued over which celebrity they found hotter. Water became scarce. They had to conserve it.

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(587) we didn't mean to put a petting zoo in the elevator. Les Amis + Eponine +Cosette. Specific couples Eponine and Enjolras and Marius and Cosette.

send me a text from last night and i will write you a fic!

“Oh, it’s Napoleon!” Cosette gushed as the little pot-bellied pig waddled into the elevator and bumped his snout against her leg.

“Oh, it’s Enjolras,” she added a few moments later, with significantly less enthusiasm, when the pig’s owner appeared.

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in my bones and under my skin - BetweenLines55 - Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan [Archive of Our Own]

That multichapter-ed roommate AU you guys wanted.

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“Good night.” He says, and again, he can’t seem to come up with a good reason as to why he would say that. No doubt the stranger thinks he’s crazy by now, mumbling about bones to himself in an elevator at four in the morning. He feels crazy, anyways.

“Good morning,” The stranger answers, amiably.

Will really doesn’t like the night shift. That’s when Nico lives.

A chance encounter one night in a rickety elevator and a lost pet bring these two spiraling together; Will finds himself caring for his neighbor more and more until it just might save Nico’s life.