elevators are awkward

An assortment of ‘apartment’ plots I need:

The walls are paper thin and…

  • The walls are paper thin and I can always hear you having sex and honestly idk if i’m more jealous because i’m not getting any or irritated because it’s keeping me up at night?
  • The walls are paper thin and you’re always singing in the shower, and honestly you’re terrible but idk how to tell you, so I’ve just started to play music over you but you seem to know every song and it only makes you sing louder??
  • The walls are paper thin and you just heard the brutal break up of me and my ex, and now you’re trying to comfort me through the walls and it’s kinda awkward but it’s also helping so?
  • The walls are paper thin and every night I watch jeopardy and I guess you’re really smart because every night you shout out the correct answer and at this point I’m not sure there’s a question you can’t answer?
  • The walls are paper thin and I hear you having obnoxious parties every night, and I would be mad but at the end of it all I can hear you crying yourself to sleep and i’m actually kind of worried about this lifestyle you’re living?
  • The walls are paper thin and i’m not even really sure how it started but every night we have conversations about our day over dinner and at this point idk why I haven’t just invited you over? 

You broke into my apartment… (also works the other way around)

  • You were drunk and you broke into my apartment and I would call the cops but you’re kind of out like a light so I’d kind of feel bad but you bet your ass i’ll be waiting for you to wake up until morning so I can ask who the fuck you are?
  • You were drunk and you broke into my apartment and when you found out this wasn’t your friend’s apartment you started crying and I really don’t know what to do?
  • You were drunk and you climbed in through my apartment window and I’m not really sure how you managed it because not only is the fire escape broken but you are really fucking plastered? Please, teach me your skills?
  • You broke into my apartment to avoid something and you won’t really tell me what it is and i’m actually kind of afraid you might be a murderer so why shouldn’t I call the cops?
  • You snuck into my apartment to avoid your ex while my door was open for groceries and I got so scared I spilled the milk everywhere?
  • You broke into my apartment while I was out for whatever reason and when I came home I knocked you out and now you’re unconscious on my floor and idk what to do?

We always see each other in the elevator…

  • We always see each other in the elevator during our walk of shame and it’s gotten to the point where we just share our escapades now and why haven’t we slept together yet?
  • We always see each other in the elevator and it’s inanely awkward because we both live on the top floor of this really tall apartment complex and we always ride in silence because the one time I tried talking to you I fucked up REALLY bad.
  • We always see each other in the elevator and now we’ve gotten stuck because of a power outage so really, I guess we should get to know one another at this point.
  • We always see each other in the elevator and it’s blatantly obvious you’re terrified of them even if you insist you aren’t.
  • We always see each other in the elevator and I know it’s you who didn’t hold the elevator the one time I was carrying something really heavy and I swear, I will get my revenge.
Hey, Neighbor | Byun Baekhyun

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Neighbor AU | Fluff !!

Summary: In which you have a huge crush on your neighbour, Byun Baekhyun, and you aren’t really sure what to do about it; until every passing encounter soon forces you to face your feelings.

Word Count: 5.5K (again, oops)

A/N: I finally wrote something with my baby Byun Baek as the lead…I hope you enjoy!

You had pretty much fallen head over heels for your devastatingly cute neighbor  the very first time you ran into him in the elevator.

He’d looked at you with those twinkling eyes from under his messy hair, and you’d melted on the spot. “I’m Baekhyun,” he’d said, grinning, offering his hand. “How come I’ve never seen you around?”

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A short list of things I Love about this Defenders promo: 

  • matt 
  • daredevil 
  • matthew michael murdock 
  • the??? stupid mask??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN this looks like something he improvised which brings up more questions 
  • matt honey this is the stupidest disguise you’ve ever had and i will be crying forever 
  • luke and his bullet-torn jacket just kinda chillin in the corner 
  • jessica punching things i don’t know what i expected 
  • why is danny Fancy. why is he wearing a nice suit and everyone else looks like trash. why is my homeless son actually decent for once in his life and it’s presumably before he Throws Down 
  • all of them in one elevator 
  • that’s it that’s all awkward elevator scenes are my aesthetic



Reaction to You Being a Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language

Reaction to You Saying What You Like About Them

Reaction to You Being Busier Than Them

Reaction to Meeting Your Ex at Some Sort of Function

Reaction to You Buying Couple’s Stuff

Reaction to Thinking You are Out of Their League

Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms

Reaction to Their GF Being a Foreigner Who’s English is More Fluent Than Theirs

CBX - Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

Rest (Minus CBX) - Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

Reaction to Their S/O Having to Film a Kiss/Steamy Scene With Another Member

OT9 - Reaction to You Becoming Pale/Sick, Breathing Heavily, and/or Almost Passing Out During an Argument

OT9 - Reaction to Wanting Another Member’s Comeback Outfit Which Their S/O Designed

Reaction to You Trying to Cheer Them Up

Reaction to Their Pregnant Wife Being Horny

Reaction to Their Crush Wearing a Teasing Outfit While At a Club Together

Reaction to You Crying Out In Pain

Reaction to You Asking Them To Watch Your Baby Alone For The First Time 

(OT9) - Reaction to You Being A New Trainee Who They Feel Protective Of

Reaction to You Being More Than 5 Years Younger Than Them

Reaction to Their Hispanic Partner Teaching them Latin Dance

Reaction to Discovering Your Nipple Piercings While Things Get Heated in the Bedroom

Reaction to You Having a Hard Time Giving Birth

Reaction to Things Getting Heated During an Argument ;)

Reaction to You Being Bisexual

Reaction to You Having an Eating Disorder

Reaction to Their Crush Humming “Careless Whisper” (Saxophone) to Diffuse an Awkward Elevator Ride


Jongin at ISAC

Beach Date With Chanyeol


Grounded - Yixing (Fluff)

Surprise Party - Minseok (Fluff)

What You Wanted - Kyungsoo (Angst)

Don’t Look - Sehun (Angst)

Take My Hand - Jongdae (Fluff, Suspense)

The Choice - Sehun and Kyungsoo (Angst, Fluff)

What Best Friends Are For - Jongdae (Fluff, Non-romance)

An Unexpected Meeting - Minseok (Fluff)

Just Acting - Kyungsoo (Mostly Fluff)

Down for The Count - Jongdae (Fluff)

Dance Lesson - Jongin (Fluff)

Doppelganger - Chanyeol (Fluff)

Close Encounter - Chanyeol (Smut, Fluff, Suspense)

His Queen (Yixing/Lay Mafia AU):

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

With Love (Kyungsoo):

Part 1


Couple Tattoos You Would Get



Reaction to You Crying After They Surprise You

Reaction to You Turning Them On

Reaction to You Being Clumsy

Reaction to You Getting Attention from the Other Members

Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms

Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids

Reaction to Their GF Being Shy

Reaction to Thinking Their Crush/S.O. Being Weird is Adorable

Reaction to Having An Argument With You

Reaction to Their Crush/Close Friend Making a Move On Them While Out With The Band

Reaction to Coming Home After A Long Day of Practice to Their Sleeping Newborn 

Reaction to Their Crush Having Trust Issues

Reaction to Finding A Pocket Sized Person

Reaction to You Being A New Trainee Who They Feel Protective Of

Reaction to You Going Through Labor

Reaction to An MC Talking Bad About Their Non-Idol GF While at An Award Show

Reaction to You Accidently Hitting Their Crotch

Reaction to Hearing Their S/O Speaking Satoori/Dialect For the First Time 

Reaction to You Crying After A Bad Prank Because They Scared You

Reaction to You Hitting Something and Letting Out a Soft Moan

Reaction to You and Your Newborn Having the Same Birth Month as Him

Reaction to Their S/O Being Self-Conscious Without Their Glasses

Reaction to You (A Foreigner) Pretending Not to Be a Fan

Reaction to You Having Really Bad Period Cramps

Reaction to Finding You Watching/Listening to a Recording of Them Cause You Missed Them

Reaction to Their S/O Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Reaction to Being Self-Conscious About Their Appearance Compared to Their S/O’s

Reaction to You Resting Your Head on Their Chest When You Think They Are Asleep

Reaction to You Feeling Odd Calling Them Daddy


Jimin Sliding Into Your DM’s

A Day at Home With Yoongi

Hoseok Needing You ;)

A Day at the Zoo With Seokjin


Daddy Duty - Taehyung (Fluff)

A Silly Accident - Namjoon (Fluff)

The Secret is Out - Yoongi (Fluff)

We Don’t Talk Anymore - Jungkook (Angst)

A Show - Jimin (Fluff)

All It Took - Seokjin (Fluff)

The Plan - Taehyung (Fluff, Some Suggestive Content)

Second Chances - Hoseok:

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

The Monsters Inside Us - Yoongi:

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


Promise Me (Short Drabble, Optional Bias)

Imagine being scared of elevators. You always use the stairs, but there’s an emergency and you’re forced to use the elevator. Loki always found your avoidance of them strange, and now, seeing you freaked out, he finally realizes what’s going on and tries to comfort you in his own distant, awkward way. Warming up to him, you grab his hand in reassurance. After getting out, you apologize, and he tells you he didn’t mind. From then on you start riding the elevator more often, but only when he’s there with you to hold your hand.

Dating Bad boy Peter Parker:


  • Peter had a reputation as the bad boy of the school, that itself prompted you to stay away from him

  • But still, he was extremely attractive. You were captivated by his hard exterior right from the start

  • Somehow when your parents decide to move, you get stuck in the apartment directly next to his

  • This leads to taking the same bus home, getting off at the same stop and taking an awkward elevator ride to your floor in silence for a week

  • One day he takes an earphone out to talk to you on the short walk home and you were rather cold at first, you were just being cautious.

  • He asks you to help him with his chemistry homework and you say yes, genuinely thinking he needed help with it

  • Everyday for a few weeks you’d go to his apartment after dinner to help him, although it isn’t long until he admits that he didn’t need any help in the first place.

  • It was just his excuse to get closer to you.


  • No one saw it coming, not even you

  • He’d always have arm around or on you because he was super proud that he had someone as amazing as you

  • Peter was fiercely protective of you, although no one dared to upset you considering you were dating the ‘bad boy’ of the school

  • But one day he heard Flash say something about you that he didn’t like and it took a lot for you to calm him down

  • Peter wasn’t one to get into fights, but this time he actually thought about it

  • “It’s not worth it Peter, let’s just ditch last period and go to mine”

  • There’s nothing he loves more than seeing you in his leather jacket

  • You found out he was Spiderman when you were in his room waiting for him to get back from the ‘shops’ and he climbed through the window in his suit.

  • “What the fuck!”

  • “Babe, don’t freak out”

  • Cleaning his wounds but giving him the silent treatment

  • “Cmon baby don’t be mad at me, i didn’t want you to get hurt”

  • Holding him extra close that night because heck, you worry about him and despite what everyone else says, the boy is a teddy bear

  • No one was home the next morning and you may or may not have made out on the counter which resulted in burnt pancakes

  • You both laughed about it before throwing the burnt pancakes away and he restarts while you go shower

  • When you come back he has a plate holding a large pancake, but on the pancake it says ‘i love you’ in chocolate syrup and your heart just melts.

  • “I love you too”

  • Bad boy Peter was a sweetheart, but only for you.

Before anything else, this is not my first ‘last letter’ to you and I don’t know if this will be the last— I hope, though.

When I think of you, I think of all things beautiful and magical. Like how the world seems so quiet from above. Or how the city lights seems to dance at night. I think of the lovely yellow lamp post on the street. Or how I see the chaotic traffic from your window. When I think of you, I hear those sentences you said. It was almost like a movie line and the whole time was a movie scene. I can’t spot anything ugly about what we had, except the fact that I don’t know if we really had something.

When I think of you, I think of your face in the morning. I think of how tight you held my hand when you thought I was asleep. I think of how you let me lean on your shoulder when the world got too much to handle. I think of your eyes and your smile or the way you frown on me everytime you think I’m annoying. I think of those horror films we failed to finish because you’re just too scared but you were acting like you’re not. It was a short time with you, but it was enough to give me memories I will remember for the rest of my life.

When I think of you, I think of the night you assured me that everything will be fine. When the stars showed up to entertain us but ending up being ashame on how you shine brighter than them. I think of those awkward elevator kisses and how you remove my eye glasses everytime I will accidentally fall asleep. God knows how I grieved for those moments when you decided to exclude me in your life completely. Like we never happened at all.

But never once I hated you for breaking my heart. How could I? You gave me the best memories I can keep in a short period of time. And for that, thank you. In another universe, or lifetime, I hope if we meet, I’ll finally be enough for you. But if not, I hope you’ll find someone that will satisfy you.

When I think of you, I think of that nice brilliant man that have the courage and dedication. I will think of how I knew you’ll go far in life.

This is my last letter to you—
Or maybe just another letter again.

Crazy In Love

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Reader catches the eye of a curious Poe Dameron.

Warnings: NSFW, Oral smut, Unprotected Smut (please use protection though aghh), cursing

A/N: This is inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey version of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. Yes, I know shame on me for these thoughts.

I do not own anything!!!

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anonymous asked:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA PLSPLSPLS WRITE VIXX HYUNGLINE FOR THE NEIGHBOR AU TOO i love ur writing thank u for always working so hard 💝💝💝

woo thank you for reading my writing!!!!! it means the entire world to me~~
find the younger line (here


  • everything is tidy, everything costs more than your entire life savings, everything is color coordinated to go with this soft lilac aesthetic and his storage space in the basement of the apartment building is full of artisan scented candles that’s why his apartment always smells like literally. heaven
  • im serious,,,,,,,he is a candles person like look at him,,,,,
  • and most of the kids in your building are convinced small woodland creatures help him get dressed in the morning or something because he looks like a prince that came alive straight out of a movie??? plus he just gives off this really regal, dignified air
  • it’s hard to imagine that he’s just living life like all of us ordinary people like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • has a parakeet for a pet that he named chamomile,,,,,like after the flower,,,,,,,like how cute
  • likes to play ambient instrumental music when he’s cooking or cleaning and he’ll sway to the music and hum ,,,,,,, has a personalized apron that was a gift from his mom like,,,,,,please
  • nags at all his other friends who are living alone because,,,,,,,do they not own feather dusters???? they don’t use coasters?????? 
  • “um i know your shoes are off but where are your slippers hyuk ive bought you like 5 pairs already-”
  • you know hakyeon because you live next door to each other, but also you’ve run into him at the same home economics store like a hundred times and he’s always in the candles section which you think is really adorable
  • like here is this tall, beautiful looking man getting overly excited about candles,,,,,,like it just always makes you smile when you see him
  • and you actually have a date tonight with someone you’ve liked since,,,,,forever and you finally had the courage to ask them out and they’re coming for dinner
  • and as you’re preparing you’re like OOO i should get a candle for the table,,,,,,,but sadly you have none - BUT there is someone who can totally help you out
  • and when you knock on hakyeon’s door he more than gladly lends you a candle and he’s like “are you finally getting into them like me??” and you’re like “hmmm,,,,,,you could say that,,,,,,”
  • and you put it on the table, planning to light it when your date shows up,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,an hour passes
  • than two
  • and you realize as the clock hits 10 pm and your hungry stomach is growling that the person isn’t coming,,,,and you check your phone for absolutely no messages
  • and you sit at the table and put your head down on it and sigh because this always happens, you get your hopes up and they come crashing down around you
  • and you look up and see the candle and you’re like “might as well return this.” so you drag yourself up and knock on hakyeon’s door again
  • and he answers with a smile that turns to a frown when he sees you standing there, dejected and you’re like “i,,,,,,ended up not needing it.”
  • and hakyeon is like looking at you and just from the saddness written over your face he can tell,,,,,,,,,,that this candle was meant to be shared with someone,,,,,,but that didn’t happen
  • and quietly he asks if you might want to talk about it, but you just shrug your shoulders and you’re like “there’s nothing to say, they just,,,,,,didn’t show up.” and hakyeon is like “maybe something came up-” and you laugh sadly and you’re like “i think,,,,,,they just stood me up.”
  • and hakyeon makes a face and is like “well then, they must be out of their minds. but that makes sense.” and you look up at him and he’s like “well,,,,,,,,let’s just say if you asked me to dinner i wouldn’t make you wait number one and i wouldn’t make you cook for me, i’d be thankful to invite you over and cook for you! i’d have to be the one doing the impressing, i’d feel so lucky to have gotten someone like you to say yes to me.”
  • and you’re staring at him,,,,,,,in shock because no one has ever said something so flattering to you and you’re like in your head like he’s just trying to cheer you up it doesn’t mean anything
  • and you try to smile and you’re like “,,,,thank you,,,,,,,if only everyone was like you,,,,,,,,” and hakyeon steps to the side and is like
  • “no one is like me, but im serious. come in and let me impress you, if you’re ok with having that date with me instead?”
  • and for a moment you’re like,,,,,,is this,,,,,,,seriously happening?
  • and hakyeon is smiling, showing you the candle and with a wink he’s like “we can even light this too!”
  • and you suddenly blush,,,,, looking away and hakyeon is like “it’s ok if you feel uncomfortable, i won’t push you to sta-”
  • but your stomach is like please,,,,,,feed me,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,like hakyeon???? inviting you???? to a dinner date?????? did fate arrange this or something,,,,,did getting stood up just turn into the best thing ever????
  • and that’s exactly what happens you find yourself seated at hakyeon’s dinner table and he’s like “pardon my humble choice of cooking instant meals,,,,,,,im not that good,,,,,,at cooking”
  • and you’re like “it’s fine, im impressed either way.” and hakyeon laughs at your little joke and he’s like “is it the candle that got you?”
  • and you’re like “maybe, but also,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard not to be impressed when i just,,,,,well ,,,,,,,look at you”
  • and hakyeon sits back and touches his face and he’s like “really? well,,,,i knew i wasn’t bad looking but im glad it worked on you~”
  • and you’re like “hakyeon, not to be blunt but it works on EVERYONE”
  • and hakyeon laughs again, but this time you can see him clear his throat in slight embarrassment and oh my god YOU just made the GREAT hakyeon blush
  • and you get giddy eating your instant dinner and hakyeon is just like “when i see the person who stood you up, i might just throw this candle in th-”
  • and you’re like no no don’t do that,,,,,but oh my god who knew such savagery lay beneath such a handsome face
  • hakyeon: ;) 


  • simple, no games, grey and white patterned everything 
  • pictures of his family and of his nephew in frames on his desk and hanging up on his wall
  • doesn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,,have a tv??????? how does he entertain himself?????
  • really big bookshelf though,,,,,he really likes to read. has recently gotten into composing so he bought himself a keyboard and a program for his laptop but he isn’t really sure how to go about it just yet
  • has like (1) painting in his house that his friend ken made for him and taekwoon isn’t even sure,,,,,like,,,,,,what it is,,,,,,,,but ken specifically did it in black and white so it would fit what he calls “taekwoon’s aura” and so taekwoon hung it up,,,,,,like near his bathroom,,,,,,,not somewhere everyone could see it 
  • the most updates appliance in his entire apartment: his fridge. just got a new one because the old one didn’t have an ice-maker
  • doesn’t like magnets but his nephew’s photo has to be in every room so he got a magnet just to put up a photo on his fridge,,,,,,,best uncle taekwoon tbh
  • sings in the shower
  • and of course: has a cat. named it leo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh the irony
  • and so you know him,,,,because you guys live on the last floor of the building and it’s a lot of stories up so when you take the elevator together it’s MEGA awkward because it takes a good 5 min to get up to the last floor and neither of you ever say anything
  • until one day you decide,,,,,hey maybe you’ll try making conversation but of all the things to talk about you like bring up something super random and you’re like “what’s your opinion on,,,,,,,,cats? i think dogs are a bit better as a pet,,,” and taekwoon just looks you dead in the eyes and is like “i have a cat.”
  • and from that moment on you cannot. get in the elevator with him
  • like you see him coming and you pretend to go back to your mailbox or you just look at your phone and hope he just leaves without you
  • and usually he does until one day he holds the elevator open and he’s like “it’s here, you should come in.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,right. yep
  • and you’re like why the HELL do i live on the highest floor i could have taken the stairs but it would have killed me
  • and as you’re going up, thinking about how horrible the situation is you suddenly hear taekwoon go “did you ever get the dog?” and you look over to him and you’re like ,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what
  • but then you remember and you’re like “i,,,,,no i didn’t. i want to, but,,,,,,i don’t know.”
  • and taekwoon is silent again and you’re like i messed up. it’s over for good now
  • until you get to your floor and he’s like “you can come and see my cat. she’ll make you change your mind. cats are great.”
  • and you’re like ?????? is he inviting me over
  • and taekwoon opens his door and holds it and is like “if you’d like, you can come.” and you’re like um,,,,,well ok,,,,,,i suppose
  • and his cat is really pretty,,,,,,all white fur and blue eyes and she takes kindly to you, weaving between your legs curiously and you lean down to let her sniff you before petting her
  • and taekwoon comes over and he’s like “you can hold her.” and he picks her up effortlessly and you stretch out your arms to take her and she’s so,,,,,,,warm
  • and you’re smiling because she’s so cute and you look at taekwoon and you’re like “she’s so calm, i thought cats didn’t like being held”
  • and you go back to the cat and taekwoon watches and the corner of his mouth pulls up a bit
  • and you have to go after a while and taekwoon says goodbye, and for the first time he also adds on a “make sure to eat.”
  • and it gives you the confidence then over the weekend to knock on his door and you’re just sheepishly like hey,,,,,,im going to the animal shelter today to pick out a,,,,,,,,kitten,,,,,,,,,wanna come?
  • and you think he might turn you down but he nods so fast and returns in 1 min with his jacket and keys
  • and you two have fun with all the kittens together and,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s basically a first date because afterwards taekwoon pays for the cat food for you new pet and c’mon only potential boyfriends would do that hEY 


  • how,,,,,,,has he survived this long? no one knows 
  • his apartment doubles as his art studio,,,,,and let’s just say it’s more obvious to be an artists studio than it is to be humanly inhabited as an apartment
  • im talking canvases everywhere, paint evERYWHERE, pencils and pens scattered on the floor and stuck into mugs that are sTILL full of coffee
  • when ken sleeps, he sleeps on the floor right beside whatever he’s working on and yes a couple of times he’s rolled himself over a drying painting and ended up waking up covered in stains
  • had to walk around with a big blob of green on his cheek for a good three hours until hongbin came over and was like “what,,,,,,is on your face?”
  • likes to party and drink, at other peoples houses with other people or by himself with his art
  • hakyeon once told him to maybe get some decorations so ken picked a flower from the street and stuck it into an empty wine bottle and was like “wa-la,,,,,,,,,,,flower in a vase”
  • hakyeon smack his hand against his face so loud the Whole world can hear it
  • probably walks around his apartment fully naked like that’s the Most Normal thing
  • and one night,,,,,,,,,drunk painter ken ends up forgetting his keys (of course) and so to get into his home he needs to climb the fire escape
  • and he’s 100% sure he’s climbing it up to the open window of HIS living room
  • but instead he goes head first onto a carpet,,,,,,and he doesn’t have a carpet,,,,,,,,but you do
  • and you jump off the sofa, almost spilling your drink all over yourself when you see this long limbed dude climb through your window
  • and you’re like whaT THE HELL and you pick up a nearby magazine to use as a weapon
  • but then the person rolls over and you see the face and you’re like “ken?”
  • and he makes a noise and you’re like “ken,,,,,,what the hell are you doing?” 
  • and you look out of the window to figure out how he got up here because yeah the fire escape,,,,,,,,but that thing is like 15 feet off the ground how did he climb the side of the wall,,,,,,,,,,,,while being drunk?????
  • and you wanna ask him but he’s fallen asleep, drooling onto your carpet
  • and you’d wake him up with a kick or something but,,,,,,,you feel bad for him also like maybe,,,,,,,,just a bit,,,,,,,,you’ve always found him really cute
  • so you cover him with a blanket and get back on your couch
  • and when you wake up it’s ken whose shaking your shoulder and you’re ??????? huh and he’s like “HEY thanks for letting me crash on your floor, im gonna go now”
  • and you’re like huh what ok
  • and you go back to sleep and when you wake up you’re like what,,,happened,,,,,,was it a dream???/
  • but when you leave your house to go shopping you see something taped to your door and it’s a little drawing of ken smiling and he’s like ‘thanks for not kicking me out! thanks for letting me climb through your window!’
  • and you laugh and keep the drawing and when you’re coming back home you see ken on his way inside too and you’re like “hows your hangover?” and he’s like “KILLER, but last night gave me some art inspiration!!” and you’re like omg that’s cool and he’s like “by the way - how do you feel about sitting for a portrait?” and you’re like “that sounds nic- WAIT WHAT” and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to paint you. if that’s ok,,,,,,,i was originally gonna paint you from memory but i kinda want to look at you more.”
  • and you’re like “so you can paint me better?”
  • ken: “oh no, i just like looking at you.”
  • you: “are you flirting with me after climbing through my window drunk last night?”
  • ken: “is it,,,,,,,,,,working?”
  • you: “a little”
  • ken: “then yes im flirting with you, how about this i paint you and you tell me about yourself,,,,,,like a first date kinda situation,,,”
  • and you sit there, well more like avoid sitting on any wet paint stains and ken is working on drawing you but he’s also asking you silly questions like what your alien name would be
  • and he’s really cute,,,,,,when half his body isn’t hanging out of your window
  • also he really can draw,,,,but you’re also like “ken where’s all your furniture”
  • and ken just makes a vague hand gesture and he’s like “somewhere”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,ooo so minimalist 
The Signs As Cliches
  • Aries: The "Bar Fight" Cliche
  • Taurus: The "Strong Female is Always Underestimated" Cliche
  • Gemini: The "Bad Guy/Good Guy Comparison" Cliche
  • Cancer: The "Not Actually Dead But You Thought" Cliche
  • Leo: The "Kisses the Love Interest at the Last Second When There is Literally No Time for Kissing" Cliche
  • Virgo: The "Awkward Elevator Scene" Cliche
  • Libra: The "30 Second Makeover Scene and *gasp* She's Beautiful" Cliche
  • Scorpio: The "Disappear into the Fog" Cliche
  • Sagittarius: The "'Get A Hold Of Yourself!' *slaps*" Cliche
  • Capricorn: The "30 Second Bomb Takes 5 Minutes to Go Off" Cliche
  • Aquarius: The "Beaten the First Time but They Get Up and Beat the Enemy Even Though They're Weak" Cliche
  • Pisces: The "Popular Guy Falls for the Unpopular Girl or Vice Versa" Cliche




the theory of three ❖ kyungsoo

@akutagawahakuryuunosuke requested: Yay the request is open can i request a scenario for Kyungsoo? what if they were a couple who having a fight after she cant handle the silent treatment, shes walk away from their place while shes on the elevator, Kyungsoo is just came inside trying to catching her up now both of them must sharing the elevator with awkward tension between them till the elevator is suddenly stuck… after that is up to you, thank you^^ hehehe you guys can add some smut lolol, hope my plot doesnt confuse you^^ thx

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3307 words | smut, semi-public smut, angst (っ*´∀`*)っ, fluff at the end | velvet

✎ Everything is going bad in your relationship with Kyungsoo, even things as stupid as a dinner can make you argue, so you have to understand what’s better for not only you, but him too.

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I'm reminded of those videos where someone doesn't even notice they or their clothing is on fire until someone else points it out. Imagine that but with father and his son's pants on Mustafar. That's how Luke's leg ends up getting burned.

Omg, ahaha. Vader like ??? !!!???? Meanwhile Luke is wondering why all these EMOTIONS in the Force and then “try not to set yourself ON FIRE, SKYWALKER.”

“oh shit”

“language young man”

Wanted You All Day (Tom Holland x Reader)

Could I please have an imagine, where the reader wears like slightly shorter than usual dresses on that specific day at a party with everyone, and it’s been getting on Tom’s nerves and once they’re back home, he’s just like ‘Such an innocent face and nobody could guess what you were up to.’ Basically she’s teasing him very subtly and he reacts in a very strong dominant and hot way. I love your blog by the way :) hope you can write this

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When you walked out of the bathroom with your dress on, your boyfriend Tom had to wipe his mouth to make sure he didn’t drool a bit because you looked… wow. Your tight black dress showed off your all your curves and your heels made your legs look even longer. You smirked and tried to hold back a giggle at his expression before saying, “Hey Tommy, do you think I look okay?” He smiled, stood up, and sauntered over to you. “You look amazing, Love.” His arm reached out towards your waist but you walked past him before his hand made contact, your hips swaying more than normal in a teasing manner. “Come on,” you ordered while picking up your purse and leaving the room, hips swaying.

At the party Tom couldn’t keep his eyes off you, unluckily for him, nobody else could either. As you spoke to others around the two of you, your hand either stroked Tom’s arm or rested low on his hips. You danced with your girls in a seemingly innocent manner but the shifting of your hips side to side, tempted Tom to leave his conversation to join you. When talking with Tom, your voice was teasing, words chosen carefully to make him squirm. If you were going to sit down, you chose to sit on Tom’s lap, fidgeting every once in a while to turn him on even more. Overall, your boyfriend had a hard time trying to conceal what you’d given him (if you know what I mean).

Later that night when you were leaving, you made sure that you weren’t alone with Tom, suggesting you give your friend a ride home. He reluctantly agreed and drove your friend home, who you then accompanied to the door. “I could’ve walked here myself, I’m not that drunk,” she told you jokingly. “I know,” you told her, “I’ve been teasing Tom all night and I didn’t want to end it too soon,” you admitted. Your friend giggled before responding in a teasing manner, “You naughty, naughty girl. I’ll see you later and you have to tell me all about it.” You laughed before nodding, and walked back to the car. “What was so funny?” Tom asked when you got back. You shrugged before turning on the radio and looking out the window.

The trip back to the apartment you shared with Tom took half the time it should’ve, but you pretended not to notice. The elevator ride was filled with awkward tension before you broke it with your voice. “I’m tired. Gonna head to bed when I get in.” Tom’s body suddenly crowded around you, his hand pressed against the elevator wall behind you. Your breathing grew rapidly but you tried to cover it with a cough. He kissed you hard while pinning your arms above your head. You never wanted it to end.

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 His lips went to your neck; nipping and sucking at the skin below your chin. “You,” he said between kisses, “have been teasing… all… day.” You nodded as you moaned, his knee coming up between your thighs. His face left your body to say, “Such an innocent face so nobody could guess what you were up to.” And with that, you were putty in his hands.

Leia stares, brown, shadow-ringed glare boring into Han’s back, and then she drops the tray on top of his head. The stew splatters everywhere, and a small cup of pudding goes flying.

“Oh no, I’m too weak to do anything, since I’m a princess.” With that, she turns on her heel and storms out. Luke’s stare is reproachful.

“It’s the anniversary, Han,” he says before he disappears after Leia, and Han knows he deserved that. Teach him to open his big mouth.

Thumping the book against a thigh, Luke slumps further into his seat in the Falcon’s rec area. The dim lighting helps, and there’s barely any red irritation on his wrists from the mag cuffs left, now. Heavy footsteps come closer, then stops. Chewie stands silent above him before he sits down.

Luke’s silent for several minutes, before he slowly slids sideways, head meeting the thick fur covering Chewbacca’s upper arm.

“… Can you still count yourself ‘freeborn’ if you end up enslaved? Even if it was just for three days?” Luke’s voice is rough and barely a whisper; Chewie doesn’t respond, but wraps his arm around Luke and pulls him closer.

“You okay, miss?”

Ahsoka squints up into a triple-sun— no, that’s just two suns and the sun-lit blond head of a ten-year old boy, eyes blue and bright with concern. He looks familiar for some reason she can’t place, but maybe that’s just the crash addling her brain, who knows. The boy turns around and waves to someone she can’t see.

“Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru! The pilot’s alive!”

All she knows is that as soon as the Imperial ship that was chasing her lands, these people’s lives are going to change very, very quickly, and she’s sorry for that.

Luke closes his eyes, and tries to breathe.

In. Out. All he can smell is smoke, ashes, burning oil and electronics and the lingering trace of cooked flesh.

He feels like throwing up.

Darth Vader lands in front of him with rattling force and the suddenness of a striking krayt dragon. Luke stumbles back, patting for his lightsaber with one hand and pulling his blaster up with his other. Three seconds later his fingers are numb, the blaster is on the grating on the floor, his (his father’s) lightsaber is at Vader’s hip, and he…

“LET GO OF ME! How did you even— there was no one else in this part of the ship!” The armour digging into his stomach is very uncomfortable, and Vader seems unbothered by his struggles.

“I am not restricted to using shuttles or suits for a space walk, Skywalker.”

The liquid inside the tank is nearly milky, and Luke can feel his heartbeat behind his eyes as he stares at the even paler body held within.

There are no limbs. Not a single one. It would be so very easy

Yellow eyes snap open, and Luke feels like he can’t breathe.

Have some flash bits. Nothing in particular, just some tiny bites of writing.