12 Intriguing Facts About How The Human Brain Functions

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Here’s a list of 12 golden nuggets of information about the human brain and how it functions. John Medina’s book Brain Rules gives incredible insight and intrigue on how our strongest survival organ operates and its uniqueness to each human body. Consider the wisdom below, survival tips for your brain!

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Unpopular opinion: While I am generally pro-feminist, I don’t think it has monopoly on gender equality or justice.

This goes for other movements and ideologies concerning other issues as well (BLM concerning racial issues, PETA concerning animal welfare, etc.)

I no longer identify as feminist anymore because a) it’s not an identity anyway, it’s a political movement b) there be too many problems in it’s popular manifestations for me to overlook and c) these same popular manifestations that are so very prevalent do not welcome dissenting voices - unless of course the dissent is that we’re not “intersectional” enough. One of the big reasons why this new wave of feminist and social justice awakening is not having the transformative impact that we want it to is because it’s beholden to liberal identity politics and co-opted concepts that are divorced from their roots, which elevates hypervisible performance both of the marginalized and their allies on social media over nuanced theory and action. It rewards attacks on personhood (AKA ad hominem) with only tangential and vague appeals to ideology over dialectic methods and structural change. It focuses too much on the ‘micro’ and not enough on the macro. It hunkers down in essentialism and tribalism, though member ship can easily br revoked if one does not fall into line. It values diversity of demographics but mistakes this for diversity of voice and conflates it with inclusivity. It believes listening is the same as agreement and when you don’t agree that must mean you aren’t listening (AKA “talking over” someone).

It fails precisely because it’s the distaff counterpart to conservative identity politics. You can’t defeat something by mimicking the very thing that is holding you down. That’s not radical it’s just reprocessed same old same old. Putting a trans, disabled, woman of color as its face doesn’t change that.


#kdramawomensweek: day 3 // 40+ up women in stories that you adored

↪ dear my friends

Once I saw this category I immediately knew I would be choosing the Dear My Friends women. And as I was making this gifset and rewatching the scenes I started crying. That’s how impactful these women were for me and how deeply they touched me. They’re the kind of women you see and say, “I want to be like you when I grow up.” Their stories were so painfully truthful that after an episode, I felt a deep aching in my heart. Their sadness, joy, fear, and love was my own. Though I’m not at their age, they were still women who felt relatable in some way. Their friendship really added to my love for them, because you saw how much they depended on each other during uncertain times. Separately, everyone was interesting and watching them live their individual lives was a great experience, but together they were incredible and made watching the drama even more enjoyable. I really applaud Noh Hee Kyung for writing such complex women and this was only elevated by the amazing performances given by the cast.
Maybe it’s kind of cliche to say, but these women did teach me lessons. And the one I take close to my heart is: keep going. It’s something everyone tells you all the time, but with Dear My Friends, I felt the lesson really penetrate and stick with me. It was in the small moments, the way the women lived their lives, how they laughed hard after days of worrying and crying, and when they said death could wait, but their farm needed tending to right now.

“They have no shame but they’re not shameless. They had struggled to survive for over 70 years, I regretted being mean to them as if I understood them all. I wanted to tell them that I’d been ignorant & foolish.”

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I think that the whole "Sheriff would rather have Scott as a son" thing comes from John always needing Scott to confirm the things Stiles says before acknowledging them as truth and Stiles always looking so defeated everytime this happens.

Oh, absolutely. The first interaction between Stiles and his dad, Stiles is lying, and trying to talk his way out of it. And John is exasperated. You know this  is something they do every single day. 

Their relationship strains to breaking point when Stiles is actually hiding some important truths from John, and endangering John’s job, and eventually losing John his job. These aren’t small lies. These are big things, and the fact that Stiles continues to lie is absolutely gutting to John. Because what could he possibly be hiding that is more important than John’s job? Than the roof over their heads, presumably. 

And Stiles knows that. Lying to his father to that extent is horrible for him, but he accepts it as the price of keeping his dad safely out of the supernatural loop. 

And I think the damage done there is going to take a long time to repair. They’re in a weird push-and-pull now, where sometimes I think John still thinks Stiles is lying to him (whether to protect him, or just because he’s up to no good like the old days) but he knows Scott won’t lie to him. And I think it does hurt Stiles whenever John asks Scott to confirm something, but that’s because broken trust takes time to rebuild. 

It’s a hell of a leap from that to saying that John would prefer have Scott as his son. 

This scene here? 

This is the Sheriff absolutely taking the piss. It’s a joke. Scott knows it’s a joke. 

Stiles… Stiles probably knows logically as well, but there are some deep insecurities still at play and a layer of vulnerability that DOB adds to Stiles’s reaction that isn’t necessarily shown in the GIF, but is there if you watch the scene. 

It’s a joke. It’s his dad getting him back for the remark about his hair. 

It’s a joke…but what if it isn’t? 

And it’s subtle reactions like that one that elevate DOB’s performances above the dialogue. 

And, joking and insecurities aside, they’re the most important people in each other’s lives. 

GOT7 Reaction to their GF Walking in on them Doing EXO’s Artificial Love Dance...Alone

Mark: Would play it off as though he had to perform it for an on stage cover but you would know much better than to believe that.

“Define a stage, jagi.”

“An elevated platform where people perform on, Mark you know exactly what a stage is…”

“What if I told you that the stage is our bed?”

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Jaebum: Pretend he’s not embarrassed by taking initiative like the leader he is. Tbh you would be in fits of laughter when catching him cause you finally had something to use against him. Probably find some way to persuade you to forget it ever happened.


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Jackson: He would pause for a brief moment before glancing in your direction and dancing his way over to you in the most silly way possible

*Jackson failing to sing along*

“Omf, Jackson you’re such a meme.”

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Jinyoung: Much like Mark, would play it off as having to perform it as an on-stage cover but you would be having none of it.

“Jinyoung, you can admit that you wanted to learn the dance, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Honestly, it’s for a cover stage, I’m just getting a head start before the other members I swear.”

“You guys aren’t even invited for any cover stages.”

“Preparing for the future.”

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Youngjae: One of two ways - freeze like a deer in headlights or have everything planned in case such a situation would occur.

“Youngjae, did I just hear Artificial Love playing?”

“Hahahahahahaaha, you’re so funny, why would you think I listen to EXO?”

“Because you know what group the song belongs to….”

“….lucky guess? OH, look it’s time to play with Coco.”

“Coco isn’t even here.”

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BamBam: Would be taken aback at first. Once he realised the situation he would accidentally on purpose break the cane he was holding.

“Oh noOoooOOoo, it broke :/….. Would you mind being my cane, Jagi??????”

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Yugyeom: This little shit would continue dancing, not even noticing your presence. He wouldn’t care, probably invited people to watch him dance. Hip thrusting is like walking to him, wouldn’t be surprised if he actually hip thrusts everywhere.

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lmao this is like my first reaction post and its bad hahahhahahaha, k byeeeeee

okay, hear me out:

jung hoseok has FOUR sides to him.

first, there’s j-hope. the stage persona, the cockiness, the unbelievable energy that elevates every performance he gives. he’s all grins and amazing dance moves and water-throwing partnered with his tongue constantly ruining lives.

second, there’s hobi. we all know hobi, he’s the sunshine– the yelling, the grins, the bouncing and screaming for broadcast. he’s the little cupcake angel boy that we all want to protect.

third, we have hoseok. just him when he isn’t ‘on’ for performances or broadcast or anything. he’s funny and a sunshine, but not the level of over-the-top people see in shows. he’s j-nope. he’s that cute vacant expression when he first wakes up, and his softer but still loud laughs at the other members’ jokes. the cuddle monster who likes his hair and his arms stroked so he can go to bed. he’s such a snarky, yet sweet babe.

but, finally, you have.. hob. the grease trap to end all grease traps, even giving kim namjoon a run for his money– he’s the smirks, the body rolls. the boy crowding jimin on a bed and making sex noises during a vlive broadcast. he’s every single bit of jung hoseok that’s sinful when he isn’t on stage. 

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What exactly was in the Clinton emails? I'm a little unclear

There was a lot but among other things there was discussion of attempting to collide with contacts in the media to manipulate media coverage of the Republican primaries to elevate the performance and chances of extreme candidates such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

“Joel Edgerton is quietly asserting himself as one of the most talented men working in Hollywood today, and his performance in ‘It Comes at Night’ is one of his finest to date. Everything about this movie that works on screen is playing off of him. There is so much crammed into his brutal and emotional performance that it is hard not to admire.”

“Like other great horror movies, this material is elevated by genuinely great performances and actors who can actually act. Aside from Edgerton, Trey Edward Shults crammed this movie with talent at every turn with Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo and Riley Keough all delivering on a level that is a cut above what horror fanatics may be used to in your more average genre flick. However, outside of Edgerton, it is Kelvin Harrison Jr. who really shines. Rest assured, this dude is going to be a big name in the future.”

“[Director] Trey Edward Shults has delivered an engrossing, thought-provoking, bleak and stunning movie that will resonate with you long after you leave the theater. This is one of the best horror movies of 2017 and very well could be one of the best movies of the year. Period.”

–  MovieWeb review of “It Comes at Night”

Wonder Woman Review

Welp…it finally happened and thank god it was with this movie

DC finally figured out what a hero was.

They finally figured out how humans act and interact with one another

They finally figured out what hope, heart, and happiness are

They finally figured out the basics


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Rock Star

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Anon request: Can you write a Steve imagine where your in a rock band (like halestorm, black veil brides, bring me the horizon) and she has a lip ring and tattoos and Steve introduces her to the avengers and the avengers are big fans of her band but don’t know she’s dating Steve please. Xox

A/N: The first of many oneshots in the next two weeks… keep an eye out :)

Warnings: nada

(Y/B/N=your band’s name)

Master List

“You ready?” Steve held out his hand to you.

“Always ready, babe” You wink at him and placed your hand in his and started walking with him. You were going to meet Steve’s co-workers today - The Avengers. Being in a rockband, people didn’t exactly expect you to fangirl over the Avengers, but you nearly screamed like a 4-year-old girl when Steve asked if you wanted to meet the team.

You were dressed “normally” today; sporting a cute outfit rather than your usual performance gear, making you nearly unregognizable compared to your “rocker” self. Y/B/N was pretty well known, and you had just finished your first international tour a few weeks ago.

Arriving at the Avengers Tower, you clung nervously to Steve’s arm.

“Nervous, doll?” Steve said, looking over to you as you stood in the elevator.

“I can perform in front of hundreds, even thousands, and not be nervous, but put me in front of the Avengers and I frickin’ lose it,” you huffed.

Steve chuckled as he placed a kiss on your cheek and wrapped his arm around your waist. “They’ll love you. Do you want me to tell them you’re in Y/B/N?”

“I’m not sure… I don’t want them to like me just for being in a band. Have they ever heard our music?”

“Don’t think so, at least they’ve never played it when I’m around.”

“Might as well just tell them, they probably haven’t heard of us.”

The elevator dinged as you and Steve arrived in the commons area where all of the Avengers were gathered. You caught Bucky’s eye almost as soon as you walked in - you had met him before, but Steve had sworn him to secrecy. He grinned and waved at you from where he was sitting with his arm around Natasha.

“Hey, Steve. Hey, Y/N. How was tour?”

“Hey Bucky. Tour was great.”

Steve smiled. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Wait… you’re not Y/N Y/L/N from Y/B/N, are you?” Wanda asked.

“That’s me” you smirked shyly.

“NO WAY! I’m Pietro” he zoomed over to kiss your hand. “It is a pleasure to meet someone who creates such fantastic music, frumoasa.”

“I’m Bruce Banner. We’re big fans - it’s an honor to meet you, Y/N,” Bruce said as he shook your hand.

Tony smirked and raised an eyebrow at you. “I’m sure you know who I am. Where’s your performance get-up? I’d much rather see you in that,” he said with a wink.

Natasha got up to whisper in your ear, “Bucky’s already told me about you… and Steve. You might want to make sure they know you’re together…”

Next to you, Steve looked ready to wring Tony’s neck. You quickly took his hand and said, “Actually, the reason Steve wanted me to meet you was because we’ve been dating for the last few months. We thought it’d be a good idea for me to meet the people he spends his time with when we’re not together.” You looked over to Steve with a soft smile on your face.

“No way - you and Spangles?!” Tony asked, incredulous.

“It’s kind of unbelieveable…” you said as Steve smiled back at you. “But I’m so glad we met.”

“So how does Captain America meet a member of Y/B/N?” Clint asked.

You looked to Steve as he smiled, wrapping his arm around you. “Now that is quite the story.”

A/N: ok that really wasn’t how I wanted this to go, and I don’t think it was very great… Oh well! No better way to get back into the mode of writing than by posting something! Let me know what you think!

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What did you think of Heath Ledgers version of the joker ?? I personally thought it was hands down , the best one .

Ledger was brilliant for making his Joker both a realistic psychopath (well, as realistic as a murderous clown can be) and a force of nature that isn’t a cohesive being.

There are many little things about Heath’s performance that elevate the character - there’s the black humour (think the nurses outfit), he never looks at his victims, he improvises (reacting to the exploding hospital, the clapping in the jail cell). His line deliveries and facial tics were perfect. He make the Joker a nihilist who cared nothing for his health or being damaged. 

Health’s joker was something I’d never really seen in a movie before and we never really know why the Joker does what he does.  He’s not a person; he’s a force of nature.  Everything about him is set up to mirror and twist what Bruce represents. He’s a hypocrite and a coward and he doesn’t care who knows it. He doesn’t even really know what he wants; he just knows there’s something and that’s enough for him. He will say and do anything without any respect for the consequences. The Joker was many different people andimpossible to predict, he has no clear sense of being because he is a force of nature.

In contrast, Leto’s Joker was the most down-to-earth Joker of all the incarnations.

50 Best Movies of the 2000′s (50-41)

Somewhere among the endless superhero blockbusters, franchise reboots, and sequels, some really great movies came out in the last 15 years. So in honor of the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards for 2015, I figured I’d rank the best of the lot. Of course, this is all subjective.

For this list, I chose my favorite 5 movies from each year, 2000 to 2015, ranked them, then narrowed those entries down to 50. I’ll be posting lists by 10 a week. Here we go…

Director: Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron, Mike Newell & David Yates
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Michael Gambon, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Ralph Fiennes
The Plot: A boy wizard grows up over 8 movies, joining forces with a dopey ginger and a hot brainiac to save the world from Noseless Ralph Fiennes.
Why it’s great: Unprecedented 10 year franchise kept most of its cast throughout, showed us the aging and maturation of the kids, and never lost its integrity all the way through 8 films.
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score: 84%
Academy Awards: 12 nominations, 0 wins

49. INCEPTION (2010)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy
The Plot: Leonardo DiCaprio and company drug Cillian Murphy and go inside his head to make him do things he otherwise would not do, while Hans Zimmer plays loud music.
Why it’s great: While it’s not the mind-fuck Nolan might want it to be, it’s a tour de force execution of a brainy concept resulting in a thrillingly-exciting surrealist heist.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 86%
Academy Awards: 8 nominations, 4 wins (Cinematography, Visual Effects, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing)

48. KILL BILL: VOLUMES I & II (2003-2004)
Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Lucy Liu
The Plot: Uma Thurman is a bad bitch. David Carradine is a creep. There is blood and anime.
Why it’s great: Probably Tarantino’s most masterful inhabitance of a genre; even through the buckets of blood, you can see his radiant love for martial arts films as he spoofs, twists, and ultimately transcends them.
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score: 85%
Academy Awards: 0 nominations, 0 wins

47. MOULIN ROUGE! (2001)
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor
The Plot: A prostitute falls in love with the handsomest writer in the world, stars in a musical extravaganza, then dies of tuberculosis, all the while belting top 40 hits.
Why it’s great: Aside from revitalizing the movie musical, Luhrmann audaciously echoed the style of Bollywood, swinging from low comedy to high tragedy effortlessly and producing one of the most fun, emotional entertainments of the last 15 years.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 75%
Academy Awards: 8 nominations, 2 wins (Costume Design, Art Direction)

46. ALMOST FAMOUS (2000)
Director: Cameron Crowe
Starring: Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, Kate Hudson
The Plot: A 15 year-old uses Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson to get published in Rolling Stone, but gets high, rocks out, and gives us all the feels as well.
Why it’s great: Crowe captures an infectious spirit of movies like A Hard Days’ Night. Nearly everything feels wonderfully unexpected, from the offbeat humor to the palpable emotional beats.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85%
Academy Awards: 4 nominations, 1 win (Screenplay)

Director: Sofia Coppola
Starring: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson
The Plot: Bill Murray and Scar-Jo party it up in Tokyo.
Why it’s great: Bill Murray’s performance is heartbreakingly perfect, and the subtle love story Coppola conjures strikes that sweet spot of hysterically funny and devastatingly sad.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 95%
Academy Awards: 4 nominations, 1 win (Screenplay)

44. SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003)
Director: Richard Linklater
Starring: Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White
The Plot: Jack Black makes a fat stoner who manipulates children for personal gain one of the most endearing film characters of the last 15 years.
Why it’s great: Richard Linklater’s deft handling of a tired formula and Jack Black’s top-form and on-fire performance elevate this film to the heavens with infectiously feel-good badass-ery.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93%
Academy Awards: 0 nominations, 0 wins

43. BIG FISH (2003)
Director: Tim Burton
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange
The Plot: A son comes to terms with his father on his deathbed and calls him out for lying about how he used to be Ewan McGregor.
Why it’s great: Tim Burton transcended his usual weirdness by tapping into something more personal here, creating a celebration of storytelling and the child within every adult which alternates between enchanting set-pieces and truthful, touching observations on the relationship between a father and son.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 77%
Academy Awards: 1 nomination, 0 wins

Director: Joel Coen
Starring: George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson
The Plot: “The Odyssey: The Musical”
Why it’s great: One of the most all-out fun Coen Brothers entries is a fantastically surreal romp grounded with some of Roger Deakins’ best cinematography and one of the best film soundtrack albums of all time.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 77%
Academy Awards: 2 nominations, 0 wins

41. SHREK (2001)
Director: Victoria Jenson, Andrew Adamson
Starring: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow
The Plot: An ogre teams up with Eddie Murphy as a donkey and rescues a ginger princess in order to get Disney characters off his lawn.
Why it’s great: Pretty much an instant classic, it managed to make fun of Disney and Hollywood conventions without betraying the truth and charm that made it a wonderful fairy tale in and of itself, anchored by endearing and now-iconic characters.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 88%
Academy Awards: 1 nomination, 1 win (Animated Feature)

NEXT WEEK: http://admittedlynotspartacus.tumblr.com/post/137634588199/50-best-movies-of-the-21st-century

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I would like to begin practicing voodoo, but have no way of reaching a community, or individual in my area. I understand starting off by myself would be very difficult, but i am determined. I've thought on this for almost a year now. Is there any sources you could recommened for a solo person looking to begin on this path?

Then it is not time. The Lwa will show the way. Get a reading from a Mambo over skype, and learn to begin serving your spirits the same manner. Social media exists for a reason :) But no, you cannot just “begin practicing Voodoo” no matter how determined you are. Take it from someone who tried, and paid the price.

There is always a price in the spiritual worlds. It’s just not always money.

Begin with mediumship, begin with spiritualism, and begin with your regime of spiritual cleansings. Begin with honoring your ancestors, performing elevations for them and prayers, and tidying up your spiritual courts. Vodou is spirit working in a very specific set of traditions with very specific spirits, but we all can channel and commune with our spirits in our own ways. And we all have our own good spirits around us, and some of us do have the Esko of the Lwa for one reason or another. Our good spirits live in our hearts, and in our Spirit, whether we are approaching them through a specific tradition or our own. And they can step through in their own ways, and through our spiritual cleansings and common sense, we filter out the gunk around us. 

It’s a matter of “do you know who your spirits are”? That takes contemplation, meditation, following your dreams, spiritual cleansings, and if spirits from an initiatory tradition shows up, go to the elders of said traditions for help. It isn’t just jumping into some marketeered rip off version of what some merchants wanting to get rich quick tells you is Vodou.

But no you can’t just begin laying veves, or holding fets, or making paket kongos, or doing Vodou wanga like a Mambo, or calling on any Lwa you may feel “called” to, or doing many of the things that are actually a part of Vodou. There are safety keys in these traditions, and it is requested you get double confirmed and advice with an elder with the proper spiritual heat passed onto them. 

And pay attention to your dreams as you sleep.

I understand you are determined, but you can’t learn Vodou from a book, it simply isn’t done that way. The spiritual heat has to be passed onto you through consultations, and baptisms, and initiations into the faith by elders who have received the same. 

Maybe in some distant time with the first humans, Spirits of Vodou initiated them. But we aren’t living in that time. And do you really want to bug the spirits of a tradition that have for centuries went through the routines of guidance from elders to call upon them, just so they can “spirit initiate” you so you can “do Vodou on your own”? Do you really believe yourself to be that special and worthy of the spirits special consideration? That the spirits can look over you not putting in the effort to get connected with your ancestors, get connected with the proper elders so they can “teach you Vodou”? Because it isn’t that hard to look beyond your lack of practitioners in your immediate vicinity, save up, and get a consultation online.

Are you prepared to pay the price for barging into a whole court of spirits with set traditions that aren’t revealed to the public? Your sanity? Your life?

Or the better question is, do you have Haitian Blood? Or are you connected with Benin, the birth place of Vodou? Not in the “we all come from Africa way”. Okay, maybe I am asking, are you a white person looking into another cultures traditions? Or are you someone reconnecting with their ancestral roots? Because that changes everything. Speaking as a Chinese person reconnecting with their own Ancestral spirits, I know my culture has a long history of different traditions of folk and organized associated with one spirit or another. So folk mediums do things one way, but Taoist practitioners adopt the spirits into their specific traditions, and have their specific interpretations of myth and history. Ie. the spirits were following the way of the Tao all along, and they will read into history for that, and will say I am wrong. But folk practitioners will differ on opinions. 

I don’t know if Vodou has the same thing. But I know how to venerate my Chinese spirits because I was raised in the folk aspects. And I have this understanding of Chinese culture and can make these kind of calls on my relationship with my spirits in good conscience because I was born into it. It is mine. I was raised with it, admist all the different opinions and upheavals and you are right and I am wrongs. 

But that is very different from say a white person looking into my culture and deciding to equate Kwan Yin with the “Virgin Mary”.

Spirit doesn’t play around, sometimes you really have to be careful what you wish for. 

Pray to Rada Legba for guidance. Anyone can pray. And Atibon Legba helps open the way to Vodou, and you don’t need big altars and veves to pray to Atibon Legba, the Rada Legba.On a high table top at eye level, wash it down with Holy Water or clean water, and smoke it with frankincense or Sandalwood. Lay down a white cloth on said table, and on top of that a fresh cool glass of water, and clean new white candle. Light the candle. Say the Our Father, 3 Hail Mary, 1 Glory Be, and drip three drops of fresh water in a horizontal line on the floor in front of the white table. Now kiss the floor lightly three times, and pray from your heart. Call to the Rada Legba, call to Atibon Legba. Tell him what it is you seek, what it is that is stopping you, pray for guidance into the paths of Vodou, to elders, to community. Once you finish praying, light a bit of incense, and thank the spirits for listening, and put out the candle. 

Do this for nines days every night. Dismantle the altar if you have to. If it’s set in a place where you are getting naked, having sex, or having loud noises take it down once you finish your prayers. And then re put it up the next night. 

After the Novena, pay attention to the signs, read up on the History of New Orleans, of Haiti, of Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico. Read up on the biographies and stories of practitioners, read up on the spirits.

And let Atibon Legba Guide you. Do the Novena again in a month if things are not moving. Do you need internet connection in order to get a reading over skype? Funds? A safe place to do so? These are the things to accomplish and tick off on your check list. Not “how to do Vodou on my own cuz I am determined”.

- Storiesandconjure


Spoilers throughout this entire post. Please be warned because I don’t want to ruin it for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet. 

1. Gray and Simon’s reactions to getting BeWhy was completely understandable and relatable. I’d be massively excited to get him too. That said, he didn’t shine as much as I thought he should have in the group performances. Ah well, there will be future opportunities. 

2. Jaewon. This baby turtle with nine cat-sized lives. What a comeback. I feel like every Jaewon fan out there is sitting back and feeling vindicated right now. Haha. All our suffering has been worth it. I’ve said it for years: he’s got flow and talent but he just needs guidance, development and experience. He better put on his boy boy pants for the Diss Round though. 

3. Team outings. ZT and Kush took their boys horseriding and on a yatch. Way to flaunt that money YG. Illionaire gave someone a macbook but he deserved it for winning That Amazing Race. MC and Gill had a BBQ and tbh, that’s the one I’d want to go to because I’m always hungry. AOMG had Loco appear. So really, every team had something fun to do. 

4. My MVPs from the group performances: Jaewon (for AOMG), Flowsik (for Illionaire), Donutman (for MCG) and Reddy (for ZTK). I think AOMG and MCG had the best group dynamics and team work. I like the rappers who contribute to and elevate the group’s performance without compromising themselves. I kinda wish we got something as memorable as last year’s ‘Turtle Ship’ and ‘Respect’ though.

5. Sanchez. Woe. The way he left wasn’t horrible though. It reminds me of that famous saying; the true reflection of a man is not his behaviour during times of success but when he is faced with rejection and failure. And on a side note, it warms my heart to see the producers and rappers disappointed but supportive whenever someone leaves. It creates a more positive vibe when people are nice and pleasant. 

6. I think Mad Clown got actual chills when Flowsik performed. 

7. Chulgu is still on the show. Praise the Universe. He did ok but really needs to believe in himself and lift his game. He seemed uncomfortable (as usual). His private conversations with Zion T were nice and necessary but come on Choo-choo, you’re better than this! Show the world what you got. 

8. I wanted to end on a positive note but I can’t. I want to know what the point of getting rid of Junoflo was when they were just going to let Hash Swan go in the next episode. What a fucking waste of two great talents. The year will be 2050 and I will still be bitter about this. 

The thing about ADC is not only does she elevate her own performance, she elevates the performance of those around her. It’s something to do with the dynamic she brings to her characters. I think it encourages those she is acting with to do the same thing. You can see it on-screen, especially with Eliza Taylor. Because it gives Eliza that push to go to the next level emotionally and really let herself get into her character’s mind. It’s not really a competitive push, it’s more of her giving her co-stars so much to work with that all they have to do is let it happen if they are open to it. I don’t know if this is something she learned over time or an innate quality in her personality, but it is pretty special to witness. The energy that comes off the screen in emotionally charged scenes is so great to watch. She brings out the best in people’s performances and at the same time is able to give everything she has to her own performance. The fact that she cares about her fellow actors performance so much is rare and genuinely wonderful. I can only imagine how exhausting that must be on every level when she is done.