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In your Consequences story, if Luke had never gotten off world or out of the academy right at the start before he even knew he had a Jedi parent, and father dearest caught him then, how would that have gone?

Well, we’re obviously taking out Luke’s angry outburst, for one. But nothing much else would be super different - Luke would be wary of Vader to start with anyway, but it would be a little easier with the lack of that initial misunderstanding/defensiveness.

Might also make things more frustrating for Luke, because he might be more willing to try to connect with Vader a little faster, but there really is no difference for Vader, here, so Luke would be fighting against the current a little more.

I mean, in Consequences, Luke is old enough to be reasonably aware of the Empire in general (and he’s been at the Academy for a few months, so he has opinions on that too), and probably at least the beginnings of the opinions which he expresses in ANH - which is part of Luke’s wariness in the actual story too, so that wouldn’t go away just because we’re skipping the “you killed my father— you didn’t??” part.

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Darth Vader so readily accepting what's apparently totally a hallucination of Luke in front of his bacta tank, makes me wonder if that hadn't happened before.

Absolutely happened more than once.

;) he used to have hallunications/dreams/wtfever of a child (sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl) walking in through the doors, up to the tank and laying their hand on the glass. The age of the child steadily increased. Sometimes Padmé was there too!

And sure, the red guards were always there and they never reacted, so this one time there are no guards around when the adult version of the child he knows exist and is that age comes and does the same thing that happened in the whatever-they-were, why should he pay that any mind and think it’s real?

Magical baby finder!

Say it with me now everybody;



a magical baby-finder what can tell Anakin Skywalker who his children are.





Darth Vader doesn’t know who Luke is until he’s told the name of the Force sensitive pilot who destroyed the Death Star. He couldn’t even sense Luke until Luke actually used the Force in the Death Star trench. Untrained Force sensitives do not go PING PING PING on your handy dandy Force Radar, even less the “magical relationship and baby-finder” extra app that doesn’t exist.

Darth Vader can’t tell that Leia is his daughter because she isn’t trained and thus doesn’t ping in the Force and they have no personal relationship and Vader… doesn’t know who she is to him.

Darth Vader can’t tell Luke is his son before he’s told his name. Their handy dandy telepathic connection? Does not come into existence until AFTER Luke has been told who Vader is and thus is as aware of Vader (and who/what he is) and there’s enough of something like a “relationship” for the Force to ping off on.

The Force, friends, droids, galactic citizens of the Republic and Empire and various sundry criminal elements and Hutts,

is not


magical baby-finder

Exchange your number

Pls with all the love in the world write more doyoung !! Can you do one about doyoung in collage and the reader is a exchange student? You can literally do anything I just want to read more doyoung :“) thank you !! 

Doyoung is the most distracting tour guide in the history of forever.

YO I WILL WRITE. all the doyoung for the end of time. because he’s my bias you know gotta write the bias and not anyone else definitely not lty or anything. This is short but i liked it short so I hope you enjoy ^^

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