I wish I cared more about stuff tbh like ppl say things to me and its like elevator music playing in my head like holy shit am I at my floor yet? Free me

Vices And Virtues
  • The Ballad of Mona Lisa:Steampunk + that creepy little tune + woo!
  • Let's Kill Tonight:when the fuckign bass drops and you jUST
  • Hurricane:clapping + oh kiss me
  • Memories:this is the part of the movie where the male lead realizes he's been in love with the female lead the whole time and chases after her as she's about to get on a plane or some other straight people bullshit like that
  • Trade Mistakes:passive-aggressive violins and sobbing
  • Ready To Go:time to dance motherfuckers
  • Always:literally the cutest, sweetest love song ever written I will fight u on this
  • The Calendar:doomed summer romance.........i wonder who helped write this one................such a mystery + elevator music or some fuckery idk
  • Sarah Smiles:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH TOO CUTE + sounds vaguely french which i mean i'm so into it
  • Nearly Witches:The best song in existence. sorry, i don't make the rules. its just a fact.
Elevator Music

TITLE: Elevator Music


AUTHOR: MythHearts/Thdfic (Writing blog)

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine getting stuck in an elevator with Loki and emergency crews don’t arrive for hours.


NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings, just want to do something different. When I first saw a one shot based on this imagine, I already had a feeling that someone is doing something mature which I’m against. But when I see it, I picture it as a perfect opportunity for Loki to tease the reader and get her to fall for him like him falling for her. I was inspired from listening to one of my many favourite songs from Victorious called Bad Boys. Whenever I listened to it, it always reminds me of Loki. And as you all know, a lot of women loves the Bad Boys.

“Hold the door please,” Loki rushes to the elevator in the Stark Tower which is closing by the time he enters the building.

    A small feminine hand shot out and stopped the doors from closing. As the door reopens, his eyes widen to see who it is. (Y/N). Your eyes widen as well to see who you’ve opened the door for. Your face darkens and whips your head to the side with a huff so you’re looking at the wall. Loki isn’t enjoying this either but he steps into the elevator and stands the opposite of you in the space. He takes a quick look at the buttons and you two are going to the same floor so he presses one to close the doors. With that, the elevator shifts a bit and does it work.

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Nico's music taste

•despite popular belief, Nico doesnt like punk music
•Nico likes jazz
•Nico likes stuff from the 30’s and 40’s
•The Andrew Sisters are his jam
•He can’t stand elevator music
•He occasionally listens to Italian opera
•He and Hazel do old dances sometimes
•he’ll listen to classic show tunes with Will


Continuous falling, 
the shameful scream of impolitic chapters 
clawing their way into voiceless books -

an apocalypse in paragraph format, 
the vanity of faux vulnerability
(I won’t, won’t touch the electrical fence 
around your contradicting heart)

The angry voice of discontentment 
in the hollow lines of your ignorance, 
spewing word wars on pages.

Distrust articulated -
mood poisoned by your own

I love you, love you, love you



E-ZPass Has the Worst On-Hold Music I’ve Ever Heard

It is a huge improvement on their original track: a mash-up of a bat giving birth and Gilbert Godfrey singing screamo.