• Aries:Seems to be chill at first, but after about five minutes they start to throw a fit and bang on the door to try and get out.
  • Taurus:Just stands in a corner causally waiting until maintenance fixes the elevator.
  • Gemini:Caused the elevator to get stuck because they pressed a thousand buttons and is rolled up in a ball laughing maniacally.
  • Cancer:Attempts calm down everyone that is panicking about being stuck in the elevator. Soon after they give up and start panic as well.
  • Leo:Attempts to force the door open and get everyone out of the elevator so some news outlet can make them a local celebrity.
  • Virgo:Stands in a corner looking at everyone with the most bitchy resting bitch face in the world.
  • Libra:Flirting with a random plant, or maybe that's a human, no nose knows.
  • Scorpio:Probably is just sitting in a corner listening to music while checking Tumblr, hoping they get out as soon as possible.
  • Sagittarius:They eat pringles while watching everyone else go slowly insane and enjoys every second of it.
  • Capricorn:Calls a whole bunch of family members to tell them they are stuck in a elevator and might never come out. Hangs up each phone call suddenly with a soft "I love you".
  • Aquarius:Starts a conversation with the people they are stuck with, and constantly tells funny jokes that ALMOST make being stuck in an elevator worth while.
  • Pisces:Gets out their phone to take a video of this to share it with their future children and great grandchildren.

someone asked me what the largest monster in the game is. It is the elevators. Giant statues, giant robots, giant monsters, its anyones guess. There is one interesting thing about them…. on the second floor you go down and around, and end up on the other side of the elevator somewhere between the second and first floors of the right elevator. 
and you see this.

thats the backside of the elevator, and I’m guessing from the placement of the lights getting close together and then stopping, theres the R1 entrance right on the other side.
thats where the elevator monster’s butt would be.
Toby had a giant robot mooning us during the scene with the “bomb” right there. And you never noticed it.