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Beyoncé Addresses Elevator Incident In Her New "Flawless" Remix Featuring Nicki Minaj

Beyoncé Addresses Elevator Incident In Her New “Flawless” Remix Featuring Nicki Minaj

“Of course sometimes shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.” Last night, Beyoncé dropped the audio for her “***Flawless” remix featuring Nicki Minaj and addresses the infamous elevator incident in her opening rap verse. Listen to the song here on her official website. View this image › Beyonce.com Beyoncé’s standout line in the remix says: “Of course sometimes shit goes…

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Thrombosis in Lymphoma Patients and in Myeloma Patients.

Thrombosis in Lymphoma Patients and in Myeloma Patients.

Keio J Med. 2015 Jul 25;

Authors: Yokoyama K

The risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in patients with cancer is several-fold higher than that in individuals without cancer. Recent studies demonstrated a high incidence of VTE in patients with hematologic malignancies as well as in patients with solid cancers. The reported incidence of VTE in lymphoma is variable, ranging from less than 5% to 59.5%. The incidence of VTE is higher in non-Hodgkin lymphoma than it is in Hodgkin lymphoma. The incidence of VTE also varies according to the disease grade, the disease stage, the performance status of the patient, and the site of disease. Most VTE cases occur at the diagnosis of cancer or early in the course of cancer treatment. An elevated incidence of VTE is also reported in cases of myeloma. VTE occurs in approximately 5% of myeloma patients treated with conventional chemotherapy, and treatment of myeloma patients with immunomodulatory drugs (IMid)-based therapy increases the risk of VTE. Prophylactic aspirin or anticoagulant is used in myeloma patients treated with IMid-based therapy. Several reports have indicated that the incidence of VTE is relatively low in Asian patients treated with IMid-based therapy, and concomitant use of bortezomib reduces the risk of VTE. The incidence of arterial thrombosis is also increased in patients with myeloma and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance. Further studies are needed to develop a predictive model for identifying patients with lymphoma and myeloma who are at high risk for developing thrombosis.

PMID: 26212069 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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I think this whole Justin Fix thing is proof that Jason has a twin whether or not this twin is Charles. They need a body double to have them both in the same scenes and if he is wearing a mask he does look very similar to Jason to the point we thought it was him at first!

I have been convinced for a while that Wren is A but after the elevator incident I was sure that Jason wasn’t actually Jason.

honest 2 god i can’t stand gemma i can already see the headlines in a few years when me and harry are married it’ll be the solange x jayonce elevator incident all over again but with the roles reversed

Method Man On Watch What Happens Live Talks Solange & Jay-Z Elevator Fight And 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy [Video]

Method Man dishes on his celeb pot-smoking friends, (SPOILER ALERT: Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg) whether he thinks 50 Cent is actually broke/bankrupt, and his take on Jay-Z and Solange’s Elevator incident in this round of Plead the Fifth?

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Video Shows Ray Rice and Wife After Elevator Incident

New surveillance footage appears to show former Ravens running back Ray Rice and his then-fiancée Janay Palmer after the now-infamous elevator incident where Rice knocked Palmer out.

An alarming elevator incident

“Brooklyn DA” Web extra: A sobering look at the 600-lb. elevator that nearly killed Deborah Jordan while visiting a friend in the hospital. Her body was caught in the gap as the doors shut and the elevator sped upward.

Entertainment News: Janay Rice Expected to Tell-All in Sit Down with Matt Lauer

.Entertainment News: @JanayRice Expected to Tell-All in Sit Down with @MLauer

Janay and Ray Rice Retrieved 11/14/14 From Instagram @j_rice114

Janay Rice, wife of former NFLer Ray Rice, had a sit down with NBC’s Matt Lauer. Last week, rumors began to swirl that Lauer was set to interview both Janay and Ray.

This anticipated interview follows the gruesome elevator attack that went viral back in September. Footage from the elevator shows the couple entering in the midst of a…

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Beyonce's Dad Calls Elevator Incident A "Publicity Stunt" For Ticket Sales

Courtesy of atlantablackstar.com

I mean, a lot of people have thought it….

But for her Dad to abrasively come out and claim that?

Uh oh.

While sitting down for a radio interview with Houston’s ‘Roula and Ryan Show’, Matthew Knowles was of course asked about his famous daughter and son-in-law, Beyonce and Jay Z.

Matthew is claiming that the MET Gala elevator incident (you all know the one) between…

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