elevator series


This is episode 2of elevator food
Hope you all enjoy :)

hey, if youre watching the Series of Unfortunate Events show and enjoying it but havent read the books in like 10 years or even at all, i HIGHLY  recommend you go to the library, check out, and read the books now when you’re older. You’ll pick up on so much more and i guarantee you will read something you definitely missed. The books are very deep, dark, and adult in many places that probably just flew over your head at a young age and even though they are books for children/young adults they stand totally solid as adult novels on their own. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Ersatz Elevator

“Children, here are some things you should know. Dark is in. Light is out. Stairs are in. Elevators are out. Pinstripe suits are in. Those horrible clothes you are wearing are out.”

“What Esme means,” Jerome said quickly, “is that we want you to feel as comfortable here as possible.”


Like Violet, like Klaus, and like Sunny, I visit certain graves, and often spend my mornings standing on a brae, staring out at the same sea. It is not the whole story, of course, but it is enough. Under the circumstances, it is the best for which you can hope