elevator phobia

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A) Age: 16
B) Biggest fear: fear of being in lifts (Elevators) and an actually phobia of needles.
C) Current time: 18:40
D) Drink you last had: water
E) Every day starts with: checking if my twin is still asleep.
F) Favourite song atm: Words fail -dear Evan Hansen (musical)
G) Ghosts, are they real?: I think in a way they are. (Like echoes)
H) Hometown: Linwood.
I) In love with?: My Twin.
J) Jealous of?: People who are happy.
K) Killed Someone?: no
L) Last time you cried: About a day ago.
M) Middle name: I don’t have one.
N) Number of siblings: 3
O) One wish: end hate.
P) Person you last called/texted: My mum
Q) Questions you are always being asked: “Are you two identical twins?“
R) Reasons to smile: @lumosleah
S) Song last sung: For Forever -Dear Evan Hansen. (Musical)
T) Time you woke up: 9:15
U) Underwear colour: black and white.
W) Worst habits: sometimes I get overwhelmed and bite my arm.
X) X-rays you’ve had: my dad nearly broke my thumb (by sitting on it 😂)
Y) Your favourite food: potatoes in any form.
Z) Zodiac sign: Leo.

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More Not!Lawyers on Ice!

First things first - that thing there is important. This idea is Phoenix and Miles’ story, and isn’t supposed to be a direct copy of YoI at all, just putting it in a similar setting.

  • The reason why Miles moves away is more or less the same, but there are differences. Gregory’s death here is accidental.
  • The fact that it’s accidental doesn’t make Manfred von Karma any less of a horrible stain on humanity. In fact, he (and Franziska by extension, though she doesn’t know the truth therefore can’t be blamed) willingly allows Miles’ thoughts that he was somehow responsible despite it being an accident to continue.
  • On that note, Miles still has a phobia of earthquakes. It’s up in the air if the phobia of elevators sticks in this AU, but if you can make it work with it being an accident, then go for it.
  • Mia is Phoenix’s coach. She does not die.
  • Franziska is in the womens’ figure skating section, and has won medals since she was in the junior division.
  • The Feys are still spirit mediums, but since DL-6 never happened as a case, they were never discredited, so there are more of them, and more free time.
  • Maya is next in line to be Master, but she likes skating as a hobby, and is pretty good at it. She has no plans to go into it professionally, though.
  • Phoenix’s short program has the same music as his Objection theme, and is titled ‘In Pursuit of Truth’. 
  • His Free Program has a piece of music meant to bring up the idea of of the mythical phoenix. His finishing pose is of him with his head bowed and his arms raised, like he’s a bird touching down from flight.
  • Phoenix tends to flub things in the first half of his performances, only to regain his footing stronger than ever in the second half. This has lead to a lot of his harder jumps and manoeuvres being in the second half, earning him points.
  • This means he still has nicknames such as ‘The Comeback King’ and ‘The Turnabout Terror’, because he’s still won medals. Sometimes the ‘comeback’ is ‘did badly in earlier rounds, but won big in the finals’.
  • His theme in the year he finally gets to perform against Miles is ‘Rebirth’. People don’t get why ‘In Pursuit of Truth’ is a part of this. Except, Miles does, able to read into what the music and dance are saying.

Also of note:

  • Klavier is in the Junior Division still. He’s already making a name for himself. The way he and his fans act, he looks like he’d come across as a JJ type of skater, all confidence and no humility. He’s not. The obnoxious German thing is just as much a performance act as anything is.
  • Klavier, like JJ, creates his own skating music. He turns to music full time when he retires from skating.
  • Athena doesn’t skate, or at least, not professionally. She’s fine just going for fun, but crowds hurt her ears. She’s aiming at being a psychologist.
  • Trucy starts out as a magician, but eventually ends up wanting to do MAGIC ON ICE.
  • Apollo goes skating because it’s a fun hobby, and was first dragged into it by Clay (who associates it with something he did with both his parents when his mother was still alive). Then he sees Phoenix and goes ‘I want to be like that in whatever I end up doing’.
  • Apollo does, however, still end up going into law as a vocation.
  • Doesn’t mean he won’t end up bumping into Klavier and the others at the rink, though.
According to the most-basic tenets of psychology, the very idea of helping people with anxiety disorders avoid the things they fear is misguided. A person who is trapped in an elevator during a power outage may panic and think she is going to die. That frightening experience can change neural connections in her amygdala, leading to an elevator phobia. If you want this woman to retain her fear for life, you should help her avoid elevators.
But if you want to help her return to normalcy, you should take your cues from Ivan Pavlov and guide her through a process known as exposure therapy. You might start by asking the woman to merely look at an elevator from a distance—standing in a building lobby, perhaps—until her apprehension begins to subside. If nothing bad happens while she’s standing in the lobby—if the fear is not “reinforced”—then she will begin to learn a new association: elevators are not dangerous. (This reduction in fear during exposure is called habituation.) Then, on subsequent days, you might ask her to get closer, and on later days to push the call button, and eventually to step in and go up one floor. This is how the amygdala can get rewired again to associate a previously feared situation with safety or normalcy.
Students who call for trigger warnings may be correct that some of their peers are harboring memories of trauma that could be reactivated by course readings. But they are wrong to try to prevent such reactivations. Students with PTSD should of course get treatment, but they should not try to avoid normal life, with its many opportunities for habituation. Classroom discussions are safe places to be exposed to incidental reminders of trauma (such as the word violate). A discussion of violence is unlikely to be followed by actual violence, so it is a good way to help students change the associations that are causing them discomfort. And they’d better get their habituation done in college, because the world beyond college will be far less willing to accommodate requests for trigger warnings and opt-outs.
Wedding Night Michael Imagine

Anonymous asked: Hey! You’re writing is so good! I was wondering if you could do like an imagine of Michael were its the night of your wedding but instead of like sleeping together it’s all cute and fluffy because your both so tired he ends up helping you get bobby pins out of your hair and ordering pizza or something lol sorry this is so long!

“Have fun,” Calum smirks as he walk into the elevator, carrying is girlfriend Fae after she’d drank too much.

“Seriously thought she would be the one carrying him,” You say as you and Michael walk up the stairs, you refused to take elevators because your phobia of getting stuck in them so Michael (for the first time ever) agreed to walk the stairs with you.

“Me too, but then again you two did play a game where the loser drank shots, and you never lose,” Michael laughs.

“Damn right I never lose, especially at shots.”

He laughs shaking his head, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I’m so tired!” He complains pushing open the door to the honeymoon suite.

“Me too,” You groan walking in, lifting your dress so you could walk down the two tiny stairs that you would definitely fall over no matter what.

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How would Taehyung and Kookie comfort you if the two of you got stuck in an elevator and you had a phobia of elevators since you were little?

Taehyung would do what he does best: distracting people with his 4D-ness. XD When he sees you getting uncomfortable, he’ll start talking nonstop; his mouth spouting out random things that might not even making sense to you until you find yourself laughing…the reason as uncertain as his personality. Taehyung would do everything he can to distract you from your fear and not make you feel afraid anymore. 

“You know elephants, right?”

“What about them?” you ask, slightly forgetting your fear as your focus switches to him and him alone. Taehyung has a way of getting people’s attention—and it’s not only because of his good looks but because of the things he says and the way he makes it sound so fascinating. 

He shrugs, “They just look cute to me.”

You chuckle, “Some people actually find puppies cute.”

“Ah~ but I’m not like most people.” he pointed out. “And you know that Dumbo movie right?” you nod and he smiles, making you feel relaxed.

“That was a really cute elephant.” he says a matter of fact and you grin, leaning back as you sat on the floor, amused at his admiration for elephants. 

“Not as cute as you, though.” he adds and you blush, feeling your cheeks heat up at is bluntness…

That is until you realized what he just said.

“Are you saying I look like an elephant?”



Jungkook would be a little clueless on how to comfort you simply because he doesn’t know how nor is he the most comforting person out there. He’d be awkward at first but when he sees that you’re really scared—almost to the verge of tears, Jungkook would definitely do something to calm you down.

"Hey.” he says as he scoots closer to you, holding out his hand. You look down at his open palm stupidly, unsure of what to do with it.

“Hold it.” he says and when you continue to stare, he’d sigh and grab hold of your hand, interlocking your fingers with his. “Jungkook—”

“Shh.” he says as he leans his head against the wall. “Holding someone’s hand always helps, trust me.”


“Because it makes you feel that you’re not alone.” he shrugs as he glances at you. He’d reach out and rub his forefinger against the middle of your forehead, smoothing out the lines that formed there—soothing your tension. “Like, I’m here and I won’t leave you.”

You were speechless at his words and let your hands relax in his hold, eventually feeling comforted. Jungkook hums a melody then soon enough lyrics fills the air, his voice echoing in your ears and comforting your anxious self. 

You’d feel the exhaustion dawn upon you from the stress of being stuck in the elevator and soon you fall asleep on his shoulder. Jungkook would continue to sing, his thumb rubbing circles at the back of your hand; satisfied that he’s able to make you feel okay. 

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Aaron Carpenter imagine for Aaron

Awh, this prompt was soo cute💕 I love it when you guys give me ideas to write about. Hope you liked it:) This was written when Magcon was still together, just as a side note. -Amy

“Well today has been eventful,” You chuckled, bringing your arms above your head in a much needed stretch after being cooped up backstage for what felt like an eternity. “Mmh, feels good to stretch. I can’t believe how big the crowd was!”
“I told you you didn’t have to wait backstage,” Aaron laughed, falling in step beside you and matching your stride. “You could have joined us on stage.”
You crinkled your nose and shook your head, waving him off.
Magcon was meant for the fans, the fans that made Magcon possible. And the fans wanted to see the boys, not you. You would hate to upset them, especially after all the money and time they had to spend to get here in the first place. They were the sweetest fans ever, and you did whatever you could to make them happy.
“Oh, and by the way, I have a list of people for you to follow on twitter,” You perked up, remembering the list you had made on your phone of some lovely twitter fans (that you may or may not have been creeping on to kill time during the show). You pulled your phone out of your back pocket and brought up the list you had typed, thrusting it towards Aaron while smiling softly. “They all really love you. I tried to pick the ones who didn’t have follows from any of the boys yet. They’re all so so cute, I just want to wrap them a up and take them home!”
Aaron grinned, his face lighting up, “Send it to me! I’ve been meaning to do a follow spree. This is kind of the same thing. Only better.”
You looked at him and continued to smile, feeling a warmness rush up to your cheeks at the way he was looking right back at you.
“I, for one, vote we go out for Taco Bell,” Jacob announced, breaking your stare with Aaron, and was followed up by a round of shrieks (ahem, Taylor) and cheers of agreements.
Everyone was still hyped from the show, and even though it was nearing midnight, no one was even near sleepy. Exhausted, maybe, but never sleepy.
“I think I’m going to call a rain check on this one,” You yawned, cupping a hand over your mouth to conceal a yawn. “I’m still pretty tired from this morning, when somebody decided to wake me up two hours earier than necessary.”
You threw a blatant glare over towards Tayor, who offered up a cheeky grin in response to your accusations as the rest of them laughed.
“How exactly are you tired?” Gilinsky teased, throwing a casual arm around your shoulders. “You were the one sitting down as we ran around the stage like lunatics for three billion years.”
You laughed in response and shook your head, slipping out from underneath his arm as you neared the hotel entrance.
Waving, you broke away from the group with a sleepy smile, making a beeline for the lobby as they kept on going straight.
“Bye guys!” You called, waving one last time as they chorused out a sloppy reply, and pushed through the front doors of the hotel.
You ran a hand through your hair tiredly and waved to one of the maids as you dragged yourself to the stairs, refusing to take the elevator.
Elevators were a phobia of yours. There was just something about them that terrified you. There wasn’t really any specific reason you didn’t like them, no traumatic I experience: they just weren’t your thing.
Fortunately, you had lucked out this time. Everyone’s rooms were on the fourth floor, so you didn’t have to go up four million flights of stairs in order to get to your bed (which you had been unlucky enough to experience at previous hotels; not fun).
Jogging, you made it to the fourth floor in a matter of no time, in no particular hurry as you made your way down the hall and towards the room you shared with Mahogany and Jacob.
When you finally arrived at the room, you hummed to yourself as you pulled your key card out of your back pocket and slid it through the lock, swinging the door open and skipping into the room happily.
“Why hello there,”
You shrieked and jumped back, clutching your chest as Aaron stepped out from behind the door, cracking up in amusement as you rolled your eyes and tried to regain your breath.
“Jerk,” You muttered, smiling despite yourself as you lightly shoved him.
“You love me,” he corrected, finally calming down enough to hug you. “And, if you were wondering, I got up here so fast because I took the elevator.”
You buried your face in his neck, closing your eyes and sighing in contentment as he tucked his chin over your head and held you.
Aaron had been your boyfriend for the past three months. No one knew, with the exception of his parents and your mom.
While it wasn’t exactly a secret that you two had sworn to keep until death, your relationship definitely wasn’t something you flaunted about.
It was just the way you guys preferred things. You would rather have a quiet relationship.
You had it down to a simple science: if someone asked, you would tell the truth and say yes. If no one asked, there would be no reason to address the situation.
And as Aaron’s best friend since you got pushed together for a science project in second grade, nothing much had changed, with the exception of the kisses and cuddles. Those, admittedly, made a great improvement.
His hands came up and lightly traced up and down your back gently, making you sleepier than ever.
“Dammit Aaron, you’re going to make me fall asleep right now,” You mumbed into his shirt, and you felt the vibrations in his chest and collarbone as he chuckled.
“Would that really be so bad?” he asked, and you pulled away slightly to send him a teasing glare.
“It will be if you have to drag my lifeless, dead weight body all the way to my bed,” You teased, and he grinned.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” he promised, then scrunched up his face. “That sounded really creepy. Like I planned on clubbing you over the head at the next chance possible and making a get away.”
You snorted and pressed your palm to his cheek, stretching your thumb to squish his face together.
“Oh Aaron, what am I going to do with you?”
He smiled and started walking forward, making you sqeal and stumble trying to match his movements, a task easier said than done considering your position. Giving up, you kicked off your ballet flats and stood tip toe on the tops of his vans, letting his legs guide your own and lead you over to the bed.
He approached your bed and began to let the both of you fall, twisting around at the last second so that he landed on his back and you landed on him, laughing the whole way.
“You’re such a dork,” You teased as he sat up, winding his arms around your waist so you woud remain in his lap even as he was sitting. “But I love you anyway,” You continued, loosely wrapping your arms around his neck and paying with a few of the curls on the back of his head.
He grinned, “I know.”
You chuckled. He looked up at you, biting his lip and then reaching up and kissing you, causing butterflies to errupt in your stomach and your heart to beat faster.
If this is what all those love songs and cheesy teen novels were written about, you weren’t complaining (for once).
Now you understood what was so enjoyable about all this ‘young love’ crap you had been warned about and gushed to about. It was pretty amazing, if you did say so yourself.
One of your hands came down from his hair and rested against the side of his face, pressing against him in contentment and wishing this moment would never end.
And, of course, as soon as that thought slipped into your mind, the door burst open.
Grade A timing Taylor. Grade A.
You froze with your lips stil smooshed up against Aarons, unsure on how to handle this.
Did you pull away, or…?
Well obviously you had to pull away. You hesitanty disconnected your lips, pulling back to see worry etched in his eyes, and pecked him one last time before sliding off his lap and sheepishy turning to face the guys.
They stood in a line, with various expressions of surprise, smirks, furrowed eyebrows, or just blatant smugness written across their faces.
“Hey guys,” You said casually, doing an awkward, two finger salute thing. “What’s up?”
“Taco Bell was closed,” Taylor smirked, crossing his arms. “So does this mean we’ll have to baby sit you two from now on? To make sure no babies will be running around here in nine months?”
“Oh Lord,” Aaron sighed. “And you wonder why we tell you nothing.”
Mahogany laughed and went to sit on her bed, “Well, I ship it. And I call being maid of honor at the wedding.”
You rolled your eyes.
“Clearly Jox is getting married first,” You teased. “And the baby better be named after me.”

Sorry for the abrupt ending, I really didn’t know how to put closure on this one.
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