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Man, tonight's​ episode… My heart. A little stolen Garvez moment

She’s speed walking to the elevator like her damn shoes are on fire, because she is not going to break down before she gets out of the office. The doors open, but before they shut he slips in, hitting the ‘close door’ button so they’re alone.

“I don’t want to talk…” Her voice breaks and the elevator comes to a halt.

His hand is still on the 'emergency stop’ button, while he pulls her to him with his other arm. “Come 'ere.” He wraps her up tight hug and she immediately starts sobbing into his chest.

“Six more weeks? Do you know what can happen to him in six weeks.” She’s barely getting the words out, as he’s rubbing her back.

He’s whispering to her in a mix of Spanish and English. From what she can understand, never once telling her not to cry, just assuring her the Reid will be alright, and that he’s there.

She starts to breath normally again, getting herself under control. “Sorry.” She mutters slightly embarrassed.

He brushes his thumbs​ over her cheeks, wiping away the tears. “Don’t ever be sorry. I’m glad I’m here.” He starts the elevator up again. “You wanna come over to my place?”

The look on her face must have been spectacular, because cool-as-a-cumber Luke is blushing as he sputters out, “I meant​ to see Roxy, she makes you smile. I didn’t mean… it wasn’t like…”

She’s laughing before she can stop herself, “Oh Newbie, are you sure? That sounded an awful lot like a proposition to me.”

He scowls and they start towards their cars.

“Nothing to say?” She prods.

He arches his eyebrow, before pulling out his phone and typing something; her own alerting her to a received text message.

She looks at the message, whatever it says it’s in Spanish. “I can’t read this.”

He smirks, “You’ll figure it out, Penny.” He gets into his truck and drives away.

She huffs and copy/pastes the message into a translator app:

You’re welcome to come over. And when I proposition you, Beautiful, you’ll know.“


Hope you liked it. Love to my Loves❤❤


“We slipped.”
“Did we? I thought the earth moved.”

Subtle, DiNozzo.

Something sure moved AHEM.

You know, this seems like the intro to a whole other kind of scene…

(I mean, I always stare at my coworker’s lips like I want to devour them while he lovingly caresses my face when stuck in an elevator…)