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This has been Beyoncé and Jay Z since May 5th. These are genuine smiles, laughter, hand-holding, flirting and hugging done between a couple that loves each other. However, since May 5th’s “elevator incident”, the media has dragged these two through the mud, overjoyed that they finally have something to hold against them.

Despite visual evidence of a perfectly fine relationship, “news” outlets have created stories and spread rumors of a divorce like wildfire. Because God forbid a black couple is not only incredibly successful in their careers but in their marriage as well. I’m writing this because I am tired of people searching for ways to tear them down, especially as one of the few major faces of color in the entertainment industry. If that incident happened to any “other” couple, there wouldn’t be a widespread hope for their downfall. We probably wouldn’t even be discussing it anymore.

No marriage is perfect. Beyoncé and Jay Z are human beings in a normal marriage that has its flaws. If the tape of that incident was never released, this wouldn’t even be a discussion right now.

Dear media, please accept the fact that the strongest and most powerful people in entertainment right now is a black couple. Their reign together isn’t ending anytime soon.


Elevator Incident” Narrated by MrCreepyPasta

Thank you, MCP.

Elevator Incident.

On Monday, I was HECKA PMSy and I was upset at Jo because he blew up at me that I wasn’t in his room he got back from running an errand, when I said I was going to be there….so here’s what happened while he was gone..

I needed to print some things from my printer so I decided to take Jo’s keys and place them in their “usual hiding place” so he could get to them if I was gone. I tried calling him on my way up to my room, but he wouldn’t answer! So I went up and did my thing and came back down within 10-15 minutes. During that time, Andrew was messaging me telling me that I needed to come down and give the keys to Jo so he could get in. And he was hecka rushing me! I finally came down and Jo totally blew up at me and seemed hecka frustrated. I could understand why he was so angry, but that doesn’t me he has to freakinn blow up at me like that. WTF? So I was really quiet around him and wouldn’t really acknowledge him, not even during our relationship class. Finally, by the end of class, I was cooled off and ready to talk again. HOWEVER….. when we went to the C store to get subway, he would ignore me and just constantly mess with his phone. That got me mad. Then, as we were walking back to Emerson, he totally walked like 40 feet in front of me …and that really got me mad. So, when he opened the door for me to the stairs in Emerson, I just brushed by him and walked straight up to my floor and to my room. I cried on my way down the hall to my room and while I was eating subway alone in my room while watching “We got married” on my laptop. 

I realized that my laptop was running out of battery and that I had left my charger in Jo’s room. I then realized that Jo had messaged me on facebook and I messaged him back, but he didn’t respond. Then my screen went black. I had run out of battery. So I decided to go down to his room and talk about what happened..and get my charger. So I walked out of my room, down the hall, and pressed the Down Elevator button. Then I heard the bell ding and some whistling coming from the elevator. As the door opened, you’ll never guess who was standing right in front of me….JO. WTH?! What are the chances of us running into each other like that. SO BIZARRE. We freaked out for like a minute and then finally talked it out and we were all good. What a crazy moment for the both of us. But at least we worked it out! And now we have a cool epic moment that we can always remember and talk about! 


And If You Have a Minute (A 6x05 reaction fic)

Fic: And If You Have a Minute
Author: iaminarage
Ship: Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Rated: PG
Words: 1,499
Summary: Kurt runs into Blaine at the Lima Bean a few days after they get out of the elevator with a bathroom. A 6x05 reaction fic.

Warnings: Mentions of Blaineofsky, discussions of therapy.

Notes: Thanks to tchrgleek, haleseihcs, and loveinisolation for the beta. And to Januarium, lurdusoleil, and marauder-in-warblerland for the hand holding and flailing about Blaine Anderson. It takes a village, clearly.

The title comes from “Somewhere Only We Know,” of course.


And If You Have a Minute

The first time Kurt ran into Blaine out in public after The Elevator Incident, his first reaction was to wonder whether Coach Sylvester was somehow involved. He had to remind himself that no one had encouraged him to stop by the Lima Bean or even known he was going to, so there’s no way anyone could have planned this.

It had only been a couple of days since he and Blaine had escaped, less since they last stood together in Coach Sylvester’s office insisting that they hadn’t felt anything in that elevator, and a large part of Kurt wanted to turn around and run. A larger part wanted him to tell Blaine that, after spending 24 hours together, it was even harder for Kurt not to be with him. He’d thought he was over the part of this breakup where he missed Blaine so much that sometimes it hurt to breathe, but apparently that sort of thing could be restarted.

It hadn’t even been the kiss, not really. It was just Blaine. His voice, his laugh, his smile, the way he looked when he was relaxing, and the quiet rhythm of his breathing as he slept. Kurt hadn’t forgotten all of that in the last few months, but the memories had dimmed a little, and now they were vivid.

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After ordering dinner from the Indian place around the corner, Lucas went through his fridge to pull out a few beers, plopping on to the couch to wait for Frankie. He still wasn’t sure where they stood after the elevator incident, especially after not seeing her for the past few days. He hoped things wouldn’t be awkward, but kind of understood how they would be.


Let's all take a moment to appreciate one solid answer we got today: what happened to Jason after the elevator incident.

Was not expecting a solid answer like that so early and so irrelevant to Charles because it seems that all they’re talking about is Charles - it was great to get an answer on a different topic from an early season!

I can’t believe that Rachel Roy person outed herself as Becky, the Other Woman in an effort to shade Beyonce for being ‘dramatic’. I’m cackling. I have made mistakes but none as stupid as that. All of the pieces are truly falling together with the whole Solange Elevator incident since it was that same Rachel that incident was speculated to be about. This lemonade is so sweet.

What I Need Now Is You

Reaction fic to 6x06. Missing scene(s) with Kurt and Blaine at Mr Shue’s apartment. G-rated. Super lame title because I’m literally the most uncreative person ever in the morning.

It is weird, to say the least, hanging out at Mr Shue’s apartment again. There are too many new kids to make Kurt nostalgic – but it does feel like family time and he is immensely grateful to have everyone by hisside. Especially considering how hard it has been to settle back into his Lima life these past few weeks.

And yes, he’s not gonna lie, he is a little anxious to see Blaine. Theyhaven’t talked much since the elevator incident. They both have been avoiding Sue like the plague and other than a few choir-related text messages and a bit of small talk when Blaine drove over to McKinley to help out with the performance for Rachel, Blaine has been fairly quiet as well. So, now, two weeks and three days since their kiss (not that Kurt’s counting, he just happens to have a good memory), Kurt is both excited and scared to talk to Blaine.

But he isn’t here yet. Kurt busies himself gushing over Daniel Finn with Jane and Roderick and at one point decides that Rachel and Sam have had enough alone time on the couch and need some company. They don’t seem to be bothered by it and Mercedes actually throws him a little fond smile when she makes her way over as well. He admires her for being so strong about this when all he can think about when he sees Blaine with Karofsky is –

Oh. Karofsky. Blaine is bringing him along, isn’t he? Kurt can’t recall if there had been extended invitations for significant others but then again, that would have only been relevant for Blaine, anyway. He can feel his face fall and his mood only picks up a tiny bit when Mercedes pours everyone a glass of champagne. Maybe he can do this. If she can be supportive of Rachel and Sam, then he can do the same with Blaine and Kar– Dave.

After a few more minutes of conversation – mainly Sam impersonating Sue, which is actually very entertaining – Kurt can feel himself relax. Maybe it’s the alcohol, maybe it is the fact that he is surrounded by so many people he cares about, but by the time the doorbell rings (and there’s really just one person that hasn’t arrived yet), he is calm enough to get the door.

He can feel Rachel staring at him pointedly when he gets up quickly and makes his way over to the door but he ignores her in favour of his slightly speeding heart. Just remember, be civil and supportive, he tells himself as he nods at Mr Shue and takes the last few steps before opening the door.

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1) Jason has been there from S1
2) It can’t be Ezra, Toby, or Caleb cause they were all in Rosewood
3) Jason may feel neglected because Ali was always everyone’s favorite
4) Charles is Jason’s twin brother
5) In tonight’s episode the video showed two identical BLONDE boys and a mom saying to go kiss their baby sister… They looked a few years older than the baby girl so maybe the girl is Ali and the boys are Jason and Charles
6) remember when Jason had those creepy pictures of aria and he said that Ali took them? Well maybe she didn’t
7) Mr.Hastings said that the girls went to the apple orchid all the time when they were young…. What if mrs.D tool Jason and Charles there too?
8) remember when Jason disappeared from
The hospital after the elevator incident? He was never discharged and we don’t know where he went
9) do we have proof that Jason was staying at the hotel the whole time?
10) maybe Charles switched places with Jason and he wants revenge? Maybe Ali had something to do with it
11) he got revenge on his mom by killing her….. Or maybe it was to keep her quiet about a secret like Charles?
12) Jason have been made to look innocent this whole time
13 A’s body kinda looks like Jason
14) he could’ve hurt spencer in that room but he didn’t…… Why? Maybe he doesn’t want to physically hurt them… Ali and spencer are his sisters. He slept with Hana’s mom and Emily and him are good friends.
15) he could’ve avoided the whole Ms.Marin situation at the trial but he wanted hanna to look guilty to get her in jail
16) who else would know that Ali won the archery contest?
Please send me an ask if you want to talk more about this theory :)


So Cece said that Mrs D never forgave her for “killing Ali and never visited her afterwords or something but then does this mean that when Jason went to aunt Carol’s house after the elevator incident and Mrs D acted all shady was really nothing and it really was JUST THE WIND making that noise inside the house?!! I don’t understand?! why even make this whole scene then?!!

And why make Jason theories that Charles was there? was that scene relevant at all?!

Because based on what Cece said in the final she didn’t see Mrs D after hitting Ali and this means she wasn’t at aunt Carlos house !!

PS:Pics aren’t mine :)

The Elevator Incident//Closed

Breanna walked into the elevator after the other woman,pushing her floor and watching the doors close before it started to go up to the two’s floors. She leaned back against the wall,setting her brief case down when all of a sudden the elevator stopped with a slight jerk. The lights blinked before blacking out completely and the red emergency light going on.

Lemonade has got me wondering how long Jay was cheating on Bey. She starting singing Resentment like what, 10 years ago? And she didn’t just sing Resentment, her live performances EMBODIED that song… You could see how angry and hurt she felt, and I think she even cried during at least one of them. It could all have been acting, but it seems like she really experienced some of those emotions of hurt and betrayal at that time circa 2006. Then there were all the different Jay Z mistress rumors, the elevator incident, “Jealous” in 2013, and so on. The sheer amount of time it’s implied Jay has been cheating + the other evidence makes it seem like this wasn’t a single affair. “Becky with the good hair” could refer to one woman specifically but also symbolize a lot of different women who Jay has cheated with during their marriage.