elevator incident

Magic Mike

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, María Hill and Wanda Maximoff.

Words: 2456

Warnings: swearing, fighting, fluff? and make out session.

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: requested by Anonymous:

“Can i request? Bucky and reader doesn’t get along and in a movie night the girls decide to watch magic mike II with the rest of the team and Bucky and Steve judging the whole movie because “they’re dancing like they’re having sex” and Bucky and reader starts to throw some sassy comments on each other something like that please”

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“Good thing you have a super metal arm huh?”

Bucky took a deep breath through his nose and looked at you, trying to ignore the urge to throw something at that stupid smirk of you. He was trying to open a jar of jelly and for some stupid reason, the lid wouldn’t even move. Of course he could try with his metal arm, which would be much easier but it would also end up in him breaking the jar.

But you didn’t get that, right? All you did was teasing him and throw sarcastic comments at him every single time you had a chance. Of course, it wasn’t all you. He wouldn’t shut up either. It hadn’t always been like this. When you two met, you had really got along perfectly. Up until Steve’s birthday party. No one really knew what happened then between you two but thing had never been the same and you never explained anything. So it was a completely mystery for everyone.

“Can’t you just keep your mouth shut for two minutes straight?” He snapped at you.

“Sure I can” you shrugged walking in the kitchen and heading to the fridge. “But where would be the fun?” You asked.

He took another deep breath and focused back on the jar. You smirked as you saw him fighting the object as you drank some water. When you put the bottle back into the fridge, you walked over him and stretched out the hand. Bucky looked at you frowning and, with a sigh, he gave to you.

Smirking, you took the jar, smashed the border of it against the counter as you turned it and flipped the lid open. With a huge smile you gave it to him.

“Welcome to the XXI century, Sargent Barnes” you said as he took the jar back from you. “Let me know if you have any problem opening a door. They can get tricky”

With that, you exited the kitchen knowing you had won this time.


“She’s so annoying!” Bucky exclaimed. He was at the conferences room with Steve while the Captain finished some mission report. “I don’t know how you put up with her and her attitude” he added crossing his arms.

“She’s not bad” Steve said for the hundredth time. “What happened between you two? When you met her it even looked like you liked her” he shrugged.

“I didn’t know her. That was the problem” Bucky replied. “Luckily I did it on time” he sighed.

Steve looked at Bucky for a moment before shaking his head. He had been giving the same answers for months now and he just didn’t believe them. He knew something had happened, something they didn’t want to talk about. But asking was useless so he just tried to be patience and hope that thing went back to how they used to be at the beginning.

When Steve finished his report, he put everything in order before heading towards the living room with Bucky, planning on watching a movie or a game. Just looking forward some distraction. To their surprise, the living room and the TV were already taken: Natasha, María, Wanda and you were sitting on the couches with popcorns all around and a movie playing on the TV.

“Hey there” Steve said placing his hands on the back of one of the sofas, where María and Natasha were sitting. “What are you watching?” He asked looking at the screen.

“Magic Mike” Wanda answered, not taking her eyes off the TV.

“Never heard of it” Bucky commented.

“I would be surprised if you had” Natasha chuckled.

“Why?” He frowned.

“Too new for you, grandpa” you said looking at him.

He gave you a death glare but you had turned your attention back to the TV with a small smile.

“Don’t start” María sighed.

“It wasn’t me” Bucky mumbled.

This time you decided to be silent since you didn’t want to ruin girls night because of him. Instead, you grabbed some popcorns and ate them from your hand. Steve and Bucky looked at each other before shrugging and sitting with you. Steve sat with Wanda and you and Bucky with Natasha and María, taking some popcorns from the bowl.

None of them really understood what the movie was about but when the first dancing scene came up, their jaws fell down and their eyes stuck out from their orbits. What was that? That wasn’t dancing! That was naughty!

“What kind of movie is this? Porn?” Steve frowned looking at all of you, making you laugh.

“I would really watch a porn movie if Matt Bomer was in it” you smirked.

“Amen to that” Wanda laughed by your side.

“But what the fuck?” Bucky exclaimed. “They’re dancing like they were having sex!” He added.

“You’re a virgin, right?” You said laughing. He narrowed his eyes looking at you.

“I’m not” he said.

“Then if you think that’s sex I’m sorry for the girls you had in your bed” you told him with a smirk.

“You wish you were one of them” he snapped. You raised an eyebrow at the statement.

“Sorry, I’m not into old people, darling” you said. “Cardiac arrest is not exactly a turn on for me” you added.

“How can you be such a bitch?” He said, louder now. Natasha sighed and paused the movie, knowing this wasn’t going to be over soon.

“How can you be such an egocentric asshole?” You snapped back.

“Guys…” Steve said trying to stop you before a real fight started.

“C’mon! You’re crazy for me just admit it!” He exclaimed.

“How you dare!?” You almost screamed, getting up from the couch. He mirrored your action and walked over you.

“I do dare! Just fucking admit it” he said in your face now.

“What for? So you can go and mess with my best friend all over again?” You yelled.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He asked. “You’re the one who messed with another one! I saw you!”

“You’re blind if you think you saw anything!” You said pushing him with both of your hands.

“What the hell are you guys talking about?” Natasha asked.

You looked at him, breathing fast but trying to calm down. It was the first time that night came up and you definitely weren’t ready to have a conversation about it. Let alone, a fight.

“During Steve’s birthday she left with Parker” he stated.

“I what? Are you out of your mind?” You exclaimed opening your eyes widely.

“I saw you going upstairs with him and you can deny that!” He exclaimed back.

“You’re sick. You’re completely sick” you said in a normal tone now. “He was about to pass out drunk. I took him to his room, came downstairs and saw you with Maggie” you explained. “Peter is 15, Bucky, what the fuck?”

Bucky frowned as he looked down at you and gulped. Actually, that made much more sense than what he had imagined. And he had been an asshole and had started flirting with your best friend as soon as you disappeared upstairs with the Parker kid. He gulped and looked around, not knowing what to say or do. All the eyes were on him, including yours, looking at him hurt and confused, waiting for an answer.

“I gotta go” he mumbled, turned around and walked towards the elevator.

You stood there, looking at him walk away and disappearing into the elevator. You weren’t even sure about what had just happened. All you knew was that you were so confused and didn’t know what to think.

You didn’t even finish the movie. When Bucky left, you excused yourself and went to your room, trying to digest what just happened. So everything had been a misunderstanding. A huge one, leading to Bucky and you hating each other, or trying to, when you would have ended up together. Everything would have been so easy if you had talked to him. But no, you had to assume the worst.

Dinner wasn’t in your plans that night so you just laid in your bed for hours, trying to fall asleep and failing miserably. You just couldn’t take it out of your head. What would have happened if you had talked to him that night?

“Miss (Y/L/N), Mr Barnes is at your door. Should I let him in?” You frowned when you heard F.R.I.D.A.Y.

Sitting up, you quickly considered your options. Of course, you could just say no and spend the whole night awake, overthinking everything. But what would be the point? You knew you had to have this conversation and the sooner you had it, the sooner you could move on. You told the AI to let him in.

“Hey” he said as soon as he was in and he had closed the door.

“Hi” you said, feeling a bit uncomfortable and nervous.

“I guess we have to talk” he said, with his hands in his pockets. You gulped and nodded, palming the bed beside you so he took a seat.

A bit insecure about it, he looked at you for a moment and then sat down next to you but keeping his distance, not knowing what this was going to work out.

“I think this is the first time we’re alone in a room since…you know” you commented.

“Have you already forgotten the elevator incident?” He asked looking down at his boots.

“Oh…of course” you chuckled a little. “That was interesting” you sighed. He nodded and looked at you at the same time you looked at him. “What happened that night?” You finally asked. He bit his lip and looked down again.

“I…” he frowned and sighed, as he remembered the night. “I had been watching you the whole night, you know? I remember you looking at me every now and then, smiling at me, even dancing with him. And suddenly I saw you with Peter. He had his arm around your shoulder and you had yours around his waist. You were coming upstairs” he gulped. “It looked… I got jealous. More than ever before. I thought you and I had something and I saw that and I snapped, I was hurt so I…looked for your friend” he admitted. “You saw the rest”

“It was first Peter’s party with us. His first time drinking alcohol” you explained. “He got too drunk too fast, what was I supposed to do? Leave him there?” You asked looking at him. He shook his head but still didn’t look at you. “Why didn’t you just talk to me?”

“I don’t know” he admitted. “It was stupid, I know and you have no idea how sorry I am” he added finally looking at you.

Immediately you looked away, not being ready to face those piercing blue eyes. You bite your lip as you considered what to do next. Everything had been a confusion but still, he had made out with your friend in your face and, according to his own words, he had done it just to hurt you. But he was hurt. For something that hadn’t happened but still, he was hurt. What would have you done if you were in his shoes? Probably the same. With a sigh, you looked at him to find him still looking at you.

“Why did you leave earlier?” You asked. He chuckled and sat up properly since he was leaned forward.

“Same reason I didn’t talk to you that night” he shrugged. “I was afraid of facing the truth. I didn’t want to face the fact that I had lost you for no reason at all” you nodded at his confession and looked at your hands. “I really am sorry. For…what I did with your friend and how I’ve been treating you ever since”, you laughed and looked at him.

“It’s not like I have make it easy for you” you shrugged.

“You had your reasons” he smiled a little and took some hair out of your face.

“Maybe but I should have talked to you sooner as well” you admitted. “I’m an idiot” you sighed.

“We’re both idiots” he smiled at you.

“But you were right about something” you said turning your body so you were facing him completely. He frowned a bit. “First, you and I had something” you said taking his hand in yours. He gulped looking down at it and then up to your eyes. “And second, I am crazy about you” you admitted.

He smiled widely at your words and moved a bit closer to you, still not really sure about this. He guessed you wanted it too but still, he didn’t want to screw up again. Not now, not ever. You bite your lip and straddled him, showing it was completely alright. You wanted him too. His hands moved to your hips to steady you as your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer.

You had never been this close to him, you had never even kissed him. The chance had never been there. But there you were, inches away and somehow still hesitating. You looked into his eyes and then down at his lips. They were parted, letting his warm breath crash against your own mouth. You licked your lips leaning in a bit more but when he bite his bottom lip, you were done for. Immediately, you closed the tiny gap between you two and kissed him deeply. Putting into this kiss all the frustration you had gathered through the last few months, your hands pulled his hair lightly, earning a moan from him that made you smirk but didn’t pull away.

Bucky’s hands moved up and down your back, slipping under your t-shirt and caressing your skin, giving you goosebumps when his metal hand touched your skin. He moved it away for a moment but you took it and put it back against your skin. It was a part of him and you loved it. Eventually, you two pulled away, breathing fast as you pressed your forehead against his.

“We never got to kiss” you whispered. He chuckled a little and pecked your lips.

“We have time enough to make up for it” he replied opening his eyes to find you smiling.

“Then we should start with it” you smirked.

“What about that old people thing?” He teased. You laughed and pushed him so he was laying on the bed, with you on his top.

“Shut up and kiss me, Barnes” you commanded.

“As you wish” he whispered. With a hand on your neck, he pulled you down to his lips and kissed you again, not pulling away this time and rolling over so he was on your top as you took away his t-shirt.

when we were young (01) | jeon jungkook

➡ Characters: Jungkook x Reader (feat. Jimin)

➡ Genre: soulmate!au ; angst ; slight fluff ; mention of hanahaki disease

➡ Word count: 3,974 words

➡ Prompt: Jungkook sacrifices you in exchange of true happiness. But it all comes down to one question, what really is true happiness in a world that was born out of a system who believes in soulmates?

 Warning: mention of self-harm ; light swearing

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corporate au

february 17 | “reunion”
(Late? I don’t know the meaning of that word. Here’s the final day’s outline! This week has been awesome and I hope you’ve all enjoyed the fanworks on @r76valentinesevent as much as I have.)

Corporate AU where Jack and Gabriel are CEOs from rival companies that unknowingly sleep together. The morning after their one night stand, Gabriel figures out that Jack is the head of Overwatch and storms out, furious, thinking that Jack had just slept with him to play mind games. Jack wakes up alone and is also upset because he’d thought that Gabriel seemed like a pretty cool guy but he turned out to be a jerk that only wanted to get into Jack’s pants.

Fast forward a few days to the morning of an important negotiation between Overwatch and Blackwatch. Jack shows up to work and gets into the elevator and who does he see? Gabriel. 

Their meeting is on the very top floor of Overwatch’s headquarters, and Jack normally hates the ride up, but he’s pissed. He pushes every. single. elevator. button. 

They argue the entire way up. Spoiler alert: they’re making out by the time they arrive.

Okay, so ummm thing that’s been bothering me since last Tuesday evening:

If you know/think you know something about an actor’s personal life, please keep it to yourself. In no way is it your information to share. They deserve to have their own lives, away from the public eye just as much as you do.

The Joys of Laser Tattoo Removal

Pietro Maximoff X Reader oneshot

Words: 1370

Summary: Pietro Maximoff has a tattoo that he got when he was drunk, and he wants it gone. What happens when he comes to you for help?

Characters: Reader, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Lasers, secondhand embarrassment, not much else.

Author’s Note: Hi there! This is my first attempt at a writing challenge, set forth by the lovely @sgtbxckybxrnes and I had fun! I have to tell you, I know nothing about laser tattoo removal other that what I found from quick searches on Google. This was inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother. This is in Pietro’s POV, sort of. You’ll see what I mean. I hope you like it! My prompt was This. Never. Happened.

Originally posted by registeredalien

(Gif credit to owner)

“I can’t believe this is happening,” groaned out Pietro in his accented voice. He was staring at his reflection in the mirror, trying to clearly see his marked skin. His friends were all laughing loudly from the living room, which was not at all helping his hangover. Pietro walked out of the bathroom to face the room of laughing idiots.

Pietro woke up this morning, and disregarding his pounding head and dry mouth, he felt good. After his break-up, Piet was finally feeling like the world was back in order. At least until he spotted the road-runner tattoo’d on his left bicep. His parents would be so disappointed.

As Pietro walked into the room, his roommate and best friend Sam made a comment.

“So why a road-runner, Wile E. Coyote?” This earned more laughs.

“Shut up, Sam.”

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You Serve Me

Request: “Reader teases Graves the whole day at MACUSA after the fight they had, (just everywhere, in his office, elevators, even at meetings omg), and when they come home after work the whole thing ends up with angry, sort of punishing sex for the poor reader. {I love your writing, honey, you’re an inspiration because I write myself sometimes}” + “could I request a percival smut that he and the reader work together and they have a love/hate relationship? love your fics btw ♡”

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 2031

Warnings: Smut

Originally posted by givemeloveeff

“This isn’t right.” You said to yourself mostly, but Percival still came over, looming his head over to look at the paperwork. His cologne wafted into your senses, mixed with the smell of peppermint toothpaste and coffee. It was just hitting 9am, and you were already eager to head home, not wanting to deal with the pile of irrelevant data that had stacked up on your desk.

“Then fix it.” He shrugged, sipping on the double espresso coffee you had brought for him before work started. “That’s what you’re for, right?”

You had to hold yourself back with great difficulty from slapping his smirking mug. This had been going on since the start of the week, and you were completely fed up. It was enough to belittle you by using his superiority to make you take his coffee orders, but now he was crossing a line by getting you to do his work.

“How long do you plan to torment me?” Your voice raised, face locked in a permanent scowl as you watched the smile fall from his face.

“Are you forgetting your role, (Y/n)?” He grumbled, trying to look indifferent as his cold laced words escaped him. “I am the director of magical security, you serve me.”

You threw your hands in the air, flabbergasted. “Yes but I’m not your personal assistant Percy-“

“That’s Mr. Graves, while you’re here.”

He threw a knowing smirk. He was playing a dangerous game here, but he didn’t seem to realise. You could’ve let every Auror know just how Mr. Graves likes getting his cock sucked, or how he worships your body on the weekends. But instead you found yourself putting on a pleasant smile, obeying him for the sake of plotting your revenge in a much more torturous way.

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“I’ve had more than enough time being stuck with you, considering the whole elevator incident.”

“Next time, let’s just agree to let me do the talking.”

“I’m just a journalist. You’re a superhero. You can be with anyone you wanted. Why me?”

“I’ve been watching them argue for an hour now. At this point, I want to drag them home by their ears.”

“You have seven eyes too many to be a human. Just saying.”

“I’m an angel, not cupid. I am not interfering with your love life.”

“You and Spencer were right about the NAT club. Somebody wants me gone.”

Jason said this to Emily in 3.20 after the elevator incident. I’m just… so….. frustrated…….. that they wasted SO much NAT club potential. Like, just that one line from Jason alone could’ve brought on the best storyline with the NAT club, and it seemed like that’s where they were gonna go with it. But of course not. I love this show and I always will but I will forever remain frustrated by so many missed opportunities and wasted storylines.

Originally posted by prettylittleliartheorie-s

Trapped - Two

“Love in an elevator, livin it up when I’m going down.”

Your eyes snapped up from the case file you were reading. You glared at the singer, watching Penelope strut across the room to her office with a smile on her lips. As she passed the desks where you and Reid sat she turned, grinning at you both. 

“Stupid, stupid cameras,” you muttered to yourself. You reached for your coffee mug finding it empty and stood up. “Spencer do you want a drink?”

You hadn’t really spoken to him since the ‘Elevator Incident’ as the team had been given a few days off. When he’d come into work this morning, he’d barely said two words to anybody, choosing to sit in silence at his desk immersing himself in a cross word puzzle whilst he drank his morning coffee. He didn’t answer. 

“SPENCER,” louder this time. The genius jumped in his seat staring at you like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Huh….Sorry.. …what?“ 

You motioned towards his coffee cup. “Do you want another drink?”

He shook his head mumbling, “No thanks” and went back to his puzzle. 

’Weird’ you thought seeing he’d only completed one answer in the ten minutes he’d been sat there. 

You decided to take your coffee in Penelope’s room and as you opened her door you saw her hurriedly clicking to close down a window on her computer. Your eyes were too quick though and you recognised the imagine of you and Spencer making out in the lift. 

“Pen! Why the hell are you watching that? You promised you’d delete it.” You’d been texting her all over the weekend making her promise to rid the archives of that footage so no one would ever see. 

“I can’t, I just can’t. It’s like watching Harry Potter when Ron and Hermione finally kiss. Or Chuck and Blair, or Seth and Summer. Or those few episodes in Buffy where Xander and Willow were sneaking around behind everyone’s back and making out.” She was starting to get a dreamy look in her eyes. 

“PENELOPE!” You grabbed the mouse trying to find the delete file option but accidentally pressing play instead. 




When you got over the fact that it was you and Spencer on the screen, it did look incredibly….. Hot. You felt a warm flush spreading across your cheeks as you saw on screen you press your lips to Reid’s and saw his looked stunned before closing his eyes and devouring your mouth hungrily. 

“See!” Garcia was almost squealing. “You two are my new OTP.”

You pulled up a chair next to her, pressing the replay button before you realised what you were doing.

“Oh you don’t need to hit replay sweetness. I’ve got it on a loop. I could watch this for hours on end.”

You stared at her.


“I worry about you sometimes, Pen.” You shook your head at her. “What if someone else walks in. Like Hotch…. Or Derek.” Oh you could already imagine the teasing if Derek Morgan saw this. 

She giggled back, “They won’t. Now tell me what it was like.” She scooted her chair closer to yours so that her knees were touching yours. 

You shook your head. “This isn’t a schoolgirl sleepover Garcia. This is our colleague.”

“Oh but imagine the fun if it were a school girl sleepover. We could prank call him and then I could get my friend to find out if he liked you back. We could even send him a letter. Tick A if you like Y/N back or Tick B if you’re blind, stupid and clearly in denial." 

You hated how much she was enjoying your discomfort. 

"Tell me….. And I’ll delete it.”

Your eyed her suspiciously. “Promise.”

She nodded earnestly. “Scouts honour.”

“Fine,” you relented. “It was nice.”

“That was a lot more than nice Agent Y/L/N so don’t even think about palming me off with that.” She narrowed her eyes at you.

You rolled your eyes at her, remembering the feel of Spencer’s tongue running across your bottom lip. You cleared your throat. “Okay it was more than nice. It was……” you struggled to find the right words. 

“Amazing, sexy, by far the best kiss you’ve ever had?” Penelope supplied, her eyebrows raised. 

You nodded, “All of the above. I really wasn’t expecting him to kiss like that.”

Penelope squealed, the sound hurting your ears. “I knew it!” she clapped. 

Her door sounded and Agent Morgan poked his head in. “Ladies as much as I hate to interrupt, Hotch wants us all in his office.”

You stood to leave shooting a Penelope a look. “Yes yes…. I’ll delete it I promise.”

“Delete what?” you heard Morgan asking her as you exited the room together.

“It’s nothing I promise my dark, sexy knight.”

Seeing that video of you and Spencer kissing had made you revert back to a 13 year old girl with a crush. A bad crush. One where if you weren’t careful, you were scared you were going to start doodling love hearts around your initials. 

For the rest of the day you’d found yourself sneaking glances at him when he wasn’t looking, averting your gaze quickly if he happened to look your way. 

You’d been having a discussion with Morgan about the latest case and he’d had to call your name three times to get your attention at one point. Reid had been eating a lollypop you were mesmerised by watching his soft pink lips working their way over the cherry flavoured candy. When you’d caught a glimpse of his tongue sliding out from between his lips to taste it, you’d felt yourself shudder slightly and had been sure you’d let out an audible moan. Morgan had followed your stare across the room and you’d seen a shit eating grin cross his face when he realised what you’d been distracted by. He’d almost galloped off to Garcia’s office after that. 

The next day you’d been in an hurry to get out of your door having not slept particularly well the night before. In your hurry you’d managed to spill a full mug of coffee all over your pants, having to substitute for the only other clean item you had left.

You’d heard Morgan wolf whistle as you’d strolled across in the office in a tight black pencil skirt which had a small slit up the side. It definitely wasn’t indecent atire for work, but after your behaviour yesterday you were sure Derek thought you had an agenda for wearing it. It would be a million times worse if he’d seen what you’d had on under the skirt. Having torn your last pair of panty hose you’d had to be settle for sheer black stockings.

“Nice legs Agent Y/N,” he’d called. You’d seen Spencer quickly glance up at you too and then back down to his case file. 

You headed to the break out room to eat your lunch waving a hello to Spencer and Rossi who were already sat at a table, deep in discussion. As you bent over, rummaging in the fridge for your lunch you heard David Rossi trying to get his attention. 


“Hey Reid!”


You turned around just in time to catch Spencer staring at you, eyes slightly glazed. He was biting his bottom lip. He looked away quickly, a pink hue forming on his cheeks. 

Rossi started laughing to himself realising what the doctor had been looking at. “Seems your skirt is causing quite a distraction today Agent Y/L/N. If I was ten years younger myself, I might allow myself to get distracted too.”

The door banged open and Morgan wandered through with Penelope trailing behind him. 

“Love in an elevator, lovin it up til I hit the ground, he sang loudly, grinning at you and Reid. 

Your eyes snapped to Reid and both of you turned to Penelope.

“Garcia!” Almost in unison with each other.

“You promised you wouldn’t show anyone,” again this was said as a chorus. 

Wait….what? Reid knew about the tape too? He looked almost as confused as you. 

“I’m sorry guys…. I just wanted to find out what you thought of each other. And it turns out, quite a lot! And you know there’s no way I can keep anything from my sweet baby, Derek.”

“Am I missing something here?” Agent Rossi piped up from his spot at the table. 

You glared at Morgan pleading with him not to. He shook his head smirking at you. “Seems Agent Y/L/N here and our boy genius had quite a make out session when they were trapped in the lift together the other night.” He fanned himself mockingly “Boy oh boy that tape was something else.”

“This is on tape?” Rossi sounded amused. 


“Which I may have accidentally on purpose made them both watch yesterday,” Penelope, the sneaky, conniving……. 

“Well I guess that explains why they haven’t been able to stop staring at each other when they think we’re not looking,“ Rossi continued.

Your face was so red right then you were sure you were going to burst into flames. 

“It wasn’t like that!” you protested quickly “Spencer was panicking…..” you trailed off as Reid joined in. “It’s a known fact that to stop someone panicking you need to distract them.”

“And the easiest way to do that was to launch yourself at him?” Derek chuckled.

“It was either that or slap him!” you lost your patience with them and walked out of the room hearing Spencer mumbling behind you as he followed you.  

"And I for one am glad it was the first option.“

You stalked down the corridor hearing them all erupting into laughter. 

"I can’t believe those two!“ you ranted angrily. "She promised she wouldn’t show anyone. And we haven’t been staring at each other at all. It’s bull shit!" 

You felt a sharp tug on your arm then and felt yourself being pulled into one of the supply closets that adorned the corridor. Spencer kicked the door shut and turned to face you in the dim lighting of the small room. 

"We kinda have though. Or at least I have. Especially today Y/N.”

He was standing so close to you right then and you backed up slightly in shock at his words, your legs hitting one of the spare tables that was stored in there.

He licked his lips staring down at you. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss.”

Oh my fuck…..“Me neither,” you’d barely whispered out before his lips crashed onto yours, his hands going straight to your ass, groping it firmly. So he had been looking at you in the kitchen you thought as you kissed him back hungrily. 

You shoved a hand into his gloriously thick hair, running the other up and down his back, your teeth clashing somewhat awkwardly as you both tried to get closer to each other. 

This time it was him that went for your neck, licking and sucking at a spot just below your ear as his hands pulled at your skirt, hitching it all the way up. He groaned when he realised you were wearing stockings and pulled away to glance at the bare skin at the top of your thighs. 

You reached up, tugging at his tie, pulling him in for another mouth watering kiss, his lips alternating between soft and gentle, then hard and furious against yours. His hands cupped your ass, lifting you with arms that were surprisingly strong so that you were perched on the edge of the table. He used his leg to push your knees apart, moving to stand between your legs. 

Your wrapped your legs around him tightly, feeling him hard against your center. Your hands reached for his belt buckle at the same time as he started tugging at your shirt, pulling open the buttons one by one. 

The door to the supply closest opened suddenly, bathing you two in the bright light from the corridor. 

“Dr Reid, Agent Y/L/N! What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Aaron Hotchner stood at the door, a stern look on his face. 

You both stilled…. Shit. 

“You are Federal Agents, not horny college students.”

Neither of you could speak, both frozen in horror. 

His voice was less stern when he spoke again. “Technically you are both on your lunch break, so I cannot reprimand you for wasting the BAU’s time, but for God’s sake get a hotel room next time.”

“Yes sir!” Reid squeaked out.

“Sorry sir,” you croaked. 

“Now straighten yourselves up. Your damn lucky there’s not a camera in this room as well.” You swear you saw your boss grin as he turned and walked off whistling a very familiar Aerosmith tune as he went. 

You and Spencer both looked at each other and burst out laughing realising what the tune was. 

“My place later?” You asked him. He nodded. “Definitely….Keep the stockings on okay.”


Rest of the panel

Allura has always wanted to be a pilot (as opposed to her boyfriend being a pilot as Minmay would sing about). She does respect the lions to not force the issue.

If Shiro (now Keith) is the leader, Allura is clearly the second in command by virtue of her knowledge.

Replay of the Lotor gate clip on YouTube.

Lotor is far more measured and calculating than Zarkon. They sort of cop to Zarkon being one dimensional while describing Lotor more like an onion with layers.

Joking about a beach episode. Then Zarkon and Lotor stuck in an elevator playing off the incident earlier.

Is something on the other side of the hole? Staff won’t say, but Lotor has planned. (My theory of Zeppo being on the other side).

Stuff! Lot of pin sets, comics, chapter books, etc. last not bit least, an ad for the Voltron VR, which is still hella expensive (hardly anyone in the panel played it).

Fan Q&A!

Hunk and Lance getting higher stakes development - “All in good time.” That said, big cast.

No one told Lotor’s VA about Hance. Probably for his luck.

Guy asks Lauren to choose between Lance and Shiro - Allura is described as focused on her mission, not the others. Kim? Shiro.

Woman asks about Black Lion Lance trying to parallel Zarkon and Alfor. Described as “interesting”.

The obligatory LBGT question - Described as “super important” to the producers, but they want to create “as broad a spectrum as possible”. Sounds like secondary characters would be LBGTQ.

Question about Blue leaving Lance. It was for the best according to Blue’s POV, setting him free and moving on. Crowd “Awwed” at that.

Earth is in play but they still seem to not focus on it. But “they feel” homesick Lance.

No word on more motion comics but there’s “a pretty good chance” of them continuing. Voice cast seems on board.

Lotor’s view of Keith being half Galra - Spoilery!

Last question - Lance’s work of accepting Keith as leader was a pretty tough issue to overcome. Red tends to play tough love.

That’s the panel! Sadly I didn’t get to ask a question but them’s the breaks.

FBI Friday

Title: Batman Wears Neon Boxer Briefs

Description: A one shot in which Reid and the reader work together at the BAU and are good friends, and one night she drives him back to his apartment after he gets kinda wasted. Drunken hilarity ensues.

A/N: Hey this is the first Criminal Minds one shot I’ve ever posted. It’s very much fluff, not even especially romantic fluff, but I tried to make it pretty funny, so let me know what you think!

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Falling Slowly 9

Pairing: Steve Rodgers x Reader

Warnings: swearing, sass

Word count : 1508

A/N: i can’t stop listening to ed sheeran’s love songs and i’m slowly dying. enjoy loves

Part 8

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anonymous asked:

are you still doing au headcanons? because mckirk au with jim as a fireman and bones is a paramedic pretty please. (p.s: i adore your writing, omg)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • The first time Bones stops by the firestation it’s because someone’s unwell, and it’s honestly the most chaotic place he’s ever seen. Literally, there’s a ridiculously handsome guy twirling around the pole like he’s some top class stripper, and two other guys are just laughing at how ridiculous it looks. “Jesus Jim, go do what you’re paid for,” Chief Fireman Pike calls out to him, before apologizing to Bones. “He’s our best fireman, he’s just… weird.” “Okay.” Bones says, in lieu of a better answer. Pike guides him to a back room where a guy is sitting with a pack of ice against his eye. “Tell me what happened.”
  • A big fire breaks out, and the ambulance arrives shortly after the firemen. Bones watches them work, admiring their bravery. They’re entering a building that’s literally on fire, coming out with survivors. Bones checks them all out carefully before he sends them off to the hospital for more treatment. By the time the fire’s put out, it’s close to midnight. Bones is about to leave when he catches Jim, his face covered in ash and his right arm looks incredibly bruised. “Hey,” Bones says, approaching him. “Want me to take a look at that?” Jim looks at his own arm, grimacing lightly. “Nah, doc. It’s fine.” “It doesn’t look fine. Tell me what happened.” Jim looks tired, like he just wants to be anywhere else but here, and that’s understandable. “Just some elevator incident. My arm got stuck trying to pull out a few people. It’s fine. We saved lives, that’s important.”
  • It turns out, Jim’s incredibly reckless as a fireman. Sure, he’s the gentleman who saves cats from trees, who helps old ladies cross the street, and who is generally just such a good person. But ever since Bones has been transferred to Brooklyn, he’s sent to the fire department there at least once a week because of some stupid reckless shit Jim’s pulled. And he’ll sit with him, despite the whole “I’m fine, doc., I don’t need to be patched up”. Bones will tell him to shut up, and he patches him up. 
  • “Ouch. Ow-Bones!” “For the last time, just sit still! It doesn’t have to hurt so much,” Bones says as Jim tries to yank his head away. There’s a nasty cut just above his eyebrow that needs stitches, and Jim’s just constantly making Bones’ life hell here. “I swear you’re doing this on purpose,” Jim grits out through his teeth. “I’ll stop doing it on purpose when you stop getting hurt,” Bones counters. He leans in real close to Jim’s face, eyes trained on the wound he’s stitching up, and he can feel Jim’s eyes burning on him. “You smell good,” Jim finally says, and Bones just. He’s speechless for a few seconds. “Thanks?” Bones says, a little hesitantly, before adding: “You dance real good on that pole.” Jim bursts out laughing, the cutest laugh in the world, and it results in Bones having to stitch him up all over again. 
  • And Jim’s just incredibly strong. Bones watches him carry a full grown man in his arms when he exits a burning building, maybe adrenaline has something to do with that, but it’s really impressive. Bones tends to the guy Jim saves and Jim’s doing great. Honestly, Bones pays most attention to his favorite fireman saving people, and he looks so great with grey stained cheeks, toned biceps and his otherwise perfect hair now a dirty blond, but fuck, it’s a look that works well on him. 
  • When they’re mostly done, Bones sits inside the ambulance, and the doors are open and he’s watching the firemen wrap up their stuff. Bones is watching Jim, and the fireman catches Bones staring, and he walks over. Bones notices a limp in his walk. “You okay?” he asks as Jim sits down next to him. “No, doc., I think I need a checkin-up,” Jim says, and Bones frowns because since when does Jim ask for something? “Tell me what’s wrong.” Bones says, and Jim grabs his hand and places it on his leg. “It hurts.” “There?” “Little higher… little higher. Little higher.” Jim says, and Bones catches Jim’s smug grin as Bones’ hand slides up over Jim’s leg, inching closer to Jim’s thighs as he follows his instructions. “Are you-” Bones starts, and he frowns, “Are you kidding me?” “C’mon, doc, I’m serious.” Jim says, even though he’s laughing. He lifts up his arm and points at this little spot there that’s barely even noticeable. “See this? No one’s ever looked into that spot on my arm. What if it’s something serious? Maybe you should go back to my place so you can give me a full exam.” Bones rolls his eyes. “No,” he says, even though it’s definitely a yes. Jim looks insulted. “Take your stethoscope and listen to your own heart, surely it’s telling you to go out with me.” “Jim, no.” “I wish I was your coronary artery so I could be wrapped around your heart.” “Stop.” “I’m a sperm donor-” “JESUS” Bones bursts out laughing, and Jim’s laughing too, and he’s fairly sure it’s because both of them are exhausted. Jim leans in and pushing him back until Bones is just lying on the floor of the ambulance, and he leans over him so he can kiss him, faint taste of smoke on Jim’s lips. Jim runs a hand through Bones’ hair, realizing an ambulance probably isn’t the best place to continue this, so he pulls away with a smirk and he’s just like: “So, want to go and play doctor at my place?” Bones groans because Jim’s lines are just terrible, but he’s definitely going to Jim’s place tonight.
Ezra is AD and Big Bad of PLL - Season 2

This post is a continuation of other posts that offer evidence that Ezra is Uber A and Big Bad of PLL. This post deals solely with evidence from Season 2.

The Aria-Ezra-Jason love triangle:

What is more classic than a family rivalry over a girl? That scene at the dinner table is memorable. I’m thinking Ezra is also Mary Drake’s and was adopted to the Fitzgeralds. It’s very interesting if Ezra is A ..after Ali and Aria at the same time, while Jason tries to protect them both, in his own way.

Ezra also brought whiskey to the dinner at Aria’s which A is commonly seen drinking. Only a few characters at this point in the show are old enough to buy alcohol. Ezra is one of them.

Ezra’s Hollis diploma was seen in Dr. Sullivan’s office….A/Mona would’ve had to plant it. Who would have given Mona access to the diploma other than Ezra? Maybe Aria … but we all know how everyone feels about the Aria is A theories.

Jason tells Aria that Alison took the pictures of her she found, but Ali never mentions this nor do they explain. Who else would have intimate access to Aria to take pictures of her sleeping and plant them as Ali’s? Ezra. These same pictures are seen above A’s desk in a lair. Later on in season 6, Ezra mentions having a portrait of Aria above his desk. Maybe this was the one he was actually talking about.

Jason then has this photo framed and gives it to Aria as a gift.

Then A seems to viciously go after Jason. It would make sense if Ezra actually took these pictures and got jealous when Jason framed them for Aria. It would make perfect sense that Ezra would want to punish Jason for trying to take Aria away from him (hence the elevator shaft incident).

In “Eye of the Beholder,” we learn that Jenna was in Jason’s house when it exploded. However, Jason never asked Jenna to come over or was involved with her. It would make sense that Ezra would want to get back at Jason for trying to be with Aria and set his house on fire in revenge. After Aria’s parents forbid her to see Ezra - instead of doing the responsible thing and stay away from her - this obviously doesn’t stop him even though his feelings for her may or may not be real at this point.

Lolita, the book connected to Vivian Darkbloom, is about a teacher being sexually attracted to young girls. Aria looks like Vivian Darkbloom, Ali’s alter ego.

As soon as Jackie started getting into Ezra’s business again, he sent the liars to destroy her. Why would A care about Jackie unless it was someone close to him? Jackie tries to mess with Ezra’s relationship with Aria. This would ruin his “research” and her utility to him as a source of information if they broke up.

Ezra has a mask on at the ball but takes it off and kisses her publicly. The episode is called “unmasked.” Also: He now has his claws in deep and can control her at will.

If I could be a fly on the wall….

You never see Solange and Jay Z interact at all after the elevator incident …

I just want to know what the family says about him when he’s not around… I bet it’s good and juicy 😂

Mettaton x reader

You couldn’t believe it. After every thing that you, Frisk, and the others had been through, the barrier was finally broken. You wanted to go tell all of the friends that you had made on your way through the underground. There were two in particular. Napsablook and Burgerpants.

You were on your way to talk to BP first because he was closer. As much as you like hanging out with him, you didn’t much care for his boss, Mettaton. Even though he is really popular with most people in the Underground and was really talented, he had been nothing but creepy since the moment that you met him.

Alphys and Blooky had tried to convince you that he was an okay person, and you were almost won over to this idea. That was before the incident. Somehow Mettaton had gotten your phone number, he then called you. All the time. After the fist few days of getting calls every hour, you started to just ignore all of the calls from him. This apparently didn’t go over well, because he started to call even more. It eventually got to the point of calling at a literal nonstop rate.

The only worse thing than your phone constantly ringing was the voicemails that went with them. The nicer ones went along the lines of, “Hello, Darling, I just wanted to talk. Call me when you can.” But then there were the rest of them. These were the ones that made you much more then concerned. These were the voicemails that said, “You’re starting to make me angry, (Name)! That’s not something you really want to do!” or “Your phone didn’t ring as long as it did the last few times. I know you ignored my call on purpose. That was a poor choice on your part, Darling! I will NOT be ignored!”

It had gotten so bad that you took the battery out of your phone. You and Frisk just shared the phone they had gotten from Toriel.

You’re pulled from your thought as the elevator doors open with a ding. You sigh, and push yourself off of the wall you were leaning on. A quick walk later your at MTT Burger. No one else is there, so you can walk straight up to the counter. “Dude, I have some great news for you!” You shout, and about make BP jump through the roof. He turns quickly and says, “(Name)! You can’t talk to me right now! I’m on my shift!” You laugh, and continue, “I don’t care! You need to know! The barrier have been broken! We can all go to the surface!” He looked very excited for a moment, but then quickly changed back to his grumpy face. “That’s great and all, but Mettaton still won’t let me off until my shift is over anyways. In fact, knowing him, he’ll probably give me unpaid overtime.” You sigh, and shake your head. You know he’s sadly right. “Well, just let me know when you do get off, okay?” With that you walked out.

You made a b-line for the exit of the hotel. The sooner you could get out of Mettaton territory the better. Once out of the hotel, you headed for the next elevator. You were headed for the river person because walking the whole way to Blooky’s house by yourself was not a great idea. Especially if there is a slight, if not completely, crazy robot that may or may not be stalking you. You knew that you were being paranoid, but better safe then sorry.

You make it to the elevator with no real incident. You press the button, and stick you hand in your pocket to grab your phone…
“Crap! I forgot to get the phone from Frisk!”
You’re a bit worried for a little bit, but then you figure that it’s probably better for Frisk to have it because they’re younger. You’ll just borrow Blooky’s phone when you get to his house. You get into the now open elevator and start to play the waiting game. It was a straight shot down from the elevator to the river person. You’d just have to walk past the lab.

The hum of the elevator stopped, and was followed by the trademark ding when the doors opened. You’re filled with a sudden feeling of fear when you see Mettaton standing in the doorway. “Surprise, Darling…” He says in almost a whisper. You stand in shock and confusion. What was he doing here? Why did he have that scary expression? Was he waiting for you? You get enough of your nerve back to confront him about the last question. “How did you know that I was going to be here?”

Mettaton smiled maliciously and pulled you out of the elevator. “Did you forget that I was originally built to hunt humans? And there are only two humans down here right now. All I had to do was look and see if my scanners detected an adult or a child. Imagine my delight when it was indeed you, and not Frisk.” With that he pulled you into a impossibly tight hold. You tried to get yourself out, but your futile efforts just made him laugh in dark amusement.

You finally spoke up, “Let me go! I was headed somewhere, and everyone will worry if I don’t get there soon!” Another chuckle left his lips. “I know.” He said in terrifyingly soft voice. “You wanted to go to Blooky’s house. Lucky for you, I’m going somewhere nearby. Actually, that’s where you are going too.” With that his hand went over your mouth, and a strange gas shot into your face.

The last thing you saw as you blacked out was his him picking you up bridal style. “Just rest for now, my dearest. I’ll explain more when we get home. Sweet dreams beautiful”

britishroyallove  asked:

From reading Prince William's interview with GQ, it sounds like interviews with Royals are rare. Do you think the Queen will ever give an interview?

They are quite rare yes ^^ 

Her Majesty gave a semi-interview for the documentary The Queen at 90. It wasn’t really an interview but they had her, and other member of the royal family react to old footage of the family. It’s a lovely documentary ^^ 

Apart from that there are several other videos on Youtube that show the queen speaking more candidly. A few I like:

And a personal favourite of mine: the broken elevator incident. Where the Queen is heard said my favourite sentence I’ve ever heard her say;

“What a life one lives”

I hope you enjoy these ^^ but I don’t know whether HM has ever given a proper interview, or whether she ever will. I would love that but she might not. Thanks for you quesiton ^^