elevator incident


Elevator Incident” Narrated by MrCreepyPasta

Thank you, MCP.

Elevator Incident.

On Monday, I was HECKA PMSy and I was upset at Jo because he blew up at me that I wasn’t in his room he got back from running an errand, when I said I was going to be there….so here’s what happened while he was gone..

I needed to print some things from my printer so I decided to take Jo’s keys and place them in their “usual hiding place” so he could get to them if I was gone. I tried calling him on my way up to my room, but he wouldn’t answer! So I went up and did my thing and came back down within 10-15 minutes. During that time, Andrew was messaging me telling me that I needed to come down and give the keys to Jo so he could get in. And he was hecka rushing me! I finally came down and Jo totally blew up at me and seemed hecka frustrated. I could understand why he was so angry, but that doesn’t me he has to freakinn blow up at me like that. WTF? So I was really quiet around him and wouldn’t really acknowledge him, not even during our relationship class. Finally, by the end of class, I was cooled off and ready to talk again. HOWEVER….. when we went to the C store to get subway, he would ignore me and just constantly mess with his phone. That got me mad. Then, as we were walking back to Emerson, he totally walked like 40 feet in front of me …and that really got me mad. So, when he opened the door for me to the stairs in Emerson, I just brushed by him and walked straight up to my floor and to my room. I cried on my way down the hall to my room and while I was eating subway alone in my room while watching “We got married” on my laptop. 

I realized that my laptop was running out of battery and that I had left my charger in Jo’s room. I then realized that Jo had messaged me on facebook and I messaged him back, but he didn’t respond. Then my screen went black. I had run out of battery. So I decided to go down to his room and talk about what happened..and get my charger. So I walked out of my room, down the hall, and pressed the Down Elevator button. Then I heard the bell ding and some whistling coming from the elevator. As the door opened, you’ll never guess who was standing right in front of me….JO. WTH?! What are the chances of us running into each other like that. SO BIZARRE. We freaked out for like a minute and then finally talked it out and we were all good. What a crazy moment for the both of us. But at least we worked it out! And now we have a cool epic moment that we can always remember and talk about!