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FMK with Herc, Laf, and Peggy. The lab partner/elevator/employee trainer one with Mads, TJeffs, and Maria 💖

Oh fuck this is hard aaaaa
Obviously marry peggy she is best girl
Fuck Laf
Sorry Herc
(Honestly just let me marry them all)
Elevator: Maria for sure
Lab partners with Jefferson: assuming he does some work i am fine with having a hot lab partner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Trained by JMads: a sensible dude who would teach me the job right

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lab partner/elevator/mcdonalds meme with the ot3... jj, otabek, yuri

oh was I ready for this binch

Lab Partner; Otabek - dependable and I can gaze at him for a whole semester yes please

Stuck in an elevator - while I originally said JJ in my heart, I’m wondering now if he might get anxious and since I would be anxious, I think I might change this to be Yuri because if nothing else his salt and beauty would keep me alive

So then, JJ is my trainer at mcdonalds. And that’s a new AU if I’ve ever seen one. He’d train you in JJ style and not company policy

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mc donalds/ lab partner/ elevator meme with JRR Tolkein, Victor Hugo, and Franz Kafka. language barrier not an issue in this scenario; you can communicate with and understand the latter two as well as you would be able to communicate with and understand a native english speaker from your own country, don't ask how, this is a hypothetical question

Oh god. This took me ages in pART because I would not want to be stuck in a lift with any of these men. It’s already been pointed out that Hugo would probably take his clothes off, it’s a Romantic thing, and like: no. Kafka’s going to be freaking the fuck out - you know what, he’d probably be the most bearable, maybe? But also I’d have to live with the fact that I trapped Franz Kafka in a lift for ten hours. Like, not directly but definitely As A Result Of My Choices. He’d be falling apart and I’d be apologising and we’d both be wracked with guilt and it’d be a tremendous mess is what I’m saying. I guess this means I have to go with J.R.R., who is presumably going to be slightly patronising and 1950s-male-professorish at me while I try to avoid at any point letting slip that I mostly consider his magnum opus to be a beautiful and touching gay love story padded out unnecessarily with a lot of battles and camping. 

This leaves me with a a couple of bad choices. I guess Hugo can train me in my McDonald’s job. He’ll probably begin by giving me a history of the concept of fast food, and build from there. Maybe on like day 4 we’ll start talking about chips in particular and specific terms and possibly by the second week we’ll be actually, like. Preparing things. 

This leaves Kafka for my lab partner. Things are going to get in-ter-es-ting. 

Nice Guy Complex & The Friend Zone

A nice guy complex , herein referred to as NGC, is characterized typically by a male who acts kind and empathetic towards a desired sexual partner in the hopes that they will have sex with the desired partner. This is seen across all social structures, but manifests in larger quantities in groups who do not adhere to traditional male roles. Current structures tell us that men must seek, and women must be sought out. This is toxic, and the NGC is a contemporary manifestation of the same structure. Despite the common claim by NGC individuals as being unlike other men they are a spin on the structure they strive to separate from. This structure is prevalent in movies where the nice guy outsider defeats the school bully, becomes popular, and gets the girl. A power fantasy sold by Hollywood manifest into toxic and destructive masculinity.

NGC will go out of their way to be a shoulder to cry on, helpful friend, and confidant. Their long term hope is to have her develop feelings for him, and ‘realize’ he is the right choice for her. Coercion can be a major aspect in this. Threatening to no longer be friends, derogatory language towards other men she is dating, comparing himself to the men to name few. The NGC tries to take a boyfriend like role in an attempt to ease into the position for the sole purpose of sex as a reward. This is predatory behaviour which is dangerous, and makes them no different from the men they demonize. When confronted or let down by the woman the NGC will often play the victim as a ploy to gaslight, or get sympathy.

NGC individuals are often outsiders from social norms. Social anxiety or socially awkward behaviour; introverted individuals, classical geek/nerds, or unusual hobby/ interests. Many times they have been subject to cruelty from bullies, authority figures, and women in their lives. These events are real and valid, however they manifest in NGC as predatory and destructive tendencies. They still feel entitled to a woman’s body as though she owes him sex for being a nice guy. He should get his ‘Feminist Cookie’ for not being like the other jerks she dates. They will take an ethical superiority to other men, and simultaneously degrade the majority of women as only liking bad boys. They feel overlooked and underappreciated which focus onto women as the sinner and the saint. They are cause of their strife, yet the idol upon the pedestal they must worship to get the sex they feel they deserve. This is toxic masculinity, self destructive behaviour, and predatory in nature.

Which brings me to the Friend Zone. When a NGC is rejected by their target they enter a phase called ‘The Friend Zone’ which is their way of categorizing the women not being interested in having sex with them. The NGC will play it off as being okay, but they are deeply hurt by the rejections. The NGC is unable to deal with the rejection in a healthy way since they have a fantasized idea of the relationship. They will have constructed a unrealistic fantasy of the relationship that is beyond perfect, and to them will solve all of their problems. Because of this they refuse to accept the rejection and continue trying to be a nice guy with the idea that eventually she will change her mind. A NGC can be obsessed with the individual or idea of them. The Friend Zone itself is a way of placing the blame on the woman for the rejection of the man. She placed him into the friend zone, and he needs to heroically break free. The delusional self image of themselves as a white knight who will rescue the woman from herself. The NGC still relies on male privilege and position. The woman is expected to come around and decide on the better partner, thus elevating herself. When rejected she is the villain who is to blame. The friend zone is derogatory in nature, both to the men and women. A man who is in the friend zone is seen as having failed, whereas a woman who puts a man into the friend zone is a terrible person that doesn’t know what she has. In reality the woman is not interested in the individual, and being a human being has the right to decide who she is romantic with or sleeps with. The NGC does not believe she has these rights. A NGC is a destructive construct of toxic masculinity. No one benefits from these scenarios.

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Lab partner, elevator buddy, or McDonald's supervisor: Diana, Anakin, and Thor. Go.

lab partner with Anakin bc he is a Nerd, he downplays it fairly often but honestly once you get him going on anything related to machinery he’s off like a horse

elevator buddy with Thor. yes we’ll be stuck in there for ten hours but honestly I’ll go to sleep and he can braid my hair.

which leaves Diana as a McDonald’s supervisor which is hilarious. pls imagine Wonder Woman calmly training a whole team of McDonald’s people to Kick Ass and Take No Shit.

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lab partner, broken elevator, employee trainer: bitty, johnson, and tater

Lab Partner: Tater. he’d blow something up, but it would at least be a fun class.

Broken Elevator: Johnson. Can you imagine the discussions to be had? Plus, I’d probably get to see his face.

Employee Trainer: This goes right to Bitty. That sweetheart of a man would calm all my nerves and make sure I knew everything I needed to know and then check on me and answer all my questions without being condescending.

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Root, Shaw and Kara Danvers for the lab partner/ elevator / McDonalds ask :)

• get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester

root. because listen. labs are boring & i could ace them in my sleep. someone’s gotta help me make things a little more interesting

• get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours

kara, and i’m fully aware she can’t get us out of the elevator and we have to stay there for the whole time, but tbh i think we’d have a Good Time

• get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds

i think shaw & i have similar sensibilities when it comes to Doing The Work, she’d get straight to the point and tell me what i needed to do

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if you are doing that lab partner elevator and employee trainer thing can i say the SkyDad and his SkyKids?

I forgot I reblogged that post, so at first I was really really confused about this ask, hahahaha!

lab partner: Luke. If I’m gonna be stuck with someone for an entire semester and my grade depends on it, I want it to be the nice one, lmao.

broken elevator: Anakin. I can probably distract him easier than I could Leia. Though probably not before he fucks with the elevator’s electronics and we end up more stuck, but at least we have no worries at all about air supply.

employee trainer: Leia. She’s good at the giving orders and being in charge thing. And if I piss her off, at least she’s only my trainer temporarily.

The ask meme

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For the fuck/marry/kill meme but with elevators and lab partners and McDonald's employee trainers: Bill Cipher, Chloe Bourgeois and Shiro

Lab partner - Chloe Bourgeois. F*k it, I’ll do her work. It’s the best possible scenario given the other options, and she probably won’t mess everything else up

Trapped in an elevator for 10 hours - Shiro. I feel like this doesn’t need much explanation.


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Raider-official, Warlord-official, and Palkyrie-official for the "lab partner-elevator-trainer" game, vikings edition

Ok let’s see.

Get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester: Valk. She knows how to make fire flasks so she obviously has handled chemicals before.

Get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours: Warlord, cuz he looks like he has a lot of interesting stories to tell and ten hours is a lot of story time

Get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds: Probably Raider, cuz she always yells so you know you fucked up, but she’ll also yell when you did good. Basically it’s just yelling. She’ll also take no shit from customers too so that’s a plus.

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for the lab partner elevator mc thingie u_u robb theon and jon u_u

Get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester:

Robb! :D He’d be totally considerate and get my unorganised ass into gear, he’d arrange study time where’d he’d invite me over to his house to get to work on our report and I’d be introduced to all of his family and he’d make sure we were productive while also being considerate. We’d totally ace the course.

Get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours:

This one is obviously Theon omg I mean who else would I choose to be there to entertain me for 10 whole hours of isolation XD he’d break the ice and we’d end up complaining about shit and cracking jokes and telling stories the whole time until help comes and then you’d probably have a drink together.

Get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds:

Jon, he probably works there to support himself and we could bond over hating the people we have to deal with and generally being broody/depressive. He’d give you useful advice about how the place actually works and who you don’t want to piss etc. and generally how to survive working in the depressing world of fast food lmao. He’d be the kind of guy you’d close up with/finish for the night and you’d just sit out the back of the place in the cold air with him, talking about whatever until you’ve suddenly spent an hour just talking. Instead of you catching the bus he’d be the kind of guy to offer you a ride and in the car there’d be some idle chatter but mainly just enjoying some good, chill night driving music and the sound of Jon tapping to the beat on the steering wheel.

send three characters

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Lab partner, Broken elevator, McDonald's trainer: Pulaski, Lwaxana Troi, Admiral Nechayev

Lab partner: Pulaski is no nonsense and, well, a doctor, so she’s ideal to pull her weight here and make the experience enjoyable.

elevator: Lwaxana loves to talk and had plenty of stories, and we already know she’s comforting to get stuck with in an elevator!

trainer: I don’t recall much about Admiral N, other than that she’s probably a bit of a stick in the mud? but she is an Admiral, so that professionalism would do well in this role.

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For the lab partner/ elevator/ McDonald's thing- Steven, Craig and Ross.

Lab partner: Craig, because he’d probably know a lot more about certain science thingys than I do. And if he for some reason would turn crazy I could just hide under our desk
Stuck with in an elevator: Steven, because that’d be amazing and it would probably make me feel a lot less traumatized (I’m really scared of elevators, hah- qwq )
McDonalds thingy: Ross, because it just seems the most likely- XD

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"new ask game: send three characters and i’ll tell you which i’d rather have ((the elevator, lab partner, mcd's one~))" - musical squip, lance mcclain, connor murphy

Lab partner- squip, get that mother fucker away

Mcdonalds dood- Lance, he’d be chill and laid back Connor would probably get stressed and leave

Elevator- Connor Murphy, we could have a therapy session