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Jimin - Dope Series

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You were an artist without inspiration. Desperate to find something, you visit your best friend’s office in hopes of sparking something artsy - But you only find Jimin.

Genre: Fluff | Smut
Members: Jimin x Reader (feat. Taehyung)
Word count: 8414


Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

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Mission: Impossible *Clint Barton AU*

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Summary: Clint tells the story of him before the Avengers, only a couple years into SHIELD, before Natasha and everything related to him now. He tells the story of the one mission that almost broke him, the mission that made his brother disappear without a trace, he tells the story of you; his sister. (May lead into Civil War or my own sequel of some kind)

Barney Barton isn’t based on the comics or anywhere, he is kind of an OC but with a Marvel name slapped on him, I wanted Clint to have his brother with him. Barney isn’t meant to be the comic version of him, he’s my own, just with a Marvel name, sorry to disappoint.

Plot & Character Profiles || Prologue 

    Chapter One

The car slowed to a stop in front of a helicopter the main rotor blades still turning; letting out a hard sigh I exit the car, holding the Intel file close to me as I stepped out, shutting the door I smooth down my suit and let out another nervous breath of air. I walk towards the helicopter, the blades making it difficult to hear or see anything due to the wind it’s creating, the side door opens revealing a few men.

Alan Hunley steps out, dark suit and grey hair but not due to age due because of the stress of the job, he walks a couple steps to meet with a firm handshake and stiff expression; no different to my own.

“Agent Barton, nice to finally meet you” he speaks loudly, I nod once back at him “I was impressed with how you handled operation: V-MC. Very quick thinking and done with such technique, I would have fooled you for one of my own Agents” Mr. Hunley states. 

He glancing down at the file in my hand I silently hand it to him, he takes it from me and opens it; a few swift glances he nods to himself, looking up once more, he eyes me for a few seconds

“Director Fury wants you, you’re a fine addition to the force, Barton. Keep up the good work and you’ll be as great as your brother” he patted my shoulder before turning and leaving.

“As great as my brother, huh?” I muttered to myself “He has a team to help him, I do everything solo, but am I better or greater? Nope” grumbling as I got back in the passenger side to be taken back to Head Quarters, I watch as the helicopter takes off and away from the pad; it’s bad to imagine a missile flying into that isn’t it? Yes, it is. 

The drive is short but silent, us Agents aren’t very talkative, something I’ve found out, they also don’t have a sense humour either, still doesn’t hold me back from a joke. The car pulls to a stop in front of SHIELD, I pushed the door open once more and stepped inside the giant building, I’ll never get used to working here; well, that’s a lie give me five years and I might be used to the early hours. 

Swiping my I.D across the screen to call for an elevator, I waited with a few more Agents, it’s a short wait and a long way up to the Director’s office; no one makes conversation, shocker, right?

Stepping out of the elevator I walk to the glassed walled office, I resist the urge to wave and he doesn’t even acknowledge me as I walk in, standing awkwardly beside the door as I wait for some kind of command or comment from him; I used to be my own boss before this, what kind of person allows themselves to be told what to do? 

He looks up from his screen, Director Fury is a person I never want to be on the wrong side of, not even because of the get-up; eye patch, leather jacket and mean- grouchy face, his whole vibe screams… I’ll kill you if I want to.
He nods to the sit in front of him, I walk over and sit down, it’s unusual to get a mission directly from the Director; unless I’m being told off again, that happens a lot, I do something stupid and get caught out.

“I trust the file made it to Senior Hunley okay?” I nodded and he did too “good, he’s going to be giving the rest of the SWARM missions to one of his teams” I frown deeply, that was my mission, I completed it beyond brilliantly; now he is passing off to a team? I done the hardest part, now a whole team will be taking the credit for something I should be doing. 

Director Fury stands up, unamused face but he could sense my tension, I knew he could; he’s the greatest spy here, he can read people easily
“Don’t worry, I’m passing you over to the team that gets the mission, I believe you’ll benefit greatly when working in a team?” he tells me, leaning on his desk and I raise my eyebrows.

“Thank you, Director” I sigh out “but we both know who Senior Hunley will choose for these missions, the team I mean, I don’t want to…” I trail off and he nodded “Myself and him don’t really work well… together, we’ve been knocking heads since our young days, I’m sure his team will do just fine without me” he shakes his head at me, sitting back down in his chair. 

“Your knowledge on SWARM will benefit the team, I want you working with them, Alan Hunley is being informed as we speak on the arrangements of this operation; sure enough, he will tell the other Agent Barton, get to know the team, you’ll be working with them throughout the duration of bringing SWARM down” he tells me, I nod once before standing up, the anger boiling inside of me dwindles as I pull open the door.

“Clint; floor thirty-four, find Benji Dunn, he’s already caught up to speed” he calls, I stop and look at him “before your mission begins, I’ll need to talk to, go over a few last details of the mission for you” Nick Fury is one of the greatest spies’s that’s ever lived but it wouldn’t take a genius to work out that there’s an underline of something more there, something he wants to tell me but can’t yet, whatever it is… cannot be good.

Stepping into the elevator again, it’s silent as I stand brewing away all the anger, how am I meant to work alongside Barney? We avoid each other at the best of times, it’s better for us to not be around one another, it’s always been that way; we’ve always been better apart. 

The doors opened and another agent stepped inside, tall and dark haired, he smiled briefly before asking to be sent to level five, I was going to level thirty-four, it’s silent and I can feel him looking at me briefly till I meet his gaze for a few seconds with raised eyebrows.

“Barton, right?” he asked and I nodded, curiosity settling in “I heard about the operation you did; V-MC, damn that was good one” he chuckled and I nodded, a tight smile forming,

“I’m Agent Rumlow” he extends a hand and I shake it firmly, well, as firmly as I can manage since this guy is taller and much more… muscular than me “these elevators are the slowest things in the world” he sighed, I chuckled and nodded in agreement “so slow, you could fight a bunch of men in here and be done by the time the doors opened” he nudges me, I chuckle once more, the doors finally sliding open and he gives a small wave as I smile before walking down the corridor towards I am hoping, Benji Dunn. I’ve never been on the level the teams work on, this whole department is a different organisation entirely, a department Agents like me and others dream about being part of or having our own team.

I opened a door and step inside, it’s messy and full of cabinets with files askew and laptops plus other gadgets placed messily on top of tables, the far wall is a massive screen with a map and red lines in an orderly fashion and I notice movement. 

A whole glass wall which has a small room behind, computer screens all lining a wall, sat in front of them is who I presume is Benji Dunn, must be the Computer Specialist for the team, a firm pat on my shoulder makes me jump and I turn to see Alan Hunley smiling tightly at me as he steps inside.

“Barton, so glad you found the room okay” he called and the man with the many screens turns, pushing himself from the desk on the spinning chair towards the door, he opens it and peeks out with a broad grin; definitely the tech genius.

“Clint Barton meet Benji Dunn, Agent and Computer Specialist for the team you’ll be working with, he’s been working on the Intel you brought back from the operation you went on” he informs me, I nod and look at Benji who stands up and pushes the chair back inside his room before walking to me, smiling and extending a hand; I’ve shaken a lot of hands today.

“Great to finally meet you, I didn’t know Barney had a brother till I got the information two days ago, he doesn’t really talk about you, like at all” he chuckled and I smile with a small nod, letting go of his hand and looking at Hunley who was looking at the information on the screen,

“Oh, that’s all the bases of SWARM we may know of, plus organisations they have stuck their hands in, I’m sure there’s more but these are the ones we should be focusing on; a lot in Dubai” he tells me and Hunley “Um, Mr. Hunley is the team changing or… are the Barton brothers working alongside one another?” he asked lightly, avoiding my eyes.

“Barney is still head Agent, along with his trainee Miss Avery, you have Clint here because he infiltrated SWARM undetected and got the information, he’s valuable and essential to these missions” Hunley informs, Benji nods straight away “I’m sure, Barney will call Luther in for help, he has resources, people that can help, I’m sure the team is being sorted by him now” Hunley announced,

“I hate to be the only person viewing this wrong” I begin and their eyes are on me “but I don’t think myself and Barney should be working together, I’m happy to give what I know, tell you the information on everything I saw and heard when inside but… we’ve never seen eye-to-eye on anything” I tell Hunley, who nods lightly as if he is actually thinking this over.

“I know for a fact my brother can handle this without me, I’d much rather be working solo, despite this whole operation happening because I retrieved more than anyone expected… I’m happy to sit this out” the sour taste in my mouth as Senior Alan Hunley looks at me with raised eyebrows, almost challenging me silently, like he knows I am not happy about this situation I am put in.

“Agent Barton, I was told by Director Fury to put you on this team, I am more than happy to take you off this team also but Nick firmly believes this will work out; so it’s gonna work out,” Hunley tells me and I remain silent and stoic
“I want reports back that you and Barney are working well together, whatever family crisis you have going on… it doesn’t come between taking down SWARM, is that clear Agent?” he asked me and I nod once. 

“Catch that Barton up to speed, tell Barney I need a few words before the operation is a go, I want to be kept up to date at all times Benji, avoid what happened last time” he sternly stares at the tech genius before leaving, Benji gulps and sighs as the door shuts with a soft slam.

“Wait who is Alan Hunley? Is he someone important?” Tony asked, Clint sighed with annoyance and frowned, all the other Avengers looking at Clint curiously as he nodded; he knew they would ask questions as he told the story.

“Senior Alan Hunley dealt with the department my brother worked for, they were their own little organisation within SHIELD, very secretive and top spies worked in those elite teams.” Clint explained 

“Alan Hunley made sure things ran…smoothly within the teams, made sure the missions were handled with care, his job was like Nick Fury’s only he was more government side. If we needed money, he’d deal with it for us, he was… a good man” Clint sighed and looked at every expectedly “any more questions before I carry on?” he asked with a sigh, no one mutters a single word.

“Good” Clint sighs, clearing his throat and sipping a new beer before continuing his story, at this rate they’d be here all day and all weekend.

“So, what happened last time?” I asked, Benji shifted under my gaze, ignoring my previous question as he got all the files he needed to show me together “c’mon, what happened?” I asked once more and he sighed lightly, looking directly at me and muttering the words ‘unbelievable’ under his breath.

“A lot” he tells me simply “we were meant to do a simple takedown of a few agents plus a rescue of another field agent, we get there, it’s difficult but we get her out” Benji avoids eye contact “turns out this organisation, SWARM, well they deal with technology too; not just medicine” I nod once, even though he doesn’t look up.

“The agent we were saving had a microchip implanted in her brain through her nose, they knew her location but also… with a simple push of a button, they could shut down her brain… they did that” Benji finally looks up, frown present on his face “we didn’t even make it back here, they just killed her, no need for our location or anything” it’s silent for a few seconds, dead silence as he looks back down again, shuffling papers and pushing them towards me, I nod once and pick them up flipping through a few “that’s why we need all the hands we can get”. 

“What exactly is our play?” I asked “how exactly does everyone think we will be taking down SWARM? From what I’ve seen, they got high security and people everywhere” Benji nods once.

“Well, that’s a question for when Barney gets here, he’ll be briefing everyone on our operation” Benji confirms “he should have been here by now” he glances at his watch, turning his torso to check the time on the wall clock also, shrugging lightly as he goes back to his computers and I’m left looking through all the information I had collected for this operation.

“Everyone?” I asked, raising my eyebrows, I should probably know his team; I should know his team! Benji chuckled and nodded.

“Barney is operation leader, I’m Computer specialist, Agent Avery who is training under Barney and then Luther; he’s not strictly part of our team but we use him when necessary, this is necessary.” I nod once, great, more people I’m gonna have to work alongside. 

The door opens brashly, I pull myself from the files and look up to see the back of Barney walking around the table, I frown as he walks towards a part of the wall and presses a certain part revealing a small touch-pad.
He presses in the code and the wall reveals a small compartment, he pulls out a bag and begins to place things inside, 

“Only pack what we need,” he orders once to Benji, who nods without hesitation at my older brother, I watch in silence. 

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“Just been informed of a small group of SWARM Agents going to Russia I’ll explain in the jet, right now I need Agent Avery; simple operation, stop and get what they are looking for before they get to it” Barney orders to Benji, who nods packing up a laptop and various other gadgets. 

Benji nods in my direction, I switch my gaze to Barney, he’s already looking at me. 

“Clinton” Barney nods in my direction. 

“Charles” I mock back, he sighs at me, he never liked his real name; can’t say I blame him. 

“You’re either coming along or staying here, I don’t mind” He pulls the bag from the shelf and walks towards the door “I suggest coming along” he mutters before the door softly shuts behind him. 

(Let me know what you think of this idea, or if you have anything you think may be cool to add or any ideas of your own that you think may work well with this AU. Click HERE to get a plot summary + Character profiles on my OC, it also explains what is happening and gives background on a few points. I really hope you like this, this idea is a little extreme and I have never written something elaborate on Clint before - Rosalee)

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