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Dogs of Future Past  - Part 22

And it’s another new part of Dogs of Future Past that’s written! Sans and Timedog attempt some form of communication, but might raise more questions than answers…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Robot Longshoremen Could Reduce Space Needed for Ports by Half

Future shipping ports won’t need acres and acres of land to transfer and hold containers unloaded from ships. Instead, robotic carts and elevators will efficiently shuttle containers around multistory structures and deliver them to tractor-trailers that pull in below. 

That’s the idea behind the Robotic Container Management & Storage System being proposed by Israel Aerospace Industries. The whole thing would be managed by an autonomous control system overseen by human operators.

IAI says the system can load and unload containers 1.5 times faster than currently possible while reducing space needed for operations by half.

(China’s Qingdao Container Terminal via Shutterstock.)

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