Pull her close— look deep in the soul of her eyes and let her know that you’re honored to even exist in her dimension. Let her know that her existence was a mere existent of every piece of energy you ever felt. Remind her that your light shines just a little brighter when she’s around. Tell her you’re in love with every paradox that told you a being like her didn’t exist. The type of magic that a touch feels like a kiss without even being in the vicinity of her epitome. To the point her conscious elevates your humility because you have nothing to prove.

Let her know you miss her presence as if the ocean elevated to heaven. Look and her and say—Heaven. Make that image so vulnerable yet value that when she looks at you she feels like heaven.

Generational Planets’ Roles In The Natal Chart

The sun & personal planets are the conscious mind.
Jupiter & Uranus are the elevated conscious mind.
The moon & Saturn are the subconscious mind.
Pluto is the unconscious mind.
Neptune is partially all four.

Uranus represents the part of the native’s psyche that belongs to & is confined by no molds, no boundaries, no rules. It is Camus’ Absurd Man. It isn’t simply a member of society, it is society. It’s limitlessness is superhuman, and its groundbreaking singularity ruins conformity & unity itself.

Neptune represents the part of the native’s psyche that belongs to the universe. It’s stardust, dark matter; untouchable, and entirely immortal as a result. It’s the soul, settling at the bottom of the vessel that is you and only bubbling to the surface in the form of confusion & dreams. It’s on every level.

Pluto represents the part of the native’s psyche that belongs to nothing but itself. It’s the moment Lucifer betrayed his Maker, bottled in a single shadow; it’s the divine bloodshed that followed, and the underworld born of the overworld’s ashes. It exists on a raw vibration that you don’t understand, yet it is the source of everything that is catastrophic about you.

These planets are so godlike that we can’t even recognize them in our insignificant selves; we can’t see them in essence because we’re too small. We see them in their reflections, as they trickle down through the clouds we reside beneath. They define abstract eras, they control all tragedies & all miracles, and we are almost mere side effects in their stories.

Before he knows it (An Adlock Ficlet)

Prompt #1 from my mars @adler-holmes, which talks about Sherlock’s first phone call with Irene after the whole “before you know it scene with John”. Hope you enjoy dizzzzz!

The message she sent him still blazed bright from the screen of his phone at half past two in the morning of the next day. He had been staring at it, the words of his best mate echoing in his ear, his secret finally out as she greeted him a happy birthday. 

John gave him a look as he dropped him off after their ‘celebration’, mumbling an amused trail of words that sounded like “…knew it…” “…just phone her…” “…bloody idiot…”, all of which were drowned by the buzzing in his head. He’s still not quite well, from the drugging and the near-death experience (yet again), so he couldn’t quite make John’s point clear, but it was like on reflex that he had opened Irene Adler’s message when the doctor left and has stared at it since. 

She’s out there…

Of course, he knew that. It was obvious, isn’t it? He may not know exactly where but he will find out soon enough… It was always the case with them.

Them? Since when did he address himself in a collective with her? 

She likes you…

Well, she certainly did have an affinity for him, considering her passcode from years ago, their moments of rendezvous, their acquaintanceship during his two year disappearance, and… and… and there’s always Karachi. But Irene Adler is never the type to simply like someone. It was never that easy with her. But this is John… his vocabulary may have limited it at that, Sherlock thought.

She’s alive…

The word stung through his chest, remembering that she was the first to make him feel this… this vulnerable. Mary’s death was… or rather is… still inexplicably painful even if weeks have passed. It was a hollowing feeling of knowing that he can never talk to her again or share anything with her again… at least in a way that is not just a part of his imagination. And it is the very same reason and ideology as to why he flew miles and miles years ago to make sure The Woman won’t breathe her final breath just yet. The thought of her not being in the same world as him is just… 

Trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it. Before. You. Know. It. 

If there’s anyone in the world that he trusts most, that would be John Watson. And the agony of it – of losing Mary – may only be a fraction to him in contrast to what the doctor is feeling. But if there’s an idea of relativity in this, it’s the idea that both Irene and Mary saw, if not brought out, personas between both him and his friend that were beyond anything they could imagine.

Mary strongly believed in John as this courageous, kind, and righteous man despite the truths that he was flawed and broken, much like how Irene found her way into his awakening, his emotions, and even his guarded mind despite his own settled truths of coldness and detachment. Mary was also who John leaned to when Sherlock was gone, much like how he sought refuge in Irene Adler within those two years of disappearance. Both women accepted, and were even amused and fascinated by, every facet of both these men – along with the good, the bad, and everything hazy in between.

So based on the parallelisms of both scenarios, will he and Irene Adler meet the same fate as the Watsons? 

Losing Mary almost – and is still somehow – destroying John. Slowly, excruciatingly – day by day. 

And because of John’s scolding, Sherlock realised that he can’t lose his Mary.

It was as if the intoxication of cocaine hit his nerves once more that his fingers pressed the ‘call’ button on his screen. For the first time, he didn’t give much thought about the time difference between them, nor the circumstances of what she might be in. Because before, he always knows. That’s just who he is – he needs to know everything. Overthink every single moment, especially with her. But John’s warning overtook him… as well as the feeling of fear over the lingering sensation of Culverton’s fingers over his throat. 

Before you know it.

“I almost died the other day. Or was it a week ago? I think I’m still high on morphine to even take note of the date, to be honest,” the words spilled immediately from his lips as soon as the ringing stopped from the other line. 

He continued, “This can be fairly surprising, considering I should’ve probably let you answer first or even say anything. But knowing that you have my number in all of the phones you use even as you travel, plus the circumstances of you using the same number still within the 28 hour period of your last text, I’d say I’m lucky to have caught you at the first try.”

On the other end, he could hear Irene’s amused smile. “Didn’t know you were a believer of luck, Sherlock Holmes.”

He caught himself smiling at the sound of her voice. “Considering the recent events, I’d say why not? But it is worth noting that my brain would restore its cerebral capacities once after I’m well enough, so don’t be too worried. I’m not that much of a human just yet.

“You’re assuming I worry about you…” Irene replied. 

“Aren’t you?” he asked, tone slightly falling deep into hopefulness. 

“Is this sentiment, Mr. Holmes?” she purred. 

Sherlock sighed. “It has been long established that you and I, Miss Adler, has gone way beyond sentiment.”

There was a long pause before she started speaking again, all playfulness gone from her voice. “I heard you deliberately put yourself in death’s way again… After what happened with John’s wife… I thought you,” a sigh, “I thought you of all people would not want to hurt the dear doctor that way. Not too many people can handle grieving one person and then another at such a short time.”

“And you?” he asked, voice quiet. “Would you have grieved?”

“This is not about me.” Irene replied rather quickly. 

“I am not accusing you. I’m merely asking.” Sherlock said.

“You’re not making any sense.” she retorted. 

Oh, how stubborn she can be, much like him. But Sherlock has never felt this compelled to do something about someone before, considering that the idea of grief, of sorrow, of losing someone – for a second time around in the case of Irene Adler – is overwhelming him. 

“You mourned for me. When you heard I supposedly jumped from Barts’ roof, I knew you did, considering the signs of both anger and relief you expressed when I showed at your doorsteps in New York weeks later after the news broke.” he stated almost smugly. 

He could hear Irene was about to reply in protest when he continued, “But I did for you, too. Grieve, I mean. Even before I knew what grieving was or how it felt like. Of course, this time with Mary, it was much more elevated and conscious. But back then, that Christmas night when I thought you… you were dead on a slab… it was more raw and confusing. It was… It was hard to imagine a world without The Woman. It was the first time I highly contemplated death in such scrutiny or regard. Definitely exhausting and bad for brain work.”

“You lived in a world without me, before we met. And so have I with you,” she replied, unconvincing about its implications. 

“And I imagine what a tragedy that might have been if that continued to be so.” he confessed. “In almost all of the times, and do note there were many,” he gave a forced laugh, “chances that I was at the brink of death, the thought of not seeing you again makes me feel most regretful in getting myself in those situations. I just thought you ought to know.”

“Did you have a drink?” Irene quipped, and he could tell by her voice that she was bewildered and unprepared of what he said.

“A little…” Sherlock replied hoarsely. “…and some cake. Sugar. Probably high as a kite, still….”

He could feel his eyes submitting to drowsiness, the room growing more and more blurry by the second. But he knew what had to be said, before his consciousness escapes his body. It was as if he was back in the morgue with Mycroft that memorable Christmas night, similar words echoing in his mind.

“All lives end, all hearts are broken…. but I do care. Now, more than ever.” 

Sherlock shuffled through his sheets, light from the windows blinding him. He squinted as he started feeling the bed for his phone to look at the time, mind still hazy from whatever has transpired the night before. 

The glass screen of his phone was cold to the touch, almost making him wince as he reached for it. He was greeted with the time of four minutes past nine in the morning, along with a text notification from The Woman herself. 

Swiping over it, he saw a passage that made his blood race in excitement. 

I looked into his crystal-clear blue eyes that reminded me of a winter sky. Those eyes made me see life his way in an instant.

Under seven and a quarter of a second, he jumped out of bed, already making calculations as to what time he would arrive in Montenegro. 

A/N: As always, you know I love adding snippets of Irene and Sherlock’s puzzles in some of my fics as to how they rendezvous. Added an extra bonus of fun into finding out why Sherlock immediately knew Montenegro was the place to be. Let me know if you figured it out. 


This Is How You Help People

 A wise man was once asked “how do I help others?” and he replied “by acknowledging that there are no others.” I interpret this to mean that we are all one and in order to help others - we must first help ourselves. 

Many of you in the conscious community are looking to help elevate others so that they may begin creating the lives they want to live. To do this effectively we cannot go around preaching to those who aren’t on the journey of self-discovery. We must start with ourselves.

When you give yourself all of the energy you would like to give others to help them - you can concentrate on fulfilling yourself to the extent where you become the example of that which you’re preaching. Through doing this others will then approach you and ask how they too can experience this fulfilment.

It’s like if you went to a gym and you wanted to become healthier and work on your muscle tone. If you were approached by someone who’s morbidly obese but preaching about their program - you’d be unlikely to take their advice. Whereas if you noticed a personal trainer who already had the physique you’re trying to acquire - you’d be more likely to ask them for nutrition and exercise advice.

Keep this example in mind when interacting with others on their spiritual journeys and those who are not. We will always come across people we wish we could help - but remember that in being the example of what you want to see in the world, you will attract those who are seeking change.

The world will not change overnight. People will not change just because you told them to. Belief systems will not vanish quickly. We need to focus on elevating ourselves because the world changes one person at a time. Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others with theirs.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Peace & positive vibes.

Of Hot Chocolate & Fallen Laundry; 2Min

Prompt (by and written for Choi_LaLa ♡ ): “Okay so it’s almost the end of year time, Minho is moving to a new apartment building, Taemin has a big crush on his new neighbourhood, so he always pretend that he is going out to do something like throwing the trash when he sees from his window that Minho is coming back from work so they will “accidentally” meet in the corridor. Minho notices and finds it adorable so one day he invites Taemin to his house for a hot chocolate.”

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Easy Kundalini Yoga Practice for Beginners (30-min) Kriya, Poses, Breath of Fire, & Meditation

This video is perfect for beginners who want to practice Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini yoga, often called the “Yoga of Awareness,” is as much a mental and spiritual practice as it is a physical one. In this class we will be seated, working the core and upper body using precise, repetitive movements along with (optional) singing/chanting to elevate your conscious awareness. This class will include kundalini kriyas, poses, the breath of fire and meditation. If you’ve never done Kundalini yoga before, keep an open mind! Because this whole class can be done seated, it’s accessible to almost everyone – even students who perhaps struggle with elements of a Hatha and Vinyasa practice. Stay present and the profound effects of Kundalini yoga may surprise you. 

No prior kundalini yoga experience needed to enjoy this class.

Loved it. I’ve been trying to challenge myself with a kundalini practice after previously only using Sat Nam during meditation.

Old Friends: A Somewhat Lengthy Ramble Regarding My OTP

+ The Other OTP Ramble: Brothers Divided

So I said I was gonna write a shipping manifesto for TFP Optimus Prime and Ratchet. I… think that this has been sitting in my drafts for almost a year at this point, so I’d better get it out there before Robots In Disguise rolls around and everyone moves on from TFP XD

+ DISCLAIMER: This is my personal interpretation of their relationship. I’ve done my best to keep the shipping goggles off and look at them from an analytical point of view as well, but please do keep in mind that I am an avid shipper and someone who would like nothing better than for them to have a nice fluffy happily-ever-after where nobody *coughOptimuscough* dies, for once. >.<

The discussion below solely concerns the Transformers: Prime cartoon; I’m disregarding the rest of the Aligned continuity for various reasons.

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lifeofablackninja  asked:

Would you ever so kindly share some knowledge with me on astral projection? Much love.

I am still trying to understand astral projection myself…or at least how to truly travel via astral projection with intention. During my sleeping hours I am finding that my spirit travels as a shaman with healing light energy into other peoples subconscious dream states. Managing high vibrational energy via meditation before sleep I believe is how my spirit travels through the realms tapping into others frequencies who need healing. Just the other night when I received this message I practiced intentional astral projection by:: Laying down, getting comfortable, holding black tourmaline in my left hand and focusing on my breath. Focusing on not moving my body and tricking my body into believing it is asleep. From there elevating my conscious mind into the astral plane to travel limitlessly without physical form. There is research on astral projection describing a silver umbilical cord attaching the traveling astral body back to the physical body. I myself am still experimenting and learning. Blessings to you.

Harbourage Pt.1

Wow two stories in two days that’s pretty impressive. Yeah so this isn’t a continuation of the Chanyeol one, that’s coming in a few days but this is another idea I legitimately got last night as procrastination for my Biology exam, oh my god I am such a bad person but oh well. Yeah so I hope you enjoy this, I powered it out last night and this morning. Hope you enjoyyy it. kinda gang!au for jonginnie

**// so this was originally sehun but i got some ideas that made it better for kai/jongin so i changed and and yeah the plot is still exactly the same i litro just changed the name so//**

Originally posted by blamejongin

hɑːb(ə)rɪdʒ / noun
1. a harbour or other place of shelter
2. give a home or shelter to:
“woodlands that once harboured a colony of red deer”
synonyms: concealment, covert, sanctuary, asylum, haven, port

There’s a reason you hate walking alone in the dark. This is that reason.

‘Hey lady!’ Don’t look, keep walking.

‘I said lady! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’ You ignore the man, desperately trying to walk away from the situation.

'Just wait until she gets out the way man, Jesus Christ. She isn’t doing any harm,’ Someone calls from nearby.

'Okay, you know what, how about you shut the fuck up.’ 

Oh shit, I’m really going to die tonight, you think.

Suddenly, after walking quickly with your head down, someone slams into you, knocking you down, and your heart does a bungee jump into your mouth, your head pulsing and blurring your vision.

'You fucking bitch, I told you to get out the way,’ The man in all black, with heavy tattoos covering  his arm reaches down towards you, and it’s really the shock that’s preventing you from making a sound, when said man gets knocked out the way by the other man who tried to take the attention from you in the first place.

'Jesus fuck man, leave her alone, she’s not involved in this, she hasn’t done anything wrong, she’s just trying to get home. It’s me you’ve got business with, let her go and finish what you started.’

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