You know what the best part is?

Knowing that whatever Westallen scene(s) we get tonight will actually be Barry and Iris and not Iris and some random dude who happens to look like Barry at the moment. 


So, new trailer! This looks like a good expansion, and they definitely did a better job than the Get Together trailer, it looks like there’s going to be a ton of new things to do. Here’s a quick list of what new features I could pick out while watching:

  • New City: San Myshuno
  • Apartments
  • Highrises/Penthouses
  • Spray Painting (on the ground at least)
  • Busking (we’ve seen this with both guitars and violins now)
  • Podium Speech/Politics Career (probably)
  • Protests/Rallies
  • Street Performances
  • Basketball
  • Keyboards
  • Elevators
  • Bubble Blower
  • Clothes and Accessories from Different Cultures
  • Cultural Festivals/Food Stalls
  • Chopsticks and New Foods
  • Food Eating Contests?
  • Singing
  • Fireworks and Sparklers

So it does look like a good Sims 4 expansion, but that being said, I can’t bring myself to get excited about it. It’s just adding more stuff to do to the base Sims 4, and I’ve come to realize that I’m just not really having fun with the game. It’s not even about the obvious things like no CASt, no terrain or neighborhood editing, no toddlers, or same height teens anymore, I’ve realized that I wouldn’t even care so much about those things if the core mechanics were solid and engaging, but they’re not. The emotion system doesn’t make my sims feel more real, instead it feels like a gimmicky game mechanic that’s constantly being thrown in my face whether it makes sense or not, multitasking leads to my sim standing and eating breakfast while watching her father die (spoilers, sorry), group conversations mean strangers constantly butting in on my sims dates, the lack of persistency in the world (culling, businesses not using the people you actually hired when you visit with other families) and the fact that the inaccessible neighborhoods are just a backdrop rather than an actual world makes even The Sims 2 feels more open and connected. None of these things are fixed by adding new interactions and places to visit. If TS4 were a good game, I’d be excited about this EP, but since TS4 is a meh game, I just… don’t really care.

4 ways to elevate your office wardrobe for Fall

No more long summer holiday breaks, so it’s definitely time to get back into serious work mode.

To elevate your office clothing this Fall, take a few tips from our Sartoriale stylists and be admired around the company for your stylish menswear choices.