A Malfunctioning Relationship

Summary: Bucky’s arm malfunctions during an intimate moment, almost injuring you. So he decides to go to a fellow engineer teammate for help. He really wishes he hadn’t.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2426

You wake up with a metal arm and a human arm wrapped around your waist. You smile to yourself and turn over to look at your boyfriend’s sleeping face. He feels you move and squeezes his arms tighter around you.

“Don’t leave yet. I’m not letting go.” He mumbles. You chuckle and brush the hair out of his face. He places his hand over yours so it cups his cheek.

“Buck, you know we have training today, right? You keep staring at me while you’re supposed to be shooting the enemy. We can’t have another London incident. What if Steve hadn’t been there?”

Bucky opens an eye and smiles. “I can always count on you or your brother to save my ass, now can’t I?”

You remove your hand from his face and lightly hit his chest. “Yeah, well you still need to work on it. Sometimes it’s weird how much you stare at me.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “Oh, I thought that dating someone for a year meant unlimited staring time, doll.” A seductive glint flashes across his eyes and he waggles his eyebrows. “Guess I’ll have to pay extra for that?”

You roll your eyes and try to escape his grip. “You know Tony has the vitals and condition of everyone in the tower, right? I don’t want Thor barging in here again asking why our hearts were beating ‘unnaturally fast’ again.”

“He likes you. I’m sure he’ll listen to your explanation.”

You glare at him but he just smiles, moving so that he’s on top of you. In this position, you stop trying to get free and stare up into Bucky’s eyes. He does the same and you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a deep kiss. His human arm cups your cheek and his metal arm is next to your head, supporting his weight. You start weaving your fingers through his long hair when you hear a weird mechanical sound. You pull away, confused, looking at Bucky. He’s about to say something when he crashes down on top of you. He quickly rolls off and you cough. He gives you a worried look, hoping you’re okay. You cough again and sit up.

“Well, that was an experience.” You said gently rubbing your collarbone area.

“An experience!? I fell on top of you! Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Do you need medical attention? What if I broke you!?” He says incredulously. You ruffle his hair and shake your head. “It’s okay, Buck. I’m fine. Just a little winded.”

He sits up and puts his head in his hands, struggling to fully move his metal arm. He looks down at the limb and tries to find out why it isn’t working. You’re discretely trying to catch your breath, so that Bucky doesn’t worry any more than he is already. You steady your breathing and turn to face your distressed boyfriend.

You gently pull his metal arm away from his face and he looks up at you. You give him a reassuring smile and lay it across your lap. You trace your fingers up the entire length of the arm, but don’t see anything wrong with it or out of place. You reach the part where the metal meets flesh and you hesitate to examine the area. Bucky gives you a small nod before you continue. You gingerly graze your fingers over the area and see a small wire poking out between the two different parts of his arm. You accidentally brush over it but don’t realize it until it’s too late. Bucky’s arm jerks and you feel a blow to the stomach. You slide back a few inches on the bed and immediately clutch your stomach. Bucky frantically looks at you and then at his arm.

“Shit! Okay, I’m not going to lie, that actually did really hurt.” You say groaning.

“Alright, I need to go and find Stark so he can fix this. I don’t want to beat you up anymore.” Bucky says getting off the bed. He comes to the other side and kisses your forehead.

“That’s probably a good idea. I’ll go with you.”

“No way, not in your condition. Just get some rest okay? I’ll figure it out.” He says leaving the room.

You sigh and sit against the pillows. Your stomach and chest do still kind of hurt. You laugh to yourself, not surprised how this morning has turned out. You and Bucky seem to have a lot of issues when it comes to suggestive romantic situations. On Monday, Tony decided to test new fire-resistant materials for the team’s suits.

It was 3 a.m. You and Bucky had just gotten back to the tower, returning from a successful mission. You figured no one would be awake, so you two barely got out of the elevator with any clothes on. When you finally made it to the bed, the sprinklers started going off and there were robots with fire extinguishers bursting into every room. It turned out Tony fell asleep and found out that the newest material he was testing was, in fact, not fire-resistant.

The week before, you and Bucky thought you two were alone in the tower since everyone else was seeing a movie.

Feeling full of adrenaline, you and Bucky flew at each other on the couch in the main floor living room like you had magnets in your clothes. That’s when your night was ruined by Tony’s tech, again.

“Mr. Stark would like me to deliver a message.” FRIDAY announces. “Alright kids, don’t think Uncle Tony doesn’t check up on the tower when he’s not there. He also specifically checks to see if people are doing it on his couch and he really doesn’t appreciate that. In other words, get a damn room and skedattle!” Tony said, his face appearing on the giant plasma screen.

You’re starting to fall asleep but the sound of your brother yelling your name alerts you. You roll over and see a frantic Steve Rogers in your doorway.

“Steve, what are you yelling for?” You groan burying your face back in your pillow.

He looks at you confused. “Why do your body statistics say you’re injured? You look like you haven’t even left your room today.” He says leaning against the door frame.

“Gee thanks bro, that’s because I haven’t. Bucky’s arm malfunctioned this morning and he may or may not have accidently fell on me.” You say lifting your head as your cheeks redden.

“He, fell on you?” Steve asks slowly.

“And he may have accidently punched me in the stomach too.” You say sheepishly.

“He punched you in the- you realize that he could’ve seriously hurt you right? He’s bigger and stronger than you, I mean, I can’t even take a punch from his other arm without having to take a break. And not to mention, he-”

“Wow, loving the sympathy, Steve. Thanks for that. I thought Captain America was supposed to be more empathic than this.” You say cutting him off. You shift uncomfortably and rub your chest again. Steve doesn’t miss this but says nothing.

“Yeah, well there’s an exception when it comes to sisters. It says in the handbook.” He says coming over and sitting on the edge of the bed. You move to sit next to him.

“Yeah? Well you just have to remember that next time I beat you in sparring like yesterday.” You say nudging his shoulder.

“That wasn’t a fair fight anyways. You didn’t have the sun in your eyes the whole time. But joking aside, are you okay?”

You’re about to answer but you start coughing right before you say it. Steve frowns at you and looks up at the ceiling.

“FRIDAY? Can you send a doctor in here please?”

“One has just been notified, Mr. Rogers.”

Your coughing fit stops and you shake your head.

“Steve, I’m fine. Trust me.”

“No, you obviously are having some respiratory issues. I’m sure the doc will tell you something that will help.” He says rubbing your back.

“Well what seems to be the problem Buckaroo? What can my genius mind do for you today?” Tony asks Bucky, who’s sitting on a table in his lab.

“Why do you have to be the only one who can help me?” He mutters to himself. “There’s a wire close to where the metal bonds with flesh that’s sticking out. It makes my arm go all crazy and I can’t control it.”

Tony gets out some tools and steps closer to him. “Hmm, let’s see what it will show me. Mind giving me a hand? Maybe an arm?”

“Stark, I hate you.”

About half an hour later, Tony is all done with Bucky’s arm. He had to take some of the plating off of the arm to get to the problem, but there were no other hitches. “Okay Furiosa, everything should be fine and dandy now. Just don’t put too much strain on it maybe for the next hour. Some of the skin where I was working got irritated so I’m going to find something to put on it from in Bruce’s lab. You can go back to your missus, I’ll bring it up to you later.” Tony says patting the metal arm.

Bucky nods and gets off the table. “Thanks Stark, I owe you one.”

“Yeah how about next time we’re in London you don’t almost let me get shot because you’re ogling your girlfriend.” He says, his mouth in a straight line.

Bucky shrugs, “Steve had you covered. Besides, what good is that tin can you step into if it can’t withstand one shot?”

“Of course it can! But it really felt like all of our team building exercises were a waste.”

“I’m sorry Stark. Tell me when more team exercises are happening though, they’re so fun.” Bucky says sarcastically. He exits Tony’s lab and starts to head towards the exit. A booming voice stops him.

“Ah, Mr. Buchanan! What brings you down in these parts of the facility? Dr. Banner here is showing me some very interesting Midgard science that I’m not really understanding.”

Bucky turns and walks over to Bruce’s lab and hovers in the doorway. Thor is standing by a table with a microscope on it. Bruce is looking at computer screen behind the god. He turns and nods at Bucky.

“Thor, I’ve said this before, it’s Bucky.”

He looks confused. “Yes, but Stark said you prefer-”

Bucky shakes his head. “He was lying. Anyways, I just had some problems with my arm, but they’re all fixed now.”

Thor smiles brightly. “That’s excellent, Bucky! So it has been upgraded?”

“No, not quite, just fixed.”

“I’ve tried to offer upgrades to him before, Goldilocks, trust me.” Tony pops out of another room in Bruce’s lab holding multiple tubes of different lotions.

Bucky rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. “I’ve declined because I don’t want be your next project, Tony.”

The engineer shrugs and reads through the tubes he’s holding. “Oh c'mon I could do so much. Sure you don’t want a vibrating feature? I could do it right now.”

Bucky is about to answer but Thor interjects. “Wait, why would he want that feature? Am I missing something? Banner, can you explain it?”

Bruce’s head shoots up and he looks around nervously. “Uh…”

“Don’t worry about it Thor, he’s just joking. I’ll see you later with something for my arm, right, Tony?” Bucky says ready to leave the awkward situation as quickly as possible.

Tony is already walking back into the other room. “Yeah, yeah. I just need to find the right kind. There’s like 300 things back here.”

Thor looks like he’s not going to drop the topic of a vibrating arm, so Bucky turns and exits right away. He heads to the elevator and leans against the wall letting out a long sigh. When it stops, he walks to his shared quarters, ready to flop down on the bed and give you a cuddle.

He walks in the bedroom and finds where you were earlier, just sitting in bed. You’re scrolling through your phone but look up and smile at your boyfriend. “Hey. Did you get all fixed up?”

He comes and lays down with his head in your lap. “Yep. Tony is coming up later to drop off some sort of a lotion because the skin by my arm got irritated or something.”

You set your phone down and brush your fingers through his hair. “Well I’m glad you’re okay, love. Steve was in earlier freaking out about my vitals and stuff.”

Bucky looks up at you. “So you’re saying nothing new happened?”

You smile again and start a little braid in his hair. “Yeah, he called in a doctor to come take a look at my chest and stomach. But there was nothing wrong. I’ll just be a little sore for the next few days. No marks and no bruises. It’s like nothing ever happened.”

He closes his eyes and furrows his brows. “Yeah, but it did happen. I still feel guilty. I don’t like you being in any pain at all, doll.”

You lean down and kiss his forehead. He moves so he’s next you and you climb on him. “I’m a fighter Buck. Besides, one little arm malfunction never would’ve killed me. It was an accident. No need to feel guilty.”

You kiss him again, this time on the lips. He pulls you closer, deepening it. His hands go from your back and travel down lower, pulling you up so you’re straddling him. Your hands are going towards the hem of his shirt when the inevitable happens.

“Mr. Barnes, Mr. Stark is arriving with the moisturizer you need.” FRIDAY says.

You reluctantly pull back and Bucky huffs out a very annoyed breath. “Damn you, Stark.”

You get off of your boyfriend and stifle a laugh. He stomps to the door and flings it open. Tony stands there with a bottle in his hand. He gives you a smile and you wave back.

“Here you go, heavy metal.” He glances down below Bucky’s waistband and lets out a laugh, handing him the bottle.

“Wow! Okay, here, take it! Looks like you needed it sooner than I thought. Bye lovebirds!”

Bucky looks down at the bottle and slams the door. He stalks back to the bed with a scowl on his face. You give him a confused look. He throws the bottle on the bed.

“It’s a bottle of lube.”

Chained to the Original Pt 2 || Kol M.

Song: Only You - Zara Larsson

Part One

Song: Only You - Zara Larsson

Requested by: @evanpeters3826

Two months.

It’s been two months since I left Kol standing outside the bar. In those two months I found a boyfriend, drank more - blood and alcohol, I was a mess on the inside, but looked like my life was perfect on the outside.

Kol was my best friend for over seven hundred years and I walked away from him. It was stupid of me to think that I could go on without him.

And the guy I was with was more of a distraction than interest. Emptiness was all I felt, it’s what I felt before I left Kol, but now its worse. A lot worse.

I sat my empty glass on the bar, throwing a couple of bills beside the glass, and left the bar.

I walked on the sidewalk, heels clicking on the damp pavement, streetlights reflected off puddles in the streets, the occasional car delivering by, a trumpet player playing in the background. It was a scene from a movie, and I breathed it in, along with the New Orleans air.

I threw my head back and arms out as I spun around, mist dampening my face, but I didn’t care, I was drunk and I found a peace of mind in my surroundings.

“Y/N?” A voice I haven’t heard in two months spoke up behind me, I turn around, and Kol stood before me. The pain was back and drowning me in waves.

“Kol,” I choked out, barely audible but I knew he heard me, along with the pain in my voice. He ran towards me, but I stepped back, pain flashed in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” his voice was weak, shoulders hung in defeat.

“I am too,” tears were in my eyes, clouding my vision.

I go to turn away, but he grabbed my hand, turning me back around to face him.

“I left Devina,” bail was in his voice as he spoke. “I need my best friend, I need you.”

“I can’t be your best friend anymore, I have to be more.” I go to move my hand from his, but he held on. “Go back to her Kol, I can’t be with you if you love someone else, and you don’t return the feelings back to me.”

“And that’s why I left her.” He took both of my trimmbling hands in his, bringing them up to his chest. “I love you, more than a friend or family. I love you as a lover, and I didn’t realize it until you left. What they say is true, you don’t know what you have until its gone. I lost you Y/N and I lost myself. I love you Y/N.”

I looked away from Kol and out at the street. “I love you too.”

He grabbed my chin with his forefinger and thumb, turning my head to face him. We looked into each other’s eyes for the longest time, and then he crashed his lips against mine.

It was magical, the air around of smelt of his cologne and rain, mist laid on our skin. My hand were bunched up in his coat, while his was cupping my face and taggled in my hair.

We needed each other and the kiss showed it.

Then that damned thing called a conscience hit me like a ton of bricks and I’m pushing Kol away from myself, breaking the kiss.

“Kol I can’t, I have a boyfriend.” Hurt was deep in his features and I couldn’t help but feel guilty. Guilty for kissing him while being with someone else and the fact that he gave everything up to be with me, that guilt was too much to bare.

“I see,” he starts to turn away. “I’ll leave yo-” and I’m kissing him before he can finish, this was my one chance, and I’m not going to blow it.

As we break the kiss, our foreheads leaning against one another, I whisper against his lips: “I’ll break up with him tomorrow, tonight’s our night.”

His face lit up as he smiled, “Well let’s make it count.”

He grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers, and pulled me along. We ran like humans down the street giggling, Kol looking back at me to make sure that it was really me that was with him as he lead me; it was magical.

We ran into some hotal that I didn’t catch the name of and got a room. The Concierge didn’t seem too happy about the fact that she knew what was about to go on in that room. We didn’t tell her what we were doing, nor did she say, but the look on her face, you know she knew.

When we got in the elevator, the doors closing as Kol pressed the button to our floor, he turned around and slammed me against the wall. His body pressed against mine, he smashed his lips to mine, our hands roamed each other’s bodies.

Before we strip ourselves of any clothing, the elevator dings, and we’re stumbling out to our room. He fights to get the keycard in the lock, lust taking over all of our senses we lost all sense of logic.

The lock dings in acceptance of the card, and we pile into the room, key thrown somewhere, door slammed shut a little too loudly, and our hands all over each other.

My skin was on fire with Kol’s touch, I craved more as I felt him on my finger tips, his intoxicating smell surrounded me as our lips moved against each other’s.

Wanting to touch more of him, I pulled off his button up shirt, some buttons flying off in the process, and more clothing followed after that, both mine and his.

We fell into the bed and everything felt like a dream in that moment.

I’m going to do a part three, don’t know when it’ll be up because I’ve got a lot of shit going on the rest of this week and next week.

Masterlist | Prompt List | Part Three

[Park Jimin] Imagine - Mind Your Business {Part Two}

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook  (BTS Semi-Famous) 

Genre: Drama & Romance

Summary: You are next in line to take over your family’s company. However, you do not want to run a company. You have no passion or experience for it. You want to sell it and live a normal status life. Your parents disagree and plan to send you Seoul at a boarding school that’ll set you straight.

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You were completely outraged. How worse could your week go? Out of all the people in the business world, your father chose Park JImin to be your spouse. It didn’t necessarily mean you had to be with him for life, but the idea of tying the knot with him irritated you.

“Y/N! Where are you going?” Sunny chases after you. You stop in front of the vehicle that drove you to the hell hole. You turn roughly to face her and she read the anger right off your face. “You need to get over this. You will attend this college and get along with Jimin.” She ordered.

“He’s the one who was rude to me! I didn’t even say anything!” You defended your point.

“He didn’t know who you were Y/N.” Sunny says in a frustrated tone.

“Oh! So if he knew my status was higher he’d treat me differently? These people are assholes.” You shook your head and opened the car door. You wanted to leave as fast as you could.

“Where are you going?” Sunny pulls your arm and tugs your body out of the car. “Don’t touch me Sunny.” You reluctantly pull your arm away. “Do not make a scene here and make your father look bad.” Sunny looked around.

“I don’t want to be here. I don’t want any of this.” You felt a shower of sadness wash over you. Tears began to verge in your eyes.

“Y/N.” Sunny calls your name with more sympathy.

“Is everything alright?” You see Jimin walk up to the car. You roll your eyes up to stop the tears that were racing down your face. “Everything is fine Mr.Park.” Sunny used honorifics with Jimin. You wanted to scoff but the sadness didn’t let you.

“Are you sure?” Jimin looked closer at you and you looked away. “I didn’t mean to upset you Y/N, I’m sorry.” You could see right through Jimin. You could see he was putting on a show for Sunny to believe he was the sweetest person on the planet.

You glared at Jimin and he only looked at you with sarcastic sorrow. “Why don’t you go check out your dorm while I talk to Mr.Park about the conditions?” Sunny tried to lighten the mood.  You didn’t think twice about leaving the same space as Jimin.

You walked back into the dormitory, following the men that were carrying your stuff.

You walked up to the elevator and as soon as you were about to push the button, another hand beat you to it. You look up and see a male with brown hair and brown eyes. He smiles apologetically. He examines your features and looks confused. You forgot you were crying and quickly fixed yourself.

“Are you okay?” He asked. “I’m fine, thank you.” You nod. He wasn’t wearing the school’s uniform, but instead, athletic clothes.

The elevator door opens and the both of you walk in. He continues to stare at you and you feel uncomfortable. “Can I help you?” You break the silence and he continues to look.

“Y/N?” He finally asks.

You were confused, “How do you know my name?”

“You don’t remember me? Jeon Jungkook?” His expression seems excited and the name suddenly clicked.

Jungkook and his family had been shareholders with your father’s company for the longest time. The last time you saw him was at a charity banquet when you both were pre-teens.

“Kookie? I didn’t recognize you! Wow, puberty hit you like a truck.” You examine Jungkook to really take in his appearance. “Are you saying I’m good looking?” He got cocky and you rolled your eyes.

“You lied to me. You said you’d call me back after the party and you never did.”  He said clearly offended and you laughed in response.

“So why are you here? Did your dad finally decide to force you?” He asked.

“Yeah, he didn’t want me to sell the company. So now I’m here.” The somber mood returned.

“Is that why you were crying?” He asked and you shook your head. “That’s not entirely why I was crying. My manager is making things harder for me.” You chuckle to make the mood happier.

“If it makes you feel better, my dad’s assistant called me Jungcock on mistake.”

You burst into laughter which causes Jungkook to laugh and the elevator doors open. You both continue to laugh and walk out together.

“You’re on this floor?” Jungkook asked.

“Unfortunately.” You continue to laugh.

Someone clears their throat and both you and Jungkook look up. You see Jimin staring at the both of you with crossed arms. “I see you’ve two met.”  He walks up closer to both of you.

“You know Jimin too?” Jungkook looks at you and you shake your head in denial. “Of course she does.” Jimin puts his arm around your shoulder and puts his weight on you. You tolerate his actions and Jungkook sees how uncomfortable you are.

“How do you know Jimin, Kookie?” You asked Jungkook and Jimin releases his grip on you slowly. “He’s my bestfriend.” Jungkook looked at Jimin and Jimin nodded.

“But how do you know him?” Jimin asked you. You rolled your eyes because he was obviously in your business. “Why do you care?”

Jimin and Jungkook were shocked at your remark. You let yourself out of Jimin’s hold and began walking to your designated dorm room.

You open the door and you enter to meet a beautiful room. The ceiling was high and the natural light bounced right off the white themed room. It was more like a suite than a dorm room.

“Your father made sure we had the best treatment.” Jimin walks in with his hands in his pocket.

“Why are you being like this?” You turn to face him. He steps back, surprised by your attitude.

“What do you mean?” He chuckles. He irritated you. He thought his charisma and cheekiness would let him get away with anything.

“You were just rude to me earlier before you knew my status. Is that how you treat everyone?”

Jimin didn’t respond, he looked at the men coming in and out and they took it as a cue to leave the both alone. You took a seat on the white couch and waited for Jimin to defend himself.

“Listen to me carefully, because I won’t say this again.” Jimin sat across from you. You cross your legs and look dead at him.

“I don’t like you. I don’t like your company and I don’t like any of this. You think I want to marry you? You think I want to share my stocks with you? There are so many other companies I could have signed with, but my father wanted yours.” Jimin expressed his thoughts and it was the only thing you could relate to.

“So don’t make me the bad guy and act like the world revolves around you.” Jimin finished his thoughts and you had to admit you felt offended at him being so blunt.

“Well that makes two of us.” He laughs bitterly and you look away. “There’s two bedrooms, and one bathroom. I usually shower in the morning so you can shower at night.” He stood up and you remained seated.

“We’ll see.” You smile sarcastically and he rolls his eyes.

“How do you know Jungkook?” Jimin asks again. Something must’ve really bothered him about you knowing Jungkook, so you used it as a leverage.

“Why do you care so much?” You spat.

“Is he your ex-boyfriend? Did he break your heart?” Jimin teased and it only provoked you.

“Jimin shut up. If we’re going to make this work, we have to be civilized.”

“I don’t want to make this work.” He walked towards the door as he put on his coat.

“Where are you going?”

“Why do you care so much?” He mocked your words and slammed the door behind him.

You had no idea that you could barely meet someone and hate them in less than 24 hours. You had an idea that you wouldn’t get along with your unknown fiance, but you didn’t know it’d be this stressful.

“Miss Y/N, your welcoming ceremony starts in an hour.” A man knocks on your door and you nod. “What’s the attire?” You ask as you stood from the sofa. “Semi-Formal ma’am.” He smiles and leaves the dorm.

This was your chance to show off to Jimin that you knew how to dress. Usually, you’d have people and stylist help you get ready for events, but you were on your own this time.

You walk over to the biggest suitcase that held your expensive gowns. Your mother made sure she had those packed. You pull out a pale pink dress that hit just above your knees. You paired the dress with nude heels. Satisfied with your outfit, you moved onto your makeup and hair.

Your phone rang as you finished the last curl of your hair. You reached for it and it read ‘Dad’. You weren’t sure if you were ready to talk to him, but you weren’t mean enough to ignore him.

“Hello?” You speak carefully.

“Y/N how are you holding up dear?” Your father seemed to be in a good mood.

“I hate it.” You spoke honestly as you played with the ends of your dress.

Your father chuckled before he spoke, “I heard you met Jimin and Jungkook. Surprise.”

“I don’t want to talk about this dad, you’ll ruin my mood. Goodbye, I love you.” You hung up quickly before you could become anymore heated.

“Y/N, you ready to go? We’re already 20 minutes late.” Sunny barges into your room. You stood up and shoved your phone into your wristlet. “Let’s go then.” You smiled and she returned it. You didn’t want to stress Sunny anymore than you already have.


You walk into a hall filled with formally dressed students. Many stared at you which only made you more self-conscious. You had Sunny at your side, so that calmed your nerves. “You have to give a arrival speech in a few minutes. So go socialize and mingle.” Sunny pushed you further into the room and left you.

You looked around and examined the food displayed on the tables. It was nothing but the most expensive food you could think of. The classical music in the background was the only pleasant thing about the welcoming party.

You spot Jimin in his suit mingling with a group of girls. Now you knew the man he really was, a flirt. He was a slick one and it disgusted you.

“You look lovely.” Jungkook approached you. His attire was completely different. His hair was slicked back and his tuxedo was very sharp. “Now this is the Kookie I recognize.” You smile at him and he laughs.

“Why do they need to make a big party for my arrival?” You look around feeling overwhelmed. “Because you’re the biggest foreign company we’ve had at this school, and your father is a very powerful man.” Jungkook answers.

“That’s reasonable.” You nod. You glance over to the other side of the room and see Sunny signaling that it is time for you to go on. “I have to go do my speech.” You sigh and look at Jungkook.

“Good luck! I’ll stay right here and watch.” He gives you a thumbs up and you smile confidently.

This was your chance to represent your future company in the best way possible. This is where these heirs decide if they’d want to partner with you in the future. You needed to show confidence and strength.

You step onto the stage and walk towards the podium. The students’ noise level dropped immediately. You tapped the mic to make sure it was on and you smiled nervously.

“Hello, as many of you may already know, I’m Y/N Y/L/N. My father is Y/D/N. I was transferred to this campus and I will finish the rest of my college career here. I hope that you take care of me well and show me the way to do things around here.” You pause and glance at the audience, many seem interested, many but one. Park Jimin. He yawned and he knew you had seen it.

“Although it’s my first day here, I want to thank everyone who attended this ceremony and - “ Your mic went dead and the lights went out. You only panicked because of the screams you heard.

The lights began to flicker on and off and you carefully departed the stage. You walked into the chaos of students running in many directions. You stopped in the middle and suddenly you were drenched in a liquid. You squeal and felt the cold liquid drip all over your body.

Someone had poured the punch bowl all over you. You glanced around and the lights stopped flickering. Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at you. The only one you looked at was Jimin. He had a smirk on his face and he looked so pleased.

You gave him the dirtiest glare but he didn’t seem to care. You walked up to him and grabbed him by his arm, pulling him out of the hall.

“Woah slow down Princess.” He slowed your pace and you turned to look at him. “You ruined my welcoming party Jimin!” You yelled and he put his hands up in defense.

“I didn’t do it. The boys I hired to do it, did it.”

“You’re an asshole Jimin.” You look at your dress which was now stained red. “You looked beautiful, but now…” He laughed at the mess you looked like.

“I hate you.” You spat before you walked off. Sunny was waiting in the hallway and she looked at you with a face of horror. “What happened?” She asked as she followed you.

“Jimin happened.”

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Not the Same Old Bruce Banner?

Summary: You’re a long time friend of Bruce, loved him unrequitedly for most of it. He asked you to come visit and help him and Tony out with a project.
Pairings: Bruce Banner x Reader
Warnings: None? Brief mention of a bully, Tried to be fluffy
Word Count: 3271                  *Posted 25.8.17

“How was your flight?” Bruce grabs one of your bags before you can and frowns at you until you hand over the others until you’re left with just your carry-on slung over your shoulder. You shake your head as you follow him into the elevator.

“Eh, not bad. I tried to adjust for the time change during the flight, so hopefully jetlag won’t be as bad as usual,” you answer, discretely looking at his reflection, standing next to yours, in the mirrored inside of the elevator. Other than better clothing, it was as if he’d never changed – hair still softly curly and unruly, dent in his chin still reminding you of the old time comic book superheroes with their ‘masculine’ chiselled jaws and blunt chins, faint stubble still adding shadows to his face. No glasses, though, he must not have come from the lab.

As you answer and check him over, he swipes the touch screen within the elevator and stands next to you, shoulders almost touching. The elevator doors close with a ding and smoothly starts its ascent.

“Don’t worry if you can’t start until tomorrow of the day after next,” Bruce reassures you, briefly looking you in the eyes to glance away, blushing slightly.

You smile. Yup, same old Bruce Banner.

“I should be fine, and if not just pull me out of bed by my ankles and make sure you’re out of hitting range.”

“I’ll just make Tony do it,” he chuckles. Oh, how you’d missed the sound.

Pushing your private, personal feelings aside, “And how is working with the Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers?” you ask, lightly bumping his shoulder in affection.

Carefully bumping you back, he smiles softly.

“Is that a blush!?”  You bend your knees slightly and twist your upper body to look at his face and ignore the ache forming in your chest. “You only blush like that when you’ve got a crush. Have you met someone!?”

He tilts his head back up so you don’t have to bend. “I sort of had a thing with Nat, but we ended it.”

“But you didn’t want to? End it, I mean.” You’d realized long ago that when asking about feeling, you had to extremely clear, or Bruce would completely misunderstand and not think to clarify. That was probably around the time you’d started to develop your little crush on the brilliant, sweet man. Who in turn, fell in love with Betty. Because, of course, your love life just had to be utter horse manure.

“No, it just didn’t feel right,” he shrugs, looking rather neutral, not at all torn up about an unwanted breakup. But then again, you weren’t sure if you were reading him right. It could just be your wishful thinking that he wasn’t upset blinding you.

“Alright then,” you answer softly, after a slight pause.

He nods.

‘How long is this elevator ride?’ you think to yourself. Not that you weren’t enjoying your time with Bruce, but the old ache of unrequited love was stronger than you thought it’d be when you said yes over the phone when he’d called to ask for some help.

“Working with the Avengers and Tony has been a lot of fun,” Bruce returns to the original question calmly, as if the slight detour about his love life hadn’t even occurred. From there, he recounts amusing tales of his work with the Avengers and all the interesting projects he’s worked on since you’d last talked, with little interjections about what rooms you’re walking through once the elevator doors open.

“This is your room – Vibranium has this property-,” Bruce opens the door to a medium-sized room with a soft, teal comforter-covered bed, pale birch, artfully distressed dresser and a floor-length view of the New York skyline. A fluffy, cream rug begs to be touched and a frosted glass door is cracked open, just revealing a nice bathroom.

“Now that you know T’Challa, why didn’t you make the walls completely out of Vibranium?” you ask as you set your things by the dresser – or rather motion to Bruce to set your things by the dresser as he still wouldn’t let you carry anything more than your old waterproof silver-grey backpack that doubled as your carry-on when you travelled, which was often.

Before he can answer, though, a dark-haired man bursts into the room. “When are you going to start working!?”

“When she’s not tired!” Bruce yells, eyes starting to turn a bit green.

Surprised, you wrap your hand around Bruce’s tense forearm. “As soon as I am able to, I just got off the place. Mr Stark, I assume? Bruce has told me quite a bit about you,” you answer Tony, coolly polite.

Startled by Bruce’s reaction, Tony stares at his friend a little warily. Bruce never yelled and was actually rather hard to provoke. Something as simple as running into a room never once triggered an ‘episode,’ and there was a lot of that when you worked with Tony Stark.

“Yes. And you must be Y/N. Bruce has told me nothing about you.” Tony sticks his hand out for you to shake, but you can’t help but feel like one of your specimens under a microscope.

“Hmm,” you shake his hand.

“Well, if we’re not going to be productive today, then we might as well eat soon. Dinner’s on at 6:30.” And with that, Tony strides out of your room, leaving only the faint scent of expensive cologne as a proof of his visit.

“I’m sorry,” Bruce mumbles, hastily unzipping your suitcase and shoving your clothes into the dresser.

“Bruce.” You grab his hands before he tears any of your clothes in his rushed and nervous effort to help you unpack. “Bruce…” You wait for him to meet your eyes. “Why are you apologizing? Because Tony was rude and impatient and is probably running several fairly invasive background checks on me because that’s just who he is and he cares about you? Because I think you broke the zipper of my suitcase?”

“I broke your suitcase?” Bruce grabs your suitcase to inspect it, frowning when he realizes he’d left his glasses back in his room.

Placing your hands over his tightly clenched ones, you smile. “It was pretty old, and you’re a strong guy. But back to the question at hand, why are you sorry?”

Head dropping in shame, he turns up his hands to grasp yours. “I almost lost my temper. He could have seriously hurt you, and it would have been my fault.”

“Bruce Banner,” you declare. “I have known you since I was 5 and you, 8. You would never hurt me, and, if we’re talking in terms of you and him, neither would he since he knows you wouldn’t want it that way. Remember when Wanda tried that mind stuff on you?”

His face turns from hopeful to miserable at your words.

“Stop that.” You wiggle your right hand away so you can properly scold Bruce, wagging a finger. “You, or rather he, only attacked your friends after she’d tricked him. So, stop thinking of yourself as some ticking time bomb. We’ve talked about this over and over.” You shake your head at the countless phone calls and video messages you’d had about this topic.

“I know.” Bruce looks away, but you can tell he’s already feeling better. You smile. So maybe he didn’t love you, but at least you could still get him out of his moods. “Y/N…” he glances back towards you, blushes and returns to looking out the big windows.

“Oh shoot,” you notice your watch. “It’s almost 6:30! We gotta go. How can Tony make food so fast?” You pull Bruce along, back to the communal kitchen and dining area. You made a few wrong turns, but Bruce was there to correct you.

“We ordered Thai,” Tony unknowingly answers your question as you step into the kitchen.

“Hope you don’t mind,” a female voice calls from the connected dining area.

“Not at all,” you reply. “Need any help?” you ask Tony. Before he can answer, you take one of the three full glasses he was trying to carry to the table.

“Cups are in the upper right cabinet,” he nods towards said cabinet. “Beverages are in the fridge.”

“Thanks.” You nudge Bruce towards the dining room. “I’ll be fine, Bruce; it’s not like I’m unfamiliar with kitchens. You go sit down.” Fidgeting slightly, he nods at you and moves into the other room.

Pulling some guava juice, picking the other cup back up and joining the rest of the group in the dining room, you’re surprised to only see one other person, besides Bruce and Tony.

“Hi, I’m Natasha. Oh, that would be my water,” a somewhat short redhead waves at you as she scoops some food onto her plate.

“Hi,” you nod in response as both hands were occupied. Setting the other cup in front of her, you sit next to Bruce, across from Tony and Natasha. Natasha… You glance over at Bruce. Could this be his ‘Nat?’ He smiles at you and hands you some silverware.

“You found the guava juice,” Nat tips her head towards your glass. “You have no idea how surprisingly hard that was to find, but Bruce was adamant that we get that for you.”

“Oh, you didn’t have to,” you shake your head at Bruce. “Still worrying over inconsequential things?” you tease, despite how happy it makes you to know that he hadn’t forgotten your love of it.

Bruce flushes.

“It’s quite good actually,” Tony admits, toasting his cup of guava juice at you. “Worth the trouble, I’d say.”

You smile. From there, the tension of dining with strangers fades away and by the end of the meal, you feel like you’d made some new friends.

“Sorry, there was only us tonight; it’s been a busy few weeks and we get tired of seeing the same faces every day,” Natasha adds as you stick your plate into the dishwasher with hers.

You laugh. “I understand. After a certain period, people need a break from each other. A colleague of mine and I almost got in a wrestling match over some data because we’d been working together nonstop on a project for a week. Thankfully we realized and mutually decided to avoid each other for a few days.”

“And it worked?” Tony asked humorously.

“We published our findings two months after that,” you answer proudly.

“Was this Dr Holtz?” Bruce rumbles.

Scrunching your nose at his unexpectedly grumpy tone, you shake your head, “No, Dr Emily Morris. She and I are set to guest lecture about it sometime in September, actually. Why? Is something wrong with Ulrich?” You had worked briefly with Ulrich Holtz, and he seemed a nice man.

“No,” Bruce looks away.

“Bruce-“ your words are interrupted as a large yawn escapes you.

“You should get some rest,” Nat pushes you to the door. “We can finish cleaning up. Bruce, make sure she gets there.”

“We?” You hear Tony protest as you leave the kitchen.

“You don’t have to help me, Bruce,” you yawn once again.

He glances at you quickly, hands unconsciously trying to push up his glasses. You laugh at his grumblings about forgetting them somewhere.

‘So, Nat?” You reference his earlier comment about having a thing with a woman he worked with. “As in Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow? You couldn’t have told me this before?”

“Tell you what?” Bruce shrugs. “You should try to get some sleep,” he tries to change the subject.

“Ugh,” you throw your hands up dramatically. Pushing aside the increasingly more painful ache that pulsates at the thought of Bruce and Natasha together, you turn to face him, “Now, why were you grumpy about Ulrich? Don’t tell me he’s with HYDRA.”

Running his hand through his hair, Bruce looks down, brows furrowed. “No, he’s not working with HYRDA.”

You breathe a sigh of relief.

“But he’s not good enough for you.” This comes out a rush of words.

“Huh?” This time, it’s your brows that furrow.

“As a…” A pained look crosses Bruce’s face, reminding you of the time you forced the Hulk to let a dentist check out his toothache. “As a boyfriend.”

You blink. “You do realize Ulrich’s married, right? To a brilliant, if a bit cold, physicist.”

“Oh,” Bruce flushes. “Well, good night.”

“Wait- Bruce!”

But Bruce already disappears from the corridor.

After silencing your alarm, pulling yourself out of bed, dressing and making yourself some breakfast, you wander down one floor, to the lab.

“Bruce had to go pick a reactor up for me. He won’t be back until this afternoon,” Tony greets you as he analyses something at his desk.

“Okay,” you scan the lab to see if there was anything you could start work on.

Pushing himself away from the desk, Tony chucks a silver packet at you, “Dried cherries?”

Hastily catching it, you frown, “Um, sure?”

Tony chuckles, nodding towards the bag. “Dried cherries.”

“Oh! Sorry,” you flush slightly as your slowness.

“No worries, it’s an early morning for you, didn’t think you’d be up until midday. But now that you’re here, I cleared this space out for you to work at. FRIDAY, pull up the VICEROY project.” Tony pulls a thin screen down in from of your desk.

Joining him, you both munch on dried cherries as he explains the project and what you need to do. After throwing out the suggestion of trying dried mango, you both settle into your work, not resurfacing until FRIDAY shuts everything down as a way to force the two of you to eat lunch.

“So,” Tony waves a just bitten carrot at you. “How long have you liked Bruce?”

“Well, we’ve been friends since he tried to defend me from the large bully down the street.” You avoid his gaze by carefully choosing a strawberry from the bowl in front of you. It was obvious what he meant, but, while you did like Tony, you weren’t about to spill your every thought to the man.

You can feel his eyes on you. Taking a bite of his turkey, tomato, and cheddar cheese sandwich, he acknowledges the obtuse answer with a slight nod. “I can’t see you being bullied.”

“It was a once in a lifetime thing since I kicked the bully in the stomach while they were distracted.”

Tony laughs for a moment. Cutting his guffaws short, he returns to his original question, slightly rephrased for explicit clarity this time. “How long have you loved Bruce? As more than a friend or older brother etc.”

You stare at the man steadily. You wait until he blushes, finally showing proof and maybe a little guilt at inquiring about such a personal matter, to reply vaguely, “For a while now. Is that a problem?”

“No,” Tony shakes his head. “I mean, with others, there is the question of whether a relationship will cause tension and hinder work efficiency, but I doubt you’d let it.” He munches on another carrot, taking a moment to think. “Actually, I think you’d be good for him. I haven’t heard him talk so much until he was walking you through the place. Natasha agrees.”

“Oh…,” you can feel your ears starting to flush slightly. “Thank you, but he doesn’t think about me that way.”

“We’ll see,” he smiles. “I’m craving ice cream, want some?”

After a lovely ice cream break – excluding the slight row over the superiority of ice cream flavours, vanilla or chocolate – you went back to work.

It’s around 4 when Bruce wanders into the lab. “Tony! FRIDAY said to leave the reactor in the garage.”

“Yup,” Tony answers, not looking away from whatever welding he was doing on some piece of work.

“Hey,” you wave at Bruce absentmindedly. While your heart could only concentrate on Bruce, your mind still found the mysteries of biotechnology much more interesting. And it had had a head start in deciding what would get your attention.

“Hey,” Bruce frowned, glancing between the two of you warily. Crouching by your station, he whispers, “You’re okay with?” gesturing towards Tony.

“Hmm, wha?” You distractedly pat his face, ”Oh yeah. Hand me that laser, will you? Thanks.”

Bruce smiles slightly. He was used to your tunnel vision when absorbed with a project and was glad that you seemed to be interested. But, looking at your bent head, he almost wished you were a little less interested.

“So, you like working with Tony?”

You’re both sprawled over your bed, looking over your respective papers of data for the project.

“Yeah. He’s fun. And you know I’ve always liked collaborating with you, you know that, ever since we beat those jerks at the sand castle competition at the beach when we were in elementary school,” you smile slightly, offhanded in your response as you flip through the various graphs and statistics.

You can hear Bruce take a deep breath, but you don’t really pay attention. Sometimes, he just did that to clear his head. So, his next words surprise you. “… I like you, Y/N.”

You pause slightly. Your chest tightens for a moment before you can calm yourself down. While you always loved it when he said that, he had never meant it the way you’d wanted him to in the past. You can remember the first time he hugged you – when you helped him confess and get a date with Betty. Needless to say, his affection was sometimes a bit painful for you.

“Awww, thanks, Bruce, you know I like you, too.” You nudge him playfully and return to your work.


You look up at his unusually sharp tone

“I…,” he looks away then back at you, staring deep into your eyes. “I know I’ve taken you for granted, and I know we’d had this platonic brother-sister relationship thing going on for some time, but that’s not working for me anymore, the platonic thing. And the brother-sister thing, of course, then it’d be incestuous.”

“Umm, Bruce, where are you going with this?” You cock an eyebrow at his rushed babbling.

“I’m not saying this right.” He runs an agitated hand through his hair, rumpling it even more. “You’re always there for me and I can’t imagine you not. I cannot. It makes me shake and turn into him, just thinking about what could possibly have taken you from me. And now, I can’t seem to act normal around you and I’m just…-”

“Bruce,” you coax, while simultaneously trying to tell your thumping heart not to jump to any conclusions, but it already just wants to fling itself right out of your chest and into his gentle and slightly callused hands.

“I love you.” The words are muffled into his arm.

You pull his arm away from his face. “Come again?”

He can’t look at you. “I love you, Y/N.” His face is slowly turning a bright red.

You blink at him, sure you’d misheard. Suddenly you can’t help but giggle. Laughing, you admit, “Good. Because I’ve been in love with since I started high school and I was starting to get impatient.” You scoot closer to him so you can flutter a kiss to the tip of his nose.

“Y/N….” He blinks at you, eyes full of surprise and wonder and joy.

“Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, I have loved and still love you with all my heart.” You cup his face.

You don’t know who moved first, or maybe you both moved at the same time, but your lips meet and your thoughts disappear.

A/N: THANK YOU FOR READING THIS! It’s my first Avengers fanfic, so hopefully, the characters are true to form. Sorry, if they’re not and that the (not really existent) plot was a bit all over the place. I had a different story in mind when I started writing this, and then it evolved, and I might have missed a few details.

Jumin Remembers.

(Jumin Han x Artist! Reader fluff! Thank you so much for continuing to be patient with me!)

Jumin remembers the very first time he saw you.

You were nervous. Your hair was reflecting the light and your heels shuffled and repositioned themselves restlessly. Your eyes would occasionally flick in his direction, but they never lingered long enough to meet his. He found himself noticing the quality of your suit and the tiny hairs sticking out of your stiff hairdo.

Jumin remembers the very first time he spoke to you.

The party had gone on for hours. You had dazzled everyone onstage with your passion for animals, and artistic skill. You were still looking nervous, but that changed the second he offered his arm. You didn’t notice it, but Jumin was well aware of the shift in your mood as he guided you across the floor. You were calm. The tension you carried had eased away, and you smiled at him for the first time.

Jumin remembers the first night after that.

He thought of you as he went to sleep, and wondered why you seemed so important. He dreamt of your smile, of cats, and work. But your smile, your presence, is all he could think of when he woke up. It irked him. He didn’t like feeling so distracted.

Jumin remembers the first Saturday you spent in the penthouse.

He came home, unaware that you had already let yourself in, and worried that maybe he should have rented a chef for the night. Then, after the busied himself in his office, he saw you standing against the wall next to the elevator. He noticed your clothes, your hair, your eyes, the way your hands were neatly grasped together. He felt himself pry his eyes away. You had smiled at him.

Jumin remembers introducing you to Elizabeth the 3rd.

She liked you right away. She purred and meowed like you had always been her favorite person in the world. Jumin didn’t know what to think, but he decided he didn’t mind very much. If it kept you smiling, why be jealous? 

He was still a little jealous.

Jumin remembers the first time he danced with you.

He wasn’t thinking straight. He’d had a little too much to drink and all he wanted was get closer to you. It was a curious, innocent feeling. Surely, he figured, one dance would be enough to get you out of his head! He was wrong. Later that evening, as you slept in the guest room, all he could think about was the fit of your hand in his, the curve of your waist, and that beautiful, lovely smile. He stared up at the ceiling for hours.

Jumin remembers your first date.

It was a beautiful night. The moon was full and he walked with you from a restaurant to a karaoke bar. He noticed how pretty your eyes looked, and indulged himself in stealing glances at you throughout the night. When it was time to say goodbye, it took all his courage to kiss your hand and say that he thought of you fondly. He remembers the way your face went blank. He worried that maybe you didn’t feel the same, but you surprised him by inviting him home.

Jumin remembers exactly what you offered him when you finally got there.

A mug of hot chocolate. He remembers that the mug was orange, and the drink was sweet! His mind felt empty, and yet it raced the second you came to sit with him on your old sofa. He tried to focus on the TV, and ignore the feeling of your shoulder pressed against his, but it was hard. So when you got up to remove your makeup, he was relieved. He sank back into the couch and almost melted away.

Jumin remembers exactly how he felt when you hugged him for the first time.

He had invited you to see him at work, and you had dashed into his office looking stressed and overwhelmed. You embraced him immediately, and Jumin felt his shoulders stiffen. His eyes widened and his heart thumped wildly. He prayed to god that you couldn’t hear it, but you were too caught up in silencing your own heart to notice. He suddenly realized how wonderful it felt to be the one you came running to, and hugged you tightly.

Jumin remembers the first time he kissed you.

It was Christmas Day. Snow had fallen thickly outside, and you were both enjoying pancakes in the penthouse. You had spent the night in his bed and there was something extraordinarily beautiful about the way you looked wearing his shirt. It was perfect. He thought you were perfect. And before he knew it, he was kissing you. Nothing had ever tasted so sweet. He had never felt so passionate and filled with love before. It scared him. But the look in your eyes told him you felt just the same.

Jumin remembers the time he hurt you.

It was an accident, really. You had mentioned an ex boyfriend, who you had once promised to marry, and jealousy blinded him. He felt a low, bitter feeling rise in his heart and he started saying things he didn’t really mean. He distanced himself from you, because he didn’t want to say something he couldn’t take back, but you misunderstood the intention and ran away. Jumin went back to work, expecting to see you as soon as he got home, but he couldn’t find you anywhere. He hated himself. He wanted you back.

He felt awful. Where had you gone to? Who were you with? Did you still love him? Thousands of questions raced through his mind, and he ran his fingers through his hair restlessly. He called everyone he could think of, but no one knew where you had gone. So, he sat. He let himself be defeated, because he couldn’t bear the thought of you crying because of him, or smiling at someone else.

Jumin remembers the first time he cried over you.

You finally came home, a couple hours later, completely fine. Jumin threw himself at you, apologizing endlessly. The tears came when you looked at him. He was so overcome with love and relief that he couldn’t help his trembling lip and shaky hands. He wrapped his arms around you so tightly, he promised himself he would never let something stupid come between you again. You kissed him, and said you were sorry too, because you had missed him every bit as much.

Naturally, Jumin thinks of the future.

He thinks of what he’ll look like, how far the company will have expanded, and his life with you. Sometimes, although he doesn’t tell you, he dreams of children. Little boys and girls with your smile and his eyes. He thinks they’re wonderful. He thinks that you’ll look beautiful as a mother, and it excites him to think that someday he’ll work up the courage to ask you to be his wife.

Jumin never dreamed that he would find someone he would cherish so dearly. But when you smile at him, he knows that he’s looking at the smile he wants to love and protect for the rest of forever.


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Genre: Drama, Angsty

Word Count: 1087

Pairing: Yoongi x You

A/N: Italics are flashbacks while Bolds are your inner thoughts, this is my first one shot imagine please bear with my grammar, anyways idgaf please enjoy keke!

You look at your watch it’s past 10 already. You’ve been waiting for your boyfriend since 7 pm. It’s your 1 year anniversary and you wanted to celebrate it before he debut and become busy with his idol life.

You tried to call him but it goes straight to voicemail. “He’s late again…” you sighed. You started to get worried but still keep waiting.

Your phone rang and you excitedly answered it but not the person you are expecting to.

“(Y/N)!!” It’s your Mom, you can hear her crying. But suddenly, your phone died. There’s a sudden knot on your stomach. You hurriedly left the restaurant.

*Car crashes*

You squint your eyes, memories of that fateful day flashed to the front of your eyes. Suddenly, someone bumped into you making you open your eyes.

“Woooow our oppas!!” two schoolgirls shaking each other pointing towards the television on the lobby of the hospital you are working. You came back to your senses, as you look on the news about a kpop group getting into the Billboard.

“Suga oppa is so cool, we are meant to be!!!” one of the girl said.

“Aniiii! Suga oppa is mine!” the other one said back. They started to bicker at each other and the other guests in the hospital are getting distracted. You raised your brow.

“Excuse me, please lower down your voices you are inside the hospital.” You said in a serious tone.                                              

The two girls stopped and looked at you embarrassed. “Oh, sorry sonsaengnim.” The two girls bowed and left.

You look at the news showing Yoongi and his mixtape getting also a spotlight. Ughhh asshole…

“Dr. (Y/L/N)!” one of the nurses approach you.

“Dr. Kim wants to see you.” You nod and went to his office.  

What is it this time?              

“What?!” you shrieked.

“I assign you to be a part of the medical team in the ISAC tomorrow” he repeated not sparing a glance at you.

“But that’s my day to unpack…”

“Why? You don’t want to?” he said. You pouted.

“Oppa..” you muttered. He looked at you and sneered.

“I was about to approve your vacation leave but since….” while looking for the request form of your vacation you applied a week ago.

“Arasso, arasso….but you need to help me move tonight” you sighed. He chuckled and nodded.

Dr. Kim was like your older sister but in a brother form. He helped you get through the time your sister died from a car accident 3 years ago. He was the only one who comforted you during those times and you would always be grateful to him.

“It would be fun, you’ll get to meet celebrities.” He said wiggling his brows.

You hissed. Celebrities, my ass.

You woke up at the sound of your phone ringing. You fumbled for your phone on your bedside table.

“Hello?” you answered, still half asleep.

“Sunbaenim! Where are youuu?!!” Hyukoh said.

“I’m home. Whyyyy?!” you groaned.

“Don’t tell me you forget?..” he said. Your eyes widened and checked the time. It’s already 7:30 am and you got 30 mins to prepare and travel.

Oh shit. You get out of bed and scrambled your things you needed for today’s work. You hurriedly went to the bathroom almost tripping on the boxes on your new apartment.

You finished all your morning ceremonies and you still have 15 minutes left for travel, you get out of your apartment as fast as you can. The elevator on your building was about to close and you run towards it to get on, luckily someone opened the doors for you. You smiled and bowed at the masked man.

You exhaled, fixing yourself in the reflection in the doors of the elevator. You noticed the clothes of the guys inside the elevator, it’s the same design as yours but different color. Your brows furrowed when suddenly the doors opened.

“Sunbae!” Hyukoh, your assistant for today which is also an intern in your department, waved at you. You smiled and walk towards him.

“I got you a coffee.” He handed you the cup.

I clearly need this for today.

You stopped by the door of the last group you need to check before the event starts. You stared at the label on the door, hesitating whether you’ll do this one or just ask Hyukoh to do it himself.

“Sunbae, why are you not getting in?” Hyukoh asked, making you come back to your senses. He knocked and went in. You were anxious, this would be the first time you’ll meet him again after 3 years.

You put on your mask and followed Hyukoh inside. Hyukoh started introducing and explaining what checkup is to be done to the artists to ensure they are fit for athletic sports today. The boys gathered in front to the both of you then they started to talk in chorus. You were startled.

“Hana, dul, set. Annyeonghaseyo! BangtanSonyeondan imnida!” they bowed and smiled. You bowed at them also. Get your shit together, (Y/N)

After finishing with Hoseok who almost cried whom you managed to get an injection shot. You look at the last person that is assigned to you. Min Yoongi

He took a sit in front of you and bowed at you. You were flustered, somehow in a minute you didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, tears are pooling in your eyes and were about to flow. You inhaled and started to prepare for the injection shot.

He get his arm ready for you, you looked at him and he just nod at you. You touch his skin looking for the place to inject. The silence between you is so deafening, you can hear each other’s breathing. You inserted the needle and he bit his lower lip to bear the pain. You removed the injection and wrapped it up.

“It’s been a while..(Y/N)” he mumbled. You looked up and stared at his eyes, the feeling of hate and hurt is overwhelming that at any time you might cry your bawls out.

“I’m sorry.” He said and held your hand.

You entered in the room where your sister is in the hospital. The nurses are already covering the body of your sister. You were stunned, tears won’t stop escaping from your eyes. You can’t believe what is happening in front of you. Your phone rang and looked at the caller ID and it’s Yoongi. You answered the call and just listened to the words he said. You fell down on your knees…

“I am..” you mumbled

“Too late.” You said and let a tear flow on your cheek.

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“You look super cute right now, And it's really hard not to kiss you.” With Kara please♥️

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You were dressed in your best for the interview. The interview with Cat Grant… that was supposedly not as terrifying as you thought according to Kara. Who got you said interview.

You adjust your shirt one last time before heading out the door. You walk the 5 minutes between your apartment complex and CatCo, and find your girlfriend waiting to meet you inside.

“Come on!” she says, “Can’t be late with Ms. Grant!”

She pulls you into an empty elevator and hits the button. After it starts moving, you can see Kara eyeing you from the other side of the elevator.

“What is it?” you ask, turning to her, “Do I look alright?”

The woman smirks and says, “You look really cute right now, and it’s really hard not to kiss you…”

A couple minutes later you get out of the elevator with disheveled clothing and hair ruffled. You blush as everyone seems to stare at you as you exit. Kara walks past you with a smirk.

“Go on, (Y/N), Ms. Grant will want to see you promptly.”

Rebel and a Basket Case

Evan Rachel Wood, known for her leading role as a heroine and oldest host in the HBO Original series Westworld, as well as her roles in films Thirteen, The Wrestler, TV series True Blood and the mini series Mildred Pearce.  Her covetable award-winning catalog of acting roles barely highlights her deep rooted musical background she evolved at a very young age.

We get a squint of her prolific vocal talent as the star of the 2007 musical film ‘Across the Universe‘ as she covers 1960’s  Beatles songs.  

Fast forward to 2017; Evan and Zach chat with novelist Laura Albert about the inspiration for their debut album and the journey of writing songs whilst juggling an intense acting career.

Rebel and a Basket Case an edgy, 80’s inspired electro –pop duo who are reclaiming inspirational moments from their teenage music icons, The Breakfast club, Karaoke and verve for all that is a unicorn world.

Interview by Laura Albert

Laura: I very much love Westworld. Has the unfurling story which seems a constant peeling back of identity, seeped into your musical world?

Evan: Zach and I wrote a lot of the album while I was in production and while we were on a short hiatus. Playing that character definitely gave me a new found strength that trickled over into our music I’m sure. So many themes on the record have to do with overcoming oppressive situations and West World is very much the same.

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Group: BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Pairing: Hoseok (J-Hope) x Reader

Genre: Smut (Word Count: 2,554)

You laughed along with Hoseok as the two of you continuously ducked and dodged through the streets, trying to avoid the heavy rain. “I don’t remember your place being this far away!” you yelled over the loud raindrops. Hoseok tugged his snapback on tighter and just smiled.

“We’ll be there soon enough” he said, grabbing your hand. He started running, pulling you through the rain to the next available shelter. The thunder cracked through the sky and you jumped, moving closer to Hoseok. He was surprised but threw his arm around you anyway, somehow protecting you from nature’s loud noises. “We should hurry up. It sounds like it’s about to get pretty bad out here” he said, rubbing your arm. The thunder crackled again and you wrapped your arms around his waist, staring up at the sky. 

“We could probably take a shortcut through that alley” he said, pointing across the street. There was a flash of lightning and your eyes widened. “Yeah, yeah, yeah let’s go” you rushed out. Hoseok smiled and quickly pulled you in the direction of the alley. 

The rain was coming down like bullets but thanks to the shortcut it only took you about 3 minutes to get to his building. Hoseok pried the door open for you and you rushed in. “I knew that we should have brought an umbrella” he said, staring at you.

“The weather girl said that it would be a light rain!” you defended yourself. Hoseok just shook his head as he led you to the elevator. Your clothes, like his, were dripping wet and you were starting to feel just how cold it was.You hugged your arms around yourself and shivered. Hoseok watched you from the corner of his eye and smiled. You’ve always been stubborn. This morning he’d told you to wear a heavier jacket; you refused. He’d said that it was going to rain hard; you insisted that it would be fine. Now you were standing in the world’s slowest elevator, your teeth chattering away. 

As soon as he’d gotten you into the dorm, Hoseok stripped off his over-sized hoodie revealing his white tank top. He threw his jacket in the clothes bin and then walked to his drawer. He pulled out a pair of shorts and a shirt and tossed it to you. “Hurry and change before you catch a cold” he said, searching through his drawer once again. You assumed that he must be looking for some shorts for himself. Dragging your bare feet along the soft carpet, you went into the bathroom to change out of your wet clothes. You absolutely hated the feeling as you peeled off your shirt and pants. Your body was so cold that your goosebumps had goosebumps. “Hoseok, are you washing our clothes?” you asked through the door. He made an affirmative noise and you nodded to yourself looking down at your panties and bra. They were soaked and you had to take them off but you didn’t want to just walk around the dorm with nothing underneath Hoseok’s loose clothes.
‘As soon as they dry, I’ll just put them back on’ you reasoned with yourself.

You unhooked your bra and slid your panties off, securely wrapping them in your pants and shirt. Your nipples stuck out in response to the cold temperature and you sighed. This would have been so much easier if you two had been closer to your house when the storm hit. You pulled the T-shirt over your head and felt relieved to see that you could hardly see your hardened nipples. You slid on the shorts next and felt extremely weird knowing that you weren’t wearing any panties. Nevertheless, you gathered your things and opened the bathroom door. Walking out, you could see that Hoseok wasn’t in his room any more. You tossed your wet clothes in the clothes bin along with his and walked out of his room. “Hoseok!” you yelled out, walking into the living room. 

You called his name again and he walked out from one of the other bedrooms. “It doesn’t look like anybody else is home” he said. The thunder boomed and the lights flickered in the house. You literally jumped into Hoseok’s arms and wrapped your arms around his neck. Your face was buried into his skin and your heart was racing. Your breasts pressed into him and you were so terrified that you didn’t care. Why was the thunder so aggressive tonight? Hoseok just held you to him and carried you to his room. He sat you down on his bed and sat next to you with a smile. “I’m sorry about the whole jumping-”

“Don’t mention it. We’ve been friends for two years and you never told me that you were afraid of storms” he commented. He didn’t mention your breasts so you assumed that he hadn’t noticed. 

“I’m not afraid of storms” you said unconvincingly. The window lit up from the flash of lightning and you scooted closer to him. Hoseok smiled to contain his laughter.

“Of course you aren’t” he said, sarcastically. You frowned and he laughed again before standing up. He walked to the clothes bin and lifted it up. “You’re going to be okay for a minute?” he asked, looking toward the window.

“Y-yeah. I’m not a baby” you said, looking out the window. Hoseok smiled again and walked out of the room, making his way to the washing machine. The phone rang and you heard him answer it.

“Hello?…ah… okay. Well __ is here with me. Okay” he said from the other room. Who was that? Hoseok came in a minute later and pointed to the bed. “Manager-hyung said that most of the streets are blocked off so he’s just going to get a hotel for the guys. You can stay here tonight” he said. He walked to the bed and peeled the covers back. 

“You can stay in my bed and I’ll just take someone else’s” he offered. You looked at the bed, the window, and then back at him.

“Could you stay here until I fall asleep?” you asked in a small voice. You felt like a little girl. Hoseok mumbled about you being cute before hopping in the bed. He laid down on his back and stretched his arm open for you. You got in the bed next to him and rested against him. You wanted to lie on his chest but was suddenly reminded of your lack of clothes underneath his baggy shirt and shorts. He noticed your hesitation and grabbed your arm, wrapping it around him. This left you no choice but to place your head against him. “Don’t worry about it” he said easily. 

You didn’t say anything and he rubbed your arm. “You were worried about not having a bra, right?” he said. This is embarrassing. You nodded wordlessly and he chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it. If it makes you feel better, I’m not wearing a bra either” he said. You laughed and lightly slapped his side. 

“I hope you don’t ever wear bras” you said. Hoseok just smiled and rubbed your arm. The thunder boomed again and you pressed yourself closer to him. He didn’t comment but instead started humming. It was very soothing; his chest vibrating slightly as he hummed through song after song, his fingers massaging your arm. 

You fell asleep at some point and Hoseok found himself falling asleep as well.

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Lost Stars (M)

plot: all he knew was killing and you were just another name to mark down his list.

group: bts

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: assassin!au

warnings: death, blood, cursing and other violence subjects, light smut ahead

word count: 5.4k

A/N: so I don’t know how this happened but it sorta did lmao I hope you like it, I’m so sorry this is a mess ;-;

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The youngest member of the Jeon family looked down to the floor, eyes narrowing and eyebrows knotted in disgust. There went another pair of his favorite shoes, he shook them to get rid of the staining blood dropping from the tip of the shoe. He sighed, dropping his foot to the floor and quickly getting out his phone and pressing the dial button on Namjoon’s number.

It took a couple of times for him to answer. “It’s done” he mumbles, looking down at the immobile body a mere inches away from his feet. Namjoon replied happily, another amount of zeros to add up to their bank account. “Make sure to wire my part” and with that the phone went dead as he stuffed the phone back in the pocket.

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How Thankful I am - Castiel x Reader (NSFW) ‘1K celebration’

★ This drabble was requested  by @leatherandwinchesters and @k6034 as a part of my 1k celebration prompt drabbles. (I also decided to combine this with a request I had earlier) ★

Summary: Prompt #3  “Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight.” AND  Hey! I don’t have anything super specific but you’re a really good writer and one thing that I think is so, so hot is cum on glasses lmao. So if you write a Castiel x Reader preferably and fit that in somewhere you’d be a godsend and I’d probably cry. Thank you much!

Words: 1448

Warnings: Oral sex (male receiving), hand job, public sex.

Castiel x Reader

A/N: This is definitely longer than usual drabble, but I couldn't resist. 

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Not So Artificial Love

One big thing before you read this, when on stage/ performing i wrote him as Xiumin, but with y/n or with other members I wrote him as Minseok. Sorry this one took so long but its long. Tbh I was the only person more turned on by Minseoks choker than the Artificial Love dance (I have a thing for people in chokers, but dont worry, both are incorperated in the story). i would also like to mention that I am dyslexic and since this one is so long there are prbably some thing i missed and I’m 100% sure that there’s at least one typo i  missed. Anyways blahblahblah aside, I hope u enjoy :))))))

Summary: Minseok opens up a can of worms after his first EXO’rdium performance, which leads to s a surprisingly pleasent night between you two.

Genre: smutsmutsmut omg so much smut, smut ahead, WARNING

Word Count: 4106

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Minseok/Xiumin, Chanyeol, mention of other EXO members 


There was never anything quite like sitting in those stadiums watching your boyfriend. You were never let backstage even though people always recognized you and you were constantly mobbed. Never really with any hate especially since Xiumin spoke up about how he doesn’t like any EXO-L who disrespects his girlfriend (it still shocks you to this day that, HEY, that’s you).

Though EXO’rDIUM was exciting as it was something new, your attention wasn’t fully on the show since you were going to be there every day to cheer on the people you were going to be going home with once it was all over, but you stared at the stage blankly anyways. Watching them perform all of their new songs was the most exciting part because you remembered how stressed and nervous all of the members were on how the fans would respond to their new sound. The fans were into it, though. You had been invited to watch the soundcheck, but again, since you knew you were going to be at the shows, you decided it would be better to spend your time doing more productive things. That was a mistake.

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