In case any Orthodox Parents (or Roman Catholic or other Liturgical Christians, or pastor or seminarian friends who might suggest it in the future) are looking for a way to bring the feasts more into your home, I have a suggestion. We started, several months ago, putting candles and a tablecloth on the table on feast days (and every Sunday). We’re not always eating something special, but the candles and cloth help ‘elevate’ the dinner, and serve as a sign that this day is different.

And it’s working. Our son is three and when he sees the candles he says “It’s a feast!” or “It’s Sunday!” or sometimes “Cuz Sunday’s a feast!” and gets really excited. We use different color table cloths for different feasts (we’ve had great luck with thrift store finds) and he loves blowing out the candles and saying “The feast is over!” If we have an icon of the saint or feast we’ll put it on the table as well, but we usually don’t.

It’s been so easy, and really ‘injected’ the Year into our domestic church. 

You know what the best part is?

Knowing that whatever Westallen scene(s) we get tonight will actually be Barry and Iris and not Iris and some random dude who happens to look like Barry at the moment.