elevated shot

my favorite part about the street fighter cartoon is when dee jay gets out of an elevator dodging some gun shots and becomes super tiny for no reason

Elevator Scene Masterlist

Close Encounters by Luddleston (1/1 | 1,545 | Teen And Up)

“Dude. We have to get out of here, we have to—oh my god, oh my god, we’re going to run out of oxygen and die.”
“Well, we might if you keep hyperventilating like that.”
“Not helpful! Ugh, I’m going to die with Keith. Ew. I’m going to die with Keith, and I’m going to die before I even get to kiss Allura or become a super-badass hero, or even have sex, oh, holy quiznak, I’m going to die a virgin.”

Don’t Let it Get You Down by quiiiznak (1/1 | 2,002 | General)

What really happened when Lance and Keith got stuck in that elevator

Claustrophobia by pidgeotto_gunderson (1/1 | 1,680 | Teen And Up)

Season 2 fix-it, adding onto the infamous pool scene in episode 5

//claustrophobia //panic attacks

Elevator by QueenieTheFangirl (1/1 | 1,246 | Explicit)

On the way to the castle’s pool, Keith and Lance get stuck in the same elevator. In nothing but swim trunks and towels.

Stuck With You by swankyturnip76 (1/1 | 1,599 | Mature)

Based on the elevator scene from Season 2 Episode 5 of Voltron. Keith and Lance must work together to climb out of an elevator and reach the pool.

Elevator Rides and Expert Tongues

Yoongi x Reader 

Genre: Smut 

A/N: Kinda missed his birthday…whoops :P This is actually written for the other admin L.E.D because her bias’s birthday is also her birthday apparently! Enjoy <3

                                                                                 -Ray :)

You were just returning home from the art exhibition that your university held. It was late and you were tired. All that you wanted in this moment was to take off this skin tight dress and welcome the soft covers of your bed. You had said your goodbyes to your friends at the lobby of your building before arriving to the elevator. The doors opened and just as you were about to step in, you collided head first into someone. You almost stumbled back when the person you collided into caught you by the elbow.  

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Elevator mirrors are lit!

Lmao these are some of the only pictures we took from the 70′s party we went to. Jaz let me borrow one of her wigs because I ran out of time to get my own. If you cant tell we were already pretty turnt before we even got to the party😅😂😂

BTS - Spine Breaker Mv


  1. Director - Kim Namjoon
  2. Assistant Director - Jung Hoseok
  3. Dance Director / Stylist - Kim Seokjin
  4. Camera - Jeon Jeongguk
  5. Food Truck Guy - Min Yoongi
  6. Mental Carer - Kim Taehyung
  7. Luggage Man - Park Jimin

Everyone is in the MV.

Highlights of the MV

  • Filmed in the Hotel in Chile in which our beloved crew was staying.
  • Yoongi emerges from behind suitcases.
  • Jimin rich man. Taeyhung somehow poor???
  • Jimin tucked in bed with high-tech shades.
  • Taehyung swag,on the floor…
  • Namjoon goes in and out of an elevator. Hopefully does not break the elevator button.
  • Group shots in the restaurant, elevator and in front of a mirror.
  • Pearly jacket from BS&T performance (WHERE ARE THEIR MANAGERS)
  • EatJin
  • Sassy Jeon drinking water
  • Hoseok in washroom, rapping, with shades, and possible tummy issues.
  • Spine Breaker Chicken Dance.

Behind the scenes

  • Praising ARMY
  • Jungkook’s high pitched giggles
  • Choreographer Jin creating chicken dance.
  • Happy square dance.
  • Namjin bumping while dancing feat. lone Jeon
  • Just Shoot Anywhere.
  • The hotel probably baffled by whatever is going on.
  • Everyone is Derping


Lots of love to all the dorks.

Strong Power Thank You.

because you guys love jealous Jim:

You raised your eyes to the tall buildings surrounding you and looked at the different coloured lights. It was already dark outside and you just stepped out of the car that had brought you and Jim here.
He was on his way to a meeting and insisted on taking you with him. Usually he went by himself  but apparently it meant a lot to him to have there today.
All dressed up and with Jim by your side you entered a skyscraper.

A narrow red carpet led you inside and just as the door closed behind the two of you two men appeared out of nowhere. Without saying a word they escorted you to the elevator. As soon as those men started following you Jim grabbed your hand with a tight grip. His own was cold as usual.
Seconds later the elevator shot upstairs. Nobody said a word and you could feel the tension in the tiny space.
It was the first time that you properly collided with the scene Jim used to be in. The powerful and criminal people that signed his contracts and relied on him and requested services only he could offer.
You’d be lying if you’d say that you weren’t slightly uncomfortable. Sure, you trusted your boyfriend but you also knew what he was able to do and you knew all too well what could happen if something was to go wrong.

The doors slid open and you walked down a long floor. The walls were decorated with minimalistic paintings and were covered in luxurious wallpaper. It was still silent and the only noise you could here was the clicking of your heels.
Soon enough your little group reached a door that automatically opened. Immediately warm and thick air hit your face. The smell of cigar-smoke mixed with the cheep perfume of the rich filled the hall you now stepped into.
The light was dimmed and approximately thirty Asian men were inside. Some were sitting on couches surrounded by light-dressed women with big hair, some were standing holding drinks and smoking.
Slow jazz music was playing in the background.

All of the talking stopped and everyone looked at you and Jim which made him smile. Still holding on to your hand his eyes targeted a man that was sitting in a chair at the very end of the room. A tall woman in a very short dress with a lot of cleavage leaned against the chair.  

With secure footsteps Jim started walking towards that person. He really seemed to enjoy all of the looks the two of you were getting.
The man jumped up and even though his face didn’t come across as frightened you could spot sweat on his forehead that most likely didn’t come from the sticky air. He said something in a language that sounded like Korean and everyone else returned to their former state of talking and drinking.

Stretching out his hand to shake Jim’s the boss (so you assumed) of the others was now at least a step away from you. Sensing a penetrant aftershave you silently sniffed your nose.
Not even looking at the offered hand Jim sat down on a leathern couch and pulled you down too, now letting go of your hand.

After that the two men started talking to each other. The Asian had prepared a few files he was showing to Jim. Nervous chuckling and a lot of nodding on his side gave him away: he wasn’t comfortable.

Jim on the other hand seemed to feel very secure and powerful at the moment. You knew he loved to be in that position where he was the one to decide and all everyone else could do was to obey.
But from one second to another something changed. Something the man had said didn’t please Jim. His voice became serious and his stare lurking while he placed his left hand on your thigh.
The opponent quickly realised that what he had said wasn’t ideal and began to stammer while probably trying to make up for whatever had just left his mouth.

But Jim shook his head and you could feel his hand tighten. To possibly calm him you laid your hand on his but instead of relaxing Jim said something that made the man stand up quickly.

Again the only sound in the room was the jazz music.

Everyone’s eyes were on the three of you.

Wildly gesticulating and desperately speaking to your boyfriend the man still attempted  to fix the situation. Instead of responding verbally Jim just laughed and raised his right hand and waved.
Knowing that couldn’t mean anything good you began feeling seriously unsettled.
“Jim, what is it? What happened?”, you vigorously whispered but he didn’t answer your questions. Instead a laser point appeared on the Asian man’s  head.
“For gods sake…”, you called out clamping onto Jim’s hand.

Next the man dropped on his knees stammering the same words over and over again but the laser still fixed him.
Some men in the room had pulled out guns themselves but a word from Jim made them drop the weapons.  
Actual tears were now streaming down the man’s face and he began to shake. Jim’s hand still raised he was now in charge of those person’s lives. Whatever had happened before, it had made him more than angry.

“Jim, let’s go. It’s alright.” Your voice was calm now knowing that saying something in the wrong tone could make him wave another time which would result in people dying.
“It’s not alright, dear.”, he said looking you in the eyes and leaning his head to one side which was usually a sign for him being very serious.
“This idiot said that you are very beautiful and you must’ve been very expensive. He thinks you’re a whore. And if you think he’s getting away with that then you’re wrong.” Giving you a quick kiss on the forehead he faced the kneeling man who had started sobbing.

“He didn’t know. You can’t blame him for not knowing.”, you said.
“No, but I can teach him a lesson for not keeping his ridiculous mouth shut.”, Jim answered with a smile. Whispering something into a tiny wireless microphone that was fixed to his tie Jim waved another time.
A shot fell and the woman that was standing next to the frightened man dropped dead. You jumped up. Slowly Jim stood up as well.
“You call her a whore, I kill yours.”, he grinned down at the man before he took your hand.
“Now we can go.”
Jazz played as you left the hall.


The elevator shuddered to a halt.

“No,” Ladybug cried, “no, no, no, no, no!” Her time was running out, and so was that of Chat Noir. “Quick,” she said, “face the corner!”

He laughed and did as she said, shrugging. She did the same on the opposite corner of the elevator.

“…You didn’t happen to have any food on you?” Chat said, his voice muffled.

Ladybug gasped. “No, shoot!” There wasn’t any way to help their kwami recharge, so they’d end up seeing each other eventually.

Chat’s time ran out first. He knew she couldn’t see, but he blushed a little anyway.

When Ladybug’s time ran out moments later, her face went completely red as she pressed her face deeper into her corner.

Chat was the first to speak. “One of us has to use the emergency telephone and call for help,” he said. Ladybug was closer, but she’d still have to move to reach it. “And even if we can get help without looking at each other, there’s no way we can leave without seeing each other.”

Ladybug closed her eyes tightly. She didn’t want to admit it, but he was right. After a moment, another idea crossed her mind. “One of us could look,” she said quietly. “And that way, one of us could keep their identity a secret. When they open the doors, the first one could walk out with a minute’s head-start, and the other can leave when the first one’s gone.”

“Brilliant, except what would stop the first one from revealing who they are to the second later?” Chat said, smirking.

“Well, if I look—”

Chat cut her off. “No, I want to look. If you’re going to look too, that’s fine by me, but I definitely want to see you.” His face reddened. He didn’t mean for it to come out that way.

Ladybug sighed and relented. “Okay,” she agreed. “On the count of three, we’ll turn around.”

“Okay.” Chat started the count. “One… Two… Thr—”

He’d turned around as he started to say “three,” and was taken aback by the fact that he actually recognized her.

“Chat, are you o—” She looked over her shoulder and froze, her face tomato-red.


“…A-Adrien,” she stammered, stiffly turning the rest of her body.

“Thank God, it’s you!” He scooped her up in a hug, letting out a relieved laugh.

Marinette didn’t know how to react. She was surprised that she hadn’t turned into a puddle yet, but it was still a possibility. He was hugging her. Adrien Agreste was hugging. Her.

“Marinette?” he said cautiously, pulling away. “Are you alright?”

She managed to nod, not taking her eyes off him.

A slow grin crossed his face. “Cat got your tongue?”

“Oooh, my God…” she said, covering her face with her hands, but she was too slow to hide her grin.

Adrien laughed. “We should probably use the emergency phone now,” he said, reaching for the panel of buttons….

anonymous asked:

So who had the worse baby fever with baby Pharah? Gabe? If so how about #9 Reaper vs Pharah with Satya for more drama?

Me, reading this prompt: I can’t believe Pharah’s going to snap Reaper over her knee like kindling.

Oh hey! This can count for my “Symmetra joins the team” ficlet! Sweet!

Lúcio’s knee was bouncing up and down as he and Pharah sat across from each other in the Orca.

“Nervous?” said Pharah, folding her arms.

Lúcio took off one ear of his headphones. “What?” his knee stopped bobbing. 

Pharah smirked. “Never mind,” she said.

 Lúcio glanced out the window of the Orca and shuddered a little at the gleaming white city below.

“You are nervous,” said Pharah, leaning forward.

“Eh, this place just always creeped me out when I had concerts here,” said Lúcio, “I mean any place called ‘Utopaea’ has got to have some messed-up stuff under the surface.” He glanced back out the window, “I mean even from here it’s like…It’s too clean. It’s too bright.” 

“Well most of it is hard-light constructs,” said Pharah.

“So who are we supposed to be picking up again?” D.Va piped up, glancing up from the game she was playing using her MEKA’s projection screen.

“Satya Vaswani,” said Pharah, picking up a tablet and scrolling through it, “And we aren’t really picking her up, just making sure she has some security on her flight to Oasis.”

“Wait–Vaswani?” said Lúcio leaning forward.

Pharah turned the tablet around to show Lúcio the photo of her.

“Symmetra,” said Lúcio, his brow furrowing.

“Sym–what?” said Pharah.

“That’s like, her supervillain name,” said Lúcio glancing up from the tablet.

“Her what?” Pharah sat back in her seat, “Lúcio–She’s an architech.”

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Rogue One AU: “Home”

An alternative ending to Rogue One where the Death Star doesn’t destroy Scarif and both Jyn and Cassian are rescued by the Rebellion. Dives further into Jyn and Cassian’s relationship, giving them a chance to explore their feelings in a way they were not able to in the movie because… well… they died. Begins with Jyn and Cassian on the elevator at the end of the movie and continues from there. Please like/reblog if you enjoy! Find the story on AO3 here.

Originally posted by krasnaya-ledi

           The hum of the imperial elevator mingled with the sound of Cassian’s harsh breathing. Jyn supported the captain’s weight on her arm and shoulder, trying not to let it show that with every passing second she grew dizzier and weaker. For him, she would fight through the black spots in her vision to keep him standing, if only for a few moments more. She owed him that much.

           She glanced down at where Cassian gripped the side of his torso. The elevator’s blue lights made the blood soaking his shirt look black.

           “You may need something for that,” she whispered, nodding toward the blaster wound.

           Cassian laughed shortly, his warm breath tickling the side of her neck. “I’ve had worse,” he said, wincing. “Though the bruises from that fall might be contenders.”

           Their eyes met then, and Cassian leaned in so that their foreheads almost touched. They had only known each other a short time, but Jyn already felt their souls were intertwined such that they could communicate full sentences with just a glance. We have no chance of making it out of here alive, Cassian’s eyes said.

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Title: Secrets
Author: Em
Pairing: Harry Osborn x Reader
Rating: PG 
Word Count: 1, 918

It was a weird kind of thing, being in a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Admittedly, it wasn’t the relationship you weren’t in, but it felt different when you couldn’t admit to being in it in the first place. The two of you had agreed it was for the best, but that didn’t stop that tinge of bitterness in your chest as Harry would pull away from you in the elevator, pretending like his tongue hadn’t just been in your mouth and his hand hadn’t been cupping your ass. It made you even bitterer to watch him pretend he didn’t know you at all.

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Tea and Confessions

“Tea and Confessions”

My Masterlist - Here

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,693

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Warnings: Mental Health (talk of self harming, anxiety, and depression)

Summary:  Reader is part of the Avengers. She has only been with them for a few months, and is still getting used to it. She was alone for a long time, and tends to freak out around groups. After a particularly difficult time, she decides go to a cafe. She doesn’t tell anyone where she is going, but Bucky sees her leave. He decides to follow her. He stays and keeps her company/lets her vent. Cuteness ensues.

Author’s Note: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to take the time and thank @goodnightwife for being my beta reader and helping me edit and bounce ideas off.

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

<3 - 


Tags: @luciebell-writes @goodnightwife

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    Being accepted into the Avengers was something you never thought possible. Yes you had some special abilities, but it was nothing compared to Wanda, Tony, or a certain metallic super soldier that you’ve developed feelings for. Your entire life consisted of being pushed to the side, or told to stay quiet to not seem like a possible threat. This made you into who you are today: A young woman who is still figuring out her powers, but is also stuck seeing herself as an annoyance. 

    As much as you appreciated everything the group has done and continues to do for you, sometimes it gets too much. You aren’t used to being around so many people all the time, and while you had your own room, that wasn’t enough sometimes. All of the talk about missions and training and whatever they were up to was overwhelming.

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Boom Boom MV theory

Okay so I get what you’re thinking - Boom Boom is a pretty straight forward MV, so what’s there to theorize about? But actually, I have a lot of questions that I’m going to be answering here. Here are a few of them: 

  • What each member’s involvement is and how they relate to each other
  • Specifically what each point of the plan is
  • Why hip hop team is grinning sadistically while running away from the bombs
  • The meaning behind the random football field and the ship in a bottle

Just for information sake this will be a long post. Don’t say I never warned you.

So I was going to let this music video be, but something kept bugging me. Turn your attention to Exhibit A, the mission statement.

I have a number of issues here. Firstly, why is it bottom to top? Secondly, why is it right out in the open? Thirdly, how are there 17 floors on this tiny two floor ship? And lastly, the one I actually have an answer for, why does “Avoid bombs” come after “Defend the ship”? Defending the ship includes not blowing it up, right? Plus, a statement like that seems like an overarching statement, a purpose, the final thing before the plan is complete so why is it not the last thing on the list? My entire thought to look deeper into the music video came from that one thought alone, so I decided to take it step by step.

In the first scene after the opening sequence, we see them all walking together, arm in arm. This is an establishing shot to set up the next scene, in the elevator. We know that from the establishing shot, they all know each other and are very close. However, in the scene in the elevator, they stand apart and don’t make eye contact. Clearly, they don’t want people to realize they know each other. 

This group is here only to gather information, to see how the place works. We see Wonwoo paying special attention to the elevator, as that’s where he’ll be stationed later.

After this group has finished the initial runthrough, they return back to their headquarters, where they gather around a glass board. Mainly, Seungcheol lays out the plan as the leader, however we also see him converse with DK. A few shots later, we see DK trying to explain something to a group that promptly walks away. DK is the strategist, however people don’t really listen to him, so as the leader Seungcheol helps to explain.

The next relevant scene, we see Woozi go into his room and boot up his computers, starting up the mission. Woozi is the hacker, who controls all the technology. Afterwards, Joshua and Seungkwan help Jun pick out a jacket, and Seungkwan passes Jun an earpiece. This is the only time we see Joshua participate in the mission, so we can assume he’s the master of disguise. Also in this part is Wonwoo, messing with a camera. The assumption is that Wonwoo put the camera up, but instead I think he was diverting the camera to Woozi’s control, as we see a dozen other cameras in the place. Wonwoo is the lookout. Cut to Jun bringing the boxes in. We can assume “Hide the boxes” refers to him, although we aren’t sure what is in the boxes yet. He gets three texts, each reading “Boom boom”. Wonwoo isn’t in the elevator yet, and we can assume he comes after Jun due to “surveillance” coming after “hide the box”.

Next we see Vernon below decks grabbing a coat, which we saw him wearing in the elevator shot. This means it was likely picked out by Joshua before and planted there during their first visit. This is the “Disguise” step, and Vernon is the inside man, who is likely under disguise to infiltrate a high-security area.

So far, it’s pretty straightforward. But here’s where it gets into details.

Next we see Hoshi and The8 go in to infiltrate a hallway with laser sensors. Hoshi starts to climb through the laser sensors, but then The8 sends his drone through. My theory is that this is the high-security area Vernon infiltrated earlier, however it would compromise him to just strut in and strut out again with whatever the goal is, so he needs a hand off. In this case, Hoshi is chosen to retrieve it because of his flexibility. Hoshi is the handoff, and The8 is the bodyguard whose job is “defend the ship” during the time Hoshi has it, and he ends up saving the day with his drone when Hoshi can’t make it through the lasers. We also see Coups ride up on his motorcycle. Coups is the transportation, to retrieve the goal and escape with it.

Next we see Mingyu, Coups and Wonwoo are all together, Mingyu walking down a hallway. At the end of this hallway is the goal that The8 and Hoshi have set at the drop point, and Mingyu’s job as the second handoff is to safely retrieve it and bring it to Coups, who is waiting with the lookout. However, he steps wrongly, and an alarm starts going off. We can tell by the expressions of the others that this is decidedly a bad thing.

The alarm and the trap is there for a reason, to alert of intruders. Now the jig is up, and Dino, the communications, passes along the warning through the radio that they need to get out of there, and the plan is moved up to “Avoid the bombs”. However, the trick here is that for a split second before the bombs go off, we see Woozi hit a key. 

The bombs are Seventeen’s fault. The box that Jun hid contained explosives, which is why his keyword was “boom boom”, and they intended to blow up the ship all along to slow down the bad guys and throw them off their tracks. However, due to Mingyu’s mistake, the plan went wrong. He was not able to retrieve the goal, the bombs go off too early, and Coups drives away empty handed.

Or does it?

Flash back to the beginning, to Jeonghan on a soccer field. He sees the ship in the bottle and picks it up. This is actually the end to the story, and the small ship in the bottle was the goal all along. Jeonghan is the final contact, who is there to retrieve the ship. He was originally on the scouting mission so he could recognize the object, however he expected Coups to deliver it. but if Coups drove away empty handed, who is the hero of the day? 

Thanks to the delay of Hoshi being unable to retrieve the ship without the help of The8′s drone, the two were put incredibly behind schedule and hadn’t made it to the drop point to leave the ship behind before Mingyu’s mistake happened like they were supposed to. Instead, The8 escaped with the ship in arm and made his way to the field to drop it for Jeonghan. Thus completing both “defend the ship” as well as “goal”, which is actually a subtle pun for the final drop off point - a soccer field. 

And Seungkwan? Some suggest Seungkwan dreamt the whole thing, dreaming of the events of the ship in a bottle behind him. However, on closer inspection, the two ships in bottles are actually different, one with folded sails and a very simple structure and the other with grander features as well as unfurled sails, a miniature version of the larger ship.

So what is Seungkwan’s role? Perhaps his role isn’t a role so much as a representation, the representation of Seventeen. Seventeen who have a dream to defend something important to them, even if it isn’t as grandiose as things surrounding them but something they’ve made themselves. And if they work together then even through snags, if each member plays his part (even the ones who are quiet and unexpected), they can succeed. But that’s just my theory! A kpop theory


Pietro x reader || Request || One-shot || Elevators || Enjoy

You didn’t give me a lot to go with on this one, anon, so I kind of just went with what felt right to me! I hope you don’t mind!

“You don’t think about anybody but yourself, do you?”

Pietro averted your gaze and looked at the ground, slowly crossing his arms. Pietro had managed to to knock out the power after attempting a sonic boom. Of course he boomed, but with just a little too much energy. The force of the barrier breaking caused a power outage and you had been in the elevator while everything went down. You were scared of elevators.

So the moment the elevator jerked and came to a stop, you had screamed out for help. Thankfully Tony had made the tower with its own power source, so within an hour or more the power would be back up thanks to his handy work and thinking brain. But because the others were on a mission, and Sam happened to be afraid of elevators as well– it left Pietro to come and accompany you. But of course something had to wrong.

“I was only trying to help. I did not realize when I jumped down into the elevator it would push it further away from the exit.” Pietro told you defensively.

“Well, then its my fault. I know you never think before you act.”

Pietro glared at you, a frown settling on his lips, “I do so!”

You leaned back against the elevator wall, pressing the palm of your hands to the cold metal before slowly sliding down into a sitting position with your legs outstretched. You stared at the ceiling, rather than at Pietro. “No you don’t,” You replied cooly, “But I don’t blame you either. You can’t help but move as fast as you, or how you feel during a situation. I just wish somebody who was a little more helpful was in here.” You glanced at Pietro, smiling sadly.

“I am helpful! That is why I am here, to help you!” Pietro groaned, sliding down the metal surface as well and putting his face in his hands.

“I don’t even think you know I’m terrified of elevators.” You muttered.

Pietro’s head snapped up, his eyes wide, “You are…afraid of elevators?”

You nodded, closing your eyes, “I’m scared of closed spaces, Pietro.”

Pietro seemed to be at loss of words as he stared at. His mouth moved to form words, but his voice was gone. Thinking long and hard for a split second, Pietro carefully scooted towards you until his side was brushing against your own. You turned your head towards him, about to ask him what he was doing when he took your hand off the floor and intertwined his fingers with yours.

“Then I will help you to not be scared.” Pietro told you in a comforting voice.

He squeezed your hand for reassurance and you immediately felt as if the knot in your stomach had come untied. Pietro turned his head in your direction and gazed deep into your (e/c) eyes, giving a genuine smile. Your chest suddenly tightened and your cheeks grew hot, a bright red blush spreading. 

Pietro smirked, “How adorable,” he teased, “You are blushing!”

You swiftly turned your face away from his, telling yourself to calm down. The pounding in your chest was fierce and the moment your eyes focused on the cold and unfamiliar space around you rather than the man sitting next to you, the room seemed to darken. You squeezed your eyes shut, tightening your grip around Pietro’s hand. Noticing your discomfort, Pietro sighed and yanked you towards him so your head was resting on his chest. 

Gently, Pietro put his other hand on the back of your head, holding you close to him as he closed his eyes. “Listen,” He told you in a rather soft voice, something unfamiliar to you, “Can you hear my heartbeat?”

Your face was still bright red, but your anxiety had melted. Focusing on Pietro’s steady heartbeat soothed you. You loosened your grip on his hand and relaxed into his warm embrace. “Yes,” you managed to whisper.

“When Wanda and I were little, we were afraid to leave the house because of the bombings. We grew more and more petrified to leave our dark rooms. My mama would hold me to her chest and just by listening to her heartbeat, so strong and rhythmic, I would find my own heartbeat matching hers–”

Pietro paused, “She would say that a brave person is not one who has no fear, but one who faces their fear and overcomes it.”

By the time Pietro had finished his speech, you had completely collected yourself and your heart was beating just as steady as Pietro’s. You kept silent, enjoying the moment of peace between the two of you. It was the first time Pietro had actually showed “affection” or “kindness” to you. In fact, Pietro had never showed this side to you; he was usually stubborn and self-centered.

Without so much as uttering a thanks, you merely squeezed Pietro’s hand and loosely wrapped your free arm around his waist. Pietro ran his hand through your hair before letting it rest on your back. Among the silence, there was a comfortable air between the both of you. Finally, your consciousness left you and you fell into a deep sleep. Not long after Pietro had realized you were asleep, he rested his chin on your head and succumbed to sleep as well.

Feeling the floor beneath you jerk, you opened your eyes and squinted due to the bright light that now illuminated the enclosed area. The warmth of Pietro’s body pressed against yours was gone and you found yourself against the wall of the elevator. There was an emptiness in your heart. Had it been a dream?You looked over at the elevator door which was open. The only thing holding it back from shutting was a pair of warn out running shoes.

Pietro’s shoes.


Summary: How did you cope when your life changed so fundamentally in such a short space of time? Twenty minutes is all it takes. It’s been twenty-two years since they last saw each other, and, when Percy Jackson walks into the same elevator as Annabeth Chase, now they must come face to face with fate, and the future that, due to misunderstandings, poor timing, and an over protective mother, never got lived. They lost the past that could have been everything. But maybe they found the future that was worth waiting for.

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Of all the elevators, in all the office blocks, in all of New York, the biggest mistake of her life had to walk into this one.

Annabeth Chase sent up a silent prayer for invisibility as she inched behind two suited executives. Her back bumped against the mirrored wall of the elevator at her new twenty-eight story office block in uptown New York. Unfortunately, someone up there wasn’t listening, because she failed to disappear.

Percy Jackson.

The name whispered across her consciousness as heat crawled up her neck and flared across her scalp.

Twenty-two years since she’d last seen him and yet recognition blasted her in the sternum as soon as he’d edged into the crowded elevator. Which was surprising, because that fitted steel-grey designer suit was one heck of a departure from the wrecked jeans and third-hand leather jacket he’d practically lived in at Goode High.

Thank God he was absorbed in the elevator monitor and hadn’t looked her way. One glance at those heavy-lidded, sea green eyes a moment ago had been more than enough to make her heart swell up and stop beating for several crucial seconds.

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You heard the ding of the elevator and you shot up on the couch with a bright smile on your face. Bucky was coming back today and you couldn’t be more excited.

“Buck!” you shouted when the elevator opened. You ran over to him and jumped into his arms to give him a hug.

“Hey doll,” Bucky replied, hugging you tightly.

“Missed you,” you said.

“I missed you too,” Bucky said, a light blush on his cheeks. He was glad you couldn’t see it because your face was buried in his chest.

“How did it go?” you asked, pulling away slightly so you could look him in the eye.

“It was fine. I had Wanda and Nat with me,” Bucky said, tipping his head towards the other women who were looking at the two of you with smirks.

Your eyes widened and you hastily stepped away from Bucky realizing you being a tad too affectionate for someone who was just a friend.

“Awww no kiss hello?” Natasha teased. Wanda stifled and giggle and you glared at the two of them, half wishing you hadn’t confided in them about your crush on Bucky.

You chanced a look at Bucky and he looked just as flustered as you and you internally groaned. Of course the idea of kissing you would be embarrassing to him.

Wanda raised her eyebrows and turned away from you to looked to Bucky.

“You should just tell her. I can assure you it won’t go how you think it will,” Wanda said in earnest. You frowned.

“What does that mean?” you asked, trying to puzzle out how everything connected. One minute they were teasing you about Bucky and the next… Did they think he returned your feelings?

“You’ll figure it out. Now Wanda I think we should go unpack and leave these two alone,” Natasha, announced leading Wanda out of the room.

“What are they talking about, Buck?”

Bucky scrubbed his hand over his face and you watched, curious and a little wary.

“They want me to tell you that…” Bucky paused and his eyes flitted around the room as if looking for a sign to continue.

“Tell me what?” you prompted.

“That I love you,” Bucky rushed out, trying to appear unaffected. Your jaw dropped, you didn’t know what to say.

He seemed so bashful and that surprised you. He was a fairly confident man, although after everything that had happened to him you guessed that it was more of a mask of confidence than real confidence. All the same this shyness and the confession blindsided you.

“Bucky… I love you, too,” you said with a smile.

Bucky grinned and swept you into his arms. You laughed, relieved that Bucky was no longer shy.

“We’re kind of idiots,” you whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to Bucky’s lips. Bucky chuckled and leaned back in with an almost predatory look in his eyes.

“Hey now, not in front of the kids,” someone interrupted.

You broke away from Bucky to see Natasha pretending to shield Wanda’s gaze from the two of you.

“I’m not a kid,” Wanda protested, shoving Nat’s hand away.

You rolled your eyes and grabbed Bucky’s hand to lead him away.

“We’re leaving now!” you called.

Natasha whistled and Wanda made fake gagging sounds.

“Where are we going?” Bucky asked. You winked at Bucky over your shoulder and he choked. There was no way that could be misinterpreted especially when you pushed him into your room and locked the door behind the two of you.

I Know It’s Late

Kevin Owens/OC: For the writing prompt thing. “I know it’s late, but I just needed to tell you that you’re great.” Set after he won the title. Fluff

“Laura, what??? Is this finally a fic?!” Yes, yes it is. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it finally happened. It’s fluff bc I cannot write smut rn. My brain won’t do it. It’s also super short. It be like that sometimes. But here we are. Fluff with the murderous teddy bear.

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Spider Jack Halloween Fic

I did it, @jennpy​! It hath been created! Though I ended up taking a turn with it that was unexpected but I heart it anyway. I hope you enjoy it! 

This was seriously too cute to pass up. Insecure!Rhysie? Please. All day, every day. 

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