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Hi cunt women are lesser animals,with usually smaller brains, less neurons, and less synapses. That's why women rely more on instinct and emotion, rather than logic or reason. That also explains women's relative lack of intellectual accomplishments or invention over the past 3,000 years (and more). Your gender's main contributions have been singing, giving birth, cooking and cleaning, Nearly everything women have accomplished is with help from men or from a group of men. Women deserve no rights

Hi dickhead I’m feeling petty this morning so I’m gonna eviscerate this swill part by part. It seems like the concept of basic science confuses you. I’ll start by citing this article for you and provide some choice quotes. It used a heavily peer-reviewed study and the methodology was completely sound (i read the whole goddamn original work and several of its external citations).

“On average, for example, men tend to have a larger amygdala, a region associated with emotion. Such differences are small and highly influenced by the environment, yet they have still been used to paint a binary picture of the human brain,“

“Depending on whether the researchers looked at gray matter, white matter, or the diffusion tensor imaging data, between 23% and 53% of brains contained a mix of regions that fell on the male-end and female-end of the spectrum. Very few of the brains—between 0% and 8%—contained all male or all female structures.” 

A list of early inventions by women (it includes elevated rail-lines, Kevlar, and the submarine telescope! the lack of patents taken out by women early on is actually because men made it illegal for a woman to hold a patent in her name until the early 1900s. those darn men, always inhibiting progress)

 A detailed list of several well-known contemporary female scholars

Here’s Wikipedia’s list of Muslim women who made significant intellectual achievements

A list of 30 Black women who made history

A detailed history of Asian women’s contributions

Notable Native American women from the past 350 years

Here’s TWO articles on the contributions of trans women in contemporary culture (the first one also includes nonbinary people, just a heads up. It seemed more relevant than many of the others tho)

You know what fuck you here’s 50 more women who did important shit

Wikipedia’s history of lesbian literature (which lists a lot of books and authors)

Tbh I do agree with you on the singing being a main contribution, just because women have nicer voices (in my opinion) and are much more likely to use their songwriting expertise to push activist and progressive agendas.

Maybe don’t come into my inbox with this shit when you don’t know what you’re talking about? Put away the 18th century medical book and take a chill pill.


Good wood - quirky shapes and style in abundance make up this small wooden cabin in Quebec by Canadian studio YH2. ‘La Colombière’ features stairs without walls and elevated areas without protective railings just to mix it all up.


(via CTA 6101-02 Loop 5-22-89 7 crop2 | CTA 6101-02 in the Loop 5… | Flickr)

Caption: “CTA 6101-02 in the Loop 5-22-89. This was a special event / charter where the car was circulating around the Loop.”


May 22, 1989

Photo by John Smatlak

Looking out the front of a No. 7 train as it heads for the tunnel in Hunters Point.


Bad Moon Rising: Part 7 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: After being brought to a secret location, you end up with more questions than answers. 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 

A/N: (I swear I will pay someone in fic requests to write these damn summaries.) Sorry for leaving y'all hanging earlier this week. I didn’t realize how long the last part was when I wrote it so I split it up, and I love a good cliffhanger. I’m trying to plan the rest of this series out to 10 parts, but we’ll see!

Your heart was beating so quickly that you felt faint. With all the strength you could muster, you snapped around quickly to attempt to defend yourself.  "Let me -“

A hand muffled your yelling and you were pushed against the wall. You fought hard, still trying to talk or yell or scream beneath the hand. Until you met their eyes. A pair of more familiar eyes. Brown eyes.

"Quiet down. He’s still here.” He removed his hand after he was sure you had relaxed.

“Kylo? You came?”

He only nodded curtly. He didn’t look pleased.

“Wait,” you whispered, pausing. “How do you know who ‘he’ is?”

“It’s Hux.”

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Title: Secrets
Author: Em
Pairing: Harry Osborn x Reader
Rating: PG 
Word Count: 1, 918

It was a weird kind of thing, being in a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Admittedly, it wasn’t the relationship you weren’t in, but it felt different when you couldn’t admit to being in it in the first place. The two of you had agreed it was for the best, but that didn’t stop that tinge of bitterness in your chest as Harry would pull away from you in the elevator, pretending like his tongue hadn’t just been in your mouth and his hand hadn’t been cupping your ass. It made you even bitterer to watch him pretend he didn’t know you at all.

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(via North Shore Electroliner in Loop SLIHS dupe | North Shore El… | Flickr)

North Shore Electroliner and a CTA train on the Lake Street leg of the Loop.

His Best Friend’s Sister

Notes: Fluff. I think this is really an adorable idea! Thank you for requesting this ahh! This was extremely fun to write although I had a bit of trouble because I wasn’t sure whether I should focus on Eisuke mostly or Soryu. So, it wounded up in a mix with both of them fighting over the MC (*cough* you *cough*). My apologies in advance, if this isn’t what you wanted but I just thought this would be more fun and lighter to read! 

Tagging these dudes because I think it’d make them smile (it’s a 50/50 chance though): @carinecaldre69 & @miyukushina & @dumb-and-dumber-with-leah & @tresspadesmaid@catchthespade

Let’s get more air—because you might need it for the incoming laugh fest!

It was a normal Tuesday when Eisuke called forth for a special dinner. At first, Soryu and the others didn’t understand why there was a need to have dinner together since 99.3% of the bidders time was spent at Ichinomiya’s luxurious penthouse. But the millionaire was persistent! He promised that he would be paying for everyone’s meal and he’d be bringing along a… marvelous surprise.

While the other bidders were astounded by his sudden generosity, Soryu couldn’t help but wonder how “marvelous” was this surprise. He would have been the first person (or so he’d like to think) whom Eisuke would confide about news. Good or bad. However, for the past few days, the mobster noticed that he was acting quite odd. A bit more… approachable and less cranky. It meant the news was something really good—but he never came up to Soryu.


In the end, everyone agreed to join the dinner and everyone wore their best attires—suits, neckties or maybe bowties, gelled hair and manly cologne—knowing they’d be spending the dinner somewhere in a fancy restaurant… And as expected, Eisuke has overdone it again as he led everyone to one of the best five-star restaurants in the city. The folks there even let them have their own private room, away from the other customers. 

Only Eisuke Ichinomiya. 

Once everyone was settled in their seats. Eisuke tapped his glass formally, clearing his throat before saying, “You are all here tonight because you are all considered one of my most special… friends.”

“We’re your only friends,” Mamoru had muttered under his breath and Soryu found himself agreeing with the bearded slacker for once. Ignoring the snide, Eisuke motioned at the door, trying to get someone to walk inside. “Gentlemen. And Mamoru. This is my sister.”

As if rehearsed (probably was), you walked in.

Everyone gasped and clapped upon your arrival. You smiled. 

To Eisuke, this moment was gorgeous, precious and quite satisfying since this meant you would easily fit in this new lifestyle more. While everyone was cheering for the long-lost-but-now-found sister, Soryu’s mouth was still left wide open in utter disbelief. Eisuke wasn’t an idiot but… what if you actually weren’t his sister? Perhaps, that’s one of his reasons why he hasn’t told Soryu about you. He is probably scared about me noticing she isn’t the one and… Soryu frowned as he kept picturing Eisuke’s torn face. The millionaire often claimed he has never broken down but… he was still human.

While thinking deeply about his friend’s reaction, your eyes met Soryu’s and you tilted your head, questioningly. 

Shoot. He quickly shut his mouth and instead of following his gut that was telling him to look away, Soryu did his best to glare at you, trying to establish that he wasn’t the friendliest human being and should be avoided at all cost. Although his cheeks were reddening. Hang on. That wasn’t quite right. Well… He… was a bit caught off guard upon seeing you in such a strapping outfit—a scarlet red dress with delicate ruffles and tight curves—no doubt that Eisuke bought it from one of the most expensive clothing lines. 

And yet as time ticked, the formal introductions went by, jokes were made and everyone was either too happy or too drunk to hold onto one conversational thread. Currently, Ota and Baba were humming along to a Barenaked Ladies’ song in their head, Mamoru has fallen asleep on the dinner table and Eisuke was pulling out his wallet to pay for the bills.

Soryu was quiet the entire time. He made sure he was still sober enough—just to study you mostly. He needed to make sure, for his best friend’s sake that you weren’t an impostor. Technically, Soryu didn’t have any basis to say you were one. He only knew a few things about Eisuke’s “long-lost-sister”… You would obviously have that “mark” Eisuke once said. But it might have been fake. Who knows? … Gun in hand, he’d just have to watch you for anything suspicious.

However after a while, he wasn’t sure why you approached him with a smile spreading on your face—was it because he was sober/awake or you simply caught his not-so-subtle staring? Before Soryu could figure it out, you both started talking and he found it quite… easy? Normally, he found women quite annoying especially with their stench that they called, “perfume”. You probably had one but Soryu didn’t find himself smelling it. He was instead, more focused on your eyes. Your lips.That smile.

“Are you really part of the mafia?”

“… Eisuke told you?”

“He tells me everything,” you replied, rolling your eyes. “Mamo is a detective. Fedora man is a thief. Kisaki has something to do with the art. And you are a mobster but I find that hard to believe.”

“Why is that so?” 

“Because my brother says animals magically like you.” 

Soryu isn’t sure if you were teasing him but he did find it a bit… charming. In response though, the mobster pulled out the gun he was holding, making sure that none of the personal waiters could catch a glimpse of it. “Whether you find me threatening or not, I am a man who knows how to shoot and I am not afraid to pull the trigger. And you?” 


“… Are you really Eisuke’s sister?” His eyes glinted.

“I am.” You smiled. “And because of your deep concern, I guess… you really are his friend. By the way, does Eisuke really buy you all the hair products to make that hair style?”

“… No.”

“Liar. He totally did.”

Soryu scowled at you. What an annoying woman. Now, he could say with certainty that you were related to Eisuke by blood. Before he could rertort, two drunk men—namely Baba and Ota—dragged you off. They also apparently wanted to play with Soryu’s new toy, your eyes though while walking away still trained on him. He didn’t look away either.

“I saw the look you were giving her,” said a voice.

Soryu swiftly turned to find Eisuke who folded his arms. His glowers were even more hellish… and murderous. “I don’t like that look,” he growled.

“Oh, I was just suspicious if she could be an impostor,” Soryu spoke calmly as he tried to choose his words carefully. “I figured that’s why you didn’t tell me about her days ago because… you didn’t want to hear me say that she might not be…” 

Soryu faltered as Eisuke shook his head.

“Dumbass. She is my sister.”

“… I was just looking out for you.”

Eisuke sighed. “I know… But what I meant by look I meant is—you’re giving her the kind of look that Baba makes when he sees a woman.”

“I-I wasn’t thinking of that!” Fully familiar with that Baba look.

“Good. She’s not up for a one-night-stand.”

“… But I could ask her on a date, right?” It was supposed to be a joke but hearing it out loud, it didn’t sound like one. In fact, it made his heart beat faster. Why? Was it because it sounded… dangerous? It absolutely did with Eisuke’s glare stabbing Soryu.

Stay away from my sister, Oh,” growled Eisuke as he briskly brushed past Soryu, bumping his shoulder and making him lose his balance a bit. Dumbfounded, Soryu watched Eisuke saunter towards you—clearly annoyed that you were being toyed around by Baba and Ota. He really had no intention of making a move on you or whatsoever. But there was still something about you that he wanted to know more of. Soryu doubt that Eisuke would allow him to talk to you personally alone again but… He marked this as Attempt 01. Heh. The mobster wasn’t giving up. 

Neither was the millionaire as he also marked this moment as the first attempt. And so, the unspoken battle begins with Soryu’s attempts to win your heart—and Eisuke’s attempts to shove those attempts back into the mobster’s ass.

Attempt 07. 

You and Soryu have both been talking a lot and most of the time when the bidders come over, Soryu noticed that you’d be paying more attention to him… Not that he found it bothersome. Instead, he saw how precious you were to even notice him first in a room full of men who are obviously so much better than him—even the slacker detective sounds better than a stone cold, dangerous mobster. And yet here you were, entering the elevator and looking up to Soryu.

“Hi,” Soryu heard you say.

“Hello,” he greeted back with a smooth voice. You both wounded up inside the elevator together. But not alone together. You were with your older brother and Soryu came along with Ota who was going down to check the antique to be auctioned. An unsettling silence stayed in the elevator as it went down the famous hotel. Ota leaned against the elevator rail. Eisuke wrapped an arm around you, almost territorial. Soryu just had his arms folded, finding his shoes more and more interesting. 

It was awfully quiet and Soryu could practically smell the tension until Ota broke the silence in a singsong voice with the worst statement ever: 

“Hey, Soryu has a pick-up-line for you!”

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Hit on Me

A Kimax AU where Max and Kim are two pro-fighting sportscasters who are in love but haven’t realized it yet. Also cue aro/ace Alix -who’s having a lot more fun with all this than she should.

Read on [AO3]

“Okay Max, you can do it. This will be easy. Just take a deep breath and go through what you want to say, just how you practiced.” Max mumbled to himself, adjusting his glasses as he walked down the long office hallway. He reached the elevators and quickly pushed the button, tapping his foot as he waited for the light above his floor number to flash. It was oddly quiet, and all he could hear was the whirring of the pulley system, bringing the elevator up to his level.

“Why am I so nervous?” Max said to himself, looking at his reflection in the stainless steel doors. He was wearing his best suit, a sleek dark gray one that he picked out only a few weeks ago. He was even wearing his lucky green bow tie – he didn’t believe in luck in the slightest, but he thought that there was a high possibility that it would psychologically affect him, hopefully giving him more confidence. In fact, in one of the dozens of websites he was scrolling through last night, it said that wearing your favorite color could spike the area in your brain that activated…he was getting off topic.

He always did this. The more nervous he was, the more he immersed himself in numbers and statistics until it began to lose focus and forget where he was. In short, it wasn’t helping. He ran a hand through his short brown hair and adjusted his glasses once more, yet another one of his nervous habits. “You’re just talking to the woman.” He said firmly, looking at the elevator doors. “There’s a position open as the new sportscaster for the pro-fighting league, and although you manage the IT department, you are capable of doing the job. No,” Max corrected, looking back at his reflection and standing up straighter, “You deserve this job.”

Then he heard the familiar ding and watched as the elevator doors opened. He straightened his bow tie and stepped into the lift, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw that it was empty. People were variables that he just could not deal with right now.

“Hey can you hold it!” A voice called from the hallway, startling Max. He watched dumbly as the doors closed in front of him, but then a hand shot out to hold them open just in time. Max looked down at his shoes in embarrassment as the man entered the elevator. He had gotten lost in his owns thoughts again. Now he looked like a jerk.

“S-sorry, I didn’t mean to –”

“No worries,” The voice said as the doors closed behind him. Max looked up and was met with a pair of gray eyes. “I got here just in time. I’m pretty fast.” The stranger said with a wink. Max felt something constrict inside his chest. He assumed they were his nerves, reminding him of what he had set out to do.

“It’s really no problem,” The unnamed man said. He looked like he was about Max’s age – early 20s. Max saw the concern in his eyes and realized how tense he must look.

“Sorry!” Max blurted out, fixing his glasses. “I’m just a little stressed today, that’s all.” He admitted, fighting the temptation to adjust this glasses again. He didn’t have OCD, he had been tested at a young age for that, but ever since he was little he always had certain habits that he would always go to in extremely emotionally taxing situations. Apparently .8% of French citizens suffered from some sort of…

“Why are you stressed?”

Max flicked his eyes back to the man looking at him, losing his train of thought. He saw the warmth and sincerity in the stranger’s gaze, and something about it made him a little more relaxed. “I’m asking one of the higher ups for a job change.”

“Well that shouldn’t be too bad.” The man said with a grin, leading against the elevator railing.

“It’s a big change.” Max said with a nervous laugh. Then the elevator doors opened and a woman shuffled in, her nose in her newspaper. She quietly took up the back left corner, not saying a word. Max tried not to be fazed, but he couldn’t help but think, another variable.

“What is this job change, if you don’t mind me asking?” The mysterious man with the gray eyes said, cocking his head to the side. He looked genuinely interested in what Max had to say.

“There’s a position open as a pro-fighting sportscaster.”

The man let out a short laugh.

“What?” Max questioned. He watched as the man combed a hand through his black hair. He noticed that a good portion of it was died a nice golden color. He’d never seen hair that looked quite like that, even though about 12% of people dye their hair before the age of 25, 5% of those people being…

“I didn’t peg you as a person who was interested in sports.” The man answered simply.

Max’s whole demeanor changed. He crossed his arms and stood up a bit straighter, although he was still about a foot shorter than the man in front of him. “I’ll have you know that I grew up watching every kind of sport imaginable. I memorized all the rules, all the statistics, the player’s names, the awards won, the records broken –” He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “I may not look like I’m interested in sports, but trust me when I tell you I know my stuff.” He looked up at the man with a determined gaze, daring him to misjudge him once more.

Max faltered when he saw the unreadable expression on the man’s face. Something in the guy’s eyes flashed and he shifted off of the railing to stand to his full height.

“That almost sounded like a challenge.” The man said. He looked like he was holding back a grin.

“Maybe it is.” Max shot back, wondering if he was about to get beat up in an elevator. This man was taller and obviously stronger than him, but he was scrappy, he could take him on, right? He glanced at the woman, who was still immersed in her paper. He didn’t think that she would come to his aid if a fight broke out. His throat became very dry all of a sudden.

The man held out his hand, and Max instinctively flinched at the movement. Then he realized that the guy wanted to shake his hand and hastily reached it out, cheeks blazing in embarrassment.

“I’m Le Chien Kim, but you can call me Kim.” The man declared, grasping Max’s hand firmly in his own. Then he leaned over to Max’s eye level. “And I should have you know that I love a challenge.” He said with a 1000 watt smile. Max’s heart skipped a beat, probably due to the fact that his life had flashed before his eyes in the moment that this guy, Kim, had offered his hand. He hadn’t anticipated this, and he was pretty good with probability.

He wasn’t sure what to make of this guy. He was unpredictable, more so than most people. And although, logically, this should have made him more uncomfortable than he usually is around people, it gave him an odd feeling of excitement.

“Who won the French PFL tournament three years ago?”

Max was initially startled by the abrupt question, but then he adjusted his glasses and said easily, “Jean Moreau for the men’s league, Renée Leroy for the women’s.”

“And what was Leroy’s record by the time she won her second championship?” Kim asked, leaning over even further, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“7 loses, 162 wins, a new record for the women’s league, and the men’s for that matter.” Max said without a second thought.

Kim straightened back up, looking impressed. “And what do you think that this year will hold for the PFL?”

Max furrowed his brow in thought. “Well, all of the most well known fighters have retired in the past two years, so there is a void in experience.” Then Max looked back at Kim. “I believe that there is going to be a new talent to come out of the woodwork, someone that nobody expected. Somebody that will make pro-fighting fresh and better than ever.” He declared with confidence.

Kim smiled wide. Then he put his hand on Max’s shoulder. “I think I have some new talent in front of me right now.” Max stared back at him with wide eyes, and then he smiled shyly as well.

“What do you think, Madam Roux?” Kim asked, turning his attention to the woman in the corner.

‘Wait, why does that name sound familiar…’ Max thought to himself.

Suddenly the woman put down her newspaper, revealing a wide grin that rivaled Kim’s. “I think we found your new partner.”

Max laughed nervously, inching towards the elevator doors. He knew he was heading for one of the higher floors, but this had taken a while, and these overly energetic people were starting to freak him out. Then it clicked.

“Madam Roux!” Max exclaimed. This was the woman he was going to talk to! He wasn’t sure what she looked like, so he didn’t recognize her at first, but she fit the description he read online perfectly, along with the grainy picture on the company’s website.

“The legend herself.” Kim said with a wink.

“Wait, but, I was going to, I mean, I wanted to –” Max began, stumbling over his words. This was not how he planned it at all. Would it even make sense to go through his script now?

“You’ve got the job.” Madam Roux said, scribbling something down on her newspaper. Then she tore a piece off and handed it to Max. “Here’s my number. We expect you to be at Charles’ Arena at 7pm tomorrow. Don’t be late.” With that the elevator doors opened and she walked into the hallway, disappearing in a matter of seconds.

“What just happened?” Max asked himself, clutching his head in one hand and looking down at the piece of newspaper.

“You just became my new partner.” Kim answered, that grin still on his face. “Um, this is your floor, right?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh! Yes, this is where I was heading…” Max mumbled, stepping out of the elevator. “What did you two mean about a partner?”

Kim rested his arm on the front of the elevator, leaning casually towards Max. “I was working for Monsieur Faure before he retired. I got promoted to head sportscaster starting this upcoming season, but I requested a partner. Guess we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other.” He answered with a wink. Max gulped. Then he hastily adjusted his glasses and gripped the piece of newspaper more tightly in his hand.

“Thank you.” Max said, looking intensely at his new co-worker.

Kim dropped his arm from its place on the elevator, looking caught off guard for a moment. Then he broke into one of his blinding smiles. “Don’t thank me, you showed off all your skills. I’m just the one who pushed you a little.” Then he chucked to himself. “I have a feeling this is how this partnership is going to go. I’m looking forward to it.”

Max couldn’t help but smile a little as well. He could feel a sort of electricity in the air, which was odd, since there didn’t seem to be any exposed circuits and the atmosphere was supposed to be uncharacteristically dry today, at least according to his weather app…well, whatever this strange feeling was, he kind of liked it. It was different. Uncharted territory. “I’m looking forward to it too.”

Kim nodded his head and pressed one of the elevator buttons. Soon the doors began to close. “Wait,” He said a moment later, holding open the elevator. “I don’t know your name.”

Max pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and stood up straight. “Max Kanté.” He stated.

“Max Kanté.” Kim said to himself, a strange smile on his face. Then he looked back up at the young man before him. “Until next time, Max.” He let the doors close in front of him and soon Max was left alone in the hallway. He watched as the lights above the elevator flashed, and the pulley system whirred once more. Then he took a deep breath.

“Well that was…unexpected.” Max mused, still frozen in place. Who knew something so spontaneous, could turn out so perfectly? For once in his life, he didn’t have a fact or statistic to explain how he was feeling, what had just happened. He found himself struggling to find a word to describe just how gray Kim’s eyes were. Then he shook his head and headed down the hallway, willing his legs to move in a steady rhythm.

He looked down at that piece of newspaper for what might have been the hundredth time. Charles’ Arena. 7 pm tomorrow. “I did it.” Max said to himself, unable to hold back his grin. “I really did it!” He repeated, pumping his fist in the air as he tried and failed to reign in his excitement. He had entered the main section of the office at that point and noticed one of the secretaries giving him an odd look. He quickly sobered his expression and gave her a short greeting.

‘Wait.’ Max thought, suddenly realizing something. ‘I came here during my lunch break to talk to Madam Roux, but now that I’ve already gotten the job…’ He rubbed his neck sheepishly. He didn’t need to get off the elevator. Actually, there was no point for him to be on this floor at all. He turned around and walked back the way he came, trying to ignore the puzzled look on the secretary’s face as he left the main room that he had just entered.

‘Well what am I going to do now?’ Max wondered, back in the hallway with the elevators. He had twenty minutes until his break was over. Then he got an idea and pulled out his cell phone.

He scrolled down his contacts until he reached the name he was looking for, tapping his fingers against his thigh as he listened to his phone ring.

“Hiya poindexter.” The voice said on the other end of the line. Max rolled his eyes and smiled.

“I thought we went over this?” Max said, trying and failing to sound disapproving.

“Oh yeah we definitely did, I just chose not to listen.” The voice admitted.

Max chucked. “Alixxxxx.”

“Hey take me as I am or not at all.”

“Then I get to call you Lazytown.” Max declared, biting back his grin.

“Okay, I may have short pink hair, and I may be a little too obsessed with physical activity, but if you call me Lazytown I will not hesitate to kick your ass.”

Max shuddered at the threat. Alix may be shorter than him, but she trained the best pro-fighters in the French league. He wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Noted.” He said, his throat suddenly dry. Then he remembered why he called her in the first place. “So, do you have a minute to talk?”

“Yeah, my new protégé is taking a water break. You’ve gotta check this girl out sometime, Max, she’s going places.”

“Actually I think I’ll be seeing a lot of her in the future…” Max said vaguely, but Alix immediately understood.

“You got the job!” Alix exclaimed, excitement obvious in her voice. “How was it? What did you say? Don’t tell me you used all of those statistics you prepared because we talked about –”

Max laughed. “The plan was trashed before I really started it.” He admitted.

“Really? That’s not like you.” Alix said, puzzled.

“Oh I didn’t trash the plan.” Max said, leaning against the wall. “Le Chien Kim did.”


“Apparently he’s my new partner. And apparently he likes a challenge.”

“Oh I’m gonna have fun with this guy.” Alix said, and Max could picture the evil grin on her face.

He smiled to himself as he continued to talk to his best friend on the phone. He had a good feeling about all this – a strange, indescribable feeling – but a good feeling nevertheless.

For the rest of the day he couldn’t seem to get those gray eyes out of his head. Whenever he tried to recall one of his many facts and figures, all he could think of were those eyes. He couldn’t seem to understand why.


The Antwerp Central station - I took these images a few years of the station. I walked through one of the side doors with no expectations and I had not any previous images but I was glad that I didn’t.

The station was constructed between 1895 and 1905 as a replacement for the original terminus of the Brussels-Mechelen-Antwerp Railway. It is the oldest railway line in Belgium.  It is one of the main landmarks in Antwerp. It was built between 1895 and 1905 and replaced a wooden train station. The complex consists of 3 parts: the station building, the metal and glass vault and the elevated rail track. The monumental main building was designed by the Bruges architect L. Delacenserie. It has a huge dome and used to have 8 smaller towers of which 6 have been demolished. The colourful interior is lavishly decorated with more than 20 different kinds of marble and stone. The main hall and the railway cafeteria can match the interiors of many palaces. Not a single square meter either inside or outside the building is not decorated.

Girls Night pt 3: Mr. Strong and Silent

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Y’know, the guys won’t stop acting weird since I told them the whole Logan thing. I mean Tony still can’t figure out why I was with him in the first place and asking if his claws ever came out during sex. ” I sigh, drinking from the beer in my hand.

“Hell can you blame them? No one saw that coming! He isn’t the warmest person around.” Natasha says, looking clearly impressed.

“But Pietro’s comment at the end though. You have to admit that was hilarious!” Wanda says laughing at her twin brother’s antics.

“Not when Bucky actually believes I actually have a metal kink and starts flexing his arm more around me.” I complain, but even I have to take a minute and wonder just what the hell I’m complaining about.

“Oh no! Mr. Strong and silent with a jawline for days keeps flirting with you.” Natasha says mockingly.

“Shut up, Nat. Enough about me. Let’s talk about you and Sammy.” I tease and feel pleased when I see the slightest tint of pink on her cheeks.

“Yeah! Has he finally asked you out on an official date yet?” Wanda asks as she levitates a few skittles into her mouth.

“No.From what the footage last week showed after you left, Sam isn’t asking me out until Bucky asks you.” Natasha says a bit frustratedly.

“The fuck? What sense does that make?” I throw my hands in the air.

“None whatsoever.” Wanda replies, now looking down at her phone and smiling at the screen.

“Who’s that?’” I smirk, causing the Sokovian’s eyes to grow as she realizes she’s been caught.

“No one.” She blushes, her cheeks matching her scarlet top.

“Mhm.” My smirk grows,knowing very well that it’s Vision.

Soon my phone rings with Pizza Hut as the caller id.

“Pizza’s here. I’ll go down to get it.” I get up and make leave the two girls in my room to go downstairs.

As I get into the elevator, I realize that I’m not alone.

“Hey, Y/N.” Bucky says with a smile but doesn’t make an effort to hide the fact that he was clearly checking me out.

I was suddenly made aware of how little clothes I was wearing. I had on just a flannel button down that went mid-thigh. But honestly it was just like wearing a dress.

“Sup Bucky.” I nod, watching the floor numbers light up.

“Sup?” He cocks a brow.

I always forget that he isn’t very familiar with today’s slang.

“What’s up? How are you?” I explain, looking up at the Winter Soldier.

He nods slowly before answering, “I’m fine. You?”

“Same.” There was a few seconds of awkward silence before the doors open and we’re at the first floor.

I’m surprised that Bucky isn’t leaving but seems to be waiting for something. But I shake it off as I open the door for the pizza boy and shiver at the cold. He comes in and gazes around the building in wonder before his eyes stops on me. The pizza boy, Ethan as it says on his tag, like Bucky makes no effort to hide the fact that he was checking me out.

“Veggie lovers and meat lovers?” He asks my cleavage.

I look at him in disgust, but before I can even open my mouth Bucky is hugging me from behind

“Doll, is this man giving you a hard time?” He asks, kissing the top of my head.

Ethan gulps and looks at his arm.

“No, I’m not. In fact, have this pizza for free. It’s on me.” The pizza boy sputters out before thrusting the boxes into my arms and rushing out of the building.

“I could have handled myself Bucky.” I say calmly to the soldier, slightly annoyed.

It’s always annoyed me how he and Steve always treated me as though I was some innocent,helpless damsel that couldn’t take care of myself.

“I know, Y/N. I just don’t like the way he was looking at you.” He explains, following me to the elevator.

“Why do you care Bucky?” I sigh, shifting the boxes in my arms.

“I think you know why. The thing is, you won’t acknowledge it.” He leans on the elevator railing.

“Look, as cliché as this sounds, I don’t want to be hurt again Bucky.” I explain, pressing the button for my floor.

He on the other hand presses the button that stops the elevator all together.

“And you don’t trust me not to hurt you? I’m not Logan.” His thumb grazes my cheek.

He takes the boxes of pizza from my arms and sets them down.

“Buck.” I mutter as he approaches, his hands meet my waist and I shiver from the cold of his metal hand through my shirt.

He looks at me with his big blue eyes, silently asking if this was okay. I couldn’t bring myself to move. Not from fear but because of want. Physically I wanted him but I didn’t know if I was ready to start another relationship with someone else who would probably up and leave me too.

All insecurity disappears as soon as he kisses me. My hands move the back of his neck, pulling his hair a bit, causing him to groan and giving my tongue access to his mouth. Never breaking the kiss, he pulls me up, resting a hand under each thigh as he kisses me harder.

“Fuck.” I moan against his mouth as he begins to roll his hips into my barely clothed and now wet pussy.

His hands move to my ass as his lips travel to my neck.

“Y/N, I—“ He’s cut off by my phone blaring in the front pocket of my flannel.

Seeing that it’s Natasha, I immediately answer and send Bucky and apologetic glance.

“Hello?” I ask into the phone.

“Don’t you two dare fuck near our pizzas.” The Russian threatens before hanging up.



A/N: Hope you like it!

“Hold the elevator!” I reluctantly sprinted towards the closing elevator doors in my heels. A tattoo hand intercepted the closing doors allowing my entrance. “Thanks.” My voice came out soft as I slightly bowed to the kind gentleman.

“No problem,” his voice was soothing, “what floor?”

“6th.” I leaned against the elevator railing to take some of the pressure off of my feet.

“Mh, same floor.” He mumbled to himself joining me against the railing. I pulled my hair to the side turning my head to face him. His eyes scanned my body taking in every curve. I was suddenly conscious of every move I made, making my heart race. It had been too long since someone stared at me this way, it was exciting. His tongue grazed over his bottom lip before he gently tugged at it with his teeth.

“You must be new to the building.” I took in every muscle on his toned body. His shirt was tight showing off his firm upper chest and rippling torso. My eyes fell upon his crotch suddenly wondering what it would feel like to have him inside me.

“Yeah, I moved in a few days ago. I’m Jay.” He reached out his tattooed hand. I introduced myself and took his big hand in mine. Mesmerized by his tattoos I took a step closer and trailed my fingertips down his arm. “See something you like?” He teased.

“Mh.” I practically moaned.

“Me, too.” His eyes danced over my backside. The elevator dinged, breaking my out of my trance. I immediately released his hand and exited the elevator. “Nice.” He whispered.

“Mh?” I turned my head meeting his eyes.

“Nothing,” his eyes were filled with hunger, “just admiring the view.” Jay’s lips twisted into a mischievous smile. Embarrassed and at a loss for words I continued down the hallway. I stopped in front of my door and reached for the keypad. The keypad across from me sounded. I quickly shuffled into my apartment and leaned against the door. Him, living across from me is dangerous.

I kicked of my heels and walked to my bedroom. In just a brief amount of time Jay had stirred something up in me. Something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I removed my clothes and searched for something more comfortable to slip into.

“I need to change these too.” I reached into my underwear drawer for a fresh pair of panties. Hesitating I stood there itching to please myself. My eyes closed picturing his shirtless sweaty body on top of me. I imaged my hands as his as I caressed my breasts. My lower lip slipped between my teeth as I slid my other hand down to my panties. “So wet.” I moaned sliding a finger over my slit. My juices coated my finger as I slid it over my clit and began to rub. My memory flashed to a few minutes ago when he stared at me hungrily. The way his hand felt in mine was—

My door bell chimed tearing me away from my fantasy. I quickly threw on a robe and headed for the door.

“Hey.” Jay smiled.

“Hi?” I tightened my robe. Jay was carrying a bottle of wine and a cork screw.

“I got this bottle of wine in celebration of my move and it’s so lonely to drink by yourself.”

“I’m not rea—“

“Be a good neighbor.” His smile was almost daring. I moved to the side allowing him to enter my apartment.

“Let me just get changed.”

“What you’re wearing is fine…I mean it’s going to come o—“ his voice trailed off as I entered my bedroom again. I sighed changing my clothes along with a fresh pair of panties. Washing my hands and tying up my hair, I thought about how long it would take to finish the bottle. I just wanted to go back to what I was doing, taking care of my needs. I sighed leaving my room and spotted Jay sat on my couch curiously looking around my apartment.

I walked into the kitchen gathering up wine glasses for us. A pair of hands slid around my waist and his warm body pushed me into the counter.

“I’m not really in the mood to drink wine.” He whispered against my neck.

“Isn’t that what you came here for?”

“I actually had something else in mind.” Jay pressed his bulge against my lower back.

“So the wine was just an excuse then?” I gripped the counter for balance and stood on my tippy toes. Aligning my butt to his bulge, I began to rub against him.

“Of course. This guy,” he pushed his bulge into me hard, “has been excited ever since he saw you in the elevator.” Jay placed wet kisses on the back of my neck as one of his hands slid under my shirt. Pressing up against him more, I reached around and placed one of my hands behind his neck. I turned my head finding his moist lips. His hand pulled my bra down and tugged at my nipple. My moans stayed between our lips as his tongue slipped inside my mouth. His tongue playful teased mine and fought for dominance.

“What are—“ My lips broke free from his when his hand slid down my shorts and into my panties.

“Do you want me to stop?” He whispered in between kisses against my neck. Though he didn’t wait for an answer and used his knee to spread my legs further apart. His finger slid over my opening spreading my juices to my clit.

“N-no.” I backed into him more.

“Then let me show you what a good neighbor I can be.” His thumb rubbed over my clit as he inserted a finger inside my opening. I moaned throwing my head back against his chest. My hand joined his at my breast as I guided him to take my soft mound in his hand. He gripped my mound roughly and inserted another finger. Jay pumped in and out of me at a steady pace, making a mess of my panties. He grinded his hard member against me, making me feel all sorts of sensations at once.

“Yes.” I moaned.

“You sound amazing.” He groaned against my ear before nibbling on it. His fingers curled inside of me and picked up speed as my breathing faltered. I was close and he had enough experience to know this. His thumb rubbed me harder and faster pushing me over the edge.

“OH!” I threw my head forward biting my lip as my walls tightened around his fingers. The rush of my orgasm washed over me as I convulsed before him. He removed his fingers and brought them to his lips.

“You taste amazing too.” I leaned over the counter trying to catch my breath when his hands reached for the rim of my shorts. “I wonder if you feel just as amazing.” He leaned over me and whispered in my ear as his hands reached for my panties this time. He slid both down to my ankles and raised my hips higher in the air. The sound of his pants unzipping had my heart racing in anticipation.

I let out a small shriek of surprise when he rubbed his tip against my entrance. My hips wiggled urging him to slide into me. He smiled taking the hint and gripped my ass.

“Be patient.” He groaned. Jay leaned over me and slid his hard member over my opening. His hips moved back and forth coating his member with my juices. I shuddered every time his tip flicked at my clit.

“I want you inside.” I moaned painfully. Jay’s tip pressed against my entrance preparing me before he pushed his hips forward thrusting his shaft inside. My back arched while my hips pressed into him, fully taking him in.

“Damn.” He growled as his dick twitch against my walls. Jay’s grip on my ass tightened as he pulled himself out and entered again in one swift movement. His thrusts were slow so that both of us could adjust to the feeling.

“Oh, my God. Your dick feels so good.” I moaned raising my hips higher. He smacked my ass in response and began to thrust into me faster. The sound of his skin slapping against mine turned me on even more as I grinded my hips along with the movement. I bent over the counter standing on my tippy toes, giving him full access to me. His hands moved to my waist and he adjusted his position. “Ah,” I dropped my head on the counter, “I-I-I’m gonna c—“

Jay, knowing what he found, began to slam into me faster. My walls tightened and pulsed around him as I gripped the counter for dear life. My legs began to quiver giving out on me, but Jay’s firm grasp on my waist kept me in place. His thrusts slowed again as my moans softened. Jay’s hands released my waist and he slid out of me as I collapsed to the floor. He let out a soft groan which caught my attention. His eyes were fixed on me while he pumped himself.

I got on my knees and replaced my hand with his. Jay’s hard member twitched in my hand as I continued to pump him. I swirled my tongue around his tip before taking it in while pumping him into my mouth. He grabbed a chunk of my hair guiding his hard member further into my mouth. I placed my hands on his thighs signaling that I got the hint. His grip in my hair loosened while I bobbed my head back and forth. My moaning caused vibrations to engulf his hard member causing him to throbbing.

“Fuck.” He began thrusting faster gripping my hair to keep me in place. His hard member began to pulse releasing his warm seed in mouth and down my throat. I popped him out of my mouth gasping for air. He joined me on the floor trying to steady his breathing. Our eyes met and we couldn’t contain the laughter that eased us out of the awkward silence.

“I think I’ll take that glass of wine now.” I reached for my shorts and panties pulling them back up.

“I think I’m gonna like living here.” He mischievously smirked and smacked my ass.


(via CTA 2717 dupe slide | The one-of-a-kind Chicago Rapid Transi… | Flickr)

Caption: “The one-of-a-kind Chicago Rapid Transit 2717 on the old Met L Circa 1950. Built in 1895 by Barney & Smith as a wooden L car for the Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad, at some point early in its career it met with an accident. In 1904 it was shipped to the American Car & Foundry plant and rebuilt as an entirely-new steel unit, one of the first of its kind.”