eletric type

anonymous asked:

Places 6 Joltik In His Room.


That…certainly is six Joltik. Six whole Joltik. Six electric spiders, all on his damn bed.

…surely it couldn’t be hard to…just urge them off. He didn’t want to hurt them after all, just—


He screams as they do, noticing electricity crackle around the tiny bugs. He’s out. He is so out.

He screams again when they notice him and begin to scuttle towards him.


the-feral-one  asked:

Statica: I haven't seen you around before, mister..! May I ask..what your name is..? You look like a friendly Croconaw..!

“ Oh … Maybe it’s because i’m constantly traveling, Heh ! ” The croconaw turned to the eletric-type mon and bowed “ I’m Gaburieru, sir ! Pleased to meet you … you can call me Gabu if you’d like since my name can really mess up tongues ” Gabu giggled and then nodded “ and thanks ! But not as friendly as you … What’s you name ? ”