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Elgang's reaction to ordering pizza, only to find out someone had put pineapples in it?

Elsword would question it but would still eat it anyway. There’s no harm in extra toppings.

Aisha is devout pineapple pizza hater. The Elgang had to stop her from burning the pizza to ashes.

Rena loves fruit, so she’s delighted to have one on her pizza.

Raven doesn’t care. It’s hardly the worst topping out there.  

Eve doesn’t eat, but she points out they already put fruits on our pizzas; tomatoes.

Chung doesn’t like pineapple pizza, and gives the pineapple lovers his share. He doesn’t really mind if they eat it, unlike others.

Ara and Eun have an internal conflict. Ara reaches out to pineapple pizza because she loves it, but Eun always holds her hand back because it’s poison to them. They’re at it for quite some time.

Elesis happily eats her pineapple pizza. It’s good, what do you mean?

Add defends his pizza pineapple pizza to the death. Yes, It is good pizza and the haters have no idea what they’re talking about.

Lu tries to kill the Evil Pizza with Aisha. She and Add probably had to be torn apart by the others.

Ciel argues with Eve about how pineapples doesn’t make sense on pizza in a culinary way.  

Rose is pretty neutral about it. She’s never had pineapple pizza, but is it really worth fighting over…?

Ain was the one who put the pineapples on the pizza. He doesn’t really care about pizza in general but seeing humans fight over the toppings is really amusing.

a guide to elsword job class personalities


LK: i am the best swordsman ever b/c i persevered notice me senpai (sister complex)

RS: aisha’s magic thing is cool i wanna do that too FIRE

IS: i think my sword wants my soul but that’s fine cuz now i’m the goth one


EM: i know way more magic than you so shut up and listen to me dammit

VP: i think this demon bat is talking to me … so yeah imma change into these revealing clothes for power

DK: rainbows and sunshine and unicorns that are out for your blood *creepy smile*


WS: leg day every day thank you mother nature

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Can I have Elgang making the habanero challenge??

Elsword: “Pff, it’s just a little pepper.  How hot can it be- OH MY EL THAT’S HOT SOMEONE HELP MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE”

Aisha: “I read about this pepper.  It’s way too hot.  Pass.”

Rena, chewing thoughtfully: “It’s not too bad.  The Eldrasil fruits are spicier when they’re unripe.”

Raven: “Owen dared me to eat one of these before. I… don’t think I’m going to repeat that.”

Eve: “This is… quite a taste.  I think it would be unpleasant for humans.  It’s tingling my mouth.”

Chung cannot speak, as he is frantically sucking down water.  Nobody told him that bread or milk does a better job at cutting the heat.



Elesis, chewing through her tears: “A Red Knight never shies away from a challenge!  Someone get me water…”

Add also cannot speak.  He is too busy screeching and seeing if he can breathe fire.

Lu: “Oooh, I like it!  It’s got a bit of kick!  Ciel, can you put it in a cookie?”

Ciel, after taking a tiny bite: “No, no, and no.  Also, I’m not eating the rest of that.”

Rose: “Zero, get me a cracker or something.  My mouth hurts.”



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Elgang+solace vs roach

Elsword shrieks and hits it with his sword.  It dies.  Unfortunately, there’s now a dent in the floor.

Aisha slams it with a fireball.  The roach is burning.  The floor is burning.  Everything is burning, and they are in hell.

Rena crouches down and coos at the roach.  She makes friends with it.  Everyone else screams when she walks into a room with this roach on her shoulder.

Raven calmly steps on it and goes on with his day.  There were some pretty big roaches in the Black Crows’ barracks, so he’s used to them.

Eve studies this life-form, realizes it’s been around since before the shattering of the Giant El, and marvels at its resiliency.

Chung screams.  The roach dies.  Helputt is rolling over in his possessed armor, that his son uses the Seiker family gift to kill bugs.

Ara hits it with her spear, misses, screams, and makes Eun take over.  Eun eats it.  Ara can be found puking.

Elesis, depending on her path, either hits it with her sword, burns it, or tortures it to death with a bunch of little roach-sized swords made out of blood. Ugh, creepy-crawlies.

Add is a wuss.  He ends up standing on the table and frantically zapping this roach’s corpse for hours after it’s dead.

Lu pokes it happily, torturing it slowly and giggling.  She thinks it’s disgusting, but there are more disgusting things in the demon world.

Ciel steps on the roach, scrapes it off the bottom of his shoe, and goes on with his day.  He lived in alleys once.  He’s used to roaches.

Rose shoots it, then lives in terror of finding another, larger one.  Hey, it happened with spiders in Hamel!

Ain can be found staring at this roach in disgusted fascination for quite a long time, wondering aloud why his Goddess allows such vile things to exist.

Solace is a wuss.  Heshrieks and summons a shitton of swords to impale the roach.  Once it’s dead, he downgrades to a fuckton.  (Sorry, did I say downgrade?  I meant upgrade.)

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ElGang's reaction to getting bitchslapped in the face for no reason by a stranger


  • Hey it might’ve been a reflex but does he regret it? No they slapped him
  • Like bruh I don’t even know you get away from me with your weak ass slap
  • Actually thinks about kicking them while they’re down for a few seconds but decides against it
  • He forgives and forgets he ain’t that petty


  • Tries not to cry
  • Fails miserably
  • Honestly a blubbering baby while trying to curse them out
  • “Y-you shut fuck your mouth!!”
  • If anyone is with her, any of the boys-not Ain or Add, the assholes-expect to get your ass kicked.


  • Like Elsword, reflexively reacts but instead of hitting you? She catches your hand and flips you
  • Elves are fuckin’ ninjas yo
  • Straight up slams you on the pavement and them gasps and apologizes even though you tried to hit her first
  • Elves may be ninjas but they also apologize a lot. 
  • A. Lot. 


  • Doesn’t even fucking flinch when you slap him. 
  • Bitch deadass blinks and calmly sighs before completely decking you.
  • If he uses his Nasod Arm you better have written your will because you will not fucking survive
  • But honestly why slap this man he’s just a crow dad tryna survive


  • What do you mean slap Eve
  • One, that would hurt you, she’s made of fucking metal
  • Two, she does the slapping. Not you. Get outta here.
  • You don’t even get the chance to slap her before she’s whipped out her pimp gloves and just backhands you out into next week


  • My god like Aisha he tries not to cry and he fails, he fails so badly
  • Chung’s an ugly crier lemme tell you, but imagine his face looming over yours with tears and snot while he’s asking you why
  • What did he do to you to get hurt like that
  • Slap Chung for guilt points and bad karma like the monster you are


  • Martial artist getting slapped?? Doesn’t sound like a good idea
  • Grabs your arm and twists when you make the movement to hurt her and just
  • Boom before you know it you’re thrown against the wall, maybe even unconscious
  • If you did manage to hit her she’ll probably at least be holding back tears
  • She’s squishy what can I say


  • Slaps back
  • If it was playful expect a slapping war, if not…yeaahh..
  • You’ll be out for a few days. Have you seen the sword she carries?
  • I heard Elesis had an eight pack. That Elesis was shredded.
  • You of course think Elesis is a punk-ass bitch, and this is why you’re in a mini-coma. Dumbass.


  • Honestly attaches a tracking device to you like a spiteful shit and makes your life hell for a few days
  • I’m talking random electrocutions, attack drones showing up at your doorstep, etc
  • He even sends you an EMP bomb in a box
  • Let’s be honest he went back to his room and was just tearfully cursing you out for a while before he got to work


  • Doesn’t cry, doesn’t hit back, she just yells for Ciel and gives you about five seconds to make like a banana and split before he comes for you
  • Why on earth you would slap the Steel Queen of Demons is beyond me, and one that’s made a pact with a human…well, you’re not too smart.
  • Gets Ciel to carry her around and buy her ice cream to make her feel better


  • Honestly Lu is more mad than he is
  • Lu’s just sitting there screaming obscenities at you and Ciel’s over there trying to figure out why you slapped him
  • Did he accidentally shoot a hole in your wall? Did he trample on your plants? What did he do
  • The answer is he did nothing, you’re just an ass tbh
  • He shrugs, apologizes, and drags Lu away
  • Peaceful man stops angry goblin demon from attacking human


  • Another reflexive badass, Rose will have you pinned down and crying uncle for even trying to get near her
  • Zero’s cackling and calling you a dumbass for trying to attack a royal guard with clear amusement
  • The poor guy’s been stuck in her rucksack all day give him a break
  • It’ll take a lot to get Rose to let you go or at least let up on the pressure on your wrist, she’s already alert and battle ready


  • ????? Is this how humans greet each other? It fucking hurts
  • Slaps back because he thinks he’s supposed to at first but he doesn’t hold back
  • Twig man is surprisingly strong and you go flying
  • Elsword’s cackling like a maniac and he doesn’t know why like
  • Elsword are you ok do you need help?
  • No, Ain, but I’m sure the person you just made your bitch needs it.

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What fruits that represents each member of elgang?

Elsword is a pear.  Yeah, he’s a fruit, and a good one, but who really remembers him ever?

Aisha is a starfruit - way, way too extra, and way too forgettable.

Rena is a pineapple.  She’s oddly spiky and way too… organic.

Raven is an eggplant.  Don’t make me explain why.

Eve is a pumpkin, because just like a pumpkin, it’s easy to make her either adorable or terrifying.

Chung is a grapefruit.  Only certain people like him, and you don’t want to mess with those people.

Ara is a kiwi.  She’s a bit odd, a bit round in weird places, but she’s very much a staple of health clubs.

Elesis is a tomato, because she is red, juicy, and you either adore or despise her.

Add is an apple.  When you think of fruit, you usually think of apples, yet they aren’t always as good as you think.

Lu is a raisin.  She claims she’s a fruit, but she’s actually dried up, sweet, and often pretends to be chocolate.

Ciel is a banana, because he’s just so apeeling.

Rose is a rose hip.  Apparently, this is a fruit.  Apparently, Rose is a member of the Elgang.

Ain is a peach, because you can make so many puns with his name, and also because of dat ass.