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BHMM (cough im Lassy cough cough-)

((Bless your heart child))

  • Name: Airlia
  • Sex/Gender: female
  • Which parent they take after more (physically): Elesis
  • Which parent they take after more (personality): A pretty even mix.
  • Who do they like better: Both, though Add spoils more.
  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like: Extremely serious, but Elesis will usually sneak one blooper shot.
  • What do they like to do/what games they play: Tactical games like Risk. A little sword play, trying this nifty Dynamo-control device dad made. Bothering both parents at work whenever possible, and being the brattiest shit to other people.
  • What does family night consist of: Listening to funny war stories from mom, being dad’s rubber duck, seeing who is going to dunk who in this kickass fighting game since EVERYONE IS NERDS.
  • FC: (A drawing is pending.)






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