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Sorry I didn't notice. Then just the Elgang's so with high pain tolerance.

The good news is, they’re obviously still alive.

The bad news is, they got stabbed.

The better news is that they made a peace sign, seemingly oblivious to the huge mounts of blood pouring out of them.

Elsword: “Hell yeah! You’re a tough bitch, aren’t ya?!”

Aisha: “…You didn’t revive from some necromancy spell, did you?”

Rena: “It’s good that you’re still moving, but let’s get you treated up first, alright?”

Raven: “No matter how much it looks like you’re fine, your wounds still seem severe. Here, get on my back, I’ll carry you back to camp.”

Eve: “…Is this some of body disorder?”

Chung: “Uhm… let’s get that stitched up, let me grab a needle…”

Ara: “I’m so sorry! E-eh? It doesn’t hurt that much…? Ehh?!”

Elesis: “Hahaha, pretend it’s okay but I’m sure it hurts like hell! So get down here and get bandaged up, soldier!”

Add: “Tch-! Learn to depend on me when it comes to this! Do you want your wounds to worsen? Sigh… lay down, I’ll get you patched up.”

Lu: “Hooo… You sound like you’d be a tough enemy to defeat…”

Ciel: “…Let’s have some more cake when we get back, alright?”

Rose: “Don’t be reckless next time, but I’m glad you took one for the team.”

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What does the Elgang do on the new Elsword forums

Elsword: Trolling other members

Aisha: Doesn’t go on them

Rena: She stays on for a bit, mostly looking through people’s opinions on things

Raven: What’s the point of going on it?

Eve: She has better things to do

Chung: Normally scrolling through the forum

Ara: Doesn’t go on them

Elesis: Trolling people with her little brother

Add: Doesn’t go on them.

Lu/Ciel: Lu trolls Elsword and other members, Ciel watches her.

Rose: Sets up her account and abandons it for her DFO account

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ElGirls + Rose reactions to discovering their S/O having a fanclub of dedicated fans (the reason for this being the very thing said ElGirl fell for S/O)

Aisha: “…No.  Get away.  My s/o is mine, thank you very much!”

Rena: “Ah… is this normal in human culture?  I’ll play along.”

Eve: “I don’t quite understand.  Please explain this to me further.”

Ara: “Wait, this doesn’t mean I have to share, right?  I don’t want to share my s/o!  They’re mine!”

Elesis: “I totally understand!  Don’t be creepy, and I’ll encourage you!”

Lu: “Die, peasants!  Only I am allowed to see my consort’s beauties!”

Rose: “Hmm.  As long as they don’t interfere with my s/o or my mission, I guess I’ll let them slide.”

a guide to elsword job class personalities


LK: i am the best swordsman ever b/c i persevered notice me senpai (sister complex)

RS: aisha’s magic thing is cool i wanna do that too FIRE

IS: i think my sword wants my soul but that’s fine cuz now i’m the goth one


EM: i know way more magic than you so shut up and listen to me dammit

VP: i think this demon bat is talking to me … so yeah imma change into these revealing clothes for power

DK: rainbows and sunshine and unicorns that are out for your blood *creepy smile*


WS: leg day every day thank you mother nature

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Can I have Elgang making the habanero challenge??

Elsword: “Pff, it’s just a little pepper.  How hot can it be- OH MY EL THAT’S HOT SOMEONE HELP MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE”

Aisha: “I read about this pepper.  It’s way too hot.  Pass.”

Rena, chewing thoughtfully: “It’s not too bad.  The Eldrasil fruits are spicier when they’re unripe.”

Raven: “Owen dared me to eat one of these before. I… don’t think I’m going to repeat that.”

Eve: “This is… quite a taste.  I think it would be unpleasant for humans.  It’s tingling my mouth.”

Chung cannot speak, as he is frantically sucking down water.  Nobody told him that bread or milk does a better job at cutting the heat.



Elesis, chewing through her tears: “A Red Knight never shies away from a challenge!  Someone get me water…”

Add also cannot speak.  He is too busy screeching and seeing if he can breathe fire.

Lu: “Oooh, I like it!  It’s got a bit of kick!  Ciel, can you put it in a cookie?”

Ciel, after taking a tiny bite: “No, no, and no.  Also, I’m not eating the rest of that.”

Rose: “Zero, get me a cracker or something.  My mouth hurts.”