Large amounts of corium were formed during the Chernobyl disaster. The molten mass of reactor core dripped under the reactor vessel and now is solidified in forms of stalactitesstalagmites, and lava flows; the best known formation is the “Elephant’s Foot”, located under the bottom of the reactor in a Steam Distribution Corridor.


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Hands are totally weird, but also awesome because, like, almost everything has hands? I mean, if you look at the anatomy of a bat wing, it's essentially an elongated hand. Elephant foot? Squished hand. Dog paw? Hand! Whale fin? Hand! Chameleon foot? Hand again! Even a horse's hoof is essentially a one-fingered hand inside.

operativelawsons you need to read this.

man oh man

the last time chernobyl was brought up i was too young to understand it. i just remember seeing and hearing about the elephant’s foot and thinking it was terrifying and trying to learn more about it (because for some reason that’s what i do when something scares me) but not really comprehending any of it

im watching a documentary about it right now and i just feel so sick. 

What Happens at 3:47am

I think it’s hard to pretend something didn’t happen
To pretend that words weren’t said, that lips didn’t touch, that smiles weren’t on faces.
I think the saddest part is pretending it was nothing
That the forehead kisses were meaningless, the heavy looks were empty or that the laughs were fake.
It’s all very passé if you ask me
Because, at some point-
It meant everything.
The kisses, the smirks, the giggles, the hugs, the intense moments, the lusty gazes.
They were all real and all meaningful
You can fake love, but you can’t fake feeling.

I wish I could stop it; it’s all I seem to do lately.
Because I can still feel your lips on mine.
And your eyes are as heavy on me as a elephants foot would be on my chest.
That’s what I am- crushed.
Because somehow, impossibly, ridiculously, scarily.
I still want you.
I want to not want you.
I want to not check on you, to hear your voice.
I close my eyes and hold back tears.
I’m holding the Niagara falls in me,
And the dam is about to break.

Because night’s here. And there are no stars, no moon, no lights to guide me home.
So I’m stuck.
In this endless abyss
Of heartache, and doubting, and of not knowing.
Yeah. and of knowing how much I will always want you.

Attempting to put the way I feel into words is agonizing.
Because I cant keep it together long enough to make sense of the thoughts.
They’re bouncing off each other like molecules.
Like the molecules that make up you and I.
Or the molecules that create a vital compound;

You see, you take my breath away.
I. Can’t. Breathe.
I’m trying, but I fail.
So I suffocate; it’s like I’m being put through an endless water boarding session.

And you’re the torturer.

That’s the point I guess.
It’s quite sickening, actually-
That I’m held captive by your Stockholm syndrome, I mean.

Because I can’t stop hoping that you’re the one that puts me together again, despite it being you that destroyed me.